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Jacksonville, FL

#22 Sep 5, 2009
victoria wrote:
<quoted text>
well ive had bad experiences with them as a kid we had to walk by their house there on chamberlain ave , i once got attacked by one of the bikers bitches, they are all trash and can burn in hell for all i care!! i am a woman as a young girl had to put up with their shit question now ?? where was the law at ? or are they a part of them? i can go further with this but lets say ive voiced my opinion and if you have kids especilly girls run as far as you can get, unless you of course want them forced into slavery and prostitution,
i saw more than i care to see , and dont want to know them all or any of them period . if thats your thing live it , but dont put me down for my opinion either i was there only 13 yrs old maybe you should learn wth hands on training thats the best way or is it ?

Jacksonville, FL

#23 Sep 5, 2009
well how can anyone respect them if they attack 13 yr olds and please to you about that , it obvious you never walked in my shoes , if thats your thing live it!! run with the cild molesters and kid attackers , beat kids up just to join their white rash group, or gang , and jealous why would i be jealous of a bunch of chester molesters ? your opinion is your opionon and mine is mine i was there full fledged and have no respect for them or thier trashy women and no for your information i am not speaking of any other group other than "the outlaws" in which i pray to god and thank god everytime the outlaws are "outlawed " when the cops bust their ass haha . hope they rot in jail i havent met the hells angels but i think i would have more respect for them , at least you know they are not bullies , hurt kids for the hell of it . at least i havent lived in their or the nieghborhood to find out , thank god their religious game doesnt play off to some cops , they dont but into it , like i said i dont know them all youre right about that but ive seen enough that i never want too, good luck with your life , you need it right about now . hope this makes you feel better that you have a reply , and that it makes you the woman you are . because a real woman would never join them or socialize with them they really dont have to, so before you go putting other ppls posts down, you do need to learn "respect" talk what you know

Jacksonville, FL

#24 Sep 5, 2009
and please excuse me about the mis types but i think you get the picture at least lets hope so . if not get your biker friend to read it for you , seems you cant live life alone anymore without a body guard i do very well on my own

Chickamauga, GA

#26 Sep 5, 2009
I'm sorry Victoria you were hurt as a child by the Outlaws, I to was hurt as a child for years but not by the Outlaws.. Like I stated before there are bad apples in any group including our government, police officials etc.. they taketh away everyday. My Grandparents house was next door a Outlaw clubhouse on cambellton st. in Ben Hill, GA for 15-20yrs and other than loud parties & Harley's they were private, kept to theirselves and respected my Grandparents and all of us grandchildren. As far as Outlaw women, I sat with a few just 3wks ago and we talked about our kids, family, work and life as we know it. They were far from trash.
Crime and corruption exist all over the world not in just one group.
The McCook Outlaws Motorcycle Club was established 1935 out of Matilda`s Bar in McCook, Illinois, near Chicago. The Outlaws exist today as one of the largest Motorcycle Clubs worldwide with 200 chapters or more. I want them on my side because my government sure isnt.

Madisonville, TN

#27 Sep 6, 2009
redddawg wrote:
<quoted text>They are drug pushers, rapists and killers, how could you say they are good fellows. Please!!
i had the privelage to know a man in the club, threw my dad and met a couple more at his bar in dunlap GREAT BUNCH OF GUYS they have a ride every year to raise food and toys around the holidays to help the less fortunate, and were always nice to me

