No Hotdogs sold at the Dome on the 4th

Cedar Grove, WV

#50 Jul 21, 2014
There are no more hotdogs sold at the Dome and the owner doesn't own the bar in Dunbar anymore. Straight from the horses mouth!
Pay attention

Charleston, WV

#51 Jul 21, 2014
No I work for Kin on the side sometimes doing construction or whatever he needs mostly construction. He called me recently to help him remove Slim and some whacked out dude named Jack or Jeff something like that from his balls. Seems that Slim had the left one in his mouth and Jack had the other in his and they just wouldn't let go. I had to use a crow bar and pry them off of them. I tell you what just when you think you've seen it all comes a call like that. Took me about 45 minutes to get them to let go and finally Jack stopped first, but that Slim fella he just didn't want to let that left sack go. Kin went ahead and paid me for for 4 hours though which I thought was pretty nice of him. Before I left Slim got pretty upset and said a few things and booked and Jack was applying ice to Kins balls.

But still 4 hours pay for 45 minutes work is not bad, but I sure did earn every penny of it.
Scotch on the rocks

Charleston, WV

#52 Jul 23, 2014
What happened to Gene Lopez. Last I heard his health was bad and that is why he sold the place, but others say he is doing fine. Anybody really know? I always likes him. What about Gretchen is she still there?

Charleston, WV

#53 Jul 23, 2014
Their pizza and hotdogs are the best. Got to get a dog if you haven't been there.
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Best Rapper Around

Charleston, WV

#55 Jul 23, 2014
I just love their blackened hot dogs! They're dope, man!
Better than Chop House

Charleston, WV

#56 Jul 23, 2014
I went in Wednesday afternoon and had the Roast duck and hollandaise sauce and it was to die for. The baby carrots were scrumptous and the asparagus was excellent as well as the saute onions. The house salad seemed to be fresh from the garden all the ingredients were so tasty and I washed it all down with a nice glass of cabernet. The only difference in the Dome and the Chop House is the price. I recommend the Dome anyday of the week and twice on sunday. Excellent meal!
Henry could grill like a

Charleston, WV

#57 Jul 24, 2014
Does Henry Simmons still fix steaks there on Friday nights? I recall you could get a steak on the grill a baked potato and a salad all for $7.00 minus tip. One time I ate two dinners I was hungry as hell. I smoked a bowl of some good herb and before you know it I had two steaks in front of me two baked potatoes and two salads. I ate all of it. Cost me around $20.00 plus tip but it was worth it. Henry could grill a steak like a mother Fu$&er.

Roanoke, VA

#58 Jul 24, 2014
The doom what a shuttle speaking in which u guys forgot about the brothel up stairs there is a hippy gay guy that sells pretty good weed then jack or Jeff has the cheap cocaine I heard there is a couple of the doom bartenders live up there one is a retired p etifile and the woman pimps out her daughter for meth and pills still no hot dogs

Charleston, WV

#59 Jul 24, 2014
that is he best place for pizza and a beer or a hotdog and a cold one.
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Better than Chop House

Charleston, WV

#61 Jul 24, 2014
Better than Chop House wrote:
I went in Wednesday afternoon and had the Roast duck and hollandaise sauce and it was to die for. The baby carrots were scrumptous and the asparagus was excellent as well as the saute onions. The house salad seemed to be fresh from the garden all the ingredients were so tasty and I washed it all down with a nice glass of cabernet. The only difference in the Dome and the Chop House is the price. I recommend the Dome anyday of the week and twice on sunday. Excellent meal!
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I would be so nice to her

Charleston, WV

#63 Jul 25, 2014
Tomorrow is Saturday and you know what that means 'Karokee" and that hot ass little blond with the perfect butt and gorgeous face. She reminds me of a cross between Jennifer Aniston from friends and Kim Bassinger. Anyway I will be there tomorrow night and I hope to sing a couple Kenny Chesney songs and when I do I am going to stare right at her pretty face and sing to her and only her. Now of course if my girlfriend is with me then I may have to tone it down a bit, but maybe I can talk her into staying home and me go alone. I am looking at my watch right now wishing time away. I may even bring her some flowers and a box of chocolates. She's just so friggen hot!

Charleston, WV

#64 Jul 25, 2014
I bought one of their t-shirts that says "Dome Dogs"

Charleston, WV

#65 Jul 25, 2014
Inky what part of "THEY DO NOT SELL HOT DOGS" do you not get? Besides the owner is to cheap to purchase any shirts. He won't even cut the heat on in the winter and the air conditioner in the summer so you know his cheap ass isn't buying any shirts.

