My father wants proof about dirty ele...

My father wants proof about dirty electricity or damage from fluoride

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Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#1 Feb 4, 2013
My father wants proof about fluoride damage or dirty electricity. Should he get “therapy” for that, too?
Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#2 Feb 4, 2013
A little over a year ago my father asked for proof, but yet he himself could not provide any proof (other than United Nations Agenda 21 Federal propaganda) to counter what I said to him about the effects of fluoride damage to the brain and other parts of the human body. He showed me something from the Edison Electric Institute, as if they don't have an clandestine agenda. And he denied that the power company had any reason to keep any information from anyone, or that they are part of a conspiracy. When I challenged him to give me evidence that everything the local power companies or that TVA does is automatically legitimate, with innocent motives or intentions (that is, not out of GREED)– he could not provide such evidence. He would just constantly defend those companies. I asked if he was suggesting that there is no-one evil in the world or has an agenda motivated by sinister principles. He only avoided my question, and then stated that he had to leave. I guess he must be somewhat naïve enough to believe that everyone in the world has only innocent motives and that we can just trust anyone who is involved in the Federal government. That they are all such angels. Is it any wonder that people with this constant state of denial or lack of perception, when it comes to reality, add only more and more reason that there is truly no hope for the sad condition our society is in? It’s a sad state of affairs when this is happening. It’s also a clear sign to me how dumbed down and conditioned this society has truly and certainly become. It’s shameful and pathetic, because ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever.
Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#3 Feb 4, 2013
I also tried to share the same information last year with my property owner concerning the recently installed Smart Meter. Later I learned from a message that was left by my mother on the phone that he notified her because I did this. As a result, she immediately called me on it. She said the following:

"Sean, I am only going to make this real quick, because you were fine when I saw you yesterday, and I realize that you are mad -- "(I'm angry? About what? Ignorant people? More like worn out with them. But okay, whatever)-- "at somebody now, but DO NOT -- and I repeat -- DO NOT leave your message with Leighton" --(the property owner)-- "or I'm going to be renting out YOUR apartment" --(okay, now she thinks she is the property owner, too? Interesting.)-- "so whoever you have a tiff with, keep it with them and do not bother this man. Okay? Or he is going to be putting you out. And that's all I am going to say. Call anybody you want to, you know, bitch all you want to to me and Dad, we can take it, but leave Leighton out of it. The end."
Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#4 Feb 4, 2013
So NOW, according to my mother, to share information with someone about something is redefined by her as "bothering" them or "bitching" to them. I see.

You know, with such “reasonable” people of my mother’s caliber or personality type, is it any wonder we have such cluelessness on the rise and continually increasing in this society?
How can we really help those who live in a delusion? And what is my mother talking about? Someone please tell me. How does what I tell people wind up being so confused or twisted by the time it ever comes back to me? Somehow these people just don’t get it at all. Are they that blind? And why in the world would I be “angry” about people who live in denial, not accepting reality outside of what they are comfortable with? If they ask for proof, and I GIVE THEM JUST THAT – yet they don’t like nor are satisfied with the proof they are already given by me – calling it “junk science”– then how can I help them anymore? Either their preconceptions don’t QUALIFY the proof or the proof is not convenient for their bias. So they are just going to think what they want to, no matter what, so why even waste my time talking to people like that? They would rather believe what they want to. They might even argue with God. They don’t even WANT proof. They instead want something to agree with or match their own opinions. They want what is POPULAR. They follow the masses.
By the way, the word “mad” or “angry” seems a bit too strong of a word for that scenario, describing the circumstances of that situation. If anything, I ACTUALLY FEEL SORRY FOR certain people who reject something that would ultimately benefit them, whether they know this or not. Of course, the idea that I would be “mad” about someone else’s issues of denial SEEMS LAUGHABLE AT BEST, and is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of whoever is expecting that I am to somehow live up to the role of my supposed “anger” at someone else’s stupidity of which mostly affects themselves, anyway.

