my wife refuses to get a job!

my wife refuses to get a job!

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Wilmington, MA

#1 Aug 13, 2009
I think that the women and men should be equal in all things including work and childrearing. My wife just wants to sit at home and read books and watch T.V.. I would rather deal with my kids then the assholes at work. My wife straight told me she doesnt have to get a job. On my Birthday she buys me a present with my money. That is pretty messed up, you know. I work to jobs to make ends meet. I hate that women think that just because they have a vagina they can be lazy.

we have no kids.





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i hear that

Ogden, UT

#2 Oct 12, 2009
same here buddy, my wife will not get out of the house and get a good paying job. I know she can get a job very very easily with someone she worked with in the past making good money. she does not go to school, we do not have kids. and she wonders why we cannot go out and eat. what is the deal, its going on 4 years now. doesnt clean the house doesnt cook dinner. wtf should i do?

North Brookfield, MA

#3 Oct 16, 2009
When u find out let me know, and how to make BabyDaddy's get a job and help the GOOD HARWDWORKING single moms out there!

*single mom of 3*
with babydaddy's who jus sit and do nothing all day while i work to pay all the bills....So i feel ur pain guys, im just the opposite sex!

And did these women work before u got married? Are you guys wealthy that they were under the assumption they didnt have to work?

also be careful! because women like that who have kids will use the fact that they have kids as their excuse!

United States

#4 Nov 3, 2009
Sorry folks but my wife has been playing that game for a very very long time, nothing will change unless you find someone new who is a professional.
angry dad

Palm Springs, CA

#5 Nov 3, 2010
the laws suck--they protect women who refuse to get a job to help pay for children they co-created.
Ike Jr

Atlanta, GA

#6 Apr 21, 2011
Men need to start a revolution and reclaim our rights as Men. The system is designed for women to get over on men and will be that way until we reform. My wife who worked 2 jobs prior to us being married, quit her job last year and refuses to work. On top of that, she has a child whose dad is a dead beat. I don't mind helping her with him but I do mind being expected to be the sole provider for a bastard child who does not even respect me. If I were to file for divorce, I would still walk away in the whole. Catch 22; be sure before you say I do! Women are a trip and a trap.
earlywarningsyst em

Bronx, NY

#7 May 30, 2011
Hi Ike,

Interesting post. Didn't like the bastard child comment-also its not the kids fault the bio dead is a dead beat.

Having said that I know what your talking about. If you dont get her back to work she will never go or take a job that pays minimum wage to appease you. Later you may have one or more college tuitions to pay for or want to help your kids financially and you will be stuck with it. The bills don't get smaller as the kids get older .

Windsor, CT

#8 May 31, 2011
Suddenly I feel very fortunate. Thanks guys!!!

Salem, MA

#9 Jun 11, 2011
How about a wife who does zero around the house? We are married almost 5 years. She does zero laundry, never does dishes empty trash etc. I do all of the above plus yard work and cook most meals. We have a 2 year old daughter and couldn't bead the thought of not seeing her so I put up with it. My friends/ family including hers think I xm nuts....
Janne Smith

Billerica, MA

#10 Jun 12, 2011
angry dad wrote:
the laws suck--they protect women who refuse to get a job to help pay for children they co-created.
My new husband is still supporting his dead-beat ex even though she cheated on him and then married the guy. She refuses to work and is making a bundle in child support.The child is going into college now and she's still trying to take everything she can from my husband including making him pay for most of all college fees. How these women can live with themselves is beyond me and what message are they sending their children.

Tewksbury, MA

#11 Jun 12, 2011
It's all about the boobs. Stooopid men marry women for the boobs then are surprised that she lacks character, refuses to work, etc etc.
Don't worry, she's still pis_sed that you're not rich like you promised.

Danvers, MA

#12 Jun 13, 2011
Single working women here.

I can tell you the best way is to limit her access to money. Take her grocery shopping with a calculator. If she needs to buy stuff take her to buy it. Take all credit cards and ATM cards away. Once she figures out she can not just run and get what she wants she will want to make her own money.

Dayton, OH

#13 Jun 14, 2011
CraigCarpenter...Is that you and Janie too?

