Corruption in our Government
no mercy

Beckley, WV

#387 Sep 20, 2013
Additionally would you like to know why I have no mercy? Because I trusted
the police to do their jobs, I trusted 911 to play the role of support not
instigative, I trusted the Department of Defense and Human Services to
fulfill the role for which they were established because I believed in
the law and our legal system and justice. I trusted and believed and
waited and now here we are seventeen years or more later and it is a joke
but not due to the way it is established but due to the people filling the
roles. The fact that I have to get an attorney to seek justice and that
all these organizations and programs put into place to help are served
by those who harm is just unbelievable. The concept that people sit and
scratch their heads wondering why this and that is also unbelievable with
the roles that these key players play as the problem while also being
the problem solvers? Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. So now I am on
my knees praying for capital punishment when the judge finally hears my
case and deems a sentence and wondering how many hearings I have in my
future as I seek justice in a system that is corrupt due to the people
within it. Ironically I am actually praying for deserved justice. Now
how sad is that?

Beckley, WV

#388 Sep 20, 2013
MADISON, W.Va.-- In a split vote Tuesday, the Boone County Commission
dropped a lawsuit intended to reduce prescription drug abuse by targeting
alleged "pill mill" pharmacies in Southern West Virginia.

Two weeks ago, commissioners voted unanimously to file the lawsuit
against six pharmacies.

But commissioners said Tuesday they changed their minds after speaking
with state Sen. Ron Stollings, D-Boone, about Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's
2012 substance abuse bill, which tightened restrictions on prescription

Boone County Commissioner Al Halstead, who voted against dropping the
lawsuit, said something must be done to combat prescription drug abuse
in the county. Boone County has the third highest death rate for drug
abuse overdoses in West Virginia during the past decade.

Halstead said the lawsuit offered a new and innovative way to tackle
the county's problem with prescription painkillers.

"I felt it was the proper thing to do," he said after Tuesday's vote.
"We need help. Our people need help."

Yay!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Sometimes you have to fight back in manners
that others find bizarre but are attention getters.

Beckley, WV

#389 Sep 20, 2013
Another county is following behind this one in the very same manner. YAY
cannot help but comment

Beckley, WV

#390 Sep 20, 2013
One person has their name as 'bad cop no doughnut' which is soooo funny. When I worked at 911 I went around looking for a bumper sticker saying 'dare to keep cops off doughnuts' because of how badly my ex and his buds were picking on me. It is funny but it is also disrespectful to the good ones and there are good ones. Plus Dare is a good program.

