how many nurses have had lost there l...
forced to retire at 37

Las Vegas, NV

#259 Jun 29, 2011
to: Bobo. Keep up the good work, keep your head up. You can do it! I'm considering going back to school as well.
to Gloria Maloney: since They won't give me my license back in Nevada, Illinois has decided to not renew my license as well. I haven't even worked there since 2008! I cannot understand how they can do that to me when I haven't done or been accused of anything in that state. I was on the same medications there as I am here and they never had a problem with me. So I think it is truly unfair.
kellye in ms

Puckett, MS

#260 Jul 12, 2011
Sad to be leaving wrote:
I recently surrendered my license to the board of nursing in the state ot Louisiana. While trying to restrain a drunk he stated i assaulted him, after he went to administration that morning they decided to have the security guard write me up. The board lead me to believe that i would be able to work in an non-clinicial environment after my pyschological evaluation. My evaluation stated i was no threat to immediate patient safety but the board refuses to re-enstate my license with restrictions. This has ruined my life. Nursing is all I have ever done. It has been my life for 24 years as an RN and 9 years before that as an aide. It is so sad that our profession has come down to dollars and cents. We as nurses have always gotten the worse end of the deal. Doctors gets lavish appreciation parties and gifts. We get ice cream social and pencils. Their families get their deductibles written off and we have to pay a co-pay. I have seen so much deceit and dihonestly in this business that hollywood can't compete. I'm throwing the towel in, I have no more fight left. No matter how many holidays you give up,funerals you miss to work, school plays, etc., you will never be appreciated for the sacrifices. This is farewell from a nurse's spirit that has been killed by it"s board of nursing. To the person at the board who told me when I asked how can I afford to pay for the fines imposed, stated "people some how figure out how to get it done", remember the person to save your life will proably will be a nurse not a doctor.
omg!! u took the words right out of my mouth! i surrendered my license 2 years ago and ive been so disgusted i can't even bring myself to even call the board to find out if there is anything to do to start working on possibly get it back. i'm 51 and could really use the money but don't know if i care enough any more.
Nursing board sucks

Hitchcock, TX

#261 Jul 23, 2011
I so could go, on and on. about the Florida board of Nursing and the Texas board of nursing.. Here is what happen, on my 22 birthday I went to a club.. my so called friends thought it would be fun to slip me a drug powder mix, coke, X, you name it.. that was on a friday night... I had a nursing orientation that following monday.. and you guessed it.. I popped on the test and went to the IPN nursing things and when I told them my story they did not believe me.. then one day.. I had a head ache.. and asked my mom for a motrin and she gave me what looked like motrin and I took it a with pill and thought nothing about it.. well it turns out that I had a random test like 3 weeks later.. I popped again for Darvocet.. I did not know how.. then I had to trace what happen back to when was the last time I took anything.. well my mother got the pills mixed up.. so now I look like a druggie.. keep in mind I am only 22 at the time, living at home.. and trust my mother to know I could not take any type of narcotics..

so now I decide to relinquish my nursing license for a period of 3 years, I join the United States Navy and hope that by serving my country I could get out and get my nursing license back... well 911 happens I have a JAG lawyer write my letter tell him what happen and when I get out back in FL i get my LPN in the mail.. I work for 8 months.. yes.. 8 months and then they say.. oh sorry we gave you your license back by accident.. give it back.. and on top of that.. prove how you got it back.. like I was the one that mailed it to me..

So.. now.. over 12 years later.. I want to get my BSN.. is it possible..?? should I go to RN school.. or will the BON just say.. sorry... even though you served your country, have a bachelors, 1/2 masters and have never had any kind of problem and can prove your a good standing nurse.. we will not let you sit for the board..?? is that the answer that I am going to get..?? should I even waste my time in nursing school?? I am in Texas and don't want to practice in Florida EVER.. just hate the state.. so do I have to square up Florida to get another state license?

BTW the boards on both sides are very rude.. don't care about you, If I had a felony I would have been able to practice.. but because I relinquish my license it seems like I am having to really prove my self.. should I ask for a pardon?

Ypsilanti, MI

#262 Jul 24, 2011
NURSES everywhere... If you have a complaint filed against you with a Board of not, I repeat, do not speak to them without an attorney.

I repeat... do not speak to any board of nursing without an attorney. You will be sorry if you do.

Since: Feb 11

Elgin, TX

#263 Jul 25, 2011
hansand wrote:
NURSES everywhere... If you have a complaint filed against you with a Board of not, I repeat, do not speak to them without an attorney.
I repeat... do not speak to any board of nursing without an attorney. You will be sorry if you do.
Ditto! Let the lawyer deal with the board. Let the lawyer get all of the paperwork. Again, let the lawyer get the phone calls and crappy mail. Let her guide you!