Are they hurting others who are otherwise INFORMED? No. Their ignorance and apathy just eventually result in the consequences that they bring onto themselves, anyway, for their being so misinformed and misguided. Because I know that I certainly know better, and am not going to join others in rushing over that cliff with them, so to speak, unless, of course, I am forcibly GRABBED and DRAGGED over the cliff against my will. Then, in THAT case, I suppose it would be a different story, and I might have to join them, since I have no choice. But as Alex Jones once said:
“Leave them be. They’re furniture.” And also what Barney Frank ALSO said:
“Talking to them is like talking to a dining room table.” Perhaps it really is.
I may as well argue with a brick wall. What’s the use? They are like children who close their ears and yell and sing:“La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la… I can’t hear you!”
Like dumb cattle who are fat, happy, and satisfied unaware that eventually they are going to be led to the slaughterhouse. Yep. Happens the same way – all the time – and has happened throughout the course of human history. They know this. So that is why they hate me so much, do a lot of people, the fact that I remind them, and expose it to them. I reveal it to them. The way I figure it, LET THEM hate me. Let their hatred just destroy themselves, because you know something? As long as I can help it, I will continue to hold my ground, being firm, and not placating to them whatsoever. I shall keep right on exposing this, as much as possible. And I will bring it to the light for people to see, and to understand.
I know how to sow seeds of thought into them. My will is strong, too.
Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#5 Feb 4, 2013
My will is a lot stronger than they may estimate it to possibly be to themselves.

And I’ve learned how to train my self-will to be that way. I’ve sort of developed this kind of strength through patient endurance. I don’t get worn out as easily anymore. At least, not for long, anyway. I know how to recharge. And my confidence in what I know has sustained me continually. I remain just as strong several weeks, perhaps even months later. I am very formidable. Very self-motivated. Very focused. I cannot be filibustered or taken off track permanently and don’t accept defeat, not that easily, and not that serenely, anyway. And I manage to be, easily enough, patient, when I consider it necessary to fulfill my purpose, or my cause, in the level of other people’s progress they ought to be making, and hope they should be making, accordingly. I know that it is for their own good, and it’s for their personal growth. I also expect them to fulfill the goals that I’ve set for their progress. I know that my ship is YET STILL afloat, personally. And I eventually triumph, nevertheless.

I don’t have any intention of ever eating any crow, as it’s been said that I should possibly eat. And so I keep face. My tail is NOT between my legs EVEN STILL. Others may WISH that should happen for THEIR sakes, but they sorely disappoint themselves. And no, take nothing back that I say here – not at all. If I was going to take it back, I would not have even said it to begin with. So you see, there is absolutely NO REGRET, NO APOLOGY, and NO EXPECTING ME TO EVER GIVE SUCH AN APOLOGY. No need to ever count on it, or for such things to ever occur about an apology. So I would suggest to whomever this might be thought of as applying to, that you just do yourselves a favor, respectively, and not disappoint yourselves, expecting that I should apologize or regret any of what I say on here. Stop wasting your time getting your hopes up.

It does you no good.
Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#6 Feb 6, 2013
You see, in my father’s perception of the world, anyone with prestige or status quo is automatically considered correct in what they present to him. He is easily impressed by establishment in mainstream ideas. It’s true. Reputation has a monopoly over the facts, according to him. This is seemingly his attitude, at least, anyway. It seems to serve as legitimate enough influence as far as my father is concerned, having the reputation that people out there often do. Somehow this has a monopoly over the facts. He is fully convinced, at least in HIS mind, relatively, and is persuaded about what has trained him and conditioned him for many years. And my father seems to imply that you can trust anyone who appears to have innocent motives or good intentions. He automatically gives credit to something or someone just because he/she is approved or is widely accepted by mass-thought or mass-approval. Of course, there is no careful scrutiny or research about ANYTHING on the part of my father, or others similar to his way of thinking. This is naïve on his part, I believe. It is also quite vulnerable enough to be easily taken advantage of by others.