Beckley, WV

#391 Sep 21, 2013
Well as I sat and meditated this morning in prayer I came to the realization
that my parents' conditioning upon my psychology cannot be overcome by the
aversive conditioning of being victimized. I will forever be me and there
is no overt act that will occur that will change who I am deep down inside.
I beleive that to be God's touch upon my shoulder when times are tough. I
reacted at times to the aversive conditioning but always managed to muddle
through rational reasoning that I was wrong and be led back to who 'I' am
deep down inside. Oh yes there was a time that I felt all redheaded men
were criminally insane due to the number of crazy insane behaviors redheaded
men were doing but that is an instantaneous reaction made from the cognitive
miser within us all. In other words, I had so many crazy harmful acts
committed quickly within a small time frame that my gut and mind did their
jobs leading me to feel safe by reacting to all redheaded men with aversion
and the 'fight or flight' mentality. Yes the majority of the people harming
us are redheaded. Fact. Another fact is that my daughter down in Scarbro
and I get sick at the same time ALOT even when we do not see each other. FACT.
We also have the same symptoms. FACT even though we do not see each other.
Do I get tired of running? Not really, it is always the best measure for all
concerned. I trust God but God also gives us the tools to fight back, he does
not fight for us except in the manner of working upon another's psychology
or conscience while leaving that person the freedom to choose or liberty.
I remember a point in my journey with God a few years ago where I felt that
I would never be good enough. I was reading a true story about these Christians
who went into the Rain Forest to witness to tribes. The tribes ended up
cutting one of these people into tiny pieces and throwing his body into a
river. Later one of these tribe members would play the role of surrogate
grandfather to the family members of that father torn to bits and thrown
into the river. That tribe member had participated in the murder of that
father but these Christians loved so much that they could forgive that
tribe member realizing that he did not know better than that behavior due
his conditioning or upbringing as a member of that tribe. I could never love
like that was the disturbing reality no matter how hard I tried.
I will always fall short of that type of true Christian agape or love and
I will never feel mercy for anyone who participated in this mess. That
is my reality and I am okay with it now whereas before it made me feel
a deep abiding discomfort that I was not good enough. These tribal members
live in a forest and do not have our classical learning, never heard of the
Golden Rule, and are what we describe as heathens although that is just
their manner of surviving within the brutal conditions of the Rain Forest.
In conclusion, I learned to accept myself for all my shortcomings in this
relationship with God that I have and realize that God still loves me and
accepts me for who I am because although I fall short in regards to
measurement against those Christians within that scenario, in my reality
I soar over my enemies no matter how much they run to church, preach, or
try to convince themselves otherwise. Therefore I am good enough as I am
in our reality. I do not have to argue with God that these same key players
are never going to change so why bother with them anymore. I believe that
God and I are in agreement that these folks do not care about their eternal
souls, are never going to change, and feel not one iota of regret for their
heinous behavior for which they know better because our society is not
Freedom of Speech

Beckley, WV

#392 Sep 25, 2013
I find it rather fascinating and I do mean realy really fascinating with
me being who I am inside to find myself in the midst of a huge
ugly political backstabbing sceanario wrought with treachery, deceit, lies
manipulation and so many important and I do mean important people vetting
against me. It is sort of ironic. Of course, me being me will find the
humor in it because that is my coping mechanism. Everyone that truly
knows me knows that I am a good neighbor. Everyone that truly knows me
knows that I am peaceful, calm and very patient and very dullwitted there
fore very slow to anger or a reaction even. Everyone that knows me knows
that I am not a slut, a druggie, a 'nympho' or even remotely interested
in sex, drugs, or alcohol. Everyone that knows me realizes that I love
everyone until they give me a reason to not love them.
I have been given many reasons not to love and this is only because of
who I was once married to ironically.
I also find it fascinating the manner that my words get twisted and taken
out of proportion sometimes through human error where I was upset and
misspoke and sometimes intentionally trying to incite a reaction. I am
sorry that I am so dullwitted and slow to give the reaction you seek.
I further find it fascinating the type who takes what I write and tries
to make it personal. I never said that my daughter used heroin. No
that was her the father of her child and others around her. The drug
paraphenalia I was going off about happened when she was not even around.
It was on the side of the road at my mom's house, blowing into their
driveway and around the pool. These items continued down the holler too.
Then in Bluefield, there they were again. Then at Walmart while shopping
sitting right next to my car in the parking lot. A needle and a silver
spoon and I reacted. I reacted because it was too much especially with
all that was intentionally being done to me at my home and when I moved
that home too and the next and now here. I had to stop and ask people
that lived in places that I knew the police frequented if they were
seeing the same thing as I was and surprisingly they were not. This
made me really pause and reflect. This made me walk backwards over all
the horrible stuff that happened in the last five years and look every-
thing with a new and fresh perspective especially when I had really bad
things happen to me and my daughter in our home and our yard when we
did not know these people one bit yet the rumors going around was that
I was the bad neighbor. snorts derivisely. This made me go even
further back to 2003 and then I stumbled across the answers and I knew
without a doubt what was going on. That is why through my constitutional
right to freedom of speech to describe what happened to me and my family,
what we thought, felt, had said to us and by whom, and how we were
harmed and by whom is a right I take very seriously. Obviously these
key players are proud of their choices and do not have a problem with
my freedom of speech either. I do not choose to live in fear any longer.
People have a right to know as well since it is their tax dollars.
Imagine having the air let out of your tires all the time for years and
I do mean since I worked at 911, this has been an off and on constant.
Brakes falling off a lot and I do mean a lot. The druggie fumes and then
in Bluefield, gasoline fumes and goo remover fumes etc....
Yet you find ways to continue, not well but you do find ways to continue
even when the police will not do their jobs and make it stop. Even
when children and babies are present.
Do not get it