Cleveland, OH

#264 Jul 28, 2011
Nursing is not what it should be. I do not recomend anyone, to go into this field. Look instead for something else, donnot look for career just for how much money you will make. One mistake in nursing and your out! So if you put everything in to it because you make Xamt of dollars, forget it. It's not worth it, if you make one mistake, your OUT. There is no concern for how many years of service you put in. You made a mistake...your OUT! Read stories about overworked nurses who made mistakes and now are either dead or waiting for prison. Is it worth it?
Nursing board sucks

Hitchcock, TX

#265 Jul 28, 2011
gingerbread wrote:
<quoted text> "Understanding" you are so right on!! I am a LVN and I can't believe that the previous writers are in my field! You all are a bunch of whiners, whatever your story: take responsibility!! You are only covering up; it is so obvious with your excuses. Nursing is an honorable profession, so act honorable.
I think that if a nurse proves themselves and still the board does not want to give their nursing license back, then what happens then.. how can nurses that put their patients in real danger get to keep practicing and those that accuse and just tell lies get to keep practicing while the nurse that they lied on still has to carry that discipline that is untrue for the rest of her life because the bad crazy nurse just reported her/him.. I think that if the nurse does her time and is not in trouble for over 10 years her/his record should be closed,

United States

#266 Jul 29, 2011
@ allbonisbad YES, BON is BAD! However it has nothing to do with race. The ONLY color they are worried about is GREEN, as in MONEY!! They don't care who you are or how you look as long as they can get money out of you. BON members should be ashamed of themselves.

United States

#267 Jul 29, 2011
You can add Oklahoma Board of Nursing to the list. They are a bunch of ignorant money suckers too. They don't care if your innocent or not- even if you have PROVEN it. You still have to pay the price! I cannot believe that they get away with what they are doing. It could not be more wrong.
Exactly WHAT did I steal

Fairfield, CA

#268 Aug 8, 2011
I've got a good one for ya. I was accused of theft by the CA State BRN,(Board of Registered Nursing) when a male RN faking being an MD told them I'd stolen "medical supplies". Read that again... a male RN faking being an MD... did the BRN do anything about that? Nope! Did the judge? Nope! They chalked it up to a "cultural misunderstanding" and made me look very bad on the Internet... ignoring the fact that I was in agony in court and stated that I'd been... check this out... hit by a Dodge Charger on the back of my leg as I was crossing the street. Two days after appearing in court, my doctor (a real one) got ultrasound verification that my injury was to that point far from healed. It's painful right now.
So let's talk about this "cultural misunderstanding"...
This doctor has been in the US since at least 1989, at least that's the first time he bought property in Placer County, CA. At one point, he had four homes, and you could park about 11 cars in the garages when you added them all up. So, at the point where I was dragged into court, he could have been to med school... twice. Instead, he went to work for a home health organization who put it on their website that he was an MD, and their Director of Patient Care Services. That's how he could afford all those houses.
What was he doing with all those houses, you might ask? Well, I don't know, possibly putting people in there that he brought from overseas to help the "nursing shortage". He would also teach them to drive, and they'd work for him on contracts. When they'd "breech" the contracts, he'd sue them in Small Claims Court. That info is online.
But that's not the worst of it...
One of our patients, who died last month, lived in a home where I was supposedly hiding the stolen "medical supplies". The fake MD was awful to this patient and pressured her to use her OWN supplies... yet we were supposed to write down what we used on the patients.
He wanted us to use the same bottle of sterile water on all of our patients... until it was used up, and I just got a phone call, and I have to leave you with that thought. I invite comments, please. Did I do it? NO!!
More later...
Oh, and if we didn't use up the same bottle of sterile water within the day, we were to ration it between patients, and take it home and put it in the fridge at our home, and use it the next day....

Since: Feb 11

Elgin, TX

#269 Aug 8, 2011
All I can say is....OMG!

Los Angeles, CA

#270 Aug 8, 2011
I wanted to know if anyone has gone before the BRN- here in CAlifornia and hat is to be expected?
I will be going before the Board for a re-instatement hearing. I have been sober for a year, and have a sponsor . I am more than willing to do the work in order to reclaim my license.

Leave me a post if you have any suggestions???

jj nh

Alton, NH

#271 Aug 10, 2011
why do nurses have to take the brunt of the economic downfall of hospital budgets?
WHY does a 63 yr old nurse working in an oncology unit who has always worked an 8 hr evening shift,have to automatically work the new 12 hour shift? That is 4 more hours of work in an intensive work situation.
It has upset her, caused insomnia , depression, anxiety, accidents while driving, and eventually caused the loss of her job through forced early retirement, after it was determined that she could not keep up with the details of her work.. and now,,, she has to really think about where the next mortgage payment comes from as she cannot find a job .
She worked in hospital setting for greater than 30 years.

