Be warned of Derrick Lenart!!!!!!
well then

Southport, NC

#21 Jul 4, 2010
Sorry, I forgot and a creeper.

Coudersport, PA

#22 Jul 7, 2010
Why else does he hang out all the time around WCU, he is looking for the fairy boys there who are new to campus and have no clue to his record.

oh and looks like according to the North Carolina Courts website he has got himself in trouble with the law AGAIN!! he is due in court in jackson county on august 16th.
the law

Shreveport, LA

#23 Jul 15, 2010
he was charged with mopery.

Raleigh, NC

#24 Jul 30, 2010
he is back on the court docket again with tons of new charges and probation violations!
the law

Cullowhee, NC

#25 Aug 15, 2010
indecent liberties with a child! obtain property false pretense
mountain mechanic

Coudersport, PA

#26 Aug 20, 2010
You mean this guy raped another kid and stole stuff yet AGAIN?!?!

Someone needs to get down to that mans house and give him a little mountain justice!
What A Crock


#27 Aug 27, 2010
Carrie wrote:
Wow Patrick, did you actually know the personal details of the mom's life? She was not on HUD, she was renting a house at the time, but was paying for it with her own money from her job. Plus HUD won't pay for a home when someone has that much money in the bank!
Again Derrick's story doesn't add up, and his story kept changing. First the story was that he had a "friend" over the entire time (but would never tell the detective the name of this supposed "friend"), then he claimed it was his sister-in-law who was there, now the story is it was his mother! Again common sense would say if he had a witness who could verify his innocence, then why did his attorney allow him to plead guilty? If he had a witness to prove his innocence, then why did the DA press charges on him?
You are obvioulsy just listening to his pathetic lies. The fact is that the police and the DA's office have to have FACTS and PROOF before they can even begin to arrest and charge someone with a crime. They had all of that primarly based on evidence that they collect. The biggest piece of evidence was the forensic interview with the victim. You need to go back and see what this 6 year old child told them in a closed videotaped interview. In fact the child DID say he saw the tattoos that he would have only seen and remembered if Derrick was naked!
I feel really sorry for you if you continue to believe Derricks lies. I'll bet he also didn't tell you the truth about the girl he was dating that he beat up when she tried to leave him. Just remember this, he has continued to get into trouble with the law? He is a "Christian" and trying to rebuild his life? Well then I hope he rememberes that when he is sitting in court again in a few days facing even more criminal charges!
Carrie, I do not know Derrick and don’t know if he is innocent or guilty. I do know that that the ‘police and the DA's office do NOT have to have FACTS and PROOF before they can even begin to arrest and charge someone with a crime’. I have seen warrants issued that are unsubstantiated on just someone’s say so and later dismissed because of lack of evidence. It happens all the time, especially in Swain County.
Just reading

Boone, NC

#28 Aug 29, 2010
Ya'll are just too funny. All of this arguing. I have had a great time reading the rants from both sides. Funny stuff.

Coudersport, PA

#29 Aug 31, 2010
Well they had enough facts and proof to arrest, investigate and charge. Then this sicko attorney got ahold of the evidence and told the bastard he better beg for a plea bargain! The mother and DA rejected it so he plead guilty.

Now look at him, he has been charged with yet more crimes and if found guilty (which he will, this idiot likes to brag about his crimes, when will he learn so many people around him sing to the cops on him all the time!) then he is going back to be Bubba's toy yet agin not only for the new charges, but his probation is getting revoked and Bye Bye Derrick!

Oh and just reading, you are sick. You laugh about a little boy being molested? Remember that laughter when someone sticks a broomhandle up your backside!
Local Maroon

Coudersport, PA

#30 Sep 23, 2010
Mr. Lenart is facing charges in Haywood County too, he was in the jail there this week. He was supposed to be in Jackson County court today be didnt show up, so he how has a failure to appear on his record too!

Looks like he is running from the law because he is about to be sent back to prison. If you are in the Cullowhee area be on the lookout for him and turn him into the sheriff! you can get his address and photo by looking him up on the north carolina sex offender registery.

United States

#31 Oct 13, 2010
he is in jail AGAIN. now its jackson county.what did he do/
Local Maroon

Coudersport, PA

#32 Nov 8, 2010
He had several charges and got busted by his probation officer for moving from his moms home and was living with another sex offender.
Busted for traffic violations and had his probation revoked, he is back to prison for 13 to 17 months! I bet that Johnny guy is feeling like a real idiot for trying to defend him, then again Johnny may just be so sad that his "sucker" is gonna be someone elses boytoy behind bars!