Beckley, WV

#393 Sep 25, 2013
Yes this got really bad after I quit Southern Regional Jail and went
to 911. I would come out late at night to find my car door wide open
on PRINCE STREET in the middle of a thunder storm. Things like that
became very common. They followed me home. They called me on my phone
and it was not strange to get at least upwards of 60 or more prank calls
in one night. There were death threats made to my children and my
nephew. My dog was stabbed and another one kicked so hard it twisted
his hip all the way around to the point he had to take steroids and I had
to gently twist his hip back around. He developed PTSD and I had to
sit with him and read him books when I got home at night. I had to
sleep with another daughter for years. She was afraid.

I just do not get it one bit. Honor? Protect? Serve?

Ethics? Honesty? Integrity?

I met really nice sweet kind police officers who helped me. I once
refused to put my plates on my car and I was telling this officer why
and how I was afraid and just wanted a bit of peace. He did not
impound my car nor arrest me but he could have.

My daughter told me about lying in bed when a bunch of officer came
in looking for someone while she was lighting up a bowl. She recently
shared this one with me.

I had officers give me breaks. Give me warnings when I was wrong but I
also had numerous tickets I paid for that I was not wrong. I used
to fight them until I was forced to pay them. Who would do that to a
single mom with four kids? Who would let the air out of the tires on
a car so that the tires go bald and bust? What if I died? What if one
of the babies died? What if I swerved and hit someone and they died?
What if when I worked at 911 and a legitimate stop was made behind
all those parked cars you had me run and that one legitimate stop was
a dangerous shooter on the lamb? Do you know how grateful I was for
that false accusation? It was an excuse to quit and finally not have
that type of responsibility on my shoulders. Someone could have died
and no one cared but me it seemed.

The reason for the sluething with Fitzwater was because I knew he was
just another minion but I had to know for sure.

I just do not get it at all. Why I am not allowed
to keep a job? Why can't I have something for me?
Why can't I just have my life? Why we have to constantly mess with me over and over and over? What is the attraction? It is not me that is for sure. Why again after all these years?
Great I am of many names

Beckley, WV

#394 Sep 25, 2013
Further I still think that I am close to figuring this all out between
God and I.

These people are driven = obsessed and that has to be HELL. When I say
I am not alone with God, well some of those freezing fricking nights,
these folks were there. I used to joke they were more reliable than
the United States Postal Service because they delivered, come rain, hail,
sleet, or shine.

Yet we continue to find beauty, love, a reason to laugh and continue
even after all these years and that has to equal good = HEAVEN!

I have faith that God can fit a camel through the eye of a needle and
I have faith that God has a reason even if it is just a personal
epithany! You can never take away my God.
I choose how I worship

Beckley, WV

#395 Sep 25, 2013
I choose who I date.

It is pure pride that makes me say this and I will probably live to
regret it but I have to say it. I just have to say it. There was an
officer who might have lost his job because he actually did his job
when he worked in Fayetteville. I think that is what this was partly
about but being mindgames, it is hard to say. He was African American
and I did not know him at all really. I did not know him but I wanted
to Jerry Fitzwater. I do not know if you had me mistaken with my ex
landlord or if it was the hit I took at KMart because although I still
do not know the truth about what happened there, I have heard numerous
ugly horrible dispicable rumors and one of those nasty girls reared
her ugly head with a bunch of other crooks at Wendys when this was all
going down but if there was truth to those nasty rumors, you can
guarantee that I had no part in it. BUt......
yes that officer became our hero in our house and if he had chosen to
reciprocate, then I would have been willing and proud or it, not ashamed.
We have built him up in our home and he was a hero.
Tygrett, Pennington, and Brown do not choose who I date nor do you or
anyone else.