Jacksonville, FL

#28 Sep 7, 2009
akaSasha wrote:
I'm sorry Victoria you were hurt as a child by the Outlaws, I to was hurt as a child for years but not by the Outlaws.. Like I stated before there are bad apples in any group including our government, police officials etc.. they taketh away everyday. My Grandparents house was next door a Outlaw clubhouse on cambellton st. in Ben Hill, GA for 15-20yrs and other than loud parties & Harley's they were private, kept to theirselves and respected my Grandparents and all of us grandchildren. As far as Outlaw women, I sat with a few just 3wks ago and we talked about our kids, family, work and life as we know it. They were far from trash.
Crime and corruption exist all over the world not in just one group.
The McCook Outlaws Motorcycle Club was established 1935 out of Matilda`s Bar in McCook, Illinois, near Chicago. The Outlaws exist today as one of the largest Motorcycle Clubs worldwide with 200 chapters or more. I want them on my side because my government sure isnt.
well sasha i wish the best of luck to you , i do understand the governement isnt on our side , i cannot get that out of my mind the horror the abuse and the things said and doen to me by " the outlaws" i mean they say they want respect , what did a 13 yr old kid ever do to them , that caused dis respect ?????? i only carried my books home from school by ther house , and campbell street is where all this happened to me, i do understand how dirty and lowdown the gov is , i dont have anyone on my side , so i fight for myself, i also volunteer for federal prisoners that i feel got the shafty deal by the feds, italian ppl are targets and such easy prey to hurt and classify as organied crime and rico, i have them on my side but for the good of all things, i am a good person i will never forget that face that so called outlaw had on his face when he , i wont go any further looks like your mind is made up i have nothing to say about them excpet in my own opinion they are trash i saw the trashy side of them , and i do not apprecitate them at all . i am very sorry you to were hurt, but at least it wasnt you friends the "outlaws" as far as bad apples i can agree with that except it does spoil the whole bunch , if left there long enough, i was defenseless and a helpless child 13 , this should have never happened to me, i hope it doesnt happen to no one elses kids in that area, i have severe anxiety now when i see a motorcycle and i get defensive , i always will, they cant show me respect i will never show them any at all, you be your own judge of how you feel but they are not ones to have on your side when the government comes down, ppl dont understand when they have not been there and i was there i saw what they did and sadly i was the child that they did this too, this should have never happened to me , do i hold them responsible "dam skippy" i am not for the gov either i know they are the scum of scum the worst ppl in the world and most dreadful to deal with, but lets hope they dont hurt the kids sincerly yours, victoria

Jacksonville, FL

#29 Sep 7, 2009
by the way sasha i am not trying to win you over i am just being honest about the whole thing. i cant agree with you more of how the gov is alot of ppl feel that way about them , may you have many bright blessings in your life and you dont cross the wrong out law , for whatever reason they decide to turn on you because when they do if they do, you wont have the gov, either

Jacksonville, FL

#30 Sep 7, 2009
redddawg wrote:
<quoted text>They are drug pushers, rapists and killers, how could you say they are good fellows. Please!!
thank you reddawg god bless you , Ive dealt with the memories and abuse of them for yrs now as a kid , and ive been silent about it until now until i saw this pst they are disgusting pigs anyone to pick on a 13 yr old kid has no morals

Jacksonville, FL

#31 Sep 7, 2009
Whatever wrote:
OMG!! Most of you people watch way to much TV. I know quit a few of them and they are fantastic people to be around! They are not rapists,drug dealers and whatever else has been said about them. You have good and bad in everything so please either grow up or shut up!!
thank you for saying the truth they get their kicks picking on kids that had to pass by their house in chattnooga with their drugs and beer and in gangs too, chasing us i was 13 yrs old what the hell did i do to deserve that abuse from those scumbags , and you are right when confronted they are chickenshits,i dont think the law or the feds lie about these ppl, in fact i do believe everyting on them is true, mainly because i was a victum at a childs age of 13,and i am happy about the fact that their are still some cops feds and gov out there that doesnt buy into the "chrsitain " i am a new kind of bkier thing , we all have eyes and we all see the evil these ppl create wouldnt surprise me one bit if they get busted here again too

United States

#32 Sep 8, 2009
Ok Victoria, I feel horrible that something bad happened to you when you were 13 years old, but to say that because you were picked on as a child by biker chicks, that all Outlaws are bad people is to say that All men who lead a church are child molesters, that every president of the U.S. got a hummer from his secretary and lied about it, and that everyone from the south is inbred. You're making too broad of assumptions. Granted I've had more than my fair share of run-ins with some Outlaws being that I ride with a local 99% club, the guys I've met have actually been great guys. Sure, they have had ties in the past to illegal activities, but I've never seen it, and quite honestly, I don't want to, but what I have seen is members of the Outlaw Nation coming together to have poker runs to see to it that no children go hungry and everyone has a good Christmas, and they've even gone so far as to send a donation to the Roughnecks MC when we had a poker run for a Firefighter who died in the line of duty. Due to conflict of interest, the OMC doesn't hang out in my club house and I don't hang out in theirs, but I'll be the first to admit that I owe some of them a beer for all the good they've done for those who couldn't help themselves. Oatmeal, if you're reading this, I owe you one first.

Van Nuys, CA

#33 Sep 9, 2009
Oatmeal wrote:
next you people will be telling me is sons of anarchy is realistic and dead on
What bars do you hang out at?

Florissant, MO

#34 Sep 20, 2009
Yeah, well a bunch of drunken filthy, scumbag OL high on coke and meth gang raped me when I was a fifteen year old virgin. They tortured me for hours and even stole the two dollars I had in my pocket. Then threatened to kill my entire family. If you think they're a bunch of nice guys then you are either a fool or must like rapist, murderers, thieves and drug dealers. Get real.

