Review: Dreams Studio Of Dance

Review: Dreams Studio Of Dance

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Centreville, VA

#51 Sep 15, 2009
this is my first year at dreams! I hope all goes well =)

Temple Hills, MD

#52 Jun 4, 2010
I am so impressed with this studio. The teachers are fantastic. My daughter can't wait till every monday so she can go to dance.

Silver Spring, MD

#53 Jun 11, 2010
when is their recital? where and what time and ticket cost at the door? searching for studios..thanks!

Farmville, VA

#54 Jul 20, 2010
shannon wrote:
when is their recital? where and what time and ticket cost at the door? searching for studios..thanks!
Sorry seen your comment too late. The recital was fantastic. They really put on a SHOW, not the normal dance recital if ya know what I mean. Alot of other studios make you fall asleep, if i am being honest. This one didn't. I loved it

Washington, DC

#55 Nov 8, 2010
This is a great studio. The studio is run with great teachers and everyone is so friendly. The dances are new, stylish and modern, with a classy feel. I am pleased with this studio and I am so glad we found it this year to make the switch. Thank You Dreams for all your hard work and devotion to your students.

Washington, DC

#56 Nov 21, 2010
This is my 3rd year of dancing at Dreams studio of Dance. I am in the competion group so it is hard , But the teachers make going to dance awesome! I love Dreams!(:

Milford, DE

#59 Jan 14, 2011
Dreams studio of dance is a horrible place for your child the teachers wear inapropriate clothes A bad example for your children.please please don't take them here save your $$$$ and time!!!

Milford, DE

#60 Jan 14, 2011
Horrible they need to shut that place down!!!!!!!

Alexandria, VA

#61 Mar 4, 2011
The people who wrote the nasty comments obviously are not dancers or parents at Dreams. My child dances at Dreams I have have to DISAGREE 100 percent. Tara is the most down to earth kind hearted person you and your child would ever want to meet. I am blessed we have found this studio. The teachers wear shirts, jackets and pants. I do not know what planet you are from but that is far from hoochie. The studio is very proffesional and the teachers are very talented. Every dance studio you attend, you will have to buy a recital ticket, do you think the high schools rent out their stage and rooms for free?? Sorry they do not. The teachers are fabulous . The studio is great, please don't let other people make your mind up. Come and see the Dreams difference.


#62 Mar 4, 2011
I agree with Karen, if they wore any more clothes to class they would be Amish! They are far from dressed inappropriately. I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old in classes there and have never had any problems with them. As for the recital tickets, she has to pay for the space and she DOES NOT overcharge us the parents on anything else so she can't just come out of her pocket with that huge expense. We just moved to a bigger studio so obviously they are not a bad place to go because she is doing so well she already had to upsize. If you had a problem with something that went on you should have taken it up with the teachers, not came online and overexaggerate yourself. If you are looking for a great dance studio dreams is the place. All children's costumes for the recital are age appropriate...NEVER hoochie and the teachers are great and become the girls friends!


#63 Mar 4, 2011
Also...please take notice to how all of the bad comments are Anonymous.
Joyce Moreland

Mechanicsville, MD

#64 Mar 4, 2011
I would have to agree with those who are staying anonymous, I really dont care if she knows my name. And I truely dont think those people are from another studio that are making the comments. If you are a parent that took your child there and is not best buds with Tara then you would agree! But from experience a friend of mine took her child there last yr and what they are saying is true. The owner does wear just a tank top (boobs hung out)tight leggings and even at the blue crabs stadium wore high heal shoes! Not something you would want your young child or teenager to look up to.
As for the routines, what a joke the recital was a mess not the least bit worth my money (expensive Not sure what she does with the $ cause the parents pay for everything right down to the trophy)and not yours either unless you are a man that would like to sit and watch the teachers shaking it about every 3rd act!(Discusting)
If your looking for a good dance studio this is not the place. I cant suggest another as my friend would not put her child in a situation like that again! Thanks and good luck!
Jenny Leitzel