Charleston, WV

#66 Jul 25, 2014
Doncha Think wrote:
Why does the Gold Dome in Kanawha City no longer sell hot dogs? That place has sold hot dogs for at least 6 generations if not more and now all of a sudden they change ownership and along with that goes the hot dog. How hard is it to grab a bun slap a wienie on it throw add a little mustard some slaw a tad bit of onion and maybe a smidgen of chili? If all is right you'd have maybe .11 cents in the whole thing and sell it for (?). It is all profit.
The Dome in Kanawha City no longer sells hot dogs or pizza, but by golly you can get all the egg rolls and "Saki" you want. Something is wrong with that picture. Not too long ago people would look forward to getting off work stop in the Dome grab a couple of dogs and some fries a cold brew and let natute take it's course, but now they.......DON'T
Something is wrong wit that picture...
Doncha Think?
<shaking head>
GET OVER IT BUDDY - new ownership, They can seel what they want to sell. Why don't you open up a "Dome" and sell dog food on your dogs?? Have you forgotten how this idiotic family sold dogs to the people of this county and the health dept. found out they were loading them down with dog food?
Jo Bo dog food rocks

Charleston, WV

#67 Jul 25, 2014
Dear Old man

I heard that story once and never knew if it were true or not till one day someone showed my dad a can of "Jo Bo" dog food they just got out of the kitchen. I think at the time Jo Bo was like .10 cents a can and yep they sure did use it in their hot dog chile. I assume no one complained about it. Some of the old timers used to say they sold them 10 for a dollar and would sell almost a thousand a day. I have a neighbor who still frequents that place and he said he also heard it from his dad back in the day.

Hey the old Southere Kitchen would take people leftover food they didn't eat from the table and put it back in the pots in the kitchen and resell it. Rolls, greenbeans, corn, mashed poatatoes etc. They would even put coffee back in the coffee pot. These small mom and pop places tried to cut corners when they could.
Call me jing a ling

Charleston, WV

#68 Jul 25, 2014
Now that's just pure sick. I mean sick! Can you imagine Slim and Wally and Lou and Jack after a hot and sweaty foursome of about like 3 hours of just raw sex and then they decide to take a break head to the Southern Kitchen to refuel so they can get back to the bedroom to go at it again and then the waitress takes the food they haven't eaten which probably has semen and whatever else comes out of their bodies on it and she puts it back in the pots? My GOD that's just nasty sick.....hold on a minute while I puke..........hold on I am still upchucking.....hold on......God help me.......there's chunks of food everywhere.......

I'll have to get back to you I can't stop puking......

<puking sounds>
I thought he was in jail

Charleston, WV

#69 Jul 25, 2014
Yo jing a ling if you are finished puking do you mind if I ask you a question? Is this the same Jack from the Chelyan or Cabin Creek area? Man if it's who I think it is I thought he was still in lock up. I remember he thought he was all that when it comes to electrical work but to be totally honest with you I am totally shocked that glorified and over priced light bulb changer hasn't electrocuted himself by now. I saw him take an hour one time to just change batteries in a flash light. He was being paid by the hour.

You know Jack is a lazy SOB so I bet when he and Wally and Slim and Louie were oiling each other down Jack was on the bottom. That dude is too lazy to be on top. Bet his broke ass didn't pitch in on the oil either.
I thought he was in jail

Charleston, WV

#70 Jul 25, 2014
And when did Slim get out of the slammer? I though he got life plus ten years. Man I knew a guy who was in lock up with Slim and he said Slims dick was so small...

He could masturbate through the slits in a fork

He could screw a past strainer

He saw paper clips that were wider

He said he has seen bread harder

Oh well on the bright side Wally said after having Lou ripping him apart with his manhood night after night it was refreshing having Slim for a change.

Speaking of Wally last I heard he got run over by a city bus or something like that we know he didn't get hurt on the job that's for sure. That homosexual is so lazy Jack said he just throws his kisses.
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Charleston, WV

#72 Jul 25, 2014
If any of you inbred silly ass hillbilly's really believe the Gold Dome used dog food for their hot dog sauce you are insane. First of all have you priced dog food lately? It isn't cheap and no matter what you did to it or how much you doctored it up it would still taste like crap. That was an old wives tale from back in the day that people still fall for even today
Harley heaven

Charleston, WV

#73 Jul 25, 2014
I don't barhop anymore I got too old and just tired of it, but I was wondering about Debbie King who used to or may still work there I am not sure. I heard she got in a train accident and almost died. That girl loved to screw and she loved dick. If she had two drinks in her she was on her way to some action if you know what I mean. It didn't matter if she was married or not if she was horny she was going to take care of it. She had some big titties too nice and round and she was proud of those balloons and to be honest I had a nibble here and there on those bad boys. Almost went all the way with her on those back steps once, but someone showed up and ruined the moment. Anyway I hope and wish her the best and if anyone knows about her let me know.

Thank you

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