Since: Feb 11

Elgin, TX

#272 Aug 10, 2011
What?! She can't "handle" 12 hours?! We all HAVE to work 12s and SHE doesn't....??! What makes her so "special" that she can't work as "hard" as we do?--- I'm just writing what they are thinking....

She has to work the 12 hour shift because (true) it is cheaper for her to work 12s and it is harder to find someone to come in at 11pm. The entire country is turning to 12s in the hospital setting. It is the "change" that has been evolving since at least 1999.

Another reason is there is absolutely NO loyalty within the hospital setting.(And I thought it was only the hospital I worked for). Administration looks at nurses as expendable. There are many new nurses coming out of UT Austin and Austin Community College and are willing to spend the high dollars to train them, get them working, treat them like crap, lose them, and rehire again. Many worked for 20+ years...even since the dang thing opened in the 80s and found reasons to "get rid of them". One RN was fired after 25 years of service the day she came back from FMLA because her husband died.

One nurse I worked with who was in her late 60s got fired because she "overused" her workman's comp when she was assaulted by a patient. She was an older lady and had a hard time recovering from being hit and kicked in the face by a biligerent patient.....

Again, there is ABSOLUTELY NO LOYALTY from administration toward the nursing staff! I know nurses that have SAVED THE LIVES of administration AND their family that STILL lost their jobs!

Please tell her friend that she is NOT alone! It is unfair, but there are many entities that would appreciate her experience! Hospice, home health, rehab.....home health is "where it is going"....getting these patients home and caring for them in a more comfortable environment. You make your own schedule and can actually spend time with with them...teach them...enjoy all that they are IN THEIR HOME where THEY are comfortable and happy...

All is not's not HER it is THEM! They SUCK...she doesn't!!!

Chin up! Move on to bigger and BETTER things!
Nurse Bullies

Madison Heights, MI

#273 Aug 18, 2011 Facebook ID: Nurse Bullies Please share your story.
I am horrified by the way we nurses are treated, especially by each other. Our working conditions are challenging, at best. The terrible way that nurses treat each other, just makes it miserable to work. Some of the practices affect patient safety.
I have worked in hospitals where the philosophy is,“All nurses are created equal.” This means high acuity patients are assigned to new nurses. New nurses are sent to cover shifts in the ICU.
Another practice is to “dump” the most labor intensive patients on the nurse who is “pulled” from another floor of on the Contract Nurse. These nurses are not oriented to the unit and have impossible workloads. Some units have become “closed” so the nurses cannot be pulled, to avoid being put in that situation.
In any of these cases I am afraid for the patients.
Some hospitals offer large cash rewards for being responsible for the hiring of a new RN. You can see the nurse bodies dropping off the payroll as the students pass their NCLEX and their “buddies” collect the money for their hire.
I asked once,“What happened to Mary?” I was told that,“You know, sometimes people disappear, it is better not to ask.” Practices like being asked to “hold someone’s hand” while an IV or NG tube is inserted, turns into an accusation of “illegal restraint.” One of my first experiences of Nurse Bullying happened that way. The RN had been a nurse in Vietnam! The “girls,” on this unit, set him up and had him fired. At the time, I did not understand what was happening. I do now.
It is easy in for a nurse to obtain narcotics and not give them to the patient. If it is checked off on the sheet it was given. The patient, who complains of continuing pain, as tagged as a “drug seeker.” These meds are sometimes used by Nurses who have pain issues of their own but are too often used to set up another nurse. That cup of water with your name on it is the target. All of the sudden you are asked to do a random drug test! I have heard of too many cases where a nurse tests positive for something they did not take. The advent of Medical Marijuana, in the hospitals, has given the Nurse Bullies another method of setting up their peers.
Although test methods are faulty, the agencies adopt them based on the marketing data from the companies that sell them. The EtG test, for instance. It will find ethanol in your urine for up to 80 hours. It will do this but will not differentiate between actually drinking it and inhaling it or having touched it. There are pages and pages of products that will cause a positive test. Health Professionals who are subjected to this test are falsely accused of drinking because they washed the dishes or used bug spray, deodorant, or smelled someone else’s perfume. There is more, but I digress.
The statistics for nurses, losing their licenses is unbelievable. All of the other licensed professionals listed have had a total of around 20 licenses pulled last year. For nurses, it was closer to 400, in my state alone. Many of these nurses were “set up” by others who, for one reason or another, wanted them gone. The stories are amazing.
I am doing my Master’s Degree Thesis on “Bullying in Nursing.” I want to hear your stories. All submissions will be kept anonymous. It is time to put this issue into the light.“Eating our young” is not a caring or compassionate practice and those who are terrorizing the profession need to be stopped. This is a start.
Tell your story. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

