Waldorf, The Ghetto?

Waldorf, The Ghetto?

There are 292 comments on the WUSA9 story from Jun 22, 2006, titled Waldorf, The Ghetto?. In it, WUSA9 reports that:

Hillary Duff may be a reigning pop princess, but she may not be so popular with folks in Charles County, Maryland.

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Loving It Here

Martinsburg, WV

#21 Jul 17, 2007
There is no question about it. You are a racist and I am glad you are gone. Waldorf does not need an individual such as yourself infecting it. I love Waldorf. I love the diversity and people seem to be quite friendly here. I love the retail shopping and at the same time the quiet (that's right) quiet neighborhoods. Alll places have their good and bad areas, including Waldorf, Fort Washington, Potomac, Alexandria and Fairfax. Again, think goodness you are no longer here because I would not want you for a neighbor.
Glad Im Gone wrote:
Waldorf is the ghetto and when you say that you are labeled a racist! Charles County is ruined - overcrowded schools and roads, drugs, gang violence is way up and taking over, plus the county has become a haven for illegal immigrants to add to the problem. And people call this growth! PLEASE - gag me.
Look at PG County back 30 years ago - it was beautiful (from what I have been told) now it is a stink hole to put that mildly! If you ask people that were around back in those days they say PG County took a turn for the worse in the late 60's and early 70's because of desegregation. And now the disease is spreading south. In another 10 years the beginning parts of St. Mary's - Mechanicsville will be a slum too. Until the whole southern Maryland area is destroyed. But, wait you can't say nothing because you will be called a racist! Remember it is not politically correct to point out the truth! It is what is and there is nothing racist or bigoted about it.
In addition, the long time residents of Charles County (with very good incomes) have left the county in fear of their lives and nobody not the Sheriffs office did anything about the intimidation, threats and violence against the residents because they too are scared of the politically correct mob! It was OK that the long time resident’s civil rights, property rights, etc… were violated and stomped on! WRONG!
I truly feel for the good (and yes there are lots of great residents still there and suffering) residents in both PG and Charles County that are unable to move and live in consistent fear, on top of having to send their children to the worst public schools ever. PG County is the third wealthiest county in MD, but yet educationally so far behind they will never catch up and Charles County school were the best of the best now in my opinion they are not to far off the mark of PG County because Charles County has had to dumb down the current students to accommodate the students coming in that are educationally and functionally illiterate and too boot they have to cater and tailor the educational system to meet the illegal’s needs! What the hell is wrong with this picture?
I personally hate coming back because the whole area is destroyed! You all give a big fat thanks and round of applause to your liberal Democratic local corrupt officials, Steny (Anti-American) Hoyer and the new idiot MD Governor for that one!

Since: Jul 07

Martinsburg, WV

#22 Jul 17, 2007
No its you.
301Gangsta wrote:
Its da niggs
Buckeye now in Waldorf

Hyattsville, MD

#23 Aug 21, 2007
Ashamed wrote:
Oh and Please lets not leave out the media and their input of what our young people should be acting like, looking like, what values they should hold, etc. Parents are no longer as involved for one reason because there are not too many careers in the area availble that will pay enough to support a family we have to commute for hours to get to work. This leaves the T.V., radio, and movies raise our children.
Some people want to blame government and the views of others for the behavior of the children. Its not just immigrants, or blacks because I see more than just them getting arrested and robbing stores... we can't blame one race or community. We ALL need to take responsibility for our own actions and making things acceptable that we all know should not be.
For example, the democrats or republicans do not control what we choose to watch on TV or whether or not we choose for our young children to be bombarded with sexaual deviace, violence, hatred, and unsuitable language. WE DO! This is why the issue is
not just affecting Charles County, but alot of counties across the nation, including Fairfax, and Loudon in VA.
I can go on all day... but if we teach AND demonstrate values and show repect as we were taught to years ago we can have an effect on the outcome of how our communities will be.
You are SO correct in that it's NOT the media, or the politicians, or even the schools. It's all about WHO is being a parent, WHO is teaching their children right from wrong, WHO is willing to MAKE their children take responsibility for their own actions.
MAKE your kids do their homework....and do it right. MAKE your kids get involved in school activities.....drama, sports, clubs, etc. MAKE your kids turn off the boob tube and GET OUT and experience life.
If WE (the adults) lead by example, as our parents did, things will change. Everyone who thinks society "owes" them something, or everyone who feels that a fender bender is a perfect opportunity to make an insurance payoff killing.......NEEDS to rethink THEIR attitude. The only thing they're doing is passing it on to THEIR children.....and it becomes a never ending cycle.
The next time you see someone break a window, or back into a car and drive away......TAKE AN ACTION. CALL the police, write down a license plate number, tell someone. If WE (the residents) don't care about our community.....how can we expect our children, our politicians, or the media to do any different?
Sound of Reason

Waldorf, MD

#24 Aug 28, 2007
How is this not propaganda? I know here racist would be happy. Please go to the Pacific Northwest and enjoy your skinhead neighbors.

Since: Aug 07

Washington, DC

#25 Aug 31, 2007
Waldorf and the surrounding area is the pit of the US....


