What a waste of taxpayers' money. This city council just seems bent on spending money, even on things that don't appear necessary.

The big revision to the entrance of the RV Park (supposedly to eliminate the backup of RV's checking into the park) was terrible. Removal of all of the old trees, more concrete, etc. was completely unnecessary. The problem could have been solved by issuing each arriving RV, most of which have reservations, a map showing their camp site and asking them to return on foot to pay their fees. This is standard procedures at many RV parks, to avoid lengthy delays at the entrance gate. Instead of trying this simple procedure, the city decided to spend a lot of money, and they still haven't solved the original problem. Now, there isn't a way for campers already registered to bypass waiting in line to re-enter the park. Such genius!
Another problem at the RV park is the signage. Approaching the park from town, there is only a very small sign, on the left side of the street pointing to the park entrance. We have witnessed several RVs passing this entrance, and then trying to find a place to do a U turn to get back to the entrance.