Beckley, WV

#396 Sep 25, 2013
See that was not me. That was Larry Vassil's family and his best friend's
girlfriend who just happened to be the stepson of my boss at Wendys. I had
no part in any of that and everyone KNOWS THAT!!!! You people will
never leave me alone or my daughter until we go to court and I force
you to stop the hard way.

Jerry Fitzwater and Evan Maynor came in MY home screaming witch and
prophecizing about the evil that was to come not because they were
psyic but because we were targeted.

The reign of terror of sexual registered offenders and druggies had an endorsement.

Beckley, WV

#397 Sep 25, 2013
and suicide is not the answer...
God forgives
and if you would just help
my daughter then I could forgive too.

do you realize how much good you could have accomplished if you had
focused all the energy put into this mess constructively?

Beckley, WV

#398 Sep 25, 2013
if you only knew what a kindhearted person she is and how many people she helps even though they
do not appreciate her. She is
someone very special

Beckley, WV

#399 Oct 13, 2013
So you see, my enemies – my ex husband John Akers and his CYA buds – were trying to recreate the behaviors within me which came from my toxic thyroid. Firstly, they used mind games and bullying and it did not work. Secondly, they started to experiment with the various drugs that their little cons carried in their pockets. Thirdly, they could not control themselves and reverted back to animalistic feral behavior because it is part of their psychology so they raped and raped and raped and raped some more. Fourthly, they are the true paranoids trying so hard to recreate and tell a completely new and different story from the truth, so they are still trying to pound square pegs through round holes which are never going to fit. Fifthly, they love to stalk and take away privacies; this is actually skills that help them solve crimes however when they utilize this skill set on ‘us’ it is intended to conquer and divide by creating controversy and chaos. This is accomplished by hacking personal computers not involved in crimes but I seen it as an opportunity to do this because all hacking leaves footprints. This is accomplished by crawling beneath trailers and climbing up in attics that have outside stairwells but I seen it as an opportunity for them to leave their trails or paths like the slugs they are. They like to hack cell phones and tap landlines which again is provable. Cell phones are software and the same as on a computer using internet, you use phishing and spyware. All these tactics are illegal unless they can prove they had a valid reason and a warrant because of Due Process. Curiosity and because you are the ex husband or friends with the ex husband are not viable reasons. Sixth and lastly, it is through the methodology utilized in the military where they blacklist a landlord or business because they felt they received a shoddy deal leading all others to follow suit in the name of brotherhood and solidarity that led to the liability of slander, gossip, and other destructive techniques utilized to destroy me and my daughters in a heinous criminal act of vengeance not only denying us our federally protected civil rights but also using hate crimes and violence to destroy us. So now that guy in Scarbro needs to be charged and prosecuted. Yes Larry Vassil broke his window and invaded his home and no police report could be found and the elderly lady received no justice and yes died in fear. Yes her son then entered into a crisis mode and lost it and held my daughter hostage and nearly killed her while screaming he wanted to shoot out windows at the Vassils, rape my grandchildren, and murder my daughter then shoot himself because in his grief he could only think about his mother dying in fear. He is telling others to tell my daughter that he is going to destroy her and me right now. He snorted his mother’s ashes up his nose. My daughter is terrified that he is going to stand on that hill and shoot her children at a bus stop and keep all the promises he made during those long long long hours he held her hostage so this is when the prosecuting attorney pushes the case forward for the victim and offers the victim a safe haven but boy is this case fraught with so many illegal acts and corruption, right????? Does the Prosecuting Attorneys office even know this hostage situation occurred? Yes, my daughter received a DVP. That elderly lady did die in fear. That elderly lady had her federal rights denied while Larry committed yet another reign of terror, right? This man however is no different from Larry Vassil and commits his own reigns of terror always threatening my grandchildren and the people my daughter loves to control her and I say NO MORE!!!!!!! He is one of my creepy crawling stalkers!! Yes I realize how bizarre this sounds and I definitely would not scream it unless I had proof!