Peoria, AZ

#274 Aug 23, 2011
I was an impaired nurse...I had a neck injury and became addicted to pain medications...I admittedly diverted medications, practiced while taking narcotics, and was essentially guilty of most (but not all) of what the board charged. I never had any clinical issues and was once well respected among my peers.However the potential for great harm was there. I failed to complete the CANDO program because I simply was not ready to quit or take responsibility for my grievous actions. That was about 7 years ago...I have been sober for several years and have come to terms with the fact that these things did not happen to me, but they happened because of me and my actions. Being a nurse meant everything to is what I do best. I miss it every day. I have thought about retaining an attorney in an attempt to regain my license by whatever means necessary...I'd be willing to be tested, counseled, and monitored in any way they see fit. Has anyone heard of anyone getting their license back after this type of issue?
Exactly WHAT did I steal

Fairfield, CA

#275 Aug 23, 2011
Could you please rephrase that? As in, "I was an addicted nurse and I stole other people's pain medications and falsified records and lied about it. I'm lucky I'm not in prison and other people are lucky they're not dead." Because that's what your actions may have led to, "humbled".

In no way does your situation compare to a falsely accused nurse, and if staying out of nursing means I never encounter a situation like the ones you created to feed your addiction, tben so be it.

Ask yourself: Do you miss nursing, or do you miss the money? Because if PEOPLE were that important to you, you would have dealt with your injuries in an honest way, not by lying and stealing.
name withheld

Casper, WY

#276 Aug 25, 2011
Bay area CA RN wrote:
Hi concerned Redding Ca RN, any chance we can speak/email. I am an RN (california) with one dui. I havent reported to the board yet since my license is not due for renewal until Aug 2011. I have had a consultation with an administrave lawyer and will use him for the boards. However, i would like to speak with RN's who have been in the same situation as me. I am very scared for my RN license and dealing with the boards so any recommendations are very appreciated.
I recommend that you accept their diversion program. Although my case is not a dui, and involved a felony cocaine charge (now dropped through the criminal justice system), I opted out of diversion (I was a California RN) and chose to take the route through the courts. The experience has been a nightmare. My career is over. The Board posted my accusation on the internet, easily viewed by a click of the mouse. They have done everything they can to ruin my reputation, career, esteem, sense of security. I can't believe a class action lawsuit hasn't been filed. I'll join one if someone does. If I had entered diversion, I would be half way through by now, no record of my accusation would be on the internet and I would have been able to return to work. When I received the offer to enter diversion in the mail, I called the BRN to discuss the options I had. The board actually said I would probably have an easier time if I went through probation, so I did. I was completely misled, and now have no recourse. Two years into the process, a process of degrading hearings and no empathy, the board chose not to follow the administrative law judge's recommendation, but want to do further 'Investigation", a process that could take another year or two. I have not worked in two years and am bankrupt. I have decided to leave nursing altogether and return to University to study another field-thank god I don't have a felony. After an 18 year career, working nights, doubles, in a county facility, I make one mistake and THIS is what I get. If you value your career, go through the Diversion program.
Exactly WHAT did I steal

Fairfield, CA

#277 Aug 25, 2011
EXCUSE ME?? Who are you, a plant for the BRN? The Los Angeles Times did an expose on the "Diversion" program last spring. It was found to be a dangerous and untenable program due to the number of RN's who lied about their drug test results, and the people running the program, who let them get away with it.

You need to grow a pair and fight the BRN. Call your legislators and tell them what's going on. That's what I'm doing, and I know that sooner or later, someone will listen. If you're really sorry that you got yourself involved with cocaine, then get yourself into your OWN rehab, whether it's NA meetings or whatever--- I never indulged myself that way, so I don't know what's available, but there's plenty out there to choose from.

If you let the BRN run ANY aspect of your life, they'll ruin it. There are a couple of bad apples over there with mental illness in their family, and that's pretty easy to see on the Internet. So, their whole focus is to make sure everyone else is just as mentally miserable as they are. Once you fell into the drug pit, you were easy prey for the loony-tune "helpers" at the BRN.
Gloria Maloney

Roscoe, IL

#278 Aug 29, 2011
Where is the class action suit? I'll sign up! A nursing license is private property that cannot be taken without due process.

Administrative law is not due process. Will a smart lawyer please help us?

5655 Romeldale Ln. Roscoe, Illinois 61073

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