Statts Mills, WV

#71 Mar 6, 2013
Justas wrote:
Guess they will be having "cock meat sandwich" for supper tonight. Hope they like beatin on and playin with bubba's balls.
Dana be OK when they find out he like young white boyz.
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Creek chub

Chesapeake, OH

#73 Mar 6, 2013
BlkKen wrote:
<quoted text>
Dana be OK when they find out he like young white boyz.
Ha ha're a funny dumb a$$ nuccaKen!! Lol!!
Creek chub

Chesapeake, OH

#74 Mar 6, 2013
Dana loves boyz huh. Figure hell be eatin tossed salad and tube snake soon! Ha ha ha!!!
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Dunbar, WV

#76 Mar 6, 2013
I've got another story... Back in the mid-80's I had just got out of the Army and was with 3 friends over at the Blazin' Saddles on Washington St.

The place was packed and everyone had money up for the pool tables. This was kinda a country bar but there was one black guy in the place and he tried to jump my turn.

I said f'no and we got into a pissin match. Now this guy was huge 6'5" at least and solid. For about 20 minutes he was pointing at me and yelling "I'm gonna kick your ass!", "I'm gonna kick your ass!".

At one point he was sitting at a small table that had two I went over and sat right down next to him to see what he would do. I looked away for a second then took a drink of my beer...and there were ashes in it. He's sitting there smoking a cig.

That pissed me off so I went up to the bar and told Brogan (the bouncer who was also in my National Guard unit) that he better come over and get that punk in check. He said he'd be back there in a min. So I paid for a new beer and went right back to my same seat. I looked away on purpose and when I turned around, bigger than $hit there were ashes on the top rim of my new beer.

I stood up and squeezed the full can right in his fucknface and before he even knew what was happening, I was punching down on ths MF'er like crazy. He gets up and blindly bull rushes me and I got him in a headlock but his momentum carries us into another table.

As this was happening, I threw my glasses on the pool table so they wouldn't get broken (and one of my boys grabbed them). I rolled to one side as we hit the other table and used his force against him so that I landed on top. I got 5-6 more unblocked shot on him before everybody jumped in to break it up. I remember that when they seperated us somebody had my arms pinned to my side and I told him that If anybody hit me while he was holding me, his ass was through.

The black guy wanted no more of that shit so he and his 2-3 white friends went out the front to regroup. They were in the middle of Washington St. raising all kinds of hell.

We slid out the back door and all I got out of the whole thing was a torn shirt. To this day my friend will ask me if I remember the time over at the saddles that I beat Magic Johnsons a$$.

Statts Mills, WV

#77 Mar 6, 2013
And your lame point is????
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Saint Albans, WV

#80 Mar 6, 2013
Both of the guys arrested were in their thirties. It's just pathetic. Hope they torture these guys. And everyone just standing around gets what they have coming one day.

Hansford, WV

#81 Mar 6, 2013
No one deserves being beaten. That being said, it seems that the victim and his attackers had some previous dealings and that sparked the attack.
lower valley 1

Kernersville, NC

#82 Mar 6, 2013
here is the lame point......... when the smoke cleared at the transit mall 2 scum bags should have been deceased!!!!!!!!!!

Martinsburg, WV

#83 Mar 6, 2013
Bottom line is TWO more African American thugs off the streets. And another good part of that is that they won't be able to reproduce another entitlement child for a while. Or as they like to say (Baby momma's)

Hansford, WV

#84 Mar 7, 2013
Princess wrote:
A cracker, whitebred, cockasian, dense
1. Honkey, cracker, whitebred aren't races.
2. Cockasian isn't even a word, it's caucasian.
3. Are you dense or just another racist in this area?

Statts Mills, WV

#85 Mar 7, 2013
New photos of those POS at their new address:
Creek chub

Chesapeake, OH

#86 Mar 7, 2013
I hope they are locked up with their Straughter brothers and all of 'em are enjoying jail lovin'! Pos biatches!!
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Hell in a hand basket

Huntington, WV

#88 Mar 7, 2013
So glad to hear that arrests have been made!

Now on to the bystanders...... hope they get a little piece of the pie too! F*cking morons!
Hell in a hand basket

Huntington, WV

#89 Mar 7, 2013
willie wrote:
<quoted text>
Amen.... well said!!!!
Thanks! Call it the way I see it!

Charleston, WV

#90 Mar 7, 2013
the transit mall was built for people to catch buses and have aplace to eat lunch during thier lunch hour on nice days! the park is not for drug dealers ,drunks and every other type of low -life scum!the same people hang out there everyday doing needs to stop!

Charleston, WV

#91 Mar 7, 2013
they need to have 2 cops posted there! if your not waiting on a bus your gone! if you comeback you go to jail! get caught drinking doing drugs or selling drugs you go to jail! its the same people harassing ,robbing and causing trouble !! and that damn store needs to be shut down too!
Owen Boone

Cedar Grove, WV

#92 Mar 7, 2013
Instead of putting hoods in prison, make them work and pay the victim for a lifetime.

Charleston, WV

#93 Mar 7, 2013
Owen Boone wrote:
Instead of putting hoods in prison, make them work and pay the victim for a lifetime.
thats a lose cause,one most of them don,t have a job to begin with !! their not going to work,most would rather go to jail , 3hots and cot!! you can,t rehabilatate a piece of shit!! you just flush it down the toilet!!

Charleston, WV

#94 Mar 7, 2013
that transit mall has been a hot -spot for years !! the last bus runs at 1230 headed to the bus terminal,the mall and all other business are closed!! so what the hell ru doing at 1 or 2 oclock in the morning hanging there? your up to no good! thats what!! drinking ,robbing and selling drugs! and whats up with the camera shit? cpd used to have a officer at the station that monitered those cameras!! what happened to that. not enough user fee money ? a poor man was robbed and beaten coming from a concert a few years ago! he still has,nt fully recovered and need 24 hour care!!this shit has to stop,before someone gets killed!!

Chesapeake, OH

#95 Mar 7, 2013
I have been parked at a meter on Summers Street right by the park and have seen multiple wide open drug transactions. Police couldn't care less. When I go to the mall, I get dropped off by family or friends at the white people's entrance, down by the civic center or Macy's. I don't go in on the other end and I don't go to any of those outside restaurants because there's always a fight or a drug deal or people bumming money/cigarettes. People should not subject their families to that crap. If enough people quit patronizing those businesses, this would stop. Money talks, and the bullshit could walk!

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