Is West Virginia a bad place to live?
k9devil dog

Baltimore, MD

#72 Feb 12, 2014
Wv is a scum pit filled with sub human trash.these people are allergic to soap and water and ignorant.They won't care for their own children because they say they have no money and the government needs to help them but they always have money for drugs,booze,tobacco and lottery tickets.wv wild and wonderful? Bull crap trashy and backward is more
k9devil dog

Baltimore, MD

#73 Feb 12, 2014
The Real Jimmy Love wrote:
It is a horrible place to live! Trust me if you move there you will be biding your time until you can find the quickest way of leaving. You've heard all the wv jokes, well they earned them.
exactly,very true
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Hockessin, DE

#75 Feb 13, 2014
Does a bear crap in the woods?!
Hagatha May

Orlando, FL

#76 Feb 14, 2014
Possums, let's just face facts here.WV is a dump at best. The water is contaminated,the weather is horrible. The population there is ignorant and inbred. The women are mostly heifers and the men all have beer bellies and have sex with family members. Many movies and documentaries have been done about the place and most of them are not very flattering. Even current shows on television depict the area as full of toothless hillbillies. Stereotypes do exist for a reason. I-77 has been known as the Hillbilly Trail for many years due to the young people in WV fleeing south in search for a better life. A dear friend of ours who is a physician,worked at a hospital in Charleston. She told us of the horrible sights she saw when caring for the locals. The home health nurses who went to homes and saw patients spoke of vile and filthy living conditions beyond belief. Bathing and douching are foreign concepts to most there. Many of the women have vaginal infections whiole many of the men have "smegma" and spread disease back and forth. Hence the rise in birth defects and grotesque creatures being born there,also from inbreeding. Possums, if you wish for a better life, flee to normal society. Glad I could help. TaTa for now Lady of Quality
Cross Lanes

United States

#77 Feb 22, 2014
WV is poverty stricken. Opportunities are limited. We now have "chemicals in the water" situation. The air is poor and cancer is high. This is chemical valley. Frequently, you can "smell" the chemicals. Authorities are slow to inform civilians regarding chemical leaks. As for WV beauty, our mountains are being removed, our environment is becoming increasingly polluted, with coal sludge, chemicals, and the aftermath of fracking. Look up Dupont, Bayer, and Monsanto. I would look at other states to relocate. You cannot eat the fish from the rivers and it's not advisable to swim either. However, I feel safe in my community. Despite traffic issues, Cross Lanes is nice and convenient. Know this, if there's an emergency with Bayer (chemical plant) no one in Cross Lanes would get out in time. I do feel had my family left state, we would be better off financially. It is hard to "get ahead" in WV. My advice is to keep looking and not come here. There's a huge drug problem in this state also.(both legal and illegal and half the population is on disability) There's something wrong when you biggest employer's are the local hospital and the state.
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Dunbar, WV

#79 Feb 28, 2014
It is no different than anywhere else. As you may have noticed, all the ignorant and degrading posts are from out of staters. The economy is a little rough, but it is possible to find anything you could want, whether it be a big city setting or a small town/country atmosphere, often you can have both. Kanawha County has excellent schools if you pick and choose. The Eastern Panhandle also has excellent schools and is a rapidly growing area due to its proximity to Washington DC, but there are still areas large of farmland, woods, mountains, and rivers. Ignore the disparaging remarks from those of small intellect. West Virginia, in my opinion, is a unique and beautiful state and the people are all welcoming if you don't have a "everybody is a stupid redneck" attitude. If you move here with an attitude like that, you will quickly find you are not welcome. West Virginia will love you if you love it.

Dunbar, WV

#80 Feb 28, 2014
Brooklyn is less polluted and poverty stricken than the entire state of WV? I know for sure that is completely untrue due to living far too close to NYC for comfort for about 6 years. There are plenty of pristine wilderness areas in WV, something that cannot be said of Brooklyn. There are more parts of WV than the Chemical Valley. Ignorance is dangerous. Best part of the state is Canaan Valley. Check out Randolph and Tucker County. If you like the outdoors, you'll fall in love. Also many different types of people there. Truly a melting pot. Good coffee shop in Elkins, and it is a college town. Fall foliage is incredible there, and I can't stand fall and winter, so that's saying something. Music and arts are big in the area. Hope you find this info helpful and hope I helped to paint a more positive picture of a state that is disgracefully slandered by those who know not of what they speak.
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Charleston, WV

#82 Mar 1, 2014
Don't listen to these idiots. West Virginia isn't the most exciting place in the world. But it's a very safe place overall. Not a bad place to raise your kid. The only crime is property crime, and we have one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country.
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Cedar Grove, WV

#84 Mar 10, 2014
There is no opportunity here because the lawmakers are 15 years behind the times. Stay where you are.

