warrant issued for russ bowen

warrant issued for russ bowen

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Gregory K

Charleston, WV

#1 May 9, 2014

Wonder where that fat ass jelly roll is hiding? It couldn't be in tree house in Coonskin Park because he cut all of them down.
get over it

Mckinney, TX

#2 May 9, 2014
Gregory K - you are SOOOOOOOOO unbelievably obsessed with Russ it is disgusting! Get over it! and why do you always say things about him being fat? He isnt even fat - he is about average. There are still plenty of trees in Coonskin. Yes, what he did was wrong, but let the law handle it. You need to move on, you really have issues.
If I had to guess

Charleston, WV

#3 May 9, 2014
Greg if I had to guess as to where he is hiding i'd say more than likely he's in Jeff Hutchinsons bed. You know the dude who allowed him free reign to destroy the park with a wink and a nod.
Gregory K

Charleston, WV

#4 May 9, 2014
Dear get over it

I've never been obsessed with him or anybody or anything in my life and if you think so then all I can say to you is get over it. He is a liar, thief, con artist (low budget con artist) and has no respect for nature and or public property. He saw a chance to steal and pillage and the bum took advantage of it and I hope he goes to jail because of it. I can't make it any more simple than that. Obsessed "Absolutely not" but I do hope law enforcement stays on top of this and follows this by the letter of the law.

And as far as Parks director Jeff Hutchinson is concermed you don't want me to tell you what I think of that ass hole. He is a carbon copy of Russ when it comes to morals and honesty. I know if I were his superior I would have fired his ass as soon as this came to light.

Both men are just no good in my humble opinion. Just plain no good. I would just love to be watching the news and see Bowen in cuffs being led off to jail and if so I wouldn't be one bit surprised at all if Jeff isn't the first person he calls to help get him out. Not one bit surprised. I would almopst give anything to have heard there original converstion about those trees. How Jeff has kept his job is a mystery to me.

Charleston, WV

#5 May 9, 2014
Let's see when he returns from wherever it is he's at he will be arrested and hopefully be in cuffville. Picture taken for all to see on the South Central Regional Jail Site. Well let this be a lesson for you young uns out there. If you can't do the time don't do the crime. Cuffville. I like that word.

Charleston, WV

#6 May 12, 2014
Anybody know if he's been arrested and put in cuffs? I checked and so far no picture on the jail web site. What gives? He didn't move to Mexico or someplace where he can rape and pillage the land get paid a large sum for it and nobody is the wiser did he. Or is he still hiding in Jeff Hutchinsons bed? Anybody in the know? Anybody?
Mike Roark

Hurricane, WV

#7 May 12, 2014
If Russ Bowen did not live up to the terms of the contract, why would this not be a civil matter? The legal complaint mentions supervision of the operation in the park. Why was this not done? Who was responsible for doing that? The Park Board better watch its step as they appear to be as much at fault in this mess as Mr Bowen.
Kent Carper reports to

Charleston, WV

#8 May 12, 2014
All those beautiful healthy trees were stolen by that thief and all that damage was done to the land by that same thief Russ Bowen and yet it took a lady taking a stroll thru the park to bring it to anyones attention. Anybody know why Parks Director Jeff Hutchinson didn't already know? Anybody?

Now Russell Bowens reputation as thief and con artisrt is well known among many circles, but maybe, just maybe, the name Jeff Hutchinson should also be added to that list.

My oh my" how I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall or on one of those trees (well the ones that are left) when those two con artists were discussing raping the land.

Who does Jeff Hutchinson report to? Who does that person report to? Now we know Russ reports to his momma, you kniow because he is a mommas boy, but Jeff Hutchinson. Hmm!

So Russell Bowen tears up the land and then proceeds to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in timber and and the parks director knew nothing? It took a lady and her dog to bring it to our attention.

Kent Carper! Who dfoes he report to?
Gregory K

Charleston, WV

#9 May 15, 2014
Ok, ok I see where Russell Bowen turned himself in wednesday and posted bond. Damn I was hoping he would have been arrested and put in cuffs for all to see. Anyway who wants to bet me that his mommy posted his bond? Anybody?

and on a lighter yet serious note I see where his butt buddy Parks commisioner Jeff Hutchinson may be looking for someone to build a bridge at coonskin.

Please to God someone stop him beofore he chooses Russ Bowen. Do you really want something as important as that built with a wink and a nod? Are the powers to be still allowing Jeff Hutchinson with such decisions? God I hope not!

Charleston, WV

#10 May 15, 2014
Hopefully Bowen is done doing business around here. I think he is going to have to start up another shell corp and insulate himself from the public eye to get any work in these parts. Karma, man... it gets you eventually.
When you do people wrong, it comes back to bite you in one form or another.

Charleston, WV

#11 May 15, 2014
It isn't Civil because it is STOLEN property. While they had a contract.his actions were UNRELATED tot he details of that contract. Thats what makes it Criminal.
Mike Roark

Hurricane, WV

#12 May 15, 2014
Mskamish wrote:
It isn't Civil because it is STOLEN property. While they had a contract.his actions were UNRELATED tot he details of that contract. Thats what makes it Criminal.
More like poor or non existent supervision of Mr Bowen's contract with the Park Board.

Charleston, WV

#13 May 15, 2014
It should have been monitored, given his HISTORY. He doesn't have an honest bone in his body. The County is not known as a Stellar suprvising body either!
Gregory K

Charleston, WV

#14 May 16, 2014
Here is what I would like to come out of this. I hope Russell Bowen is found guilty and is sentenced to prison for the absolute maximum amount of time and is fined the absolute maximum. And then at the same time I hope that Jeff Hutchinson is immediatley dismissed. Those two are a disgrace to society.

<fingers crossed>

United States

#15 May 16, 2014
I remember back in high school he was always getting his a$$ beat. Once a pr!ck always a pr!ck

Hockessin, DE

#16 May 16, 2014
Ask the old lady's in kanawha city about him agreeing to do work them. Charge them 3 times the amount it should cost, collect a payment and go "out of town" hunting. Most jobs he would start and never come back. Some just took 6 months to put a drain in.

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