Mother arrested after son's body foun...

Mother arrested after son's body found wrapped in blanket, decomposing

There are 130 comments on the Charleston Daily Mail story from Jul 11, 2013, titled Mother arrested after son's body found wrapped in blanket, decomposing. In it, Charleston Daily Mail reports that:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A Braxton County woman's 8-year-old son's decomposed body was discovered wrapped in a blanket during a juvenile welfare check, authorities said.

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Common Sense

Hansford, WV

#31 Jul 16, 2013
Know it All wrote:
how do you even know that she recieved benefits??????
Does she even work?

Norfolk, VA

#32 Jul 26, 2013
Of course she works. She's a cook! She cooks Meth! Duh. I don't feel sorry for her at all. Valerie Brown has a long history of manipulating people and making bad decisions. I'm sorry, but this being shocked and clueless act that she is putting on is just that. An act. She is trying to play people for sympathy in an attempt to water down the appearance of her guilt. Remember, she had DAYS to make up a convincing story. If she had cared about the child even a little she would have let the hospice workers in. She would have reported the death, not tried to hide it. The kid was an inconvenience to her and when he died she had to hide him for a few days so she could try to come up with a cover story. She has a pattern of behavior that has lasted over a decade of being a self-centered, manipulative Meth Whore. That these children were in her care at all shows a failure on the part of the State. She deserves no sympathy. She appears to have bonded out and is once again back on the street. I think her friends who defend her are questionable characters for even associating with her. Birds of a feather flock together. Decent people usually don't hang with meth heads. Valerie has absolutely no credibility. She tells so many lies that she starts to believe them herself. I doubt she even knows what the truth is.
So sad

Chesapeake, OH

#33 Jul 26, 2013
Such a sad story. Praying....
Eatin CROW

Weston, WV

#34 Jul 26, 2013
Yes, the TRUTH IS COMING OUT and future reports will come out confirming even MORE truths --

Wonder WHY there hasn't been any news on the autopsy reports?????

Don't they have to test her for drugs when they piut her in jail --

The absolute HATE that spews forth from your post makes me wonder what Val ever did to you!!!!!

And as for her bonding out -- doesn't look that way on line --- And doesn't she have that right???? Innocent until prooven guilty, is what our court system is SUPPOSED to stand for......

Yes the TRUTH ALWAYS WINS and as others testify, the test results come into the picture -- another whole story besides your hate filled rant will be told .....

United States

#35 Jul 27, 2013
Courts determined 50,000 was a good a just bond for her, shes hadthe right to bond out all this time. That is if she can come up with the cash, shes a danger to herself her kids and society. Innocent? Ok when ur child is laying in ur house thats uve been living in decomping wrapped in a blanket and u tell hospice not to hurt him and deny him care 2 times prior!!! There is no innocent she always left those kids alone all the time, to go out and fed her habit. Everyone quit defending her, u all know what she did an was doing, thought she could hide his body n collect his check to buy her drugs. Its sad when ur oldest song and ur mother call cps on there mom and daughter........
Eatin CROW

Fairmont, WV

#36 Jul 27, 2013
You WILL be EATING CROW!!!!! And VERY SOON.... Yes, she COULD bond out but she is SAFER where she is...

WOW -- your posts have gone from saying that Hospice was refused for months and now you say only twice ---

What did HER drug test indicate???? What does the autopsy say?????

And YOU say you know all of this about her and her kids -- WHY DIDN'T YOU TURN HER IN BEFORE IT CAME TO THIS or were you so involved that you were trying to cover your drug laced backside that you couldn't without calling attention to yourself....

The TRUTH will be the winner here --- Little Levi's body and soul is at rest now --- He is at PEACE --- Hopefully all of this BS ends soon so his family can face their lives and remember the good times ......

Norfolk, VA

#37 Jul 27, 2013
Sounds like an ignorant Pillbilly defending a meth addict. Like the other guy said, birds of a feather. What kind of person are you if you since you seem to be her friend? Are you one of her customers? Or maybe she was helping you buy YOUR meth supplies? She didn't have to have any meth in her system to be cooking or distributing it. I wouldn't be surprised if the money she was receiving from the government for the little boy instead went to the area drug business. It's sad that over half this county is addicted to meth when the real losers here are the children. I wish all the pill poppers and druggies would all hurry up and overdose and die so the world would be a better place.

United States

#38 Jul 27, 2013
Hmmm wrote:
Sounds like an ignorant Pillbilly defending a meth addict. Like the other guy said, birds of a feather. What kind of person are you if you since you seem to be her friend? Are you one of her customers? Or maybe she was helping you buy YOUR meth supplies? She didn't have to have any meth in her system to be cooking or distributing it. I wouldn't be surprised if the money she was receiving from the government for the little boy instead went to the area drug business. It's sad that over half this county is addicted to meth when the real losers here are the children. I wish all the pill poppers and druggies would all hurry up and overdose and die so the world would be a better place.
You gotta be a nut.. wanting people to overdose and die.. thats terrible !

