Why do Married Men Cheat?
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Saltillo, MS

#21 Sep 27, 2010
Why do married women cheat?

Manheim, PA

#22 Sep 29, 2010
He didn't I did.
what if

Cleveland, TN

#23 Sep 6, 2012
get_a_life wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, if you go by statistics, that's not true at all. Percentages vary greatly from one study to the next, but generally the percentage of cheating men is much higher than the percentage of cheating women.
As someone who has been there, my husband cheated because he was feeling insecure, didn't feel like he was getting enough attention from me, and was bored with things after 13 years. And in his own words, he was being a dumbass and didn't realize how much I meant to him or how much it would hurt him to see me hurting so much until it all hit the fan and I nearly left him. I'm sure people do it for all different reasons, but this seems to be a fairly common one. Also, I was pregnant at the time and that seemed to make it much worse for me. But according to my OBGYN and medical journals I've read online, that is extremely common, as is cheating on a sick spouse. Very sad. But life goes on.
If a woman is dating or married to a man and she discovers he is a habitual cheater who has no remorse and views cheating as a part of who he is should she just overlook look the cheating and stay with him because he is a provider and makes a good living? Since her husband strays should she explore the concept of a fling herself and suggest an open marriage so that she doesnt feel short changed in the intimacy department of her marriage? Should she forget the idea of having morals just because her husband provides her with a home and car and luxuries she might not otherwise have because he makes money to keeep her comfortable while he maintains an active sex life outside their marriage too? Should affairs be accepted as a common practice of relationships?
Doris Mullens

Alpharetta, GA

#24 Sep 12, 2012
if a man is married he should be with his wife or otherwise should have never gotten married in the first place marriage vows does say forsaking all other cleave only unto her as long as you both shall live. most women are that crazy because they think they need the mans income so they will put up with anything. many women do that themselves just fine we dont have to accept cheaters

United States

#25 Sep 12, 2012
I agree with the comment that people cheat because they can. I also think they do it not only for the fun of it, but because they don't have to worry about committing to the "other person". And if the other person REMOTELY mentions anything serious......SEE YA!!!!! It's all human nature. Some just control it better than others.

South Pittsburg, TN

#26 Sep 14, 2012
Lady D To DADDY wrote:
Daddy: THIS IS mommy!! Did someone leave the gate open on the PIG PEN again??? Sure look,s like it!!! Out rutting around again like an animal!
And why would any young women want a beast such as you that only think, of women in those term,s And by the way Daddy! How far over your belt does your stomach hang now??
Mommy needs to throw you out with the slop bucket....
Just what kind of jacked up smoke must one be on to actually type out all that jibberish?

Herndon, VA

#27 Sep 15, 2012
bc they r azzholes? Final answer! I Dont even need to phone a friend on that answer! Lol

“Always wear your makeup!”

Since: Jul 12

Syracuse, NY

#28 Sep 15, 2012
On a mission wrote:
I'm just curious to get some feed back as to why Married men cheat?
This is not a bashing session, I would just like to take a survey.
Good question so long as you know married women sheet just as much. In fact, many married men are cheating with married women!

It is called Evolution. Humans were not meant to spend a lifetime having sex with just one other person. That is the sad reality of the truth. Men have that Evolutionary urge to go around dropping their seed as often as they can while women once having had a child have the urge to get pregnant again by another man.

Because of the vast dangers of over population and Tribal raids and rapes, Evolution created homosexuality orientation too but the urges there are similar to those in heterosexuality insofar as to not be with just one person so when any of us is with just one person we are going against nature but I find it worthwhile to go against nature. I've been in a relationship with the same person a long time and do not cheat. He's a blonde Prince

Georgetown, TN

#29 Sep 20, 2012
The man I just married is going to cheat because of evolution. On top of that he could possibly cheat on me with another man!! That's discouraging to say the least!

“Always wear your makeup!”