Florissant, MO

#35 Sep 20, 2009
And Shaky, just so you know OMG's are not like any other animal. You MUST commit crimes to become a member.

I was nothing more than felonious committment for their probate. Just business, nothing more. They may as well have been raping a rubber doll and laughted the entire time,... that is, as I begged and screamed in pain. Understand that most of them are sociopaths.

What you are referring to as poker runs and charity benefits is about propaganda bullshit. Believe me, to them society is food. Further, it is societie's ignorance and blind tolerance to their criminal ways that enabled them to exist.

Florissant, MO

#36 Sep 21, 2009
When I was in my twenties I worked at a bar that was not a biker bar but 'biker friendly.' Several of the patrons were 1%ers. It would be a laborious task for me to describe the many socially unacceptable behaviors and characteristics that these men displayed... like trophies. Or to explain the many psychological and emotional proclivities that were in essence the 1%er bikers. I served them beer and whiskey nearly daily and for two years and their ability to disrupt and offend was amazing but disturbing to watch. I can tell you it wasn't long before I began to recognize a pattern, that being, that most of the 1%ers seemed awash in afflictions. Afflictions such as alcohol and drug abuse, personality disorders and mental illness to name a few. A number of them were obviously sociopaths and the one's I knew suffered from O.C.D. and N.P.D. In fact many it seemed, could have served as the poster children for N.P.D.. My Grandmother would have said they suffered from Peter Pan Syndrome, as they were bad little boys that never wanted to grow up. Only their Wendy is likely to be covered in tattoos and performing naked on a pole to support their insatiable drug habit.

Florissant, MO

#37 Sep 21, 2009
Still, make no mistake about it, though afflicted, these men were by no means incapable; for they were also tenacious, resourceful as well as prolific manipulators, intimidators and con artists. They were masters at their craft of criminology. In other words, criminals to the bone. They had simply, and probably gleefully, found an organization which helped them to be better criminals and to aid their craft by way of the so called, solidarity of the brotherhood. Remember there is safety in numbers. Furthermore, what's even better is if you have a bunch of new-bees or women whom are willing to take the fall for you or for the collective criminal activities of your organization. Oddly enough, many of those they use and exploit on a daily basis can't seem to recognize that they are being used at all. In the case of the women, many are white slaves whom after years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse find it difficult to self identify as victims. I can tell you from experience though, that the fear factor plays huge into this phenomena and is no less prevalent amongst the men, than it is amongst the women. The simple fact is, fear may be the only non bias notion, or in this case constraint, shared equally by both sexes in the gangs.
As far as their many afflictions, it may be that such afflictions actually aid in their success. The OMG subculture is brimming with rebellious outcasts and their violent and felonious ways have helped the top five OMGs to become some of the world's most extensive, well connected, profit producing criminal enterprises in operation today, all be them enterprises as unstable as nitroglycerin.
And keep in mind that the most successful criminals are those who throw caution to the wind and take the greatest risks. Such individuals will invariably possess the most minuet amount of self control.
Robert D. Hare points out that it's important to understand that about 25% of our prison population is made up of psychopaths that should never be released back into society. It is not surprising that for those criminals the recidivism rate is enormous as their brains are simply hardwired for existing on the edge. For them, prison is a revolving door.
Dr. Stephanie Wagner, a clinical psychologist at Folsom State Prison, expressed that psychopaths never loose interest in their criminal lifestyle. They love to con and are pathological liars. They also love to prey on the weak. She calls the HAMC a psychopathic organization without a conscience.
"Then end game," she says, "...is to perpetuate itself by any means."
Also in the book Angels of Death she states, "I don't believe I have ever recommended that a Hells Angel be released. I consider them psychopaths." Believe me, my experiences with them tell me that the OL are no less psycopathic.
I can attest to the fact that membership in 1%er gangs is dependent on the distance the probate or prospect is willing to go on behalf of the gang. They must be willing to defend the gang itself as well as the gangs territory and property. They must also be willing to preserve the patch in all it's so called integrity... and at all costs. Furthermore, studies support the fact that any criminal on any given day is twice as likely to be a violent offender if he or she is attached to a gang. In other words, gang crime will often equate to a bloodletting.

