Sean Dickerson's Manifesto (revised -...

Sean Dickerson's Manifesto (revised -- with more corrected mistakes)

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Nashville, TN

#1 Feb 4, 2013
I am a product of my environment. I am not to blame, ultimately. I have become a product of what has influenced me. People sometimes have to be subjected to whatever methods or ways work the best for me to use on them. It is the same means that were used for ME to learn what I had to, as well, for MY “own good”, or “progress”. So when nothing else ever seems to register to them as effectively, this is what is equally necessary, as far as I am concerned.
Nobody is always going to like it or enjoy being on the receiving end of what is not pleasant when confronted, any more than I would have enjoyed it in the past. Whenever they got “in my face” about something, I had to just endure it. That’s life, the ways things go. I didn’t always enjoy being “yelled at” or “screamed at”, either, but it had to be done, I suppose, as part of what was considered to be “reality therapy”. So now it’s time for the tables to turn. If I lived through it, so can others. Nobody is exempt from correction. We all need it, even if it is severe. It’s part of a “growing process”. So what goes around comes around. Life is a circle. And so like I said, sometimes it takes just that much to register the point to certain people.
We are ALL called to suffer, one way or another. Jesus suffered, so He expects us to do the same for Him, if we want to be counted worthy and to grow from the human experience. His disciples were no better than He is. They had to count the cost. No servant is greater than his master. We cannot always expect to be rescued out of the “hot seat” every time, either, just because some of us have become so accustomed to escaping accountability for our actions, and perhaps even NEGLECT of action. Fair is fair. Okay? Nobody else is any more exempt from my previous sufferings than I was. That is, THEY are NOT exempt, or ought NOT to be exempt from the same suffering that occurred with me. They must pay the consequences, even at the expense of others in society. They can’t always be spared from dealing with or facing being forced into dealing with reality, just because they can’t handle that reality. Okay?
Part 2

Nashville, TN

#2 Feb 4, 2013
Just because something is not convenient or comfortable enough for them, doesn’t mean they can always escape what isn’t pleasant, nor SHOULD they be able to. It doesn’t (and SHOULDN’T) work that way. We cannot always use someone for a scapegoat, no matter how seemingly vulnerable, lenient, or tolerant that person may exhibit themselves in being, or have always appeared to others as being in that case. It still doesn’t grant them the moral license to control those who, unfortunately, give others the mistaken idea, presumably, as being weak, inferior, or susceptible to manipulation. And when certain people seek advantage of those who do not exhibit enough courage to stand up to it or resist it, then it is time for some of us to rebel, or turn the advantage around for the subjected victim’s favor, after too long of being slighted, condescended to, or treated as insignificant. It is high time that people stop getting away with all they have been able to. It is also time for consciences to be pricked. Those who have taken me for granted must recompense my losses. It’s time to restore justice according to my approval or satisfaction. It’s time to affect their hearts and minds. In other words, it’s time for them to pay the piper. It’s time for THEM to be humble now. It’s THEIR turn now to pay. THEY have had much too long a “vacation” in their denial, as far as I am concerned, and paybacks are long past due. They have enjoyed way too long of a satisfaction in taking the negative focus off of themselves, keeping it on others (or me), hoping to avoid dealing with their consciences. So it’s high time to even the score of offence, while they have been staying in their ivory towers. There is no more time to waste. They have got to pay. They’ve had a false sense of security for much too long in their comfort zones. They are way too protected, and it just doesn’t seem right. They need invasion, even if they don’t want this. They can’t always get what they want. If I can’t, then they should not, either. The role must be reversed, for the sake of equality. I must be recompensed. The contributions toward my failures must backfire on those who are responsible for these perpetrations. They clandestinely manipulated me into having these failures occur for me in my life.
My circumstances were produced even if indirectly, or diabolically, by such attitudes or competitive egos from those who secretly, shrewdly, and craftily cherish their superiority complexes. They MUST share the fault of another individual’s shortcomings in life, because in one way or another, it affects ALL of those, collectively, who consented to others, higher up the chain of command, having more power, in the shadows, behind closed doors, accomplishing their evil deeds, schemes, and wicked agenda. They deserve the consequences owed to them. They deserve my counter-agenda.
Part 3

Nashville, TN

#3 Feb 4, 2013
There was a time not all too long ago that I was told by someone in my family that that they didn't have to prove anything to me. This was in response to when I challenged them to prove that they are not, in terms of their legal responsibility as a conservator, using it to control financial aspects of my life, as well as other possible attributes. So they basically told me, in essence, that they didn't have to prove that this is not the case, as I have just stated here.