La Plata, MD

#65 Mar 4, 2011
I am a teacher at Dreams and I must say that I really do not appreciate some of the insensitive comments that were posted on this blog. Our studio is focused on the development of young chilren as dancers. Both Tara and I were trained by a New York City Rockette and her daughter, Captain and head choreographer of the Washington Redskinettes. I am a college graduate from the University of MD and a mother to 3 children. By day I do bookeeping for a Christian ocunseling center. All that being said, I am anything but hoochie. I take pride at being classically trained and love my job working with the children. I have been friends with Tara, the owner for 27 years: she and I danced side by side since the age of 3. I can totally respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I must say it is a bit callous to slander a studio out of spite. While I'm sure there are those out there that for one reason or another may have been unsatisfied whether it be due to fees, etc., All in all we have a tremendous satisfaction rate and students that return year to year. Unfortunately there are other studios out there in competition and people out there with negative intentions in their hearts, but we are confident in the services we provide and the love and care we have for each individual child. We have an affiliation with a local church in which we do training and performance preperation, to 100% Christian music. I really can't see teachers that are "hoochie" having a contract with a large local church in the manor that we do. As a reader, take these comments for face value, consider the sources and come and see for yourself. We have classes Monday through Thursday nights; if there is any question in your mind, pop in and meet us. We'd be happy to take the time to sit with you!
Miss Jenny
Seior Instructor
Dreams Studio of Dance, Mechanicsville, MD

United States

#66 Mar 11, 2011
Dreams is the best dance studio around! They have excellent teachers, who besides having an incredible dance background of 20+ years, also try to know each student individually. The studio environment is like no other. The owner goes above and beyond for each student and really cares about everyones progress and happiness. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into everything she does for Dreams Studio of Dance. I would highly recommend this dance studio to anyone that is looking to put their child in dance. It is definitely a 5 star studio and there new building and classrooms are amazing!

United States

#69 Jul 22, 2011
This studio, is far from a studio. Highly unorganized, and basically a waste of time and money. The classes don't teach children anything, my daughter had a fantastic, what looked to be a well trained young teacher, who I felt was be-littled by the owner tara. Who I feel is stuck up, horrible dancer, if you are showing students how to turn, leap etc you should be able to do so.(which she couldnyt) I would suggest a better, well trained studio such as power explosion, gj's, etc. I dont see this studio lasting much longer, fir the fact that the dances, and performances at competitions are the worst I have ever seen. Tara expects too much from her show troop, that for the simple fact I know she knows they suck. Plain and simple. As I sat in the lobby, I witnessed another young teacher teaching most of taras classes as she walked around the studio, smoked cigarettes outside, so on so forth. The assistant teacher was obvisoubly a much better dancer as well teacher then tara was. I would never want my daugther looking up to such an over weight, potty mouth, trashy dressing teacher in my life. Who brought men to the studio, whom she flirted with, & could tell they "had something" other then her husband. Enough said, horrible studio.

Betterton, MD

#70 Jul 26, 2011
To the anonymous from Forest Hill, MD- I take great offense to your comment about the show troupe... My daughter has been dancing with Tara for 3 years and was on the competitive team. How dare you say that child "sucks"? I think you be-littleing children is distasteful. They are children and you are saying that they "suck". That is an awful thing to say about children. These kids are ages 4-16. You have no room to talk about anyone after that comment. No one should place any value on your comment if you are going to critize children. That shows that you have no class.
They are problems at every studio and Power Explosion, GJ's all have their own issues. You say that Tara is stuck up but she is far from that. She knows every student in her studio and not many studio directors can say that. Tara puts her heart and soul into that studio.
If you don't like it that is fine, don't come back but you do not need to come on her and personally attack Tara. You are rude and disrespectful. Just say that you didn't like the studio, you do not need to attack Tara personally.
You say you don't want your daughter to look up to Tara because she is overweight, way to set an example for you child. Do you have a problem with overweight people?

