Police Say 12-Year-Old Shot Stepfather

Police Say 12-Year-Old Shot Stepfather

There are 110 comments on the WHOtv story from Feb 12, 2010, titled Police Say 12-Year-Old Shot Stepfather. In it, WHOtv reports that:

Police say a Lucas County 12-year-old is responsible for shooting and killing his stepfather and wounding his younger sister.

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The Advocate


#1 Feb 12, 2010
If this young boy had been abused as reported by the Register, and the grandmother did try to get help through DHS, and they failed to act, then maybe its DHS that should be charged.

Is this another one that slipped through their radar screen?

Oskaloosa, IA

#2 Feb 12, 2010
I agree with the first comment. I cant understand why the kid would shoot his stepfather unless there was abuse happening and i think he should go free then.

Ankeny, IA

#3 Feb 12, 2010
I also agree with the first comment. I grew up with a very abusive step father, so I honestly can not blame the child. He may have pulled the trigger, but there has to be a reason behind it. When I first heard this story, I felt relief for the child. It is so sad that this is what it took for him to escape his step father. No one took the initiive to help the child, so he decided to help himself.

West Des Moines, IA

#4 Feb 12, 2010
The child being abused is still hear say. I feel bad for the whole family. If the child was abused that itself is terrible,but does not give him the right to take another life. If the grand mother was so very concerned maybe she should have taken in the boy.Lets not forget the small child in the hospital room who was shot and im sure wondering why.

Cresco, IA

#5 Feb 12, 2010
i live in chariton and i refuse to believe one of our children commited this crime without a good reason. this child cried out for help and no one listened. these are the consquences for that.

Since: Feb 10

Garwin, IA

#6 Feb 12, 2010
In resonse to "Unsure", A grandparent CANNOT just take a child from the parent, that is called kiddnapping!! As great as that would be, it is a crime. I think the honest blame should fall back on Human services. The CONTINUALLY regarded Jacen and his Grandmothers statements as "unfounded", even after they saw the bruises on the Jacen and saw how malnourished he was. What 12 year old boy do yo know that is less than 50 pounds? That right there should have flipped on a warning light to DHS! When are we going to stop relying on Human services to protect the kids, when it is SO completely evident that they care only about shutting people up and pacifying them for the moment until they go away! This is outragous that they wont even consider a self defense plea. Considering Jacen lived with physical and emotional abuse, watching his mother be continually abused and who knows what else was done to his sisters. Jacen is an innocent child caught in the cracks of the system. An innocent child who needed protection and the 2 people who should have been protecting him, DHS and HIS OWN MOTHER, failed him MISEABLY!! There is no excuse for this injustice for anyone, especially a child!!

Grinnell, IA

#7 Feb 12, 2010
so MamaO, do u know this family to know that all this was really going on? I am curious to know. Or are you just another person reading what the media choices to tell and going from that.

Grinnell, IA

#8 Feb 12, 2010
Ok if this kids was as undernourished as MamaO is claiming then we better take the Chariton School district to task as well....since I know they offer both breakfast and lunch to their students.... Is it possible the child was just small.....Hmmm....is it possible for kids to just be small and NOT undernourished? I don't remember reading or hearing any reports that he was malnourished so you must know more about the situation then the rest of us, do share your "inside" knowledge of this case....Or is it you don't know anything cause you don't know the family personally!

Grinnell, IA

#9 Feb 12, 2010
I think that is terrible that he might be heard in an adult court. The poor kid was repeatly abused and dhs has been called several times and nothing was done. The child needs professional help from all the abuse he took. He needs help not put in jail.....

Urbandale, IA

#10 Feb 12, 2010
We should never lock him. I feel sad for him if he will be locked up. He's too young to think the bettr way to escape from his stepfather. His mom knew that and why didnt she do something to stop this before it happened?
I wish the child's mom or any moms who may have the same story to this one will learn from this!!!

