Lindsey Graham: Attack Syria or Iran Will Nuke Charleston

Sep 8, 2013 Full story: Free Republic 22

At an invitation-only breakfast for establishment Republican types in Mount Pleasant, S.C. this week, Graham said that if America doesn't take military action against the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Iran will acquire a nuclear weapon by the end of 2014.

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Woodbridge, VA

#1 Sep 8, 2013

South Carolina, you need to get that man OUT OF WASHINGTON NOW!

This is serious business. Obama right now is literally now an INSANE man. He has NO idea what kind of stuff he's playing with. FORGET POLITICS.

Think of it. Our military has been gutted, the ones remaining are war weary, some maimed for life, our country is BROKE! The rest of the world tells us DON'T DO THIS!

Fight for the homeland for REAL!
FORGET, "saving face" for Obama. This is far more serious. When Russia allies itself with Syria and YOU poke your nose in trying to play footsies, you play with fire with US as the ones who will pay. Even MANY of our own countrymen say DON'T DO THIS!

We do NOT want to pick an alley fight with Russia or China. They are NOT little backward third world countries. If you will, they are a major part of a group of 3 powerful countries. They have the technology we do and the ability. This business of the US having the most powerful military on the face of the planet is not true. All 3 have powerful armies. And we are NOT on the best of terms.

The media has ginned up support for politicians and wars for YEARS. " It's all for the children." they say. They have even been caught STAGING events just so the opinion of the American people will support their little agenda. After all, no one can refuse a little child. NO! It is not like that! It's for them and their games.

What is more, it is a diversionary tactic to cause us to focus on what we NEED to focus on in THIS country: our liberties taken away one by one, a bad economy with few jobs available, an INVASION of illegals to take what land and jobs we DO have,
etc. etc. How much must we endure?

The middle east has ALWAYS had trouble. And think of this: DO IT-- How would YOU like it if everytime OUR country ever had a little uprising another country sent THEIR military to OUR soil?
The fact is that some of our own politicians should be REMOVED from office because they are TRAITORS to us! You tell them of your concerns and they act all arrogant and attempt to make your position look short sighted and stupid. Witness that FOOL McCain! That old man needs to GET OUT OF OFFICE.

I know many of us work HARD for a living and we just want to be left alone and we pay little attention to the news. But I'm telling you they will NOT leave us alone. They pass edicts and laws at the speed of an Amtrak train that DIRECTLY affects us. We SHOULD care!

I'm all for an honorable military who REALLY defends the homeland, which has not happened since WWII. But they try to convince INTELLIGENT people that "It's fighting for your country!" in their flowery rhetoric, when all they are doing is using OUR BEST BLOOD, OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS for their global chess game. I don't know about ya'll, but I didn't raise my kid to be thrown to the lions of the world for nothing but someone's games.

Woodbridge, VA

#2 Sep 8, 2013
Where is my post?!!!

Woodbridge, VA

#3 Sep 8, 2013
It's funny. I watch these STUPID world leaders using nukes as the Queen on the chessboard.


It's one thing to destroy the population you want to with conventionals. At LEAST some population comes back and the LAND is still usable.

We would ALL be better off leaving THESE weapons alone. I would compare these weapons to Mace in one case. You use it on someone else, you'd BETTER be sure YOU are out of the way.

The difference is, these NUKES don't just destroy what YOU want, they destroy EVERYTHING!!!!!! DO YOU ALL STUPID POLITICIANS GET THAT!!!!! You'd think at least Russia would learn from Chernobal (sorry forget how to spell it) Ask the Japanese with regards to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and where their reactors are, Fukashima. Look at the contaminated spot of testing in the US. These places are going to be contaminated for a LONG time; far beyond YOUR lifetime.

This is NOT just a little bugbear to play with. Any world leader that does NOT recognize this should not BE a world leader.

By the way, chem weapons while vile can be used and not take the world away properly used.

Two you'd BETTER NOT PLAY WITH are nukes and bios.
They don't just affect what YOU want; they affect ALL.


Woodbridge, VA

#4 Sep 8, 2013
Scratch post two; I was impatient.

Woodbridge, VA

#5 Sep 8, 2013
We need to pay attention and get some politicians out of office NOW before they do any more damage.

Since: Sep 08

Neon City Oh.

#6 Sep 8, 2013
Charleston has already been nuked.

Woodbridge, VA

#7 Sep 8, 2013
WDRussell wrote:
Charleston has already been nuked.
That is NOT funny you damned ass.
Palmetto Independent

Florence, SC

#8 Sep 8, 2013
Graham is a delusional wacko. I hate the man. He is evil. He is lobbying war for the military contractors.

Throw his GD butt under a prison!!!!
serfs up

Ormond Beach, FL

#9 Sep 8, 2013
Iran has been getting Nukes for the last 35 years. If you say it long enough, eventually they will be right.

Tallahassee, FL

#10 Sep 8, 2013
Truth wrote:
Where is my post?!!!
Go to

Elizabeth, NJ

#11 Sep 8, 2013
Are all the politicians like him after two or three terms, yes they are.

Another nit wit.
Just like Obama, McCain, and others. They should start their own political party.

Woodbridge, VA

#12 Sep 9, 2013
That ass Kerry is NOT in a position to bargain with anyone. I mean the GALL of saying "You have one week". I bet some world leaders are laughing their butts off at him.

What's scary is that these type of leaders are 'in charge' of OUR country.

I hope to heaven the military has the sense to mutiny. This is going too far.

Woodbridge, VA

#13 Sep 9, 2013
And Bolton saying concerning Obama 'consulting congress demonstrates weakness'? Who the heck is he?

Our constitution DEMANDS ok from congress. If they say NO, it should be NO. THEY hold the power of the purse. Impeachment proceedings should be in order for MANY politicains in Washington; AFTER the TRAITORS are arrested.

Woodbridge, VA

#14 Sep 9, 2013
I WISH the entire world could know what a damn LIAR Kerry "John Kerry reporting for duty" is.

He makes me want to VOMIT watching him on the video in the Guardian (U.K) having the unmitigated GALL and hypocrisy to go before them. And he does a good Diane Feinstein routine 'turn um all in' crap.

I can't BELIEVE we have this joke of a man speak for OUR country. It scares me that we have people like this representing OUR country overseas.

Woodbridge, VA

#15 Sep 9, 2013
I have a great idea. Make a space station on Mars and put all the politicians there. Let THEM fight all the little battles they want and leave the rest of us alone.

Woodbridge, VA

#16 Sep 9, 2013
In purging politicians, don't forget Holder, Obama's lapdog.

New City, NY

#17 Sep 9, 2013
Graham is another warmongering fossil like McCain who needs to be institutionalized immediately.

Woodbridge, VA

#18 Sep 10, 2013
Palmetto Independent wrote:
Graham is a delusional wacko. I hate the man. He is evil. He is lobbying war for the military contractors.
Throw his GD butt under a prison!!!!
Please prove that statement. Military contractors as rule are like the troops-nothing more than pawns to manipulate. Bet you'll find he's like every other politician, likes money and power.

Woodbridge, VA

#19 Sep 10, 2013
Adale wrote:
Are all the politicians like him after two or three terms, yes they are.
Another nit wit.
Just like Obama, McCain, and others. They should start their own political party.
They already have. But why confuse the people and give up the two party system? Just change your alliances.

Woodbridge, VA

#21 Sep 10, 2013
And damned Boehner. " I appreciate the president ..." 'working with us'. Well damn, isn't that the way it's SUPPOSED TO BE?

Who died and made the pres God Almighty that Boehner needs to fall all over him?

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