#26 Sep 2, 2007
Waldorf is definately going ghetto.. Time to sell and head out of town! Crime is on the rise, gangs are regrouping, mall crime is not always reported and kept quiet,blacks from DC/PG are taking over and more violent then ever, corruption in gov., charles county has cop/s on the take, schools infected with sex offenders, drugs, weapons,most businesses owned or run by non whites are crude,rude and mean. CHURCH LEADER/S one W.H. needs to be investigated. Waldorf, you can't be saved now! One grocery store may remodel, but it wont get rid of the in store crime and criminals you have working there.
Officials and developers see money signs.. and dont care about the overgrowth. I say, do put an electrical fence around all of Charles, pg, and others within fifty mile radius.. im out of this stink hole.!not looking back nor coming in the area ever again.


#27 Sep 2, 2007
We all know whats happened to this county. Lets face it.
Officilas afraid to speak the truth; afraid to offend the offenders, in fear of retaliation.
waldorf native

Vienna, VA

#28 Sep 7, 2007
it is amazing to me , that everyone that has complained about waldorf has moved away. have any of you done anything to correct what you consider to be the problem with waldorf? do you think that those same so called problems that you have run away from are not going to be in the place you have moved to? people are the same everywhere. you cant run away from crime, you cant run away from immigration, you cant run away from different cultured people. they are everywhere.

what needs to be done , is people need to raise there children. people have become so involed in what that have and what they can get, that they dont raise there children any more. the tv, the mall and the streets can not raise your children.
I am a native of waldorf and im 39 yrs old. i agree waldorf has changed, crime has increased. but guess what, crime has increased everywhere....
An ex-Waldorf Resident

Waldorf, MD

#29 Sep 9, 2007
Yes it has increased. But why have we allowed it to increase? Why have we allowed the commissioners to build apartments and subsidized housing? We won't kick the thugs out of the mall. We have sold our souls to political correctness. Why is it racist to want your children to go to a school in the neighborhood in which you live? Why does the Board of Ed insist in "busing" (yes indeed, that's what it is), to balance the races in the schools? When the next election cycle rolls
around, vote out everyone of these bozos who think that keeping thugs and violent students in school is "doing what's best for the kids". What a joke!

If you want to do what's best for your child, move out of the State of Maryland. And if you can, put your child into a good private school that is run like a business, pleasing it's customers and producing a product that will compete and not worry about pandering to the left-wing socialists.

United States

#30 Sep 18, 2007
Servant wrote:
Amen Francene,
God haven't given us a spirit of fear! Jesus Christ is Lord, Put your trust in Him!
Yes dear, stick thy head in the sand and do nothing about it. God loves those who help themselves first. God has done nothing for you and you know it.

Silver Spring, MD

#31 Sep 25, 2007
The crime up in waldorf has gone up significantly. Many residents from PG county have moved down south to Waldorf (and Charles county). I have a few neighbors that are originally from PG county and stated that they moved down to get away from the crime. Well the crime has come down to Waldorf and its evident that there are a lot of hoodrats roaming the malls and movie theaters. At night the bruthas come out like cockroaches and hang around. That is why I have moved out out of there. I will say that up to Spring of this year it was still nice, now its runned down.

San Antonio, TX

#32 Oct 8, 2007
Lets keep this real..Its crime all over the country from pipe bombs in prince william county to people drowning and murdering their kids to a cop shooting 5 people in wisconsin..When you ignore issues people become hard and bitter..

Trieste, Italy

#33 Oct 9, 2007
I'll be moving to waldorf in a couple of months with my two young children and I must admit that after reading all of the above comments I'm getting really scared of moving there. I've been hearing and reading nothing but negative opinions of the area. I'm feeling as if I were moving my family to hell. Is there anybody who has anything positive to say about waldorf?

Fayetteville, NC

#34 Oct 11, 2007
waldorf is not the "GHETTO". In have lived in waldorf most of my life some parts might not be as great as other.
In PG for 50 years

Trenton, MI

#35 Oct 11, 2007
I too have noticed a downhill spiral in Charles County and it's happening a lot quicker than it did in PG. Whoever thought it was a good idea to turn lots of neighborhoods into Section 8 housing should be shot! That opened the door to a boatload of lowlifes, druggies and welfare recipients. That in itself will bring down an area real fast. I think the Charles County government was totally unprepared for this onslaught of undesirables and isn't reacting fast enough with police manpower, etc. Major traffic problems, overcrowded schools, overtaxed police forces are all the results of poor planning. The officials are so eager to get the tax money from new construction that they never think about the impact on the schools, roads and communities. Waldorf and Charles County are going to hell in a handbasket....FAST!
exwaldorfresiden t

Waldorf, MD

#36 Oct 14, 2007
What do you expect? From a bunch of hillbillies that only care about themselves. The hell with all the traffic fatalities, the krappy school system, droves of inexperienced, new teachers, and everybody on this earth over there having degrees from dimwit schools.

I'm glad I'm out of there.

Waldorf, MD

#37 Oct 29, 2007
Foolish Rosie
Rosie wrote:
<quoted text>
Get a life. Why put your trust in a fairy tale?

United States

#38 Oct 29, 2007
Rosie wrote:
<quoted text>
Get a life. Why put your trust in a fairy tale?
Owww! That's a little harsh, don't you think, Rosie? I didn't realize Punk was about religious intolerance these days. I thought it was about freedom and the right to choose what you wear, what you listen to, and yes, what you believe in.

Don't be so negative and hypocritical all the time. Show some respect, Rosie.

United States

#39 Oct 29, 2007
okie doke...

that sucks and all, but...
lots of places are like that, aren't they?... and just because this one has something to do with hillary duff, that makes it special?... i am either confused, or the concept of this topic eludes me... but more often than not, those two things go hand in hand...

i'll just show myself out then....

La Plata, MD

#40 Nov 10, 2007
i think so to.its chang alot

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