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Auburn Hills, MI

#1 Apr 26, 2006
i am trying to locate people who have got ripped off on ebay useing there pay pal system...if i can locate enough signatures i will send a petition to congress to investigate..i beleive thousands of people are paying for items and not receiving the item
Michael March

Mechanicsburg, PA

#2 Jun 14, 2007
I paid four different people for magazine subscriptions. They ask you to wait twelve weeks for magazine. When it doesn't arrive it is too late to do anything. Then these people you all had good ratings are no longer registered users.
Michael March

Mechanicsburg, PA

#3 Jun 14, 2007
clifford wrote:
i am trying to locate people who have got ripped off on ebay useing there pay pal system...if i can locate enough signatures i will send a petition to congress to investigate..i beleive thousands of people are paying for items and not receiving the item
I was ripped off for times for magazine subscriptions and ebay cant help

Hailey, ID

#4 Jul 3, 2007
clifford wrote:
i am trying to locate people who have got ripped off on ebay useing there pay pal system...if i can locate enough signatures i will send a petition to congress to investigate..i beleive thousands of people are paying for items and not receiving the item
>>>>>>> >Show me the dotted line I will sign I got ripped off for damn near $700.00 last month

Hailey, ID

#5 Jul 3, 2007
All paypal could do was refund me the buyer protection of $200 what the hell is that about I want my damn money back

Harrison, TN

#6 Aug 20, 2007
If you plan on buying anything over the internet, there's a site you can see how well that online store takes care of their customers. They show good and bad comments, which is helpful.

I've bought a lot via ebay and have only ran into one problem and if I would have used the above site (which is totally free) I wouldn't have gone through the headaches I did.

Have fun!
Bad Karma

United States

#7 Sep 27, 2007
Please be careful of 100% positive feed back on bay that does not warranty any s...t.
I have recently paid this bozo who lives in Florida thru ebay and paid him with my Paypal account to purchase a very expensive Musical instrument and just by thinking since he has 100% positive feedback everything will be fine. I paid him thru so called secured account in Paypal and he ripped me off for a lot of money. I have filled a complaint with Paypal and ebay asking to file and open also a dispute claim, but they won't warranty me to get my hard working $$$$ back!
It really burns because I'm always cautious and I even had some dialogue with him thru ebay
ask the seller question before the bidding end.... I hope someone come up with a better solution because I will never ever again deal on the internet!

Grand Rapids, MI

#8 Oct 4, 2007
I have never had a problem but its good to know all this info! Thanks


#9 Oct 19, 2007
Ebay haunted ring for sale. Ebay sellers selling haunted rings and other items are deceiving you big time. One seller threatened me when I left a negative for her and I changed the feedback to mutually withdrawn not because I was afraid of what her friend in Egypt could do but because she had my address. I withdrew my feedback because I have small children at home and don't know what she might send me in the mail. I was supposed to get an heirloom quality ring with an angel genie but it was a cheap common sterling ring. There's not one sellers using the word haunted that can be trusted. A pack of con artists shill bidding and raising the bids by hundreds of your hard earned cash. I now buy only from the metaphysical section minus the word haunted. Nice items in the metaphysical section that even the sellers using the word haunted buy from only to be resold a couple of months later for hundreds od dollars.

Cambridge, MA

#11 Nov 3, 2007
Ebay Ilmu Khodam sellers. One ruthless seller on Ebay claims to be the original seller but copied everything from who has sold on the Internet for over four years. I purchased a worthless ring from the seller and nothing. I emailed her and she was rude and threatening. Avoid all sellers on Ebay peddling their worthless haunted items. Buy from the metaphysical sellers who don’t use the word haunted and where you can get a good ring for $10. They can be trusted. There are no real haunted sellers on Ebay.All con artist and too lazy to get a real job.

