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San Angelo, TX

#1 Apr 26, 2011
Can someone please tell me why the 911 center in Kanawha County hasn't been investigated for misappropriation of funds from the director? Why is the Board of Directors being led blindly and the County Commision being lied to??
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United States

#3 Apr 26, 2011
well ill tell ya wrote:
Exactly! And why does the director have a take home SUV that probably cost the county about 40 grand? Along with a couple other nobodies that work there that have take home cars, why do they need those?!

And while we are on that horse, why does Kent carper have a 50,000 buck Tahoe provided by the county with emergency lights in it? Where does he run lights and siren to?
Because what Kent Carper wants he gets! That's why the metro communications truck has his initials on the front of it lol! KC1
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From someone who knows

Winfield, WV

#5 Apr 29, 2011
Part of the Board of Directors does know. Even the auditors informed her before the report came out so she could fix what she needed to. Someone needs to step up and help those employees. I hear she is horrible to them!
Ex Emploee

Hurricane, WV

#6 Apr 29, 2011
If the public only knew what is going on with their money and how the director has no business there they would oust Kent Carper in a new York minute.
The public needs to know about the trips, vacations, cell phone ( for personal use) etc...The most appaling to me is how violent Carolyn is with the employees. METRO NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED!!!!!!! By a outside source

United States

#7 Apr 29, 2011
Not only do they get county vehicles to drive around they get free gas and vehicle maintenance. I bet 911 dispatchers don't get a free ride

Since: Mar 11

New York, NY

#8 Apr 29, 2011
Violent with employees? And they take that? Job can't pay that much. I'd call the police and then a lawyer.

Charleston, WV

#9 Apr 29, 2011
I hear there is a young man from the Elkview area that is talking to people about running against king Kent and is getting a lot of people and business owners willing to back him
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The Best

Reston, VA

#11 Apr 29, 2011
i think they should shut the whole thing down. who needs it? is metro 911 really that important? sounds to me like the entire operation is a waste of time.
If you only knew

Charleston, WV

#12 May 2, 2011
She is one crazy woman. She is abusive to her employees. She is nasty with the way she dresses. The county is lucky they haven't been slapped with a law suit for hostile work environment. She should have been fired a long time ago.

Charleston, WV

#13 May 2, 2011
If this woman is really like this and runs the workplace in such a way, why arent there complaints from the employees? I wonder if they are threatened with their jobs.
Lifetime Marmetian

Belle, WV

#14 May 2, 2011
The Best wrote:
i think they should shut the whole thing down. who needs it? is metro 911 really that important? sounds to me like the entire operation is a waste of time.
Ok, if they shut down Metro 911 and your home catches fire or someone robs you at gun point who are you going to call for help? It's not like they still publish direct numbers for the fire dept. or police in the front of the phone book, and in most of these small towns if law enforcement is out on the road there is no one in the office to take a call, also most of the fire departments in the county are volunteer, that means they don't know they have a fire or mva until metro communications tones their fire pagers.

Still wanna shut it down?

Sounds like they have serious problems and they need new management but shutting down is not an option, it is of vital importance to the citizens of this county.
knows a little

Charleston, WV

#15 May 2, 2011
JustThink wrote:
If this woman is really like this and runs the workplace in such a way, why arent there complaints from the employees? I wonder if they are threatened with their jobs.
Employees have complained in the past and she got a raise. Besides that, their complaints are laughed at and nothing is done. And yes, some have been threatened. They are, with the exception of the director, all "will and pleasure" employees. The director is the only employee at the center with a contract.

Charleston, WV

#16 May 3, 2011
Why hasn't the county commission done something about this? Is it because she is a Charnock? Why does she report to a board? No one else in the county does. I had to leave my job because of her.

Charleston, WV

#17 May 5, 2011
Wanna know why they don't replace her? If they put someone in there with half a brain they are afraid that person would blow their cover on what actually goes on in county government. Days in conventions where a couple of hours are in a class that teaches nothing and the remainder of the day in a bar while on tax payers dollars. People taking classes that have nothing to do with their jobs. She is left to punish her employees because she keeps her mouth shut where the good ole' boys and girls are concerned. The problem starts from the top down. She is not the only one that should be replaced. Unfortunately 911 employees can't vote her out, but the public can vote the rest of them out.
truly sad

United States

#18 May 5, 2011
Since Metro is funded from 911 fees paid on landlines and cell phones, they operate outside the bounds of the county commission. Some on the board are aware of what goes on but they are not able to do what needs done for reasons that may never be understood. Some employees are treated like dirt. They are talked to in ways you could not even imagine. Others keep a distance so they can minimize any interaction.
People in the past have tried to help. Sadly, those individuals are no longer with Metro. Several good people have walked away because of the management. Current employees have tried to speak out. Some are threatened with their jobs others are just ignored. More could be said but what is the point? Nothing is going to be fixed and the blanket will continue to be pulled over the eyes of the county. Who ever eluded to misappropriations of funds is barely scratching the surface. Let us all hope that no one ends up injured or killed by the decisions of upper management because of an inability to understand the importance of Metro 911.
well ill tell ya