Since: Jun 11

Stoneham, MA

#14 Jun 15, 2011
Being a glass half full kinda guy, I would be remiss if not giving this thread a little bit of a positive outlook. Depending on how many lazy wives you go through, you can dramatically improve the health of your lawn and gardening in general. Over the years I have received many compliments on how I have improved the lush nature of my grass and the health of my flowering plants. Remember there is no substitute for bone meal in helping your rose bushes to achieve maximum bloom.

"I used to looove her... Da dee da dee da da"

Since: Jun 11

Stoneham, MA

#15 Jun 15, 2011
BTW. Just kidding.
womans perspective

Colorado Springs, CO

#16 Jun 19, 2011
bansheegraphics is right! The better you treat your wife, the better she will treat you - Hugs, kisses, compliments,and a lot of wonderful sex!'honey, sure wish you would make some of that fantastic chicken - no one makes it better than you!' GOES A LONG WAY! Soon she'll be doing a lot more for you than cooking, cleaning and laundry - Try having dinner at the table instead of in front of the tv and talking to her about your day - the good funny stuff. Did you all forget to have fun once you got married?

Since: Jun 11

Burlington, MA

#17 Jun 19, 2011
Uhhhh yeah, NO WP. Just more commenting on the potentially excellent fertilizer qualities of wives. The handing out of compliments and saying I'm sorry stopped after about 5 years of never hearing it back.
You want fun? Get a boat. Want a friend? Get a dog.
(That's is maniacal laughter, a la Snidely Whiplash)

United States

#18 Jul 8, 2011
I have an ex like that. I pay child support like is required. She tries to withhold visitation with our daughter and lies to police officers about me. I keep telling her that arguing and fighting is not good for our daughter. She argues with me and I don't say anything at all to her. She has even told me that I do not pay enough child support. I have seen a decrease in my paychecks but I still pay the same amount in child support. She lives in an apartment rent-free. All she pays is utilities. She refuses to get a job. I am going to go to college so I can make better money and afford to give our daughter a better life. I have requested full custody because she didn't have stable housing, a car, or a job and she laughed at me and said "hell no!" I am trying to do what is right for our daughter and she is trying to hurt me and only thinking of herself.

Honolulu, HI

#19 Jul 22, 2011
I don't agree that women should have to work or earn the income IF they take care of the house, children, prepare meals, handle finances, maintaining herself (this is hard, men), and everything else besides going to a paying job. If the wife doesn't do any of those things, then I can understand why you would want her to get a job because she is not doing hers. I honestly worked two jobs before I married, then I was not able to transfer my jobs to my new location. So, I just decided to learn how to be a housewife because I didn't take care of any household duties when I went to school and worked two jobs. My dad did all that work because he told me that I work really hard to earn money. I guess I grew up like that while living with my dad. The person who works does not have to do housework and the person who doesn't takes care of the person who does. I think that is completely fair. Since I worked in accounting before, I managed my husband's paycheck so well that we have a lot of extra money (way more than he ever had while just supporting himself). Oh well, I mean this is just my opinion. I strongly don't believe in daycare for children; however, if my father wanted to move in with my family and take care of my son during the day, I would try my best to go back to work. If I could only work part-time, I would take it. When i was sick during pregnancy and couldn't clean the house like I usually did, my husband was stressed by all the chores I had to do. He refused to even look at the list. When he wanted to hire a maid for the day, he was pissed about paying $10 an hour for the day. So, I guess staying at home is the more financially responsible solution unless I can find a job that makes about $100,000. I wish.
I'm sorry about the men who have to support their ex-wives or ex-girlfriends along with their child, but sometimes that is what happens when you break things off with someone. If you remarry someone with baggage like that, I will feel bad for you but not as much.

Since: Jul 08

Macungie, PA

#20 Aug 7, 2011
I am in exactly the same situation!!!

I have a wife that absolutely refuses to work. I even told her that she only has to work part time and that she could keep some of the money for herself to spend, but she still refuses. She worked at a bakery but quit in 2006 because she didn't like her new boss. Then we took her dad in to live with us who is elderly and she uses that as an excuse for not having to work to take care of him. He has some health problems but is fully capable of taking care of himself. I also work two jobs and she yells at me that I do that because she says I leave her home alone too much.

I am in that same situation too, if I even wanted to file for a divorce I would be more in the whole than I am now.

So I know exactly what you are going through guys!!

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