Old Carolina Freight building

Old Carolina Freight building

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Canton, OH

#1 Jul 20, 2012
Has anyone noticed the demolition of the Carolina Freight building? Is anything being built in it's place? Sad.....Cherryville's identity being torn down and not a word in the media.
Country boy

United States

#2 Jul 20, 2012
It is sad but Cherryville's not a place where you want to own a building because of the high taxes, expensive water and sewer bills and terribly expensive power. Rumor around town is the fishcamp on main went under because the power bill was in the $2,000 range monthly and I have a friend living on elm who has had a power bill as high as $600 this summer for no apparent reason and city hall isn't in any hurry to look into it because they're all tied up with investigations over missing money.

As for the old Carolina building, it couldn't be used as is because of asbestos worries and it didn't really suit any modern uses. The owners have said they are tearing it down in order to try to market the empty real estate. Good luck with that because there are all sorts of contamination issue with old gas tanks that were moved around over the years as the company grew. It's a pig in the poke.

Charlotte, NC

#3 Jul 20, 2012
There is a lot of money invested in the old Carolina Freight building. Look at the bright side, almost everything in that building can be salvaged; reused again for something else! I feel for those who have a high power bill. But, about 99.9% of the buildings and homes in and surrounding the city are old. Stop and think about it! If you buy or build a brand new home, the power bill is dirt cheap. I have no clue why, but it's the truth. So, you pay double as property gets older: you pay higher real estate taxes every time there is an increase and higher power bills. Take the lavish new Cherryville Fire Department, which is the only really beautiful building in Cherryville and I am sure the power bill is cheaper than it was at it's previous location. To Skylvester: I know what you mean about Cherryville's identity, but that building is not serving any purpose and Cherryville still has an identity and may I say, "a very loud" one.....remember? It comes once a year and it sure isn't Santa Claus. To Country boy: yes, the ground is contaminated, but that contamination can and probably will be taken into view with what they have planned for that property and that mess can be dealt with. I have lived here for more than 20 years and there is not much for children or adults to do in this town. We have burgers, banks and church's, pizza and subs. Plenty of places to eat, but no recreation for nobody except the skate park and the city pool. I think what would really go over well for that area is a mini water park. That area is certainly big enough and would bring revenue to our city that we so desperately need. It would be something that Lincolnton, NC or Shelby, NC doesn't have. It would be good for everyone and loads of fun!
Country boy

United States

#4 Jul 20, 2012
@twinkle, I agree that old houses oftentimes have higher power bills, but my friends have lived there over twenty years and nothing has changed except the wife's pissed off someone in the utilities department. Lol. I know it seems impossible but I have seen the bills.

Also, nothings being salvaged from the Carolina Freight building. They are demolishing it with something that looks like a big backhoe and using a dozer to load tons of rubble and trash onto dump trucks. I wish they would go onto Main Street and demolish it too. It would definitely be an improvement over the rundown dirty mess that is currently there.

Agree about the nice fire department but we didn't need it and we won't keep it uP because it cost more money than we have to maintain it and staff it. There was nothing wrong with the old fire department which the city will let sit empty until it falls in because they won't keep it up.

One other thing. The empty lot at Carolina Freight will cost the city a lot of money that they desperately need by dramatically reducing it's tax value.
Mister Metts

Monroe, NC

#5 Jul 21, 2012
True dat. Towns on the news and in the papers for theft and embezzlement and that perv diddleing that little girl on the school bus. Ain't nothing left here but crooks and old people who can't afford to get away from it.

Charlotte, NC

#6 Jul 22, 2012
Would really like to know from people how to clean up Cherryville, other than a tornado coming and demolishing it? But, on the other hand that would not cost anything; except on insurance rates. Everything is old, ugly and run down here and we do not have the funds and are too old to keep anything up anymore. I wouldn't call everyone in Cherryville crooks and you can't judge everyone else by what one or two people do and we can't help what someone else does. I can say this much for the old Carolina Freight office; most of those women that worked in that building were stuck-up and snobbish. A bunch of braggers and bigots. Cherryville fell when Carolina Freight fell!

Parsons, TN

#7 Jul 23, 2012
Agree that Cherryville fell when Carolina fell. I grew up there but never came back when I left for college. Just a case of no opportunities. My mom still lives there but I am trying to get her to move because if the taxes and fees.

I see what they are asking for nice houses there and I can't believe that they get anywhere close to those prices. I live in Charlotte and houses here aren't any more expensive and may be cheaper. The water, sewer, electricity and taxes are definitely not more here and we get better services. And we have jobs that pay living wages.