Since: Jul 12

Syracuse, NY

#30 Sep 21, 2012
Alyssa wrote:
The man I just married is going to cheat because of evolution. On top of that he could possibly cheat on me with another man!! That's discouraging to say the least!
That's not true. Humans go against Evolution all the time in some areas. The instinct is going to be there. Even you will at times fantasize of another man. That is normal but cheating takes objective actions not subjective like fantasy or thoughts.

There are men out there who will be faithful and there are women out there who will be faithful but doing so goes against Evolution thus; humans have a was to cope through fantasy. You would have to admit as a woman that you have in fact mastur***** in your life and in doing it, you have fantasies. This is true of men too. It is actually healthy for both men and women. It reduces chances of prostate cancer in single men and releases stress and tension in both men and women.

The best part in my opinion is seeking out a man from a Church but not a fanatical Church. A moderate Church of the Religion of your choice. Always wear a dress! Never wear jeans or pants. Dress in a conservative way for Church and just a hint of sexiness outside of Church not showing too much and leaving the rest for the imagination which believe me is MORE POWERFUL than when men just see it all hang out.

Men respect women in dresses more and they respect women who are modest and a little conservative in dressing. This will send signal to those likely to cheat to leave you alone and it will signal those least likely to cheat to be interested in you.

Your attitude is important too. Have self confidence and self respect and love of self and walk and sit with proper status as a woman. When sitting, always keep legs together or crossed depending on setting. Show some legs and just a little at top but do not overdue it. Wear a strand of pearls or Freshwater pearls which are lovely and inexpensive. Do you hair shoulder length and depending on your age, you either pull it back some or let it come down some if younger. Wear a nice foundation that matches skin tone or lighter and then go mild on powders and use the mineral powders for a blush and contour. Make it look natural and wear a light lipstick not bright.

On first date, no kissing! Do a little talking but let the man do most of the talking and send out the signal that you really think sex is for marriage and court a while increasing a little with a kiss on the cheek and on the lips for goodnight kiss type thing and hold hands a lot. DO NOT do things to get him excited because when he leaves you for the night, he is going home to Mast***** and will be thinking of you which is what you want in his fantasy.

Do not be a tease and date a man who seems to have same ideas as you but avoid talk of religion or politics until you know where he stand. Men like to feel in charge so see next post.

“Always wear your makeup!”

Since: Jul 12

Syracuse, NY

#31 Sep 21, 2012
Since my post is for all women and I was talking about single, I am going to add in those who are married.

Most men like to feel in charge. As a businessperson, I know this and I'm different in business than my private life. I'm extremely assertive in business which men perceive as a bitch. It's okay for a man to be that way but not a woman so it is in life.

For those married, you know your man, his sex drive and a lot about him. ALWAYS keep the marriage fresh and never allow the honeymoon to end.

You know those things hubby does you do not like? I dislike sports like football. I cannot stand it but many men and even some women like it. Whatever it is your hubby likes, learn about it and try to join in. Fishing? If he likes that and you don't know how, ask him to teach you. Men love to teach women things and even if you know, act as if you don't and let him show you.

Never criticize a man by saying things like you're not a real man and never say anything negative about his private areas. If you're not in the mood yet not sick and he is in the mood, you will need to use the restroom and use lubrication without him knowing you put that in you. Always provide as much sex as he wants. Remember, a man who is going without is more likely to think naughty and cheat.

Try different positions and different rooms and tell your man how he is a stud and in sex, hold his bottom. Men love that. They like their buns held. Give him a massage of his neck or back unexpectedly and always tell him you love him twice a day. When he goes to work and before you go to bed and never go to bed angry with each other! Remember; relationships take work and there will be ups and downs. Be sure to do your part with him knowing in a gentle way you expect him to meet you in the middle. Things you cannot agree on, agree to disagree and give him a kiss and tell him you love him.

Remember; YOU HAVE THE BEST LOOKING STUD ON EARTH so tell him that and treat him that way.

Lust is one thing but sex through romance is the best union between two human beings.

Think positive and talk that way even if you have to learn. A trick I know from College is if you think negative thoughts such as worry etc., change them to the bright side of an outcome and do this all the time for 30 days. After that, it will start to become subconscious and within 90 days you will not often need to change your thinking to positive because you trained your subconscious to think that way and it lasts forever.

