Ona, WV

#21 Sep 18, 2012
Brody is a great place to work I work there and they get crazy violations
Patriot Employee

Huntington, WV

#22 Sep 19, 2012
Patriot mines Peerless, Kanawha Eagle, and coalburg mines did get a 60 Day warn letter

Providence, UT

#23 Sep 19, 2012
ProCoal wrote:
<quoted text>
Again, please feel free to leave if you don't like the way thing are here. Turn off your electricity while hugging your tree. See how long you make it without heat, light, television, microwave, and everything else in your house that is run from electricity.
There's nothing poisoning my family or neighbors other that environmentalists like you.
oh my god. there should be a law allowing people to shoot idiots that make these stupid statements about coal keeping the lights on. who do you idiots think you are? I have busted my hump for 14 years working for csx delivering coal to the friggin plants. the rail industry is what keeps the lights on stupid. now i used to work for the power company too, and they told me that anything to turn a generator from wind, nuclear power and wind will keep the lights on but i think they're protecting the rail industry. you people need a serious head doctor exam. its just a job that pays well with no education, thats all. you insult every aspect of what really keeps the lights on and every person that isnt a miner involved in keeping the lights on every time you spew that stupidity. Now seriously i respect miners for their hard work like any hard worker but the stupidity about the lights thing is too much. be a miner all you want but dont claim yourself some hero for doing a job. linemen die frequently trying to keep the lights on. railworkers also. aep workers too. catching on? it aint about you. it takes more than fuel to keep the lights on boys, like it or not, your just another line in the list of responsible jobs and without coal something else would keep the lights on and no one would be dark or frozen. besides i keep my house set up to keep my own friggin lights on because i dont trust any of the people i said already to do it for me. and at the end of the day my payment to aep keeps the lights on anyway. period..

if i was a miner i would be worrying about a steady paycheck to keep my own lights on and see about fixing the problem with the large companies and the way they do business. you work for assjacks that really do poison the land and destroy the environment, and i dont understand why do you idiots support these companies by defending coal and what the coal industry does and help them do it too?? yall should form a union and fight these companies to do things right instead of letting them control you and destroy your kids and grandkids land. see nobody has a problem with miners and coal, just ignorant people that support these companies and claim they're doing nothing wrong. Like you, its plain to see you aint no miner or you wouldnt be defending the company. your a company man, defending the company, that poisons us all.
but nice try fooling me or miners.

Branchland, WV

#24 Sep 19, 2012
I had the privelage of watching 2 "unemployed" miners bumming money at the mall. They were all decked out in their stupid stripes, holding a sign asking for help. So funny...

Providence, UT

#25 Sep 19, 2012
Point wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm actually quite educated, I have a masters degree. Unless we have the equivalent of the Hoover Dam or some wind power devices hidden somewhere, I think the local electricity comes from coal.
So if you think coal mining is poisoning your family, leave the area for another location powered by nuclear technology. Maybe you'll realize what an idiot you are after the radiation gets to you. So shut your pie hole or move!
yep another company man trying to brainwash the miners and the public that coal companies aint doing nothing wrong. thanks for proving an educated guy can be a idiot too. that made me laugh.
the slurry runoff in the water table will kill ya just as dead as radiation will. and that didnt take no degree to figure out. oh, and one of them big windmills falling on your head will kill you dead too. so really an educated fella should realize the real problem is the electricity. its of the devil. and the aep devil says yall are liars anyway. they say they make electricty with hydropower, wind, landfill gas recover, and oil drilling too. Bummer, and your degree didnt tell you that too? id get my money back and go work for a company that aint a bunch of money hungry communists.
hey railman

Logan, WV

#26 Sep 19, 2012
one question what will csx do without coal what will they haul? i wouldnt be bitting the hand that feeds ya....lol

Huntington, WV

#27 Sep 19, 2012
hey railman wrote:
one question what will csx do without coal what will they haul? i wouldnt be bitting the hand that feeds ya....lol
I'm sure they'll just find something else to haul around. It would be sweet if they turned into affordable public transportation

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#28 Sep 19, 2012
hey railman wrote:
one question what will csx do without coal what will they haul? i wouldnt be bitting the hand that feeds ya....lol
only because you seem to really be in the well, dark.

Agricultural products
BioEnergy Materials
Consumer goods and products (Wal-Marts whole inventory)
Building materials
Raw metals
Military contracted equipment and supplies
Paper, pulp and fiber
Waste of all types
and of course, other transportation equipment
There is also a small number of locked cars registered
to the US govt but the inventory is never listed.

So your answer is we haul anything and everything!

But anyway, again i hope you see that coal is just another thing on a long boring list of nothing special. Just like a water turbine plant, coal has its uses but its not anything to write home about. The companies that mine coal are another story tho.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#29 Sep 19, 2012
sorry forgot to add a dash of salt. yall do know csx operates outside the county right?