So then, my response to that, quite simply, would be this:

LIKEWISE -- BY THE SAME TOKEN -- NEITHER DO I HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING ABOUT MY ABILITY TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, or to PROVE MY "MENTAL CAPACITY", or as some call it -- "mental competence" -- in a manner that would be completely satisfactory to those who are never going to be fully convinced, anyway, no matter what I prove to them, or DON'T prove to them. At least, that's been my observation. This is because they know that ultimately, the name of the game for those in power is CONTROL.(Incidentally, I was also told, in effect, that I need so-called "therapy", in order to control my own finances.)

The most important thing for you, the reader of this, is to realize and to bear in mind that I was randomly selected many years ago for one of their many subjects of human experimentation, or social engineering procedures. So of course, those who fear the system are not going to really try and fight it. Perhaps they figure there is something really in it for them. Besides, they would much rather cling to their preconceptions and ideas as long as those ideas are convenient enough for them to have. They are only willing to reward me with further privileges, using their bribes, as long as I become willing to play the game with them, accepting whatever propaganda or junk science they hope to keep me indoctrinated enough with. Thus it is a result of classic human conditioning. In other words, they expect me to be a conformist, adjusting to their standards or way of doing things. That I should just essentially accept the propaganda (or "psychobabble") concerning a supposed "condition" I was pronounced with, expecting me to live up to that role, though it was involuntarily assigned to me.

Well, I don't live up to it, and I never will. And I am no longer going to be cooperative in being a prisoner to what happened to me in my past. So they are wasting their time trying to project their ideas onto me, no matter what effort they make. It doesn't work on me anymore. If they expect me to change my operations or ways of doing things, or going against my preferences, or to compromise, then all I can say for them is simply this: Don't get their hopes up. They can't make me continue to play their game anymore. I refuse to do so. I made this decision some time ago, and haven't regretted it ever since. If that makes me "stubborn" in some people's opinion, then I really don't care. It's my prerogative. I live my life the way I want to.
I don't trust their ideas in how I should do this, either, and with good enough cause. I will no longer take the bait from them, being a slave to their mind control tactics.

These folks are trying to pull me back into more of the beast's system, than I am willing to go back into. They try brainwashing as many people as are willing or voluntary enough in letting these weasels do so. But I already got off this train as early as possible, and I don't plan to get back on.
Part 4

Nashville, TN

#4 Feb 4, 2013
It's all about whatever the mind-control manipulators can do to gain the approval of others through their psycho-babbling gainsaying pattern of thought. And they use whatever means necessary, even though extortion with the attempt to coerce. For more information about this kind of manipulative practice, you can go to:

Now, I realize there is a great deal of caution or careful prevention to make certain, as much as possible, that I have no influence or any impact on other people or their lives. I know that there is a desire or motive to hinder any opportunity from ever happening in my life for myself, or for my chance of being effective to others, giving them the impression of which I try to have on them outside what is set up for me or established for me instead. I realize that there is a great deal of determination to maintain a certain record or a reputation, or somehow, the role that certain individuals --(or powers, having control to some aspects to my life)-- expect me to continually live up to, having it being assigned to me. Whether or not I really have a chance of ever developing something otherwise, or that I ever had a choice in developing any other kind of role being assigned to me. I know that I had no direct involvement for what was to be predestined, or predetermined, in becoming of me, nor was I permitted a great amount of any opportunity, other than what is pre-arranged, for contributing to society, but not an opportunity that would have earned me recognition in a positive, honorable, or noteworthy manner. That is the real case. Now I know there is obviously a major effort being made to engineer the fate or turnout for some people vs. others in the grand illusion or matrix-like reality (or template reality laid over the REAL one). I know that many people are herded into this matrix like cattle or sheep. Even though, of course, seemingly satisfied, and to the best of their understanding in how free they think they truly are. And of course, there are those who have the power, belonging to the elite, and they consider what all they are doing to be fair game. They use many devices, and have been doing so for quite some time now. Of course, this is in order to manipulate nearly everything and everyone out there, even some of you in cyberspace, who might be reading this. I know that, even if you don't realize it, you have been used, and victimized by the elite, working towards the elite's advantage, and not your own, when it comes to taking many of the actions that most of you people out there have blindly made the mistakes of taking. I know that the elite want as much of the advantages they do, yes, as much of them as possible. And they want to make well certain that the order of their agenda is accomplished in such a way, being precise enough in its dexterity. They want just the right amount of sophistication, so that in due time and over the course of time, this slow evolution and development will turn into the distractions and diversions they need, by design, for the masses to never quite figure out all that well what all exactly is going on.
Part 5

