Body found at Mink Shoals Park & Ride
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Charleston, WV

#44 Mar 15, 2013
curious wrote:
who is the pill crew?? I heard she was living with another guy?
She was staying with one guy in Huntington day after funeral and hanging with another guy on campbells creek 4 days after that.

Charleston, WV

#45 Mar 15, 2013
curious wrote:
I am starting to think she is about worthless, she has three kids for Gods sake and I dont guess she is even taking care of them. She is living with some guy and spending all her money that she is getting for the kids on "other stuff" What is up with her?
never had them one day since he died,she is a trash junkie druggie skank.

Charleston, WV

#46 Mar 15, 2013
B1tch wrote:
She had fake opanas trying to sell them around the time Nick passed. I love Nick and always did. He was a good friend. It's sad to think his friends would do that to him. Is she still with Kevin Bass' cousin?
People are STUPID If they buy anything from her. She has always sold fake. She is so ugly/grose.

Charleston, WV

#47 Mar 15, 2013
Wondering wrote:
does anyone know what he died from?
YES Report said overdose from 2 different type of pills.

Charleston, WV

#48 Mar 15, 2013
curious wrote:
wasnt she married to Nick? He was a good guy, I didnt know him well but I knew he idolized Sammi and to think that she may have had something to do with his passing is so disturbing to me. Did the police not get involved? I know the guy she is with now and he is a good guy too but I figure she will take care of that too. I have now heard from several people that she is really bad again and not even allowed to take her kids anywhere,
so true. She is worried about sammi. Had surgery after last child so she could now do every guy she comes in contact with. She does sex for drugs. She has never raised none of her 3 kids. Her family does. How stupid they are for doing it so she can go do drugs and have sex. Debbie has allowed her to run around screw and do drugs since she was 13.

Belle, WV

#49 Mar 18, 2013
wow wrote:
I loved and cared about Nick too. He was a great guy. He just had a bad addiction and he couldnt get away from it and Sammi fed the addiction because she had it too. I heard she told someone that she was so high the night that he died that she couldnt stop laughing that it was like they were in a cartoon. I dont know how true that is or isnt but I know its a sad situation. Now those children are left without a father AND a mother. She has all but abandoned them. Its sad. Nick was so handsome but he went downhill fast with her. Now she is out desstroying someone else and that is sad too. I will never understand how she got away with it.
I saw a pic of him while with her and he didn't look the same at all.

Charleston, WV

#50 Mar 25, 2013
Poor nick rest in piece hope the truth comes out!

Charleston, WV

#51 Apr 10, 2013
Debbie Simms wrote:
Why dont you people get a life you dont know what your talking about until you walk a mile in somebodies shoes you cant say nothing about nobody my daughter adored nick and theres no one to blame because they both are adults and they know the consequences.
First thing Debbie she is your granddaughter. You and her live lies every day. She always told people you were her mom and YOU Are her grandmother. She always told people Your MAN Sonny was her dad and he was nothing to her. I do not even know if anyone for sure ever saw a marriage License saying you were married to Sonny. YOU People need to be real and live in the real world. YOU Need to quit give her your prescriptions to take and sell trade for other pills she wants.Everyone knows Nicks aunt in Malden buys your prescriptions to give Sammi money to buy the pills she wants to snort. Can you live with yourself if Sammi overdoses knowing you played a role in making sure she has her pills or fix daily ? You raised Lora horrible and Now Sammi is raised worse. You did horrible.YOU Are a horrible mom,grandmother and great grandmother. Wonder how Reese will turn out with you having a help on raising her? Hopefully the other grand parents of her know really how you are by now.She may have adored Nick but she never loved him or his children. She only loves who will give her pills or let her buy pills or let her do whatever kind of sex for pills. Shame on you Debbie for not being a GOOD Role model for her or your daughter Lora. Sammi now will blow the SS Check every month snorting pills. She will continue to keep selling her food stamps just like she has for the last 5 years.GOD Knows she would never work ..She has been a nothing since she was 13. Many guys up Campbells creek have said that.You should go walk a mile in Sammi shoes. I wish you really could go back to when Sammi was 13 and walk in her shoes. You would see what everyone is on here talking about.