Norfolk, VA

#39 Jul 27, 2013
justsayin wrote:
<quoted text> You gotta be a nut.. wanting people to overdose and die.. thats terrible !

Well, look at it this way. I am all for letting them do their drugs. As much as they want. If they kill themselves off by ODing, then they wouldn't be out there wasting our tax dollars in court, jail, rehab, or hospitals. They wouldn't spreading addiction like the plague it is. They wouldn't become parents to drug addicted babies. They wouldn't spend all of their money on dope instead of their kids. They wouldn't be dragging society down with them if they were allowed to do what they want to do freely to its' ultimate conclusion. And as sad as it is to say it, the folks that would have to watch them suffer and die would learn a valuable lesson when it comes to what drugs are all about. When we try to intervene with these people, all we are doing is dragging out their misery and the financial and social burden they place on the rest of us. It is simple Darwinism. Let the stupid people who use such poisons do so freely so they can die off and leave the gene pool a little deeper and the world a little better of a place.

I know what I say sounds harsh, but think about it. Wouldn't the world be a better place without these people? I understand they have friends and family, but in the long run, wouldn't the world be better off without them? It's simple Darwinism. let the idiots kill themselves off and make the rest of us better off for it.

Mooresville, NC

#40 Jul 27, 2013
oh please wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah.... it's safe to say that meth gave her a few problems of her own, not to mention all the other drugs. And being high on meth would make you not understand the situation because you would be too "f"ing high to comprehend!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure you would know that somebody died if you were on meth. There is no drug that is going to get you so high that someone dies right in front of you and you don't even notice or realize it. That is some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard in my entire life.

Mooresville, NC

#41 Jul 27, 2013
Drugs have nothing to do with it. Some people are just born stupid, some of them are even born crazy. A lot of drug users are very successful people, not everyone who gets high is a loser. A lot of sober people who never even tried pot are fucking stupid as shit. Just look at some of the older residents of this area who bash drug users on this site yet they can barely read and write themselves, they have atrocious grammar and come off as a borderline retard. Why are people around here so stupid and nosy? Why do you stupid middleaged losers sit around on the internet spreading rumors and gossiping about strangers and things that do not effect your life. Is your life really that boring and empty? Is your time so worthless that you don't mind wasting 90% of it with your big fat diabetic ass plopped down in your disintegrating busted computer chair? You people make me sick.
Eatin CROW

Fairmont, WV

#42 Jul 27, 2013
As I said ... TIME will TELL the TRUTH about this situation --- After 8 years Levi is bodily and spiritually at rest ---

IF you KNOW for sure and certain she was cookin where were her supplies when the police got there??? Where was the chemical odor????

And IF you are so smart about his subject then you realize those who are cookin and all of those around in area where the cookin is going on absorbs the meth into their system without taking it -- Think about that....

And as for the lifestyle of the person that is posting --- maybe it's someone that got squealed on and now is trying to cover their OWN tracts ----

Norfolk, VA

#43 Jul 27, 2013
Crow sounds like a meth head. They sure do know an awful lot about meth. As to her supplies.. HELLO she had days to get rid of her materials! Maybe after she got caught cooking out at her families place she learned not to cook in her own house. Shake and bake meth labs can be done anywhere and are easy to get rid of. Stupid meth head, your excuses for her are pathetic and pointless. Makes me think Crow is one of her meth head friends. Go on down to the store any buy yourself some more Sudafed honey. You ain't high enough to make sense yet.
Eatin CROW

Fairmont, WV

#44 Jul 27, 2013
Hmmmmm --- wouldn't know what was in that junk if you paid me a million dollars to go out and buy it --- HAHAHA ----

Common Sense Honey --- Something that you sure as _ell are lacking in..... LOLOLOL

And I just LOVE knowing that every single one of these posts can be traced and YOUR names can be ID'ed to be used in the future --- LOLOLOL ---

I WILL say this again... The WHOLE TRUTH will be coming out in the future and there WILL BE those who will EAT CROW -- MAYBE even from a JAIL CELL of their OWN!!!!(Even those who went in ans STOLD from VAl after this all happened.... Wonder what THEY were actually looking for when they ransacked her house?????)

HAHAHA -- TIME WILL TELL who are the drug infused LIARS!

Charleston, WV

#45 Jul 27, 2013
Who cares. She's cracker trailer rrash anyways.