Charleston, WV

#85 Mar 10, 2014
WV blows
Fatt woman

Dillwyn, VA

#86 Mar 10, 2014
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BS Tracker

Hurricane, WV

#88 Apr 6, 2014
Stephen Adkins wrote:
Honey it's best you look online then ask about WV on here, not telling you that you should or shouldn't. That is just one person on here repeating nasty things about WV . It's a forum troll. There are quite a bit on Charleston. He's on other forums under several names telling fibs and posting nasty things about WV . Best bet for you, look online. Don't ask people on here. James, possum and Bertha and several other names he uses. It's just one person who likes telling lies. I think he's got a mental illness. WV is great! If you want country, move in kingwood Morgantown or other places like that. Don't move in charleston Logan or Boone . Everyday there are murders at those places. Don't pay any attention of what people say , there's many liars on this website. You'll find few truthful people and ones that don't have screws loose is rare , they can carry a conversation and be nice and honest.
You are either delusional or very rich - this is the worst place in the world and I'm tired of all this WV Pride - what in H @#LL do ya'll have to prooud of? Ignorance which abounds.
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Chesapeake, VA

#91 Apr 6, 2014
Don't get me started! The residence who live there have ruined which was once a Great part of America the Beautiful.
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DH Wells

Kissimmee, FL

#94 Apr 9, 2014
If you like living in a state with inbred mountain rednecks then its fine otherwise if not then I advise keep away.

Hurricane, WV

#95 Apr 9, 2014
Kristie wrote:
Thanks for the input from all of you, I definitely need to do some more research and thinking before I decide what to do. It's seems like I'm hearing more bad than good.
You're hearing more bad than good because of the type of people who generally visit topix.They're shyt stirrers,losers,envious of anyone who's successful,and angry at being of little worth.WV is not as bad as most states when it comes to various issues.Even the so called cultured states of New England are going through the misery of heroin addiction as well as many other problems.Florida is full of crime,etc.Putnam Co. schools are the best in the state.As I've stated on many occasions the nation is on the fast track to hell but we just prefer to take the slow train.LOL
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Hurricane, WV

#99 Apr 11, 2014
West Virginia Nightmare wrote:
<quoted text>
...but either which way and whether fast or slow, West Virginia will still arrive at the EXACT same destination as the others - HELL FOR ETERNITY!!
Nah, we don't have as many godless pc libturds.
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grandma in mts - Jan 2014

Finksburg, MD

#103 Apr 22, 2014
QUESTION: Kristie asked if she'd find West Virginia a good place to raise kids alone, and also, "Is the Kanawha area a nice place? I'm not a big city type of person. I'd rather have more of a relaxed country setting."

I've lived in many states - raised 3 kids alone - we all went to college together finally, and now the kids are grown and I'm VERY happily retired in Berryville VA. Safe, Clean. No crime. Low rents. Good weather. Happy residents. Educated. Fabulous library. I worked in the dollar store there for couple years, so got to see how residents behave; 99% had great outlook on life. Nearest Big Box stores are 9 miles away in Winchester, which has a superb hospital. "Mount Weather" is in the mts nearby, so gov't keeps things safe; if you aren't up to mischief, you won't mind. You can see "Sterlings Best " and compare aspects like cost, politics, etc.
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Charleston, WV

#105 Apr 23, 2014
It's beautiful here

Martinsburg, WV

#106 Apr 24, 2014
I left the Washington DC area in 1990 to move to Martinsburg, WV. I had such major culture shock. After raising our family now 24 years later, I am ready to leave. I can take it or leave it here. We just want to move to an area that has more to offer. Our area has grown due to Washington transients like myself, but it's just not the place I want to spend the rest of my life. Things are very behind here compared to our neighboring states of MD and VA which is nearby. I couldn't even imagine living further into the state. You cannot make a descent income in WV and I feel very bad for young adults coming out of college with degrees, it's a no-brainer, you have to leave the state to make a good living. Thankfully, we have a commuter train to the DC area, which most people who have large homes and car payments have to use in order to make money. I cannot complain about the schools in our area, our kids faired well. It can't be any worse than the suburbs of Washington that we moved out of. I would never send my children the school system I went to....too dangerous. It's quiet, unless you have ATV-happy people living nearby. The people are more friendly in this area than the DC area also. We've noticed drivers are a little more considerate. The comment made about the "short bus" by another blog is very offensive and uncalled for. You have that in every state. Also, watch out for cell phone coverage...not so good in a lot of places in WV, we've had pretty good luck in our area. All in all, the eastern panhandle of WV is by far the most prosperous of the state, but you could not pay me to go into any of the other 52 counties!!!
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Charleston, WV

#108 May 11, 2014
I will be honest with you. I hate this state. The only jobs around are minimum wage and if you have a higher education level then forget it. I have a B.S. and M.B.A. and the only work I can find is low class jobs. You also need a car to get around cause there are no buses outside the cities. Charleston is about the only place I've ever found work. If you live outside the city you have to put up with backwards people who still live in yesterday and if you don't believe me read "Yesterday's People" that is a book about WV and it is right.
My friends and family tell me to move out of the state. My problem is I don't know what state would be best to move or start a new life in but I need to make a move soon or I'll be trapped in WV forever and this place is more like hell on earth than heaven. So my advice is to run far away from this state and don't even think twice about coming to it.

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