What's going to happen to Cherryville when all those people living on Carolina pensions die off? Will anyone want to move to a dirty, fell in little town with high taxes, corrupt politicians and no jobs? The town is going down every year. It's sun is setting.

United States

#8 Jul 24, 2012
Agree that things could be better, but I don't see any leadership emerging with any fresh ideas or public support to get anything done. Cherryville people seem content with things as they are even though the whole place is falling in.

Canton, OH

#9 Jul 24, 2012
Twinkle, great idea for the water park. But not a mini.......make it a big one! People would come from miles around to enjoy it, and plenty of parking! Finally, a real reason for people to visit C'ville. But wait a minute......it makes too much sense, the city leaders would never go for it. But we can dream can't we?

Charlotte, NC

#10 Jul 25, 2012
Skylvester11, have you ever been to a water park? Do you know of anyone who has? There are some in South Carolina and one called Otter Creek Water Park that is loads of fun for the young and old; people flock in every day during the summer by the thousands. I think the rate to get in was approximately $4.00. There were tables with umbrellas and a concession stand. There were four water slides and an ocean swimming pool. There were many other water related things to do at the park. While waiting on someone, I pondered. Thinking of how much fun all those people were having, laughing at one another and seeing the joy on everyone's face. I thought, this is exactly what Cherryville needs. Carolina Water Park, Cherryville NC, would be an ideal name for one. This would put Cherryville back on the map again, besides the weather. We need some laughter and enjoyment in this town!! You are never too old to go stick your toes in the water! Less expensive than going to the beach:-)

Rock Hill, SC

#11 Jul 25, 2012
Sounds good, but where are you going to get the money? The city can't be expected to build it. They are flat broke.

Denver, NC

#12 Jul 26, 2012
It's coming down. What's going to be built there?
Mean Beam

United States

#13 Aug 3, 2012
When they finish, they should start on main street. It all needs to be torn down from end to end. We need a fresh start.
Bubba Fetz

Duncan, SC

#14 Aug 3, 2012
I read all you mary's on here and I know who you are. If you would mind you're on own business and stay out of everyone else's , we would all be better off.

Our city leaders are the best. Our taxes are also some of the best around and we get plenty of services from the honest, hardworking folks in our city government. I think it's ok for city workers who only make fifty thousand dollars a year to borrow enough city money to keep up their BMW payments and country club memberships. We shouldn't expect too much because we pay so bad. I would support us paying more taxes so the man sleeping in the city truck behind Home Folks most days could afford to quit his night job so he wouldn't have to sleep during his work day.
Wood chuck

United States

#15 Aug 4, 2012
I seen him sleeping there too with the motor running to keep the air conditioner going. I wish he would go on home since he's getting paid anyways.
Business owner

Shelby, NC

#16 Aug 6, 2012
Same guy that sleeps in his truck behind the truck museum at the little park.
Former Resident

Mooresville, NC

#17 Oct 21, 2012
The old Carolina property is really not marketable. Several years back, Ingles attempted to buy the property (I believe for a regional distribution center). Rumor around Asheville (Ingles' headquarters) was that the company backed out of the deal after learning that the site was severely contaminated from leaking petroleum. The rumored environmental abatement cost was $16million at that time some 8 years ago. Until the site is decontaminated, it will be very difficult to get permits.

Columbia, SC

#18 Oct 21, 2012
It would make a fine federal prison and it could house all our city employees after their trials. do you think there are any honest city employees in the whole town?

Charlotte, NC

#20 Oct 22, 2012
No, they are rotten to the core. They are part of the elite in C'ville that can do what they want when they want no matter how much it costs. What business or industry will even look at this shithole of a town once they look at our utility rates. As for myself, I'm a lifelong citizen of this town, without any connections to Carolina Freight or any financial institutions, textiles mainly, looked down upon as a turd by the ruling class of Cherryville. I know how this place works. Some people have the attitude that CF is still in business !! What a crock. ABSOLVE THIS TOWN!!!
Former resident

Mooresville, NC

#21 Jul 31, 2015
Remember years ago when new businesses tried to come into cherryville and everyone screamed how they wanted to "keep cherryville like it is"? Well now you're seeing the results. For years the powers that be have played some kind of "mean girls" game forcing out or humiliating everyone who they didn't like or didn't kiss their royal hinds. Well the result is that you have a practical ghost town whose only residents are the older folks who can't afford to leave and the high school has beens who raided town coffers and made the city a laughing stock.

So now that the shit has hit the fan, know this. The bright and ambitious that you tortured and mocked will not be back to save your shitty social experiment. There's nothing left there for anyone. God help you when the older generation dies out. They're the only thing keeping this town on life support.

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