Florissant, MO

#38 Sep 21, 2009
I have included here some definitions that you might find interesting:

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the diagnostic classification system used in the United States, as "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy."[1]

The narcissist is described as turning inward for gratification rather than depending on others and as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, and prestige.[2]

Antisocial personality disorder is a psychiatric condition in which a person manipulates, exploits, or violates the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

Alternative Names-

Psychopathic personality; Sociopathic personality; Personality disorder - antisocial

Causes, incidence, and risk factors-

Personality disorders are long-term (chronic) patterns of behaviors and relationships that interfere with a person's life over many years.

The cause of antisocial personality disorder is unknown. Genetic factors and child abuse are believed to contribute to the development of this condition. People with an antisocial or alcoholic parent are at increased risk. Far more men than women are affected. The condition is common in prison populations.

Fire-setting and cruelty to animals during childhood are linked to the development of antisocial personality.


A person with antisocial personality disorder:

Breaks the law repeatedly
Lies, steals, and fights often
Disregards the safety of self and others
Does not show any guilt

Signs and tests-

To receive a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, a person must have shown behaviors of conduct disorder during childhood.

People with antisocial personality disorder may have the following signs:

Anger and arrogance
Capable of acting witty and charming
Good at flattery and manipulating other people's emotions
Substance abuse and legal problems


Antisocial personality disorder is one of the most difficult personality disorders to treat. People with this condition rarely seek treatment on their own. They may only start therapy when required to by a court.

What is a psychopath?

In Gavin De Becker’s book The Gift of Fear he stated that the ability to act in spite of conscience or empathy is one characteristic associated with psychopaths.

In Robert D. Hare’s book Without Conscience he went a step further and identified several other features of a psychopath’s personality. They are as follows:

Glib and superficial
Egocentric and grandiose
Lacking remorse or guilt
Deceitful and manipulative
In need of excitement
Lacking responsibility

Florissant, MO

#39 Sep 21, 2009
To say that the OL are “nice guys’ is a short sighted statement. No one is all good or all bad; personalities are complex, the psyche multi faceted. Many good people have done bad things. Many bad people do good things. But is there such a thing as pure evil? I think yes… I can tell you that I have see it in up close and clearly some of that evil exists in the OL.

The statement,“Yeah, they might have been part of illegal activity in the past, but I have never seen them do so….” is an apathetic and dismissive statement at best. And worse, is an insult to the spirit of those they have brutalized. Further, for those of you, who are going to come out in defense of men whom openly claim membership in a criminal organization, at least educate yourself about their social norms.

The OL system is an archaic one, in that it resembles early English Law, where women were considered property and therefore retain no rights as individuals. The OL code of conduct sanctions a male member’s right to do whatever he chooses with his woman, his property. Even if what he ‘chooses’ involves violence, torture or rape, of course, for those of you who don’t know, rape is torture and is designed to be a humiliating show of force. It is intended to demean, to warp the psyche and to break a woman’s will. The OL have used it as such many times in the past and still do. To them it is considered a weapon, a tool for training, a discipline and even twisted entertainment.

That said, I can tell you they represent organized crime. They are a predatory organization whose members are dangerous individuals which victimize at will. And when we as a society, watch apatheically and with morbid curiosity, their victims suffer. When we listen to their stories with fascination…then say nothing…. and do nothing to contain those whom would victimize, we become a party to the crime as well. If only symbolically. And that is no less morally reprehensible. So debate it here if you will. But make sure you know the facts as I do…..intimately.

Florissant, MO

#40 Sep 22, 2009
To those of you who take offense at my words and the honesty they represent..so be it. I feel as Phylis Chesler who wrote....

A women is brave when she knows what can be done to her but despite such knowledge resists, helps other women anyway. A woman is brave when she resists the "good little girl" within; the voice that tells her to mind her own business, tend her own garden, don't do anything that will get you in trouble, you'll get caught, you'll be sorry, you'll be punished, no one will like you...

Women are safe if I am brave; I'm only as safe as other women are brave.

Otherwise, it's open season on us all.

Email me if someone replies to my comment

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Charlotte, NC

#41 Sep 23, 2009
I see them as no different than Crips or Bloods.
Thug gangsters that apparently need to use superior numbers to impose their will.

Florissant, MO

#42 Sep 23, 2009
Thug gangsters may be too generous a characterization in reference to most of them. From my personal experiences, I can say it's more like violent, heartless monsters on wheels.

But yes, most violent gang members share in their need to surround themselves with 'like mindedness'. If everyone around you shares in your deviate views, you can salve away any pangs of guilt you might feel for your unfettered abuses.

Nice to know there are still those out there with a voice of reason. Thank you for that.

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