Beckley, WV

#400 Oct 13, 2013
I want my life back as it was before where I had not been raped. Can that be accomplished? No it cannot. I want the chance to heal but as long as this stalking and violence is constantly going on in ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE, I will never be able to heal and no I am never going to shut up until I RECEIVE JUSTICE and all the corrupt and criminally insane and deranged are charged, locked up and I feel safe again. No one wants their tax dollars wasted this way. No one wants to have their lives destroyed by the very system in place to protect and serve us, yet my daughters and my lives were destroyed and it is only an idiot that says but all druggies come from a situation where they were victimized because I have read the text too and they were not created by our system but instead other factors. CI or confidential informants do not have a license to destroy and terrorize because that would imply they are guns for hire instead of criminals caught committing a crime trying to get their sentence reduced by helping to catch other criminals but while helping held to a standard that if they recommit then they relinquish all parts of the reduced sentence and serve the full sentence. I have sat and scratched my head wondering what lies are being spread that the words I am saying are not making an impact. We lived in our homes and worked and minor children attended school and felt safe and harmed no one yet through Jerry Fitzwater, Teresa Massey, Evan Maynord,(Connie Wallace, David Neal, and others within our system), our safe little worlds were destroyed by the very people who are supposed to work to keep us safe through acts of stalking, drugging, fuming, home invasions, threats to burn our homes down, vandalism and destruction of property, rape, theft, etc….
I just read about vigilante behavior in school. Lawlessness reigned and the elite gathered together and formed a posse to run off the criminal element which raped and murdered and committed atrocity after atrocity. These were the good folks but they became so viscous that moderators had to group together and stop their reign on terror because it is a vicious circle; the kind gentle souls lose their ability to be kind when they watch their loved ones being raped and destroyed and the kind gentle souls lose their ability to breathe calmly and meditate through prayer in the midst of fumy fumes.

Beckley, WV

#401 Oct 13, 2013
I maintain and I remain patient and good. I am angry and I verbalize that anger because I am human but I do not act in kind which is what is important but rather wait for justice to come and be served. The FBI was given new roles after all the terrorist attacks but they still remain the federal government that comes in when a state fails to monitor itself properly. WE are victims but my daughter has nearly died five times violently in the last three months. Every night I suffer from stalking and fumes. I cannot even attend school without harassment and the air was let out of my tires three Tuesdays ago and I was followed by a black car with one headlight out all the way from Bluefield.
It is as if EVIL reigns and if that elderly woman came to ask me again if the world was going to end, I would probably say yes; such is the impact all this harassment has made on my life. I realize that life continues normally for others and that as a victim, I have been sequestered and isolated because that is behavior of this type of criminal and usually this type of criminal does murder their victim. I have read that also even after twenty years of stalking but see this is not a textbook case per se, it is really just intended to break and destroy and I do not think that murder is the true intent but after what has happened to my daughter, I revisit that ideology.