Nashville, TN

#5 Feb 4, 2013
With enough sophistication, professional prestige, and charismatic indoctrination, then over the course of time, the propaganda seems to become more regulated, or it becomes more common, and seeming to be more widely accepted and circulated far and wide enough, that it seems real enough to the many masses of brainwashed society, does it not?
This is nothing new in history. For those of you who are familiar with the tactics that were common used in Nazi Germany, you would probably recall that just as during THAT time, when Goebbels would use propaganda, this was admitted even by him, that if you "tell a lie long and hard enough, it becomes the truth (or seems to)". Well, so it is even now, when nearly everyone is hopping on the bandwagon chanting the famous mantras of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual and "American" (Communist) Psychiatric Association, accepting sophisticated lies about themselves, or others they are close to, love, and "care about"(want to control and have under their thumb, more like it), as the spectrum of so-called "mental illness" broadens its diagnostic categories, creating more and more stigma, and destroying reputations. They also try and rewrite history about notable or famous people supposedly having these labels attached to them. I am very familiar with the propaganda. They say that a whole SLEW of people supposedly had these ambiguous "disorders", ranging from Abraham Lincoln to Albert Einstein. The Dr. Spock generation has tried to attach a diagnosis to anything they believe requires it. They have tried to take anyone they perceive as unacceptable or unique, or socially different from themselves, hanging a label on it for "good measure". It's a classic example of human conditioning, much like what was used in the Soviet Union. They discredited anyone who opposed them THEN, the SAME WAY THEY DO NOW, saying that they are are "non-compliant" or "argumentative" (more like, I am a free-thinking individual, who is an unapologetic NON-CONFORMIST -- with NO REGRETS -- and DOESN'T ALIGN MYSELF like a PROGRAMMED ROBOT WITH THEIR PROTOCOL!). Any excuse they can use to put somebody on mind-altering chemical components or what may as well be poisons. They are hoping to convince as many as those that they can as being weak and vulnerable enough to the hype or junk-science.
ARTICLE I - Section I

Nashville, TN

#6 Feb 4, 2013
When granted the opportunity of getting a driver's license, I was purposely given an unusual dosage of psychiatric drugs to hinder necessary functions that were needed to pass the road test. This was manipulated to make it SEEM that it was MY simple lack of skill in learning, or that I “brought it on myself”. Mysteriously enough, however, when the SAME OPPORTUNITY arrived once again ten years later they somehow upped my dose – YET AGAIN – and this was how this happened, to the best of my recollection.
Because it is now, yet again, nearly ten years later, the option of me learning how to drive is now a lot more difficult due to my financial setbacks, compared to previous times. Therefore, I consider the following exercise of penalty as fitting toward anyone who was guiltily involved or consented to my demise, as they shall now be punished. So this is how I propose handling that adversity, in the following manner:

GOAL #1 = That they cannot afford to travel as much or as far, due to the increase of their taxes, or expenses on gas, insurance, and the fact that they will have to have increasing difficulty from strange traffic laws, penalizing them with lack of privileges that they enjoy in their vehicles.
ARTICLE I - Section II

Nashville, TN

#7 Feb 4, 2013

(a) my educational levels were undermined, or that I was marginalized and not given an adequate amount of challenge, leading to a failure to make it as college material, and resulting in a lack of security for my future aspirations or ambitions, not being qualified -- and that beside all this...

(b) I was not given accessibility to go job-searching in my teen years, independently, and without a state program assisting (or BABYSITTING) me in getting RESTRICTED jobs that were prearranged by contractual agreements (or obligations of the employer), in that I was basically escorted somewhere is really what happened, practically holding my hand, while they found a job FOR me, every time...

Because all this was foisted upon me to damage my work record and my reputation of higher education combined with employment -- the following shall ALSO be the resulting penalty, executing my justice on them:

GOAL #2 = That I continue to receive Supplemental Security Income, EBT, etc. while gleefully watching the job market for them decrease and government assistance INCREASE for people like me, and to watch with THRILLED SATISFACTION, gloating, as the economy is flushed down the toilet, having their taxes wasted.
ARTICLE II - Section I

Nashville, TN

#8 Feb 4, 2013
Also, since I cannot own my own home, I will gladly watch in a gloating manner as others have THEIRS taken away from THEM! YES! SERVES THEM RIGHT!!!

Why? Because I slipped through the cracks. And NOW it is THEIR turn!

