Los Angeles tops list as most LGBT-fr...

Los Angeles tops list as most LGBT-friendly U.S. city

There are 14 comments on the Reuters story from Jun 11, 2014, titled Los Angeles tops list as most LGBT-friendly U.S. city. In it, Reuters reports that:

Los Angeles tops the list of U.S. cities most friendly to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, according to a newly compiled "Queer Index" released on Wednesday by an online news site.

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lgbt is silly

Knoxville, TN

#1 Jul 15, 2014
That's nice. Now why don't all you gays leave town and go there.
St Rick Saintpornum

Philadelphia, PA

#2 Jul 15, 2014
Every medium sized and large city in the West is now pro lgbt.

And I seriously doubt LA is more lgbt friendly than San Francisco or Portland, ME or NYC or Provincetown, etc.

The list is by some outlet that wants clicks.

Louisville, KY

#3 Jul 16, 2014
lgbt is silly wrote:
That's nice. Now why don't all you gays leave town and go there.
Only if YOU promise to go there and run your mouth out loud in a gay bar.

Louisville, KY

#5 Jul 16, 2014
Dave wrote:
This doesn't surprise me in the least. LA has always been a city of low-lifes, deviants, freaks and an assortment of all kinds of other depraved losers. Of course they embrace the sick homosexual lifestyle with open arms (and open butts).
It beats being an ignorant bigot.

Louisville, KY

#7 Jul 16, 2014
Dave wrote:
<quoted text>
It would be great if all the queers and illegals went out to California then the entire state just broke off and floated out to the middle of the ocean.
Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen. On second thought, hold your breath.

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#9 Jul 27, 2014
I cannot believe all the hatred and homophobia on this thread!

I have a question for those of you who really do espouse homophobia. I know this is Topix, and trolls (who care little or nothing about the issues) are a dime a dozen. I know that.

However, this is for those who ARE SERIOUS, and really, really do have a problem with LGBT people, or with them having the same rights (no more, no less) as strait people. My question is for you.

My question is: WHY DO YOU CARE?

Why does it mater to you, either way, if 2 dudes, or 2 chicks, or a polyamourous union, or whatever. How does it affect you? Why do you care? Why should you care? Why does it phase you?

Why are those persons not entitled too the same exact human rights as we are all entitled to, in this SECULAR nation? Can some one give me ANY reason for that???

And I'll throw you one better: Strait people are actually in the extreme minority. BISEXUALS are the majority, by a mile!!! About 80-90% or so, are bisexual. Now yeah, some don't admit it (even too themself), and their embarrassed about it and stuff. Of course those are usually the ones that end up being the biggest homophobes. Usually, not always. More at link:


What if it were people who are strait, being discriminated against instead? How would yall feel about that???

(more follows...)

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#11 Jul 27, 2014

And btw, I am completely strait (exclusively gynephillic), myself. And I know how I would feel if strait people were discriminated against. I'd be like "Chuck you, Fump!!!" Wouldn't you? And so, how do you thing they feel?

But even that's not my maine point. It's like, why do you care at all? Why does it fake a mucking difference too you, whatsoever, if those people have the same rights as you? How does it hurt you, whatsoever? And, presuming it doesn't (if it does, please demonstrate how), then why do you give a fying-fluck about it? You know? I mean WTF? You know...

I just don't get it! I simply cannot comprehend how anyone can honestly, with a strait face, tell me that other people having the rights to marriage... which is a LEGAL term, btw. Nobody cares what you're church does or does not agree with. That's a Fifth Ammendment issue. You have the rights too Freedom Of Speach, Freedom Of Religion, etc. You get no arguments from me, about that.

However, how would you feel if somebody took those rights away from you? If someone maid Christianity (or what ever religion you are) illegal? How would you like that?

(more follows...)

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#12 Jul 27, 2014

How about you're right too bare arms? What if they took that away? I'm willing too bet, however much cash is in my wallet, that the majority of you homophobes would be madder then a wet hornet about that!!! And rightfully so!

But you want to talk and complain about you're rights, while you advocate taking rights away from others? I'm sorry, but no! Cry me a river!

The same goes for Abortion Rights, the same goes for Freedom Of Religion (also Freedom From Religion, either side, it don't mater). The same goes for a bunch of stuff...

Another good example is people who say to ban tobacco but legalize marijuana. Or vice versa. As long as you are advocating doing that very same thing to someone else, you're opinion is worthless.

(more follows...)

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#13 Jul 27, 2014
(...continued. Last one. Sorry, the stupid Topix censorbot kept botting my post, I had too do it like this so I could find out what was going on...)

And in all of those cases, one can present "reasons", however in all of those political issues I have mentioned, I can shoot them all down to brass tacks. And will, upon request ;)

Remember the old Cold War saying "Freedom is how free you're opponent is!"

Its a "Seemless Garment". If all you care about is you and those like you, you don't mater. Sorry if that sounds harsh, I'm just being real.

Anyway, I'm about out of room, so I guess this is about all. Like I said, I want each of you to think about what I said, please.

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#14 Jul 27, 2014
Oh and one more last thing:

This is directed at the COWARD who went through and rated all my posts negatively (although I see a BUNCH of people since rated them positively. Thank yall, but nevermind that at the moment. This is to the person who rated them negatively.)

Why don't you POST instead? Perhaps offer rebuttal to what I said in my posts? If you really disagree with me, present ur case. I am the plaintiff, you are the defendant, and the other users and readers are our jury.

