Is it Called Brothers of the wheel or...
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Baltimore, MD

#62 Oct 3, 2012
Hondas Rock wrote:
Repetition sucks
Other than skin color and you guys being 90 to 110 pounds overweight (in other words fatasses) what is the difference in what you do and what you represent than what the black gangs in other areas do?
Think about it fatass you run drugs, steal, embezzle, try to intimidate, etc.
What's the difference?
I'll wait on your answer
Tick Tock***Tick Tock***
They have to deal with idoits like you. Were as a gang would just shoot your stupid ass

Charleston, WV

#63 Oct 3, 2012
It's brothers of the law.
South Hills Girl

Ardsley, NY

#64 Nov 15, 2012
They helped my family one Christmas! And no doubt this same hater is the one who got caught making threats and calling names and said she will take on them any day. She's moved in chapmanvillie now, Angie marcum. Big woman, age 48, red hair. Has three grandkids. Trolls on here everyday of the week. Don't pay any mind. She's made threats of raping the women in the club, she's got an illness. She's set up more then one hate thread on them. Get a life. I love u botw, some of you are great! Signed Danielle Kelli .
South Hill Girl

Ardsley, NY

#65 Nov 15, 2012
Haters will be haters. Mostly it's one on most forums under names on this website. Agh.

Charleston, WV

#66 Dec 4, 2012
Obviously if you have a problem with the Brothers of the wheel you have had a personal problem with maybe one of them. Sh** happens, but buddy I will be the first to tell you not all bikers are like that.. What about the Iron Pigs? They are mostly vets, police officers and active military. they don't do what your speaking of. The BOTW are amazing people you always have a bad apple in every group but that says nothing about the group as a whole. I too had them help me and my family as a child. Christmas, helping my single mother fix her car and help with school trips for us kids that we couldn't afford. Great men! I know for a fact of all the fund raisers that they have. I have saw them set on the side of the road and bum money from people driving buy to help a small child with a cancer surgery and treatments... I WEAR SLEAVES what have you done for people? do you help people in your community?? All I see is negativity from you and maybe you had a problem one or two but not all of them and you don't know all of them well enough to judge them in that way. Anyone for that matter.

Charleston, WV

#67 Dec 4, 2012
I wrear sleeves wrote:
Lifes experiences and being street smart and somewhat wise helps a bit also....wink! wink!
Let me ask you a question please. If your username is correct and you have two children, then would you want your daughter to lay with one of these cretins, and or, would you want your son to hang with or become one of these cretins. Please search your heart as a mother when answering this! There is no wrong or right answer here only the truth.
,,,,,,,,,, how come you got your name wrong on this post sleeve ?? Wear?? Lmao, how many names do you have to post with? Lmao
I wear sleeves

Martinsburg, WV

#68 Dec 4, 2012
I know a lot of those BUMS and yes that is what most of them are BUMS and I guarantee you it would be a big mistake to trust one. yea they hold fund raisers alright i bet out of every five dollars collected $1.00 goes to the cause (grudgingly)$2.00 for drugs and the other $2.00 for their bike.

Liars, druggies, thieves, convicts, and the women who lay with them are even worse. Can you imagine the morals of one of those chicks who even kisses one of those fat asses? Ignorance breeds ignorance!

Charleston, WV

#69 Dec 11, 2012
MedicKeaton wrote:
I will say this of the BotW. They have in my opinion showed themselves to be dedicated riders, dedicated to their families and dedicated to their communities. I have seen them having fund raisers over the years to raise money for various causes. The club on Route 61 outside of Oak Hill is a very big supporter of the Special Olympics. Other club houses do the same thing with other causes. I have seen the looks on the kids faces when the guys fire up their bikes to do parades for charities. I am not affiliated with the BotW but I do respect them for what I have seen out of them.
Actually the Pagans did have a bar in Rand, WVa and the leader of the club didn't drink or do drugs. Churches even came to the place and picked up TOYS FOR TOTS.

But they did put on a facade and were drug dealers (among other things) and some who turned on them and testified were put in witness protetion programs.

Now in the very area in which they had the "club" no criminal activity was done (or noticed if it was) They usually met other criminals at the famous PAST REGATTA (so I've been told. I knew a few of them and they seemed no different than the Brothers of the Wheels which I'd also been around a little - so IT IS A BIG POSSIBILITY they could be a bad "thing"??????

Remember some of the Pagans were a part of their community in a good way and had families also and were respected.

United States

#70 Feb 21, 2013
Delora DeVille wrote:
If they are truly helping others then i am all for it. Many need help in this tough economy. Children and older people especially. Give them a hand.
Totally off topic but I have a baby sister named Delora. She was named after a little girl that made friends with one of my brothers when we were on vacation (I think in Myrtle Beach)back in the 80's. We've never met another Delora since. That was almost 30 years ago. You didn't happen to vacation in Myrtle Beach back in the 80's did you? HaHa! Not likely but that'd be pretty wild. Anyway, back on topic, I've run into some of the Brothers Of The Wheel in Ohio several years back and they seemed a bit rough but also seemed like solid guys. I grew around bikers and ride myself so I guess they just seemed like everyone else I grew up with.

Martinsburg, WV

#71 Feb 22, 2013
The answer to the question is SQUEALS

Most are soft as warm butter and the others are just mere Pagan Wanna bees. And yes those gals will squeal like the pigs they are to keep out of the slammer.

So they are called the Brothers of the squeal!

Troy, VA

#72 Feb 22, 2013
They are called brothers of the squeel. Thats what they make you do when they get your pants down around your ankles with you bent over. Hahahaha!

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