It is time for people to admit their guilt sooner or later, not being blinded by pride. Okay?

Furthermore, others OUGHT to be punished ANYWAY for the failures that were brought onto me involuntarily. We should ALL be ashamed, as a society, who has turned a blind eye to the way the downtrodden have become "thrown under the bus", denied of dignity and exploited.

Others shall bear the long overdue stain of silent guilt. Let this be so, Lord God -- AS A CURSE UPON THEM. Let this judgment and wrath plague them until their very dying day. And on the day of their funerals, as they are lowered into their graves -- let the spectators, such as myself, smile with RELIEF as the curse has by then finally been broken for us.

The demise and induced level of "incompetence" THEY CAUSED ME shall come back to haunt those who are the guilty perpetrators. It shall backfire right back into their faces. Why?

Because I was deprived and cheated of my own destiny, denied of my birthright. Therefore, natural consequences shall ensue, ought to ensue, and are already in the process of ensuing.

The worm I was involuntarily produced into becoming is simply a reflection of their shame.

That is my observation of things now.

They are to be punished in their superior attitudes. Over the course of time, the bottom must drop out for those who've taken me for granted, have continued in their complacency, and have let my situation become convenient for them at my expense. Their apathetic attitudes they have exhibited towards those like me that they think of as being on the level of an ant, somehow, that they think they can just so easily step on at their own convenience, acknowledging me ONLY ON THEIR OWN TERMS -- Are the very cause for these consequences. The tables are turning, and ALAS! It shall all be over soon!


Nashville, TN

#9 Feb 4, 2013
Others who were spectators of my life situation shall ALSO be subjected to what all I was subjected to. It is compensation that is due for my injustice. It's only fair that this should occur that they suffer the like. This is so they can completely identify with being on the receiving end of injustice. They take too much for granted as it is. This ought not to be so. They must cease in their delusion of being superior or that they are exempt from anything I have experienced against my will. They should live out the EXACT life scenarios that I was forced to endure. THEN shall it be equal and balanced. Only when it becomes equal and balanced will there be a chance or utopian harmony. And there, only THEN, will there be sacred understanding with divine bliss, when ultimate reconciliation is complete, and will there be peace - in - the - val - ley (singing)... on - ly - if - they - have - the - same - ex - per - i - ence.

Then - will - ALL - the - peo - ple REJOICE!


When they learn to suffer in such a beautiful way from what they were content with happening to me.

Yes. Besides, it is only right that they should.

Suffer gladly. Rejoice in their sufferings. What sweet, beautiful suffering.

After all, no servant is greater than their master. Oh, if only they understood that if Jesus suffered, so should the others. My situation has become an advantage to others, so now they must go without. Yes. It's only fair. The same way I was forced to go without, this is what should be done to them. And if I was coerced, so shall others be coerced. They must learn the same lessons I did, even if they don't want this, or that it shouldn't be applied to them. But if it applied to me, it should now apply to THEM. Okay?

We're ALL IN ON THIS TOGETHER, COLLECTIVELY. What happens to me must happen to them, then time and fate will be fulfilled, and THEN will there be TRUE EQUALITY and a utopia. And if I don't drive a vehicle, no-one else should. And if I don't have a job, neither should others. They are no better than I am.
Stop playing typo games

Nashville, TN

#10 Feb 4, 2013
(Once again, the text weasels have tried to make another mockery of my syntax capabilities. And once again, I've fixed the respective typos and other errors. Okay? You computer hackers better stop trying to make a fool of me.
Stop trying to use diabolical ways to humiliate me with syntax mockery, thinking you are so clever with sneaking in the intentional typos. However, it's no problem. I fixed it.
NOW GIVE IT UP! NO MORE PRANKS! QUIT WITH THE STUNTS! It's over now. I said what I said, even if you have a problem with it, you silly pranksters! Quit with the syntax games!)
Here we go again

Chattanooga, TN

#11 Feb 17, 2013

"And they use whatever means necessary, even -- THOUGH (?)-- extortion with the attempt to coerce."


"And they use whatever means necessary, even -- THROUGH -- extortion with the attempt to coerce."

Chattanooga, TN

#12 Feb 17, 2013
Mr. Gates!


For the LAST TIME --

ENOUGH with the deliberate, selective overlooking of mistakes from the Microsoft Word software, during spell check!

"For those of you who are familiar with the tactics that were -- common (?)-- used in Nazi Germany..."


"For those of you who are familiar with the tactics that were -- common-LY -- used in Nazi Germany..."

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