Former Condo Resident

Stratford, CT

#353 Jan 6, 2013
I heard that both Jim Amann ( a caswell cove condo resident ),an ousted state representative and Christopher Donovan (under investigation by FBI for a mere 20K campaign fraud and state rep.) were major Blumenthal and Associates lapdogs, involved in the aforementioned serious allegations. Amann being kind of a vandal in chief.
Former Amann Colleague

Stratford, CT

#354 Jan 6, 2013
With Jimbo, just follow the money. The guy has no college degree(unless he recently obtained one), no formal training in finance or the law, so he keeps both hands and his mouth open.60K+ in 2006, Donovan tried to throw him a, 120K plus benefits, bone in 2009 (even the media were left scratching their heads wondering what possible "expertise" Amann could have to warrant three times his former state salary as a consultant at taxpayor expense). Then, the state gave him millions to play with and title of "Mr Hollywood East". The 60K/yr has balloned from the MS society CT. chapter. Rumor has it that Jeff Gross MD. and his pals were on the board.
SEIU member

Stratford, CT

#355 Jan 7, 2013
Representative Chris Donovan is a union darling, just one of the persons kept abreast of the extermination of Dr. Ferris at the " Abu-Ghraib" in Newington,CT. The state literally turned an old TB hospital into a homicidal detention location. The physical and psychological torture that went on there, is nearly beyond description. For fear of my own life, I complied. The "directors" of the Abu-Ghraib,the MDs,RNs and other"professionals" repeatedly said that there were only three ways Dr. Ferris was leaving;"In a box, to a nursing home so brain injured, he would be drooling and could not remember what he eat for breakfast or to a group home so "snowed" nobody would believe him until his next "accident".Blumentha l's office was in the lead.
SEIU member

Stratford, CT

#356 Jan 7, 2013
Former Condo Resident wrote:
I heard that both Jim Amann ( a caswell cove condo resident ),an ousted state representative and Christopher Donovan (under investigation by FBI for a mere 20K campaign fraud and state rep.) were major Blumenthal and Associates lapdogs, involved in the aforementioned serious allegations. Amann being kind of a vandal in chief.
Rep. Chris Donovan was one of the union darlings to whom the "directors" of the "Abu-Ghraib" in Newington,CT., reported to on the progress of the extermination of Dr. Ferris. The State of CT. and Yale literally turned an old TB hospital into a homicidal detention location to conceal multiple crimes committed by several prominent doctors, lawyers, politicians and hospitals. The brutality of the physical and psychological torture meated out is nearly beyond description. The MDs,RNs and other "professionals" said repeatedly that there were only three ways Dr. Ferris was leaving; "In a box, to a nursing home,so brain damaged he would be drooling and would not be able to recall what he ate for breakfast or to a group home, so "snowed" that nobody would listen to him until his next accident". He was illegally confined and sequestered. Blumenthal's office was aware and in the lead.I complied for fear of my own life and that of my family.





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Real Conservator

New Canaan, CT

#357 Jan 7, 2013
These fraudulently appointed conservators are nothing more than criminals. They were undoubtedly,from day one,simply co - conspirators in attempted murder, kidnapping,massive fraud (insurance,embezzlement and bank fraud),severe abuse of the disabled and hindering prosecution, as well as the obvious deprivation of rights and many other felonies. The probate system is known to be corrupt, but this takes it to an entirely different,even more "depraved" level. Transparent, "state sponsored terrorism".
To Internet Hackers

New Canaan, CT

#358 Jan 7, 2013
The state and federal tools seem to have way "Too much time on their hands",as well as money and personnel, to expend so much criminal energy covering the tracks of the attempted murderers,co-conspirators and sycophants who revealed themselves on earlier pages. Posts # 184, 187, 190-193, 196, 198, have evaporated just like "Figures" from Boston's, " Good Riddance post August 25,2012. People gave some very visceral responses to the truth. Understandably unsettling to Class A,B.C and D felons,many of whom are law enforcement, state and federal. Rocco gave more than enough information . The swine posting from Virginia, Michigan and elsewhere, rest assured, you will see the material again. Soon. Now , go back and assume the position for Blumenthal and Ass. The amount of time and money spent is staggering these times of" fiscal crisis".
First Timer

New Canaan, CT

#359 Jan 7, 2013
And people like the Blumenthals and associates are in full stride trying to bastardize the 2nd amendment.
Witness List Cont

Stratford, CT

#362 Jan 8, 2013
The media,including the Boston Globe were shown and given evidence of the aforementioned crimes in 2010; The New York Times,all major CT. media, Washington Post, CNN, TV networks and reporters from other news organizations. Congressional staff were ordered to destroy or divert evidence intended for persons who never received it. Certified,return receipt,express and ordinary mail. Packages for human rights agencies were similarly deliberately "mishandled". Among the persons directing this criminal behavior were the FBI, Joe Lieberman, the Blumenthals/proxies and agencies/personnel, they had control or influence over. Richard Blumenthal has committed so many serious felonies,he should not even be allowed to wash kitchen utensils in prison.
Conversations with Hitman