Chapmanville, WV

#30 Sep 20, 2012
hey tree huggers i hugged the last tree i cut before it fell; ;; ;;

Cleveland, OH

#31 Sep 20, 2012
Hey railman, if you don't like it here, move dumba$$! Coal mining is what we do
I say

Bluefield, WV

#32 Sep 21, 2012
I get tired of hearing people say you should thank a coal miner for your power, I don't thank them for anything and what is the funniest part is most of these people saying this never thanked a coal miner until they became one or married one. these same people never cared about coal or the miners until they became one now it is a big deal and they want to blame everyone for why they are losing their jobs. everyone in any type of job could wake up one day to find they no longer have a job , coal miners are not any more special than anyone else.

Charleston, WV

#33 Sep 24, 2012

Harts, WV

#34 Sep 25, 2012
[Without replying to this message, put a heart on your wall; no comment, just a heart. Next, post a heart on the wall of the person who sent you this message. Then send this message to your women friends, only women. If anyone asks you why you have so many hearts on your wall, don't tell them. This is only for women, because this is breast cancer research week. One small act of solidarity between women. PS to type a heart, first type < then 3 It will turn into a heart. xxx

Charleston, WV

#35 Sep 25, 2012
news wrote:
http://www.phillyburbs.com/ap/ state/pa/coal-mining-proposal- draws-support-in-western-pa/ar ticle_8630dbdf-be30-5b82-913d- 02e2fc99e36c.html
This is Obama for ya. If WVa don't do what he says, he lets these Mine Companies pack up and move to another State. I thought something seemed fishy when Massy sold out.

Providence, UT

#36 Oct 2, 2012
Miner wrote:
Hey railman, if you don't like it here, move dumba$$! Coal mining is what we do
hey miner, I like it here. theres good jobs. unless your laid off from the mines because you dont get it that you are being used like a whore by these companies you keep supporting that keep bending you over the couch every 6 months. Coal mining aint what you do. trying to keep workin is what you do and you got very little say in that. your politics company boys that you keep running to every recall tell you when to bend over and whose name to yell. yall just dont see what you let them do to you at all do you? mine companies are like that devil sign on the road. steal, kill and destroy. and ass rape you. and you keep going back. good for you. ill stay right where i am thank you. these companies got plenty of money to do things right but dont. you stand right there with them doing whatever they say and poison the ground to help the company save money and talking about your big money but 6 months later your big money is in the unemployment line because they burn you up for the new coal and put you out like a dog when the vein gets thin and the quality ton price goes down. i can set a friggin clock with it and i bet you got no clue what im saying because all you see is 6 months of big money and think its good work. well good luck.

Seth, WV

#37 Oct 2, 2012
Coal mining is such a trap. A miner finally makes a decent wage and tries to have a few little things in life, and then they get laid off and must let their hard-earned possessions go back to the bank.

Then they and the companies pay into Federal Black Lung and only like 2% even get those benefits or die trying. One of the only jobs where they work themselves out of a job.

Would to God that I would have seen all this thirty years ago. But, I too, was blinded by the money and did'nt want to take the daring step of flying out of the nest here. Ugh..

I just wish I had the monies I paid in on UMWA dues and assessments, and strike funds, and donating shifts for elections, and chit. What a farce.. What a money racket. And where are they now? Try to get your UMWA pension. You might be able to do it if you were blessed enough to get ten good years in without scabbing or nonunion. Now the UMWA is going for a BAILOUT. and I am sure that the lowly miners will not see a dime of it. But I am sure Cecil Roberts will.

Whatever, people forget that one day they must give account to the highest power for all the greed.

Springfield, NJ

#38 Oct 6, 2012
Isn't patriot mines taking pensions away from their employees or something? Where's the umwa? Why isn't anyone posting about it?
UMWA member

Ardsley, NY

#39 Oct 7, 2012
Angel wrote:
Isn't patriot mines taking pensions away from their employees or something? Where's the umwa? Why isn't anyone posting about it?
Angel they are trying to. Patriot rented an office space in NY City in June and filed bankruptcy in July. They filed in NY but the UMWA along with AEP, WV State Attorney, NY State Attorney and several other debtors have been fighting thru the courtroom to have the trial moved to WV where it should be. That goes to show you no matter what these lying companies promise you, you can't trust them! If Patriot succeeds in this EVERY company, coal or not, will follow their path. I have enough time to get my medical card and pension but now they're trying to pull the rug out from under us. My father never worked a day for Patriot but through so called company mergers he is in the same boat. If this comes to pass, it's gonna get nasty!

Ardsley, NY

#40 Oct 7, 2012
Shew, it's really upsetting to hear that. I stand in support of y'all and hope everything works itself out for the best. I support our coal miners but not the companies, they need to get outta here and stay out.

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