I have two high-mileage vehicles that I try to keep maintained well, even though I don't drive them much lately. Fairly impressed with this company's service until recently.
I had an oil change done around May or June. As the vehicle does have some minor leaks (what vehicle doesn't with high-mileage?), I stopped in at their Pantops location approximately three weeks ago, with around 1000 miles to the next service.
I asked that ALL fluids be checked. However, when I read the invoice later, it was noted clearly that neither the transmission fluid, nor the differential fluid had been checked (BOTH have small leaks). I have been told before that this company DOES indeed offer top-off between services at no charge.
A day ago, I began hearing some noise in the differential, indicating that the fluid was getting low. As I was still 600+ miles from the next service interval, I stopped in to the same location, and asked to have the fluids checked again to tide the car over until the next service.
I was informed that because it had been over three months since the last service, and that there were cameras installed, that I would be charged for any fluids. What do cameras have to do with honoring part of the service?
Normally, I would not make an issue of this, but I brought the vehicle in three weeks ago to have this checked, and it was not done. Regardless of the time, it was not due from a mileage standpoint, and had it been checked and topped off then, this would NEVER have become an issue.
Now, it is apparently low because it was not checked when I asked for it, and I am being told I'll be charged for fluids because they didn't do what I asked them to do, when I asked them to do it? Especially when I have over 500 miles to the next service. RIDICULOUS!
For $36, I can certainly change my own oil, it's just a matter of convenience. I don't think I will be returning to any of this company's three area locations. Until recently, service was good, but why offer free top-off between services? Apparently, it is not being honored.