For single women; DO NOT DO ONE NIGHT STANDS and do not put out on the first or third date. Most have sex before marriage and it is a good way to find out if you're going to be compatible with a man the rest of your life in that respect but let him know you're not a tease and not easy either. Let him run after you and give in when it looks like the relationship could be a lasting one.

Some men tend to go too fast and feel bad afterwards but stay in bed and tell them it's natural and within 20 minutes of romantic talk, he will be ready to really go at it and it will not be 30 seconds.

“Always wear your makeup!”

Since: Jul 12

Syracuse, NY

#32 Sep 21, 2012
As for you men, you know in your heart the difference between lust and romance that leads to sex and you know, you are least likely to marry a woman who puts out too fast.

You need to do things too. You need to bath each day, keep your hair nice and no matter your height, you look cute in Jeans when not out somewhere important dress code. Women like your buns and are going to look at your eyes first which is the big turn on and women are going to look at your buns more than your other package in those jeans so stay fit or lose weight and join a gym to get nice buns.

Women go by smell and touch. Smell good without some cheap crap. Spend the $50 on something nice and on sale at Macy's marked down from a hundred online. Do not wear boxers. Wear boxer briefs and solid white. Get nice ones that feel good like Tommy with high thread count on sale. Most women like a man in white boxer briefs rather than thongs or various colors.

On your date, treat your woman like a Queen as if no other women are important other than her. Try being old fashioned and open the car door for her and always open doors for her in stores and restaurants. Pull out a chair for her and be sure she is seated first. After looking over the menus, ask her what she would like and when the waiter comes up, you do the speaking. She should not need to speak to the waiter other than Thank You.

This bull of women's lib where women pay their part at din din is a crock. Women's lib was good for some things but not romance. If you cannot afford to take her out then eat at home but if you take her out, YOU PAY always.

Touch her hand and lightly touch her arm with your finger up and down and kiss her on the ear gently.

Always find non private areas to touch her at first when dating. NEVER look at other women when out with her. Yes, they are there but you keep your eyes on your date only. Remember men, if you want a good wife and woman to have your children, to find the right one, you must work at it a little.

I believe one parent should be a stay at home with the children and if people cannot afford that, they should not have children until or if they can.

This situation works the same for gay people and lesbians use the word gay now from what I heard last year from a lesbian. Two men together with Evolution pushing for fast sex? True but do not do it. Date first and according to science rather than rumors and online porno, I know that gay men are less interested in anal than straight men. Gay men are more oral as are gay women by 70%. Remember men and women, anal is fragile and where toxic things come out so try to avoid that.

Both men and women like oral no matter if straight or gay. It's normal and natural and safe so long as no one has STD BUT if it happens it is HAVING SEX so do not fall for that was not going all the way or real sex because it is dear former President Clinton.

If clothes are off or down in a way, sex is going on even if only with hands. That is sex.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#34 Oct 6, 2012
why? sex.


Whitwell, TN

#35 Oct 10, 2012
Matt wrote:
Why do married women cheat?
Women do it for money, they THINK they can find someone that makes more money than their husband and they think this person will be faithful and take care of them. How stupid!!!

Chattanooga, TN

#36 Oct 26, 2012
Malcolm D. Shabo, D.D.S., Ooltewah, Tenn.
Violation:Unprofessional, dishonorable or unethical conduct; failing to avoid interpersonal relationships that could impair professional judgment or risk the possibility of exploiting the confidence of a patient, including committing any act of sexual abuse, misconduct or exploitation related to the licensee’s practice of dentistry
Action:License placed on probation for one year; assessed $500 civil penalty.


Whitwell, TN

#37 Oct 28, 2012
Lol wrote:
<quoted text>Women do it for money, they THINK they can find someone that makes more money than their husband and they think this person will be faithful and take care of them. How stupid!!!
I work with a girl that did that now she is lonely and her x husband is out having the time of his life lol guys will tell you anything to get a easy piece of ass maybe she will learn that next time

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