Charleston, WV

#52 Apr 10, 2013
wow wrote:
Believe me, I have thought about that many times, that they were both adults but I have also thought maybe if they had called 911 or took him to the hospital, maybe he would have lived. Maybe if they werent all high and someone had some sense to think about it for just a min. I dont know, and who is to say it would or wouldnt have changed the out come of things..... or if his death was meant to happen to maybe make her wake up and realize that she is headed for disaster too if she doesnt get off the drugs. that she needs to straighten up to raise those babies but it didnt even do that, she is still on the drugs, going nowhere, doing nothing with her life and not even taking care of her own kids....
DEBBIE Just thinks we will all let this die away and Sammi get her way by everything going away. NOT !!! Sammi did this to herself. Nobody was in the right state of mind the night Nick died. They were all 3 blowed out of there minds. Sammi,Nick & Linda. Linda 7 Saami have to live with this. Linda now has lost all her kids. Lost track not sure if she has 4 or 5 . Linda is a drunk/druggie. Sammi is a drunk/druggie/junkie/Nympho/Tr ain Girl.
Sammi Jo

Charleston, WV

#53 Apr 22, 2013
Wow u all r ridiculous u dont kno n e thing im done with the drama bs. Like I said post your real names, I'm using my real name so wtf? OMG hahaha LMFAO u all r too scared cuz u kno ur just trying to start rumors! I DO NOT CARE WHAT U IDIOTS THINK CUZ U DO NOT KNO N E THING, USE UR REAL NAMES CHICKENS!!!!

Nitro, WV

#54 Apr 22, 2013
use your real name cause everbody know you a skank ho. topix say you telling guy you pregnant with his baby

Yo can I get a amen on da skank ho

Charleston, WV

#55 May 24, 2014
Sammi Jo wrote:
Wow, u people dont know shit. U r making shit up and putting it on here, its ridiculous. I am sitting here with Tina his mother and Steve his step father right now they r pissed too because of the bull shit. Tina wants me to tell u only god knows wut happened that night and he is the only judge and he will b the one to judge judgement day not n e of u ass holes that dont know shit. Steve says put ur real names on here quit being cowards they dont wanna hear shit about me or Nick from n e body u need to quit makin shit up. And I wanna say u can all go to hell u dont know shit he was my husband, my best friend, my everything and I will always love him with every ounce of my being. I had nothing to do with it and we have the official death certificate that proves it and its sad that I feel like I should post it onlin so u all will leave me and my family alone. I dont know y u wont let my husband RIP and leave me alone. None of u know wut Im going thru I lost my life when he died, wut did I ever do to n e of u to deserve this? Iwanna know y u wanna put me down when u dont know shit. I just dont understand it, and I dont understand y u people wont put ur real names on here or call me or come up to me and say shit to my face. Actually I do know y bcuz u all know its bull shit. None of this is true. If u have n e questons ask me, and I will show u the death certificate that says there was no foul play involved, it was not homicide, it was an accidental OD.I cant help it he took off and its not my fault no one could find him, and its not fair for u people to start these awful rumors about me. We wanna know ourselves where he was during those hours we couldnt find him. Like I said b4 he was my everything, if u wana know the truth and not believe these rumors come to me,my mom, tina, or steve. And for the love of God quit bein chicken shits and use ur real names!!
BITCH. Why did you and Linda say Diane did not want him at her house and drop him off at Hardings drugged up.. is why. You and Linda.. freaked out and left him. You all were going for more drugs.YOU Were scared there would be a pill count.... Your grandmaw Debbie does give you money for drugs You were looking for a apartment when he died and you had a boyfriend. You had ask him for a divorce. You damn liar ! You keep telling lies and I will really tell some stuff some of the guys have told you did since Nick died. YOU Do not want to hear this. If I were you I would go away.It was a overdoes and you were NOT told accident dummy. They do not say accident OVERDOSE YOU FOOL. IT Was all your and Linda fault. YOU Keep it up and you will lose your 3 kids just like your best friend Linda lost her 5.

Dillwyn, VA

#56 May 25, 2014
Bludo done it.

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