Since: Nov 11

Cardington, OH

#33 Nov 27, 2011
okay so you obviously saw my name is miniderricklenart, im his kid and the only one he has, im his son and im 16 and im tired of reading what people are saying aboout my dad when you have it all wrong, hes been with over a hundred women over his entire life so why would he need to lower his standards to a kid? you people are retarded for putting him when its none of your business in the first place! especially the people that dont even know him. So what if he has a long record with stupid charges, how many of you retards have done something illegal? probally all of you but you probally didnt get caught and all i can say is lucky you. so what if he use to hangout with some bad influences and make some bad choices? people,music,family,friends, and even t.v. can influence what you do in your life. How is it fair to judge someone when everyone has probally did things as bad if not worse. Most of the people saying stuff are proablly christian and that means your suppose to forgive people. If you dont do thatt then your not christian and in that case ill see you in hell! God for most of my life ive never known my dad, and now when i finally get the chance you hicks start saying stupid stuff and start making me mad, if your really that concerned with derrick and his life come up to ohio and ill mess up your life. Maybe you should check derricks family history, his dad use to beat him constantly,god he has like three or four brothers you can ask them about there dad to. Thanks to you pricks with no life i havent gotten to know my dad enough to even have him beat me if thats what he chose to do. The only things i know about my dad are what my family has told me, i only have one picture of him so to see recent pictures i have to look up his mugshot. Im only 16 and probally smarter than most of you retards on here, how many of you people have ended your night with a beer? Guess what that means your an alcoholic, yea cuz thats all my dad did through his life, my dads never had problems with alcohol or even drugs, but you people come on here,say stuff and make him sound like a pig and a thug. So call me stupid,call me blind,i really wont mind, and ill defend my dad til the day that i die. Ive only met him two or three times and i already would trust him with my life. Maybe the whore shouldnt have left her kid with my dad, she was probally out getting slammed, maybe shes the alcoholic in this mix, maybe shes the reason my dad cant even see his own kid. So next time you think about stating some "facts" just remember that sooner or later ill get you all back. Cuz none of you people could keep him from me, i fight a whole army to keep him crime free. So good for you all you people with funtional families! I blame you people for getting my dad thrown in jail, i had to buy my own envelopes so i could talk to my dad through the mail. So if anyone doubts who this is or what im saying just talk to me, dont bother replying i dont want to hear your childish respones, come up to ohio and meat me if you have nothing to lose then come up here and ill cut yout losses, ill fix what all you faggots are saying, and in my dreams ill get a gun and your brain matter is what ill be sprayin! So thats all im gonna say for now, feel free to respond and rhonda i bet your as proablly as fat as a cow!! PEACE

Coudersport, PA

#34 Nov 29, 2011
Your dad put himself in jail with the crimes HE committed so don't blame everyone else for your dad taking himself out of your life. If he was a real dad, instead of being with all the women you claim he was with, he should have kept his pants on and spent that time being a dad to you!

Your dad, and alot of other people in this world need to stop blaming their actions on everyone else and take responsibility for what they have done. I feel sorry that you, your rant on here is sad and pathetic, but for a 16 year old with a criminal deadbeat father I would expect this kind of attitude from you! And I would knock off the threats against people little one, that could be considered communicating threats and you could wind up in jail along side Daddy, but at least then you will get the time with him he has denied you over the years!

Oh and shut up about Rhonda, she moved away 2 years ago and just for your information she is not a fat cow, she is a beautiful woman married to a Army officer.

Since: Nov 11

Conneaut, OH

#35 Nov 30, 2011
Ok Megan, you need to shut the hell up right now. You have no right to talk about his father that way, everybody makes mistakes, your dad made the mistake of fucking your mom and making you, he's the one who should have kept his pants on. All you people on here are more pathetic than Derrick will ever be, you people seriously have no life that you have to sit your lonely fat asses on the computer all day to talk about something that's none of your business? You are so fucking ignorant to say his dad denied him, I hope your dad beat the shit out of you as you were growing up. You have NO right to talk about Derrick like that regardless of what he does, did or will do. Come to think of it your dad probably did beat the shit out of you growing up, that's why you think that way about Rhonda, she's nothing but a skank who cant keep her vagina off some dick, maybe if she could she wouldn't have been in that situation. She's also one ugly ass woman. All you people deserve every single threat he said, next time you all might want to watch your mouths. K? Mmk. I hope you have a shitty day:)

United States

#36 Dec 4, 2011
In case you guys hadn't noticed, this thread had been quiet since Nov 2010! Over a yr..UNTIL this man's supposed son commented and brought it right back up to the top. If you want people to stop talking about your Dad, then why dig up a yr old thread? And why do it with threats? That sure doesn't help you plead your case..imo.

I do believe I saw another thread somewhere not long ago on this same subject. I just don't understand why you would dig this thread up when it had been quiet.

And I must say that I don't know anyone involved here. But, I am a Mom and based on Mr. Lenarts record, there is no way I would want any of my kids within 100 feet of him. Not my little ones or my grown ones!

United States

#37 Dec 9, 2011
Today's menu is cockmeat sandwich for lunch. I hope Derrick gets seconds!

Nebo, NC

#39 Dec 10, 2011
He is as honest as the day is long! He is a member of our church and we love him and he is a wonderful part of our church family! I wish folks would stop bashing him!
BK w

United States

#40 Dec 30, 2011
he was threatening someone at Burger King a few weeks ago. Church aint working so well

Franklin, NC

#41 Jan 27, 2013
What about the 1st degree rape charges that were dropped?
What about the dating websites I found him on where he is listed as living in TN, TX, VA, anfd OH, all previous address of his might I add.
What about the fact that he has a false address listed on the nc sex offender registry, therefore he does not come up when you search for your address, lives across the street from a park, and 8 appartments down from a 4 year old boy whos mother had no idea her child was living within 100 feet of a sex offender that molested a 6 year old boy?
What about the fact that he had sexually explicit conversations with me and always came outside when I got home or walked the dog, except when my boyfriend was around of course?
What about the fact that he tried to hook up with my 19 year old friend? He's 38 incase you were wondering.
What about the fact that he ensured me many many times that there was no reason to be afraid here and I didnt need to lock my door?
What about the fact that he entered my appartment and stole documentation I had printed on him using the key that he obtained by telling me the landlord needed it in case of an emergency?
What about the fact that he offered neighbors crack?
What about the fact that I stayed up all night sitting by the door in shear fear because I was afraid he would try to kill me in my sleep, and I saw him snooping around my appartment all night?
What about the fact that he entered appartments without permission and stole from them, the week after refund checks were recieved?
What about the fact that I will live in fear for the rest of the time I am living here?
Please explain that to me.
Its okay though, because I saved one more child from being molested by a sick disgusting man.

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