To all who have posted negative comments... you have every right to state your opinion but you attacking Tara and her staff personally is classless. This studio may not be for everyone and that is fine but I know of plenty of girls who have left other studios to come to Dreams and love it. I know that the studio is not perfect, they do make mistakes but that is everywhere.
My opinion on Dreams... my daughter has been there for 3 years starting her 4th year and we love it. Tara and Jenny really care about each and every student and take the time to know all of them. They even ask for parent input on costumes, etc... which you will not find at any other studio. I am not saying that the studio is perfect but if you are looking for a studio where your child will matter to their teacher, learn dance and have fun, then Dreams is the studio.

Holly, MI

#72 Jul 27, 2011
Thank you Kelly, and I agree. To all of those who make negative comments- say what you will for they are just words, but it is obvious that the comments are based in personal vendettas rather than solid facts. This back and forth is childish and disheartening and I refuse to be a part of it any longer. I am confident in my friend Tara and my own capabilities and great love for children and that is what matters the most in the long run. If you called me a "chair" for example, would that majically make me turn into one? I don't think so. So your attempts to settle personal grievances on this website are nothing more than words which will not keep the studio from thriving. They are merely empty and meaningless slander. It is discouraging that there are those out there that are prejiduice against those who are not built like super models and would even dare to call a child a name as Kelly said. And please, for all others reading this: isn't it oddly interesting that those who are so quick to call the studio classless cannot properly spell or use gramatically correct English? Consider your sources. I expect a nasty and uneducated comment back to this but alas that is the nature of the beast. Very few upstanding people in this society would stoop so low as to make such hurtful and vengeful comments behind the mask of a computer screen. Enough ("nuff" as I believe it was so eloquently stated above) said. Read what you will but again I place the challenge in your hands to come and see for yourself. We are there Monday through Wednesday evenings and I would personally welcome you to come and sit in on one of my classes.

Washington, DC

#73 Jul 27, 2011
I am amazed that people have so much time on their hands to feel the need to talk about Tara and the Studio. You people with all these negitive and just plain wrong comments, must have never met Tara or been to the studio. My daughter has danced there for 2 years and we WILL BE RETURNING for many years to come. My daughter is not on the competitive team or show troupe but we still get the same quality instruction as them. There competitve team brought home 2 overall trophies from the competition they just danced at. They are in the window... come look for yourself, so these people writing these comments are clueless!!I have been to 3 other studios in the area including Power Explosioin, Gj's and Sharons. My child has learned more at Dreams in 2 years than all other 6 years at other studios. Tara is a wonderful teacher and person. She has a big heart and cares about her students. Mrs. Jennifer is the same way. Tara may not be the skinniest person in the world but she can dance and teach better than most dance teachers I have seen at the other studios. I have no problem that Tara is not a stick figure. She is real and not at all stuck up! I take offense to these comments posted, as my child dances there and we love it.

I AGREE with all the good comments on here. The bad comments are most likely the competition who I heard is struggling to stay in business since Dreams opened up and doesn't charge a arm and a leg like the one down the street.