United States

#12 Nov 6, 2007
I too was ripped off on ebay. I purchased a big item and it cost me 475.00. SO DID 17 other people. WE NEVER RECEIVED out items BUT he received our payments thru paypal. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

Cambridge, MA

#13 Nov 7, 2007
ebay fake genie haunted ring. I was ripped off big time by a popular seller on Ebay who peddles genie rings from Egypt and no result spells. I’ve had a string of bad luck since one of her khondams arrived and she refused a refund except for the spell. She threatened me that if I left a negative she’d cast another spell. Saw her name on the ripped off report web site and should have paid attention. She’s a fraud but aren’t they all ! There isn’t one real haunted peddler on ebay. I work hard sometimes 50 hours a week. I should quit my day job and make the thousands they make. She was nice until I ask for my money back. Stay clear of all sellers on Ebay and their haunted tales. Be especially careful of the one who I dealt with as bad luck follows after purchasing from her .

Cambridge, MA

#14 Nov 9, 2007
Ebay haunted dirty Djinn sellers are as nasty as the true meaning of a djinn, which spread diseases and cause bad luck. UAMD wrote an article that goes against every article ever written on djinn twisting words to their liking without any facts except the ones they made up. Don’t even get me started with sellers using the word angel with djinn. Wouldn’t want to be them on judgment day as visions of those they ripped off haunt their final thoughts. They are pack pf con artists who don’t even give those interested a true account of djinn who were never considered good and just the opposite of pure. What a way to make a living. They take advantage of the vulnerable, lonely, and desperate. 20/20 is going to do a report on the liars who use the word haunted on ebay to brainwash anyone who will listen. Ask any ebay metaphysical seller not hiding behind the word haunted the true definition of djinn. The metaphysical sellers sell at a fraction of the cost and don’t dupe the buyers by using the word HAUNTED. There are two highly define selling rings who shill bid on each other’s items never getting caught as stretched out across the USA and beyond. The sellers have been conning their entire life and don’t have an ounce of decency or truth. There are no rings coming in from Egypt or any other country that believed in djinn, as they know the destruction, evil, and diseases that they are associated with. I was burned by motherleizabeth over a year ago when I paid hundreds fro a ring and later found out she had been suspended for shill bidding.All the UAMD con artists were suspened for shill bidding and formed UAMD so they could get away with it by bidding for one another.

Cambridge, MA

#15 Nov 9, 2007
Ebay UAMD haunted nuts. Don't buy from the UAMD thieves. Bad luck follows the buyers who buy from them.
Lesley - UAMD


#16 Nov 17, 2007
To all who are posting negative comments about the group the UAMD, or United Association of Metaphysical Dealers, your comments are completely without fact. Our group was founded more than a year and a half ago, and is dedicated to the values that make the metaphysical category a wonderful place to shop. Our organization is a group committed to providing shoppers with a broad base of legitimate Metaphysical Sellers.
We have a rigid screening process for new members. Each person who applies for membership must meet the following criteria:
*Have been a seller in the metaphysical category for at least 6 months, and are an ebay member in good standing
*Have at least 50 feedbacks exclusive to the metaphysical category with a 100% positive rating, or 100 feedbacks with a 99% feedback rating.
*Strictly adhere to both ebay's rules of conduct and a high code of personal ethics, both to their customers and other ebay sellers
*Maintain exceptional customer service, both before and after the sale.
In the rare instances we have had customer complaints (only 3 have been reported to in the past year), we have worked to solve the problem immediately, in one case actually removing a seller who violated the rules. We have exceptional customer service, and there is always someone available at the UAMD customer service email address to assist our buyers with potential problems.
To suggest that using the keyword "haunted" automatically means a seller is a fraud is a ridiculous and completely unfounded generalization. Many buyers actively search for the keyword "Haunted," and it is consistantly in the top 10 most searched words in the metaphysical category according to the Ebay Pulse.
The UAMD is well respected in our category, and all a potential customer has to do is view our nearly 100% positive feedback across the board. You are suggesting that ALL our customers, hundreds and hundreds of people who are pleased with their buys and who return again and again, and who consistently report positive results using ebay's Feedback system are wrong, and that is just absurd.
To anyone reading these comments, I encourage you to search under keyword UAMD on ebay, and view the feedback of the sellers. That is the TRUE testament to how legitimate our items are, for they are posted by REAL buyers and not just a few people who are likely OTHER SELLERS and trying to defame our organization. Additionally, you can view our website at , and judge for yourself the validity of the information we provide to everyone free of charge.
It is easy to start unfounded rumors and post vague and slanderous comments on an anonymous public board. We the UAMD stand behind our offerings and have our feedback open and our webpage available for everyone to see exactly who we are.
Thank you for your attention, and blessed be.