Milford, CT

#363 Jan 8, 2013
The posts starting in June-July 2012 should be entitled," Confessions of a Hitman,his handlers and their co-conspirators and sycophant proxies." The culpability was in plain site for all to view, including law enforcement( state and federal) and media. Then again, they already knew. The illegal drug trafficking,sex for cash and drugs, insurance fraud admissions and information only people involved in those crimes and the violent and financial crimes against Dr. David Ferris would have awareness of. Rocco(and/or his alter ego) and the rest offered up incriminating material about themselves and their familarity with the scripted defamation re: Dr. Ferris and simultaneously revealing details the real story, only co-conspirators would be privy to. The clock is running for you. If the violent felons like the Blumenthals' and associates are not removed to face a jury of their peers, they will endeavor to complete the process of killing,defrauding and defaming Dr. David Ferris.
Scary epiphany

Stratford, CT

#364 Jan 9, 2013
If these violent felons have the ability to cherry pick blog posts and erase them (either through Sycophants,federal and state illegal surveillance or complicity of telecommunications companies), then they can do any kind of criminal surveillance. In home,car,phone or PC monitoring. Also, if they have the ability to remove anything that is incriminating to them, then putting garbage about innocent people on the internet is a given eg. Dr. Ferris. Finally, these violent felons in law enforcement, if willing and able to delete problematic posts implicating their co- conspirators, could easily ascertain the identity of the "concerned former cop" and associates who leveled the open death threat against Dr. David Ferris,saying in effect state police and others were going to put him on an autopsy table. Obviously there is no desire to do that,because it reflects their sentiments and know who is responsible already.One of their fellow swine.
Blumenthal and Associates

Stratford, CT

#365 Jan 9, 2013
Concerned former Cop wrote:
The last 5 entries in November, in this blog have been written by a sick individual-(david ferris). He has been joined by the lying of Steven Fitzgeral. Both have criminal records and both no longer have a grip on reality. Both may end up on an autopsy table with their sicknesses. More to the point both are products of their own sick fantisies and live hopeless lives. Many law enforcement officers as well as "others" are looking for their where abouts to bring them to justice. If any has seen them, please report their where abouts to State troopers immediately. One raped patients as a ER Dr.( David Ferris), the other Steven Fitzegerald is wanted for multiple outstanding warrents.
Enough said. Arrest these dangerous swine. Protect society and Dr. David Ferris, Milford,CT. from further daily threats on his life.
The Disappeared

Stratford, CT

#366 Jan 9, 2013
First Timer wrote:
And people like the Blumenthals and associates are in full stride trying to bastardize the 2nd amendment.
It is amazingly stupid for political organizations to use an attempted murderer, someone who ran an Abu-Ghraib, authorized thallium poisoning and violated, with impunity, the basic human rights of a disabled person, as poster boy for redefining American citizens' second amendment rights. Richard Blumenthal and Associates are much like a group of giant termites going door to door, informing We The People, of their plans to strip them of the right to own and safely use, pesticides.
Casual Observer

Stratford, CT

#367 Jan 10, 2013
The state of CT,The Blumenthals'and associates and their sycophants, have totally misrepresented Dr. David Ferris,Milford,CT. professional history and placed disgustingly illegal, supposed medical history (which is complete trash)on the google face page. Since the truth about what really happened to Dr. Ferris first began appearing in June-July 2012 on this blog, initially the perpetrators woke up and re- established his existence as a licensed physician ( probably sensing they were caught altering valid information).Now, however, more worried than ever, because of them being exposed as attempted murderers, kidnappers, massive financial frauds, severe abusers, obstructors of justice, guilty of near-lethal bias crimes, all under an umbrella of a clear-cut conspiratorial enterprise, they have reverted to erasing and distorting his very existence.The U.S. attorney for CT, David Fein, was definitely put in place, as a state and federal crimes firewall, his primary job being to obstruct in CT. and poison the waters more widely. He has been acutely aware of the veracity of Dr. Ferris' claims for well over two years. He is quite the showman Sycophant.
Hitmen Anonymous

Worcester, MA

#368 Jan 10, 2013
For every Rocco Talutto hitman,there are thousands more in each state. Sometimes they subcontact work to eliminate problems. Cherry-picking the blog of references to Talutto as hitman and other crimes he, Awbry and Giampas were involved in, just reinforces the fact that the assassaination attempts on Dr. David Ferris are inextricably connected to whatever illegal deal was cut with them, regarding the attempted murders of atty Richard King and other RICO fraud charges. It also confirms law enforcement and the medias' suppression of the story. The Blumenthals, the state of CT,Yale and the other perps knew about Giampa and the fraudulent,violent cesspool surrounding him. They just plugged into it. Giampa must have already been part of the overall plan to kill, kidnap, defraud and obstruct justice as it relates to hiding the felonies committed against Ferris.
Mirror Images

