Who Is Morgan Harrington? - wtvr

Who Is Morgan Harrington? - wtvr

There are 50 comments on the WTVR story from Nov 17, 2009, titled Who Is Morgan Harrington? - wtvr. In it, WTVR reports that:

One month ago Tuesday, 20-year-old Morgan Harrington disappeared outside a concert in Charlottesville.

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South Africa

#1 Nov 18, 2009
I am far away from you in Johannesburg, South Africa but Morgan's disappearance has touched our family as she bears a stricking resemblance to a family member Ashley

Your are in our thoughts and prayers
Mark M

Bayonne, NJ

#2 Nov 18, 2009
Bottom line is someone needs to say what no one has had the guts to say straight out, that more than being complex, Morgan was confused.

Her parents avoided questions directed to them about her possible drug use. And lets be frank, Morgan doesnt sound like she was exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Mare than likely, she accepted a ride with a bunch of no good and things wnet wrong. Or maybe her home life wasnt as happy as her parent would have you belive and she needed a temporary break from her perfect little world.

If this was some poor kid from the South Bronx no one would care
mom of two

Midlothian, VA

#3 Nov 18, 2009
Mark M.- Obviously, you donít have children of your own. No parent should have to go through what these parents are going through right now. I am appalled by your lack of sympathy for these parents and the horrors that Morgan may have faced.

On a side note, before you talk about someoneís intelligence, you might want to correct your spelling and grammatical errors.

Montpelier, VA

#4 Nov 18, 2009
mark m. no crap have a heart obviously your and as*hole that needs to grow up. Just keep that to yourself nobody wants to hear that you dush bag especially her family and parnets
A mother 2 young adults

United States

#5 Nov 18, 2009
I find it hard to believe that any humane person could have suck lack of compassion for people as Mark M has displayed. Unfortunately, society is hearing more and more often that a young person's adventure for life and innocence can be detrimental. This young lady was on the street without her keys in an area she wasn't familiar with and something has happened to her as a result. This doesn't mean that she or her family are not good people. Quite the contrary. Morgan obviously has a very supportive family. A Family that is suffering and hurting dearly. The uncertainty of the unknown would make it very difficult for loved one to even get through the day.
I pray that Morgan will return home safely, SOON

Longmont, CO

#6 Nov 18, 2009
I very much appreciate the candor of this interview with Morgan's parents. They are well-spoken and strong, and I admire them. Their willingness to put their suffering in front of the camera is keeping this story alive. They are right that keeping this story alive could lead to their daughter. My heart breaks for them, and I wish them a speedy resolution to this crisis.

Some seem to believe that Morgan's apparent intoxication on the night of the concert indicates some dishonesty by her parents. I don't believe that her parents necessarily have any knowledege of Morgan's possible drug or alcohol use. I had wonderful parents with whom I had a great relationship. They didn't have knowledge of any drinking I did or other stupid decisions that I managed to survive in college.
Mark M

Bayonne, NJ

#7 Nov 18, 2009
Dear mom_of_two......

In your apparent fixation with my grammar and spelling, you missed my entire freaking point.

Never did I say her parents were hurting or didnt care, I just pointed out a few things people seem to be ignoring here.

Number 1, why did she leave the concert in the first place? I doubt it was to go chit chat with friends. Why isnt anyone talking about who she left the concert to go see---surely her friendds know, but no one is talking.

And after she couldnt get back in, why wasnt one of her so called friends concerned enough about her well being to leave the concert to drive her home? Or why didnt she call her parents, or call a taxi, or ask a policeman for help?

She did none of those things. Instead she starts hitchiking wearing a miniskirt, high heels and too much makeup. Does that sound real bright to you?

And again I challenge any of you to tell me, if this was some unattractive female from a low income backround, would anyone of you be on here bellyaching? I seriously doubt it. So quit being such hypocrites would you?
Mark M

Bayonne, NJ

#8 Nov 18, 2009
One final note for all you you so called concerned citizens....

Dont you think it would be beneficial to know if she left the concert to score drugs or something? Are you naive enough to think her friends dont know more than they are saying?

And doesnt not talking about these painful questions, which could turn up potential leads, just delay the investigation and lessen the likelihood she will ultimately be found alive?

This isnt about hurting feelings here, or being politically correct. Its about solving a potential crime. And the only way to do so is to get all the issues out in the open ,not sweep them under the rug under the faux concern for the parents
Just Me

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Nov 18, 2009

I think Mark M is actually right -- information is power, power in finding her. Digging deeper may bring pain, it can also bring answers.