Belmont, MI

#17 Nov 17, 2007
I got ripped off buying an Abercrombie hoodie...I paid and never got my item. Paypal was not much more of a help either. This did not stop me from buying on ebay, but I just pay closer attention to feedback and the time a user has been selling.

I do not agree with "Bad Karma" from CA that feedback is not helpful, because in every buying experience I have had on eBay, the ones I was not happy with came from sellers who had a lower feedback score or were new to the system. I do think some abuse the FB system, but all in all it is a bonus for buyers to use.

Okay southern hospitality to the side as I need to vent on these other comments…
this comment is to Mike or Mark or whoever you are next time on posting, I think you are on the wrong forum... You should be on the big fat losers who don't have a life forum.
Anyone who shops or sells on eBay knows that there are Keywords used in the titles to promote auctions and if you read titles only to do your shopping you deserve to get taking! eBay even has a page where you can go and view the top searched words in the category you are selling in. And if you really knew anything about eBay, you would know that shill bidding is highly detectable and if caught you are banned from selling at all! It says so right in the eBay rules.

I agree there may be fake and phonies out there, but targeting an entire eBay category and group as you did is not right. This is more of a vendetta against this UAMD or whatever and this is not the place for it! Take your negative comments back to MA and keep them off of the Chattanooga boards.

You know 20/20 is also doing a report on people who go on public message boards and attack and slander others. It will be a much more exciting show.

Candler, NC

#19 Dec 11, 2007
clifford wrote:
i am trying to locate people who have got ripped off on ebay useing there pay pal system...if i can locate enough signatures i will send a petition to congress to investigate..i beleive thousands of people are paying for items and not receiving the item
This might not be what you are looking for but let me say this:I was winning a bid on a lot of three computers and at the last minute the seller
ends the auction.Ebay lets big sellers do what they want and the buyer has to agree it is a
CONTRACT or get a bad feedback.Bunch of BS!!
You can email me if it helps [email protected]

Derby, UK

#20 Dec 16, 2007
Savanah wrote:
Hey here is a real fake seller i found after reading these posts. Pictures and everything.
Looks like woody got ripped off. At least this guy has proof and isnt just making stuff up because he doesn't believe in ghosts and stuff.
Yes if you take it at face value it is a pretty damning report, however you need to dig a little deeper. This report was acutally compiled by an ebay seller wanting to discredit her competition. The owner of white magick auctions is behind it just as she is behind numerous other whispering campaigns n the internet. This rather twisted individual is also being investigated for fraud including postal fraud. Remember folks - just because you see something nasty on an anonymous noticeboard, does not make it true.

For those of you who wish to engage in SERIOUS discussion about metaphysical items I suggest that you visit the forum at . You will find plenty of experienced and helpful posters there who can share their GENUINE ebay haunted buying experiences.

Malvern, Australia

#21 Dec 19, 2007
I hate these crooks who sell phony haunted items on ebay, and then threaten you if you ask for a refund or leave negative feedback, they always talk about the Three-fold karma law what you reap you shall sow. What these crooks forget is that the same Karma
laws apply to them multiplied a Thousand Fold.
When there time is up they also have to answer to the Piper,

Chicoutimi, Canada

#22 Jan 14, 2008
I bought boots from someone and after wearing them for 30 minutes, the sole came clean off. Just like that. I paid 30$ for them and paypal says that the seller doesn't owe me anything because it was described accurately? Ok, show me the part that says "not new" because they were labeled "new" and show me the part that says "left sole will come off after 30 minutes of wear". Unbelievable.

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