Stratford, CT

#371 Jan 11, 2013
The Giampas' and Zane Saul's massive insurance fraud schemes and the attempts to avoid prosecution are mirror images of each other Massive insurance fraud in association with multiple attempted murders, suppressed by media and law enforcement. The "professional cleaning" of the attempted homicide scene on November 4, 2007, by law enforcement, after one of the assassination attempts on Dr. Ferris in Clinton,CT at 4 Pine Place ( his mother's house. The documented severe, homicidal child abuser appointed conservator). No forced entry, the intruder , home invader, knife wielding assailant with a key, let in or the door left open. No media coverage. A knife with a "4 inch balde and hilt, inserted to the hilt", removed by police prior to paramedic arrival. The illegal Giampas deal.
Deletion recognition Dept

New Canaan, CT

#372 Jan 12, 2013
The post by "Wondering" #360, Witness List #361 and Rocco and Company's # 223,same theme, gone. The "traditional" organized crime influence and participation in conspiracy has thus far been under-emphasized. The Blumenthal and Ass. and the Feds pulled out all the stops. They also involved major banks and corporations in their effort to silence Dr. Ferris,ruin him and delete any accurate representation of his life. Hemming him in and preventing contact with potential sources of help required widespread corruption,including intimidation, incitement, coercion, and bribery.
Giampa Deal Focus Grp

New Canaan, CT

#373 Jan 12, 2013
Victim wrote:
<quoted text>
It is not a real cop trying to nail this Doctor. It is either Brian himself trying to search for information to get his lies straight or it is a cop, who is a patient of the Doctor, using his authority to coverup the illegal drug trafficking of the Doctor. One person it could be (if he knew how to use a computer )is ROCCO TALLUTO the hitman for Awbrey and the Giampa's call Rocco and ask him yourself. six-one-seven-four-two-nine-fo ur-seven-seven-four. or go down to their Chiropractor office in East Boston yourself, Rocco is always there.
All this to shield scores of worthless racist,murderous,thieving, raping, obstructing swine and their co-conspiring, sycophant felons

Stratford, CT

#374 Jan 13, 2013
Since the feds,state of CT.,the Blumenthals,Gross, Saul,Yale,Milford hospital,Dr Ferris' attys and the other attys involved in the lawsuit,court and insurance fraud, thallium poisoning etc. had already collaborated w/Giampa,maybe they tried to pin the assassination attacks on him and his crew. Surely they could have solicited the knife attacks independently. Perhaps the Giampas,Talluto , Awbry and the rest of their scum were so brazen about attacking atty Richard King, because they felt confident re: the dirt they had on everyone else. Just a thought. So many people( and institutions ) had sufficient motive to kill Dr. Ferris.

New Canaan, CT

#376 Jan 14, 2013
The undeniable truth is that the root cause of the escalating violence was (here it comes), Jew on Non-Jew, bias crimes. The non-prosecution of Jew on Non-Jew bias crimes is, in essence, a license to kill and steal,especially when combined with medical or law degree. Many non-Jews are also guilty, but the common thread since 1992 and Gross and company's Lyme Disease," Tuskegee experiment on a putz, just a different spirochaete",is the hardcore racist underbelly, used to getting away with murder. Just as in the "original" tuskegee and the white cracker racists passing many African-american men around for decades with known syphilis, Gross et al watched Dr. Ferris go through each stage of Lyme until, inevitably,tertiary Lyme developed. Even then, they tried to cover it up by subjecting him to forced criminal ECT. Jew on non-jew bias crimes are as pervasive and dangerous as any other form of bigotry.
To Robot Nut

Stratford, CT

#377 Jan 15, 2013
Even in Ferris v. Riegler, Gross and Company's medical records (and Gross'racist report to CT DPH) are a blue print for a Lyme "Tuskegee experiment on a putz, just a different spirochaete". This is a direct quote from not only Gross,but overheard at social events, repeated by others. The needless, invasive , mutilating procedures done (including urologic), when they all knew Dr. Ferris simply required a common intravenous antibiotic for a couple of months.Exactly like the white racists down south withholding penicillin. Documenting that someone has Lyme, including pages of abnormal neurologic findings along with " meningitis with cauda equina involvement", "peripheral polneuritis" and "arthritis", lying to them for years and passing them around to other racists (and some initially unwitting participants),is precisely what happened. It is sadistic and hardcore racism and the perpetrators felt untouchable because like- minded people were in power and would never prosecute them.( just like the white racists ). Nothing has changed.

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