I also am in agreement with the parents, and think it is best for them to think of their daughter as alive. I think she is very much alive, and may God bless all of them in locating her.
Marilyn Chambers

Easton, CT

#10 Nov 18, 2009
I have to say that despite its title, this piece told me very, very little about "Who Morgan Harrington Is."

New info: self-taught artist. 2-4-1

Old info: heavy metal, black clothes, free spirit.

Unknown Topics Not Mentioned- sex, drugs, religion, politics, television, movies, cars, boys, girls, college life, fraternities/sororities, sports (played or interested). Boyfriends? Girlfriends (is Gay). College roommates? Part-time jobs?

Who IS Morgan Harrington?
Just Me

Indianapolis, IN

#11 Nov 18, 2009
Marilyn - You are right, we don't have a very clear picture of all that.

But I guess the idea is that if you see someone that looks a real lot like her, try to get the police there asap.

If you see a car involved, get the make, model, color and plates and a good description of the people.

If she seems to be trying to signal for help, be alert for it - Elizabeth Smart did this at a store, and was ignored.

Pay attention. If anyone has recently come up with a new woman that is not talking, or seems to be kept hidden, or they have some fishy story, check it out and call the police.

At this point, whatever led to this situation led to it, and if she is alive, she is probably in a situation where only the watchful eyes of the nosy are going to help her. SO -- get busy and be NOSY.

Hastings On Hudson, NY

#12 Nov 19, 2009
Too much information about who Morgan is is missing. The interview sounds like a private school application or a casual conversation about their daughter with a stranger met in the gym, coffee shop or whatever. This description could be about anyone. It began to sound like a description of my gal. Not dumb or into drugs or heavy falling down drinking, just naive. My gal was in 3 Nat'l Honor Societies in HS and also did some very reckless, to me, not to her things. There is a BIG difference between intelligence and street smarts. I have met illiterate people who are far more street wise that any college graduate I know. Let's just focus on getting her back!
Just Me

Indianapolis, IN

#13 Nov 19, 2009
now the parents are saying they think she was abducted and there were accomplices. All it takes is one bad guy in a vehicle, not a whole conspiracy of accomplices.

Since: Jan 09

stafford springs

#14 Nov 19, 2009
and her friends remain silent

Just Me

Indianapolis, IN

#15 Nov 20, 2009
johnsi wrote:
and her friends remain silent
What's to be said? She walked off from them, not vice versa. I am sure they have no idea where she is.

Since: Jan 09

stafford springs

#16 Nov 20, 2009
Just Me wrote:
<quoted text>
What's to be said? She walked off from them, not vice versa. I am sure they have no idea where she is.
has anyone seen any of the friends comment on her or at least some sort of plea that she be ok?
would like to know if any of these "friends" obtained lawyers

United States

#17 Nov 20, 2009
I am in agreement with Mark M. He made valuable statement. There are alot of missing pieces and answers from her so call friends.

Someone need to get with them and give them a lie detector test. Yes Mark , you are right if this was a missing person from another life style it would not get this much notice in paper or tv. Mark I commend you on make those valuable points.
Captain Obvious

Charlottesville, VA

#18 Nov 20, 2009
Her mom says in at least one interview that she loved the "Hippie stuff". Does her mom realize that "Hippie stuff" included the concepts of lots of rebellion, drugs, and sexual exploration?

My guess is that there was a dark side to the girl that they either never knew about or are simply unwilling to admit to.

Unless all her friends are underaged, I find it strange that none of them have spoken to the media. Perhaps they were involved in some less than legal goings-on related to concert going, or helping the Morgan decieve her parents about what she was actually up to that evening.
Mark M

Bayonne, NJ

#19 Nov 20, 2009
Captain Obvious.........Finally, someone in here is makimng some sense. Its refreshing to find someone who can actually use their noodle a little...Lets quit glorifying this girl as some sort of fairy princess! Ive had about enough of it and it makes we want to gag!

Charlottesville, VA

#20 Nov 20, 2009
Hooray for Cpt O and Mark M, finally people courageous enough to speak their minds. There is much more to this whole ordeal than meets the eye. I've known [of] the Harringtons for years and their daughter is not a perfect princess. I still say she had plans to meet someone and that things went bad and her friends are covering for her. I hope she is well and fine, but I do believe whatever plans she had went amuk, and for that I am sad for she and her family.

As far as this case getting so much attention, I agree that someone of a lesser background, less looks and money, would not get as much attention. The fact that she is a VA Tech student and VA Tech has been in the news so much....it sort of glorifies the whole ordeal.

This young woman did not deserve to be hurt or killed if that is the case, even though I believe she might have had plans to go off with someone.

I hope, for the parents sake, there is resolution soon.

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