Beckley, WV

#402 Oct 13, 2013
Blue hard topped older model vehicle occupied by white obese male with black straight hair approximately 30 yoa stopped on Hwy 60 in front of Boomer Loop Road until he got my attention; flipped me the bird; the male was unknown to me; this act occurred as I was leaving Mammoth where I worked as a security officer on 04June13 at 1840 hours; car was later identified while working another shift and the occupant’s name matched the information relayed by Evan Maynord when he entered my home victimizing us.
It is only by being patient that bizarre happenings start to make sense rationally in a situation fraught with irrationality.
I do not have the date handy but when my daughter in Scarbro lived with me, I came home one day to find the house reeking with the smell of marijuana. I received a call from Larry Vassil’s aunt making allusions that Cath had been in my home. I had been gone most of the day and it was impossible for Cath to have smoked pot in my home because she did not have a key and was in Beckley with a friend. It is again this type of behavior that gives you answers but you have to not react and wait patiently for all the chips to fall and when situations hit stalemates or start to get confusing which does happen a lot because fumes alter your reality and make you moody as hell then you stir the pot and see who does what and find out why.
But see we have a history established of this type of behavior dating way back so that when you find yourself reacting then you pull back and go backwards and find answers. All my daughters and I have been here so many times that even they have the ability to reflect and go backwards for answers to the present because it is the same key players. Yes it is Munchausen’s Disease.
same black car

Beckley, WV

#403 Oct 13, 2013
That was the same black car dating back to when I lived with my daughter before I ran to Bluefield to which I gave a license plate number on facebook. The occupants were smoking pot and a big fat hand with short stubby fingers flipped me the bird and I felt it was Jerry Fitzwater.

Beckley, WV

#404 Oct 13, 2013
Yawn….yup yawn again…delusions about mafia and mexico have transcended boring and hit upon the territory of rights being denied as you chase your witch and in your imaginary trial. Michael McGraw was an abusive drug dealing theif who rescinded and was on his own campaign of terror and I used his paranoia to scare him away after he threatened to harm me and my family over and over again. I used information I picked up in the novels I read to use reverse psychology to scare and frighten him by listening to him rant and go on about his fears while terrorizing me over and over again. He felt 7/11 had mafia ties and I used it. I employed my wits and I escaped but he threatened to follow me and no matter where I ran, he would find me so I had to make him afraid to find me since he said he would use my social security number. I made up the mafia crap, yet I question how it got life breathed into it. I made up so many things to escape yet life got breathed into those lies and I scratch my head and wonder how and why and heroin was his brother’s addiction I recall and his sister was married to a CO counselor who had to quit his job for forming a relationship with an inmate. Lord this is history that I have not revisited for too long. In other words, I had blocked it all out and forgotten about it.
My landlord was not mafia. It is so crazy how stupid people twist things and believe their delustions to be real. I worked at a Mexican restaurant. I had lots of friends and family members who were spanish and I used that for protection unbeknowst to them. It was words dear. Words or lies, whichever because no one important was involved except me and my exhusbands who were bullies and men I wanted free from. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!
I had a friend who married a family friend who came from Mexico where she had a dirt floor. She became rich and abusive in America and her husband was my best friend. Actually she was my friend and that is how I met her husband who became my best friend. I have never been out of the United States of America. I have only been to the states that divide WV and Co. I trained in Kansas. I have never done illegal drugs except for marijuana. I have been honest. I have no reason to lie. I once found all this boring and funny at the same time but now I find the delusions being operated under are scary and dangerous. It is a witch hunt! Lies should not have this much power!
Granny IDC

Chesapeake, VA

#405 Oct 13, 2013
Still learning McGraw wrote:
sorry about my misspellings and improper grammar.
No appologies necessary, cause I didn't read any of your bs after looking at how much you typed, I just knew it had to be a bunch of bull siht.
Truth will set you free

Beckley, WV

#406 Oct 16, 2013
Proverbs 19:9
A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.
Revelation 21:8
But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
Proverbs 14:5
A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness breathes out lies.
John 8:44
You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
Proverbs 26:23-28
Like the glaze covering an earthen vessel are fervent lips with an evil heart. Whoever hates disguises himself with his lips and harbors deceit in his heart; when he speaks graciously, believe him not, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred be covered with deception, his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling....
Exodus 23:1
“You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.
Proverbs 13:5
The righteous hates falsehood, but the wicked brings shame and disgrace.
Romans 12:19
Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written,“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
Romans 3:13
“Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive.”“The venom of asps is under their lips.”
James 3:14

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