Grinnell, IA

#11 Feb 12, 2010
Everyone keeps saying the poor boy... DHS never did anything because there was nothing for them to do. Had they had any reason to believe there was abuse going on then something would have been done. How do we know that this "poor boy" wasnt making things up so he could get his step dad in trouble. And reading the Register it sounds like the grandparents helped to give him fuel for what he did. I am a step parent and for a long time bio-mom tried to turn the kids against me too. It happens in every family when lives move on and families seperate. There is alot more to the story here and I am really tired of people trying to blame the parents for the actions of this "poor boy" or planned out and killed a person. Lets all wait until the full story comes out before we start placing blame and accusing others for what they did or didnt do for this "poor boy".
Chariton mom

Grinnell, IA

#12 Feb 12, 2010
I feel for this whole family, no matter what the situation!! I think people are going to jump to judge everyone rather it be good or bad!! I dont think that he should get tried for two counts of attempted murder, i dont think he meant to hurt his sister! I have a child the same age and i cant even imagine what this boy is feeling right now. I only hope that is a wake up call for all parents. My thought and prayers are with the mom (sarah) and the All the chilldren involved!

Cresco, IA

#13 Feb 12, 2010
Can not believe the people of todays world . You all need to get a life .The family is greving leave them alone.

Grinnell, IA

#14 Feb 12, 2010
I am not only a mother with children in the Chariton school district, but I worked closely with DHS for several years. In their defense they have very specific guidelines and due to state budget cuts very large case loads. When they are called to investigate a case they have to make quick judgements based on a small amount of evidence they have. It is sadly a flawed system, which is in large part why I no longer work in social work. As a parent with children in the school I also feel deeply for the family and although neither I nor my children knew them personally wish people would wait and get all of the information before jumping to conclusions.

Salina, KS

#15 Feb 12, 2010
he should be tried in adult court - even at 12 they are old enough to know they cannot take the law into their own hands and violence never solves anything!

Salina, KS

#16 Feb 12, 2010
many kids are abused in so many ways and they do not murder people

Des Moines, IA

#17 Feb 12, 2010
really chino?? You know how a 12 yr old mind works? You know that 12 yr olds know not "to take the law in their own hands" as you so eloquently put it. And I get tired of hearing about how overworked DHS is, if you did things right the first time you wouldnt have to keep going back and back and back. DHS in its current form is a joke and needs completely retooled. Anyone who has dealt with DHS in anyway knows this. With all that being said, I feel horrible for this boy and this family, especially the little girl who was hurt and now doesnt have a father.
Stan from Chariton

Cresco, IA

#18 Feb 12, 2010
I do personally know this family and can assure you that this young man is severly malnourished.I have seen verbal abuse with my own eyes and have heard of physical abuse as well. You can tell by being around the children that they live a life that no child should have to. There are many things that I could put in here that i have seen and heard over the years, however out of respect to the family I will not. Please everyone when you post a comment think about the family and what they are going through and choose your words carefully, and unluss you personally live with them please do not speculate about what was going on. I do believe in my heart that the truth will come out in court and hopefully this young man can get the help that he so desparetly needs.

Oskaloosa, IA

#19 Feb 12, 2010
I agree w/ Dave no one knows what goes on in any childs mind or what they have gone through. I feel for the whole family. I definitely agree DHS doesn't do there job!!! I have had some problems w/ DHS protecting my child as well. I'm so sick of hearing how short staff or over case loads they are. Maybe the government needs to do something about this instead of cutting more and more.So many of these stories w/ kids involved DHS has been called before and they have done nothing!!!!

Cloquet, MN

#20 Feb 12, 2010
Justme: Johnathon Waller Dreyhaus and Shelby Duis are two examples of children who died because DHS failed to do their job. DHS has workers who are over burdened and under paid. But...it is not excuse not to do unannounced follow ups if the child has marks on them.

Charge a 12 year old as an adult? That? Is assinine.

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