Charleston, WV

#19 May 5, 2011
Any intelligent person stands up to the joke of an admin they have at this place. That's why about 90% of the good dispatchers are gone, the rest of em are dumbasses
too bad

Charleston, WV

#20 May 5, 2011
To Truly sad's comment. That is very sad. Bringing up the possibility of someone ending up injured or killed is very real and all at the hands of those that are aware of the problem and have chosen not to do anything about mis-management. Suddenly the issue became even more clear after reading your comments. Politics at it's finest.
truly sad

Bluefield, WV

#21 May 5, 2011
well ill tell ya wrote:
Any intelligent person stands up to the joke of an admin they have at this place. That's why about 90% of the good dispatchers are gone, the rest of em are dumbasses
The dispatchers do a phenomenal job at Metro considering the uneducated decisions made and then forced on them to implement. Some people in their administrative positions have never worked a minute as dispatchers but are helping to shape what responsibilities are forced on those dispatching. And with the current number of dispatchers working full time, we as citizens should be thankful someone is even there to answer our calls.

San Angelo, TX

#22 May 5, 2011
The understaffing is so true. 9-10 people working at any given time. Talk about dangerous. Besides dispatching the radios, taking 911 calls and non-emergency calls. these are the things that are going to get someone hurt or killed.The only time they work more people is when there is SCHEDUALED meetings or tours. No one is allowed to just "pop" in and check Metro out. Charnock makes sure out that. She has already made the statement the the 911 center will be broke in 2yrs or less. Keep in mind that they just raised th 911 fees for the purpose of upgrades to the center and hiring. None of which is in her plans.So if the center is broke where is the money???? She tells the Board and the Commission that everything is fine and that she has a full staff. They don't question but they should. The Board put her in, they can take her out!!!

Since: May 11

Elizabeth, NJ

#23 May 5, 2011
Well, I work there. Although I have not witnessed Carolyn being "violent", I have heard of the tantrums. That said I don't think anyone there would accept her throwing something at them. I surely wouldn't. I don't think the "violence" has ever happened. But Metro is a hostile work enviroment... Just off the top of my head, there's administration staff and fellow employees that like to yell across the room at people instead of talking to them personally if there's a problem, basically belittling them. Which is bs, but no big problem.

Yes I agree that the Metro administration does need investigated by a outside agency. All the wasted tax dollars on take home vehicles, free gas cards, iPhones for "administrative" use... The list goes on and on. I wish someone would pay for my fuel or my phone bill, ridiculous.

The major problem is the understaffing and under pay of the center and the over working of the employees. By over working I mean the work load, not necessarily the hours worked. The phones by their self isn't too bad, then there's the radios, and having to take calls at the same time you're working a radio because there isn't enough call takers (which BTW, call taker only people are a new thing at Metro, and there's just a few). You could easily have a caller screaming in one ear and police units yelling over the radio in the other... Then there's the radio positions where you have to monitor several channels and /simultaneously/ take 911 calls... It is a common occurrence for at least 2 different units on 2 different channels talking to Metro at the same exact time /and/ that employee is taking a emergency 911 call and we have to tell the caller "hang on, I'm talking in the radio".

We Metro employees are all "at will" employees, we are basically scared to complain... even the supervisors don't want to, because if a person does complain the administration would likely just fire the person. 911 employees are like everyone else, we need our job, regardless of how much our bosses suck, and just can't complain on a whim and get fired, most of us have families to think about, it pays the bills.

The employees get ordered to work over a lot of the time due to poor staffing and scheduling. There's been people that were already scheduled for 60 hours in a week and get ordered for an additional 12. Or another example, the employee shows up at 7am, at 11 am that person is sent home and told they have to come back at 7 pm and work a full 12 hour shift...
We work 12 hour shifts, and there are many times when a person is ordered to do a 16 hour shift and still have to come back 8 hours later after that 16 hour shift for another 12 hours, does that sound safe?
Do you want the person that takes your 911 call to be so tired they can barely hold their eyes open because they've been there 15 hours? How about being told to "hold on" during a 911 call while that person answers a radio? For Kanawha County to be the most populous in the state, our 911 system is horrible. Poor management, extremely low morale (the lowest I've ever seen it), resentment towards other employees due to completely unfair, unearned, and undeserved promotions or advancements because of the good buddy system and nepotism.
There are "staff" employees that just sit around, take smoke breaks and play on the Internet, at least that's all I've ever seen them do, some ones buddy no doubt.
The board of directors and administration are kind of like congress, they vote for their own pay raises but leave the lowly underlings to do all the work and give us no thought... Oh, I forgot, they do spend maybe $200-$300 on Christmas and thanksgiving dinners. We should feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

And the comment about someone getting hurt... I hate to say this, but maybe that's what it's gonna take to make a change.

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