Baltimore, MD

#74 Jul 27, 2011
First of all let me say forgive me if I am re-posting, I wrote something on here a few minutes ago but it's no here so I am trying again.
I would like to say that Ms Tara and Ms Jenny are both great teachers! They know all of the girls by name and make them feel comfortable at dance. They make sure the girls know what they are doing and get their routines down but they don't drill in to the point where the girls end up not liking dance. My eldest daughter has been with Dreams since she opened up,and as long as she is interested in dance we will continue to be a memeber of the Dream family. I don't believe her prices are outrageous, she doesn't charge you any extra for the costumes, and as for the recital cost, she does have to pay to rent the school, that's not free to her people! And if you are going to see a loved one it shouldn't matter, it is priceless to see your child up on that stage doing what they have worked so hard all year for. And I would imagine it would feel the same if it's your niece, cousin, or whatever not only if it's your actual child. You are supporting your family member. My eldest daughter is part of the show troupe and we recently danced on the boardwalk in ocean city, a great time for everyone! And boy did we draw a crowd! Its a proud feeling to belong to such a great dance studio! The new studio is amazing, each room has its own personality and vibrant colors, the girls love it! And Ms Tara has even catered to the parents with tv in the waiting area and free wifi! This will be my eldest daughters 4th year and my younger daughters 2nd and they both are dying for summer break to be over so they can get back in the studio. Like Ms Jenny said if you have any doubts due to the haters stop by and see what a wonderful studio Dreams really is! And as for the person talking about Tara being overweight...#1 that is so rude and the size of a person has nothing to do with their dedication and skills and #2 she is not overweight, she is an average sized woman. I would much rather my child look up to Tara than to starve herself to look up to someone who is tiny. I'm sorry but stick figure is not average. It is nowhere near easy to be a stick figure. Ms Tara and Ms Jenny we love you and will continue to support Dreams!! Don't worry about the haters they will keep on hating, but you can see in your numbers that you are doing just fine!!

Waldorf, MD

#75 Jul 29, 2011
I don't know how many parents see these commments, that currently have their children dancing at Dreams, for the show troop. I just wanted to bring to your attention a song that Tara has been using while teaching the young girls. Of course, the version that Tara is using is edited, but when you listen to the version she is using, you can clearly hear what is suppose to be said. I have took the time to look up the actual lyrics, I found it to be very shocking what they were saying, and i think even though she is using the edited version the song should not be used for her hip-hop that she is teaching.
Everybody in da club right now
If you standin' around, you need to get the f**k up outta here!
Cause when we come in da club we like to get f**kin' crazy!
You know what!?
Lets f**kin' lose it!
Get outta your mind!(x3)
F**k that shit! Get outta your mind!
Get outta your mind!(x3)
F**k that shit! Get outta your mind!
(Lil Jon)
I'm a semi truck no f**kin' brakes
Outta control like a bull out da gates
Get drunk, I'd get the f**k out da way
We get bananas like a group full of apes
I done lost it. You flossin'
I'm over here with my n***as in da mosh pit
Throwin' elbows, stubbin' shell toes
Is that n***a dead? Who da f**k knows!
Shake dem dreads like a muthaf**kin' Rasta
Go dumb like a muthaf**kin' monster
You an impostor! You drinkin' water!
We drinkin' Patron and chasin' it with Vodka
I don't give a f**k!
I don't give a f**k
!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! F**K IT!!!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
Lets f**kin' lose it!
Get outta your mind!(x3)
F**k that s**t! Get outta your mind!
Get outta your mind!(x3)
F**k that s**t! Get outta your mind!
Grab dat bottle, twist dat cap
Hold it in the air and tip it back
I'm drunk as hell, I'm off Patron
I really don't dance but I'm in the zone
Move b***h get out the way
I'm runnin' over n***a's like a runaway train
I grab my beer, you do the same
Shake that s**t and make it rain!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
I don't give a f**k! I don't give a f**k!--- F**K IT!
Lets f**kin' lose it!
Get outta your mind!(x3)
F**k that s**t! Get outta your mind!
Get outta your mind!(x3)
F**k that s**t! Get outta your mind!
(Sky Blu)
Fill cup, tip cup, beer bong, shots!
N***a's on da juice, b***hes on my jock
Bartender give me what you got
I'm dancin' on the table like a n***a smokin' rocks
Ha! Get off me!
Im checkin' muthaf**kers like a n***a playin' hockey
Yeah! I'm in da penalty box
I'm f**ked up from takin' too many shots
Lets f**kin' lose it!

Take notice in how many times the "F" word is used, and the phrase, "dancing like a n***a smoking rock" .

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