Lansing, WV

#46 Jul 27, 2013
RealTalk wrote:
Who cares. She's cracker trailer rrash anyways.
Please stop using my SN whats wrong not cool enough or real enough to come up with your own SN? I will keep calling you out everytime you post under my SN and we can do this all day & night all week if you want i don't care it doesn't bother me none.
sillyusernameint hisspot

United States

#47 Jul 27, 2013
Hearts breaking wrote:
<quoted text>
How much MORE PREVENTION do you want??? HOSPICE -- DOCTORS, NURSES, DHHR POLICE SCHOOL SYSTEM ---- and and DON'T FORGET the neighbors who lIVED BESIDE her and didn't realize she had TWO CHILDREN!!!!
I believe this child and his Mother fell through the web of PREVENTION that you are speaking about!
I agree. The system isnt designed to help . its to eliminate the problem. Only the cons who can be savvy enough benefit from services. Most kids taken from parents end up worse in foster care. Human beings need to become part of each others lives and help. We all need help in one way or another no matter our circumstances. Leave the judgment to the Lord
1 post removed
sillyusernameint hisspot

United States

#49 Jul 27, 2013
question wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh..the people who came to do the well check...she tried to keep them from going in.
If she's such a "good" mother...which is bullshit...why did her NEIGHBORS not even know that this poor child existed?! Oh, right, because he was only there as a source of income & pills.
Why do you have your goddamned granny panties in such a f*cking bunch? If you believe she did nothing wrong, why don't you cough up the $100k and get her out of jail!?!
Just like all you Appalachian meth heads & pillbillies, defending each other to the death, and blaming the "system" that carries your sorry asses.
You're just as big a piece of shit as she is. I don't care what you say, HER SON DIED IN HER CARE AND WHO THE F*CK DID SHE CALL!?!?
Garbage, all of you, f*cking garbage.
People with such rage and language are beyond my comprehension. I just became a part of the system and i dont do drugs. My house may be small but we only see garbage in a can or bag. You have no idea what services or why we need them yet you judge me and everyone else in these hills. I know plenty of alcoholics and drug addicts up on top of the hill. Their car is nicer /newer or their house bigger is the only difference. Their poop stinks just like mine, their pants go on the same way and last i checked at the PTA meeting we all were human beings.

Ever heard of a thing called compassion? Are you an atheist?

Norfolk, VA

#50 Jul 28, 2013
First off, if you don't have compassion for another human being you lack empathy, not religion. I know atheists and agnostics with more compassion in one finger than a lot of the bible thumpers in this town.

Second, I'm glad that little Levi is in a better place and that his suffering is over.

Third. How can you defend this woman? You want to talk about compassion, have some compassion for her victims, her children. You want to forget that this woman is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL. She was convicted of manufacturing and distributing meth. Remember, SHE WAS CAUGHT BY THE POLICE COOKING METH IN THE SAME HOUSE WITH HER CHILDREN! What kind of "compassionate, caring, loving" mother exposes her children to meth? Do really think she has changed all that much since then? I find it hard to take much pity on someone who denied a sick child medical care in the last days of his life and then couldn't even give him a proper burial, or even be bothered to call 911. That poor little boy likely died alone! I find it difficult to believe that a person who exposed kids to meth manufacturing is a "good mother." Why was she refusing hospice access? Was it to hide criminal activity? Criminal activity covers more than drugs. If she loved her son, she would have allowed them in to treat him. Some of you want to make the excuse that she was mentally ill, and not on drugs. Fine, I'll play your game. If she is mentally ill, she needs to be locked up in Weston and her kids taken from her permanently, as she is an obvious danger to them and possibly society at large. If she is sick and needs help, then they should lock her up in Weston to ensure that she gets it. If she is a self centered criminal who neglected her child, she needs to be locked up in prison. I'm pretty sure she has had her mental state checked by now. If she was really that crazy, she would be in Weston and not locked up in the Central Regional Jail.

You say she was targeted by a unfair police conspiracy. Police watch and arrest criminals. If someone is being "targeted" by the police, it's probably because they are a criminal!

If you want to have compassion for someone, have it for her kids as they are the true victims here. Making excuses for the person whose bad choices and lifestyle came at the expense of her children.
Get your FACTS straight

Bridgeport, WV

#51 Jul 28, 2013
Let's begin with number 3 -- Have you NEVER done anything wrong in your life?????-- PAID the cost for doing it and then people never let you live it down??? CONVICTED -- DONE HER TIME -- PAID THE PRICE FOR THAT CRIME!

The ONLY word out there is that she, in the PAST cooked meth --- NO EVIDENCE FOUND in her home or belongings ---

You have NO CLUE to WHY she denied Hospice --- You also Have NO CLUE to how long Levi was dead ---

YOU are the one talking of POLICE CONSPIRACY ---

And has she HURT ANYONE in the community around her????? Yes, she needs assitance from mental health EXPERTS --- But even if she recieves it does that mean that judgemental jacknapes like YOU will leave her alone --

The agencies in the area were well aware of what was going on in her home --- The SAME agencies who are to protect the innocent --- DID THEY DO THEIR JOBS ---- Even IF they had taken him the outcome would have been the same -- Levi would have died --- Drs had written him off over a year ago ---

And since you have such great knowledge -- tell me this -- how many times did you do a kindness for her children -- How many times did YOU pick up the phone and report what you seem to have so much knowledge about --

The bottom line is this -- You did not spend a minute in her shoes -- you do not know what you are spouting off about --- Hope you enjoyed your time in Church this morning and the sermon about "Judge Not Lest Thou Be Judged!"

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