And I am not just picking on my father, pointing fingers at him, or singling him out this way. Besides, it isn’t really all his fault. He is among many millions of other people in society are subjected to the New World Order schemes, and the subtleties of the elite class. My father is just one among many people with this problem. He is just one of many thousands upon millions of people that just don’t get it, and haven’t woken up yet. He is a poor, helpless victim, like anyone else, falling prey to the Globalists with their secret agenda, and their cohorts’ diabolical tricks, no matter on what level it may be at. He, like many others, is easily enough impressed by any sort of information that is packaged and polished a certain way, and having a clean-cut image to it. And naturally, why wouldn’t it appear plausible to someone like him or many others, although they are deceived by the public influence from these professional con artists.

Many people have been trained or preconditioned by mass-consensus, mass-approval, and after much indoctrination from easily acceptable enough propaganda, following what SEEMS to be more trustworthy for information. This is because of what is misguidedly thought of as being reliable enough evidence from those who are skilled and diabolical enough to create sufficient enough DIS-information, and in the form of likely plausibility (so it seems, relatively). This is indeed how mind control is most successful.(For more information about this topic, you can go to: ). They don’t WANT anyone to figure things out. Of course not!

If people KNEW they were being deceived, then deception WOULD FAIL. Or it just wouldn’t be deception. Right? But in order for it to be deception, people have to be deceived. I would think that would be pretty clear enough for logic. Wouldn’t YOU, the reader suppose? If masterminds of deception were not able to succeed at infiltrating into positions of power, then they would not be deceivers, no doubt. Then most everyone would already know what they are trying to do or what they are actually about. And so it wouldn’t be as easily provable or discerned. Okay? But unfortunately for most of society, they are quite secure and content in their blind faith toward those in power who abuse this power. And they have learned quite well to adapt to their pre-accustomed lives of complacency and naivety. They enjoy anything palatable enough about their subliminal forms of slavery. They enjoy this quite well. No, they DON’T MIND being subdued by what they consider benign reins of authority, of which operate with creeping incrementalism. You see, they’ve become easily satisfiable, but duped.
Sean Dickerson

Nashville, TN

#7 Feb 6, 2013
I am at a point in time now, in which I am just not going to deal with people who continue to distract me with their distractions. On the contrary, I am FOCUSED. But if they are NOT focused, then I would much rather avoid whatever outside distractions they find to bring me, ignoring what is a lot more important. And they keep ignoring what they should NOT. People in my family may really care about me. I acknowledge this. But I am not going to let their behavior pattern continue to cause me stress, frustration, or WHATEVER OTHER PROBLEMS THEY WANT TO GIVE ME. They obviously want me to play games with them, psychologically, not becoming as serious in preparing for our national crisis, food riots, famine, etc. that are about to happen very soon. And because they are NOT serious about this, wanting to instead be constantly blind the way they are to the social realities surrounding us, then I no longer wish to contribute to the pretend games and the cherished, nurtured mentalities of ignorance. There is no more time for playing games! We need to get our “houses in order”, for the risk of repeating what the Chaplain Lindsey Graham said. It’s time to, as in the words of my friend Lance “step up to the plate”, and “get oil in our lamps”(paraphrasing the verse of Scripture referring to the parable of the Ten Virgins, giving by Jesus). Very possibly, when “the bottom soon drops out”, as my friend Lance says, they are going to want to come ask for oil (of knowledge) for THEIR lamps, but it will be too late, and I won’t have any to give them, because I will have to save some for myself or my household. There is no more time to waste!! I don’t mean to be insensitive or harsh, but I cannot be part of these people’s unperceptive habits, as I already have become socially aware and have awakened, spiritually, mentally, etc. And I would really appreciate it if they would just respect this. Instead of partying, going to football games, or on silly vacations all the time – WE SHOULD BE GETTING TOGETHER A PLAN, for goodness sakes! And if my family wants to join me in getting together a REAL FAMILY PLAN for future events soon on the rise now of occurring (some ALREADY occurring), or some kind of plan to prepare for what is going to happen to all of us soon here in America, then I will be glad to help them. But because they don’t show any kind of initiative in this one area, then I have no interest in dealing with them outside what I have no other choice BUT to deal with them about, as the situation is forcing me to do so, as for certain options. And so until then, all these other outside entanglements or side detractions, or other meaningless, mundane, monotonous, repetitive, patternistic crap for behavior has got to stop, or I am just not going to have any dealings with them, except for the very few that there are that currently exist.

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