At least be a GOOD POV-Pusher (instead of a stupid one), you know.

Is it because you know I'm right? Well I guess I am, but still. I mean come on! WTF? You know!

Ok, whatever. Be like that! Do what you will.

I'm just glad I'm not you. That's all I know. I'm glad I'm not someone who hides behind a computer and vandalizes posts and POV-Pushes, however is to much of a WIMP to actually POST and have a DISCUSSION about it instead. I'm glad I'm not you.

But ok, do ur thing. Good luck.

That's all I have to say.

Louisville, KY

#15 Jul 27, 2014
N8 the Grrr8 wrote:
I cannot believe all the hatred and homophobia on this thread!
One thing you CAN believe is that these bigots wouldn't dare run thier mouths out loud in a gay bar, or any place where there's a lot of gays around. They know hiding behind a computer is always safe.
Homophobes R Closet Cases

Jefferson, ME

#16 Jul 27, 2014
It would suck to be them! Going through life denying who I was like that. Omg that would suck! I am very glad I am not like them. Why don't they just come out and get it over with.

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#18 Jul 27, 2014
Good points Gremlin and Homophobes R Closet Cases. Good points, yall.

(One thing though, just to nitpick a little, NOT ALL homophobes are closet cases, just saying. Most are though. But yeah, I have relatives who are homophobic, including my mother, who... I'll put it this way: If I caught her like doing that (well, she's postmenopausal, although I guess a female could still like do stuff, I guess...) or even just having those thoughts, I would be totally shocked! But yes MOST are, yes. They usually end up getting caught at some point (think George Rekers).)

But yeah, good points. And you know, I'm not even really trying to like change them or anything. I mean they can be like that if they want.

However, when you (meaning them, of course) post political statements (anything anti-LGBT is the epitome of a political statement), on a pubic forum, you will be challenged on it.

Those people are probably used to Conservative Talk Radio where one dude pretty much runs it, and it's pretty much his way or the highway. But that's not how Internet Forums work. Many people from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, post on these boreds. So if someone is posting crap, they will usually be called on it by someone.

And whether those people like it or not, LGBT Rights is widely accepted in this day and age. And becoming moreso everyday!

You know, I remember when I first started doing this issue, like LAST CENTURY! Things were like different as night and day from how they are now.

It was before LGBT persons was widely accepted. It was before Federal Hate Crime Laws existed. It was before the Mass Media espoused acceptance. It was before all these celebrities were supporting it. It was before it was "trendy" or "cool". In fact I think it was before the term LGBT even existed (I think that term evolved through the 00s. It was pretty much just called "Gay Rights" at that time.)

Nowdays, supporting LGBT Rights is no big deal. I mean yeah, you'll get some crap from people like them, but for the most part, most people have become much more tolerant by now.

However, in that day, that simply wasn't the case! If you supported Gay Rights, you were ridiculed, you were called every name in the book (especially a certain F-word that rhymes with "maggot"), you were accused of getting erections for guys, and having HIV, and just all kinds of stuff that's just over the top... I'm not even gonna go into it...

I'm glad things are no longer like that, though. That's awesome! Don't get me wrong. I'm just pointing out (for anyone unaware) that in that day it wasn't like that.

And it was actually about 2003 when I completely jumped on the issue. Before that, it was like, if I saw a thread about it I would educate them, but I didn't just go around posting on it, until then. And then later in 2003 was when the first state legalized SSM :)

Now like about half the states have it. And that is totally cool!!! However, that still means that about half don't, that that is totally not cool!!!!! We need to get it legalized nationwide and worldwide, and then legalize some other stuff (like Polyamory, for example).

Anyway, I'm almost out of room. I just wanna say that equality WILL happen. It might not happen today or tommorow or this weak or this month, but it WILL happen!!! All you people who support it, right on! All of you who oppose it, why?

“Opposing Evil, Helping Good”

Since: Feb 14


#19 Aug 1, 2014
Oh, to whomever posted Post #17, it is not visible. YOU will see it, but trust me, if you use a different browser (or clear the cookies from this site), it will not be visible to anyone else.

You probably said something like a gay-slur for example. Or you might already be band for something like that. If your using a registered account you'll have to chuck that account. Otherwise clear cookies, get a new IP address (I'll explain how if anyone asks), and of course, don't do whatever you did, again.

Or the post might have been censor-botted for some stupid (unknown) reason, like some of mine were, above. Which, btw, is the reason I had to keep splitting it up like that. That's why I had to make like 4 posts, because I had no idea why it was being botted, I just new that when I viewed this page with a different browser, the post didn't exist.

Anyway yeah, I'm talking about the post between Homophobes R Closet Cases's post (#16) and my last post (#18) is not visible.

I'm saying this, because, if anyone did have anything real to say about any of my comments earlier, I do want to here it. I mean if it's just spam or garbage, then whatever. I don't waist my time arguing (with anyone, about anything), whatsoever, on the Internet.

In fact, their was a (very Ableist) joke from years back, that said "Arguing on the Internet is like participating in the Special Olympics" (I'm not gonna say the punchline... anyone who's been using the Internet since last decade has probably herd this joke...)

Anyway yeah just letting you know. Whomever you are, the arthur of Post#17. If it's something worth reading you can try to re-post it if you want.

Oh and PS - if their are any posts after my last post (Post#18) the same exact applies. I don't see nothing! Just letting whomever you are, know, about that.

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