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Chandler, AZ

#1 Jun 9, 2009
Starting from age 27 to 28, the hormones of both men and women begin to steadily decline and continue to decline as we age. However, these drops in hormones generally need an average of 5 to 15 years before an accumulative loss is marked enough for you to realize that you're not who you once were. A comprehensive lab (blood) work-up is first analyzed to reveal deficiencies in hormones that rob you of your energy, strength, vitality and health.
Hormone treatments in the order of effectiveness can include topical creams, intramuscular injections, and subcutaneous implantation of testosterone and/or estradiol hormone pellets. Creams are not as highly recommended as shots or pellets since the transdermal administration (via the skin barrier) may disallow as effective dosing as intramuscular or subcutaneous administration that by-pass the skin.
Feel Better Inside and Out. Lose Weight. Decrease joint pain. Improve your health.
Lose weight. Regain your drive, libido, lean muscle, strength, energy and stamina! Make your cardiovascular and weight training more effective, more rewarding, and more energized!
TESTOSTERONE replacement and optimizing improves libido, energy, lean muscle, endurance, muscle tone, and strength. Testosterone can be replaced by injections or the more popular Pellet Implants.
GROWTH HORMONE (hGH) replacement and optimizing can improve recovery from exercise, healing time, sleep, as well as lean muscle tissue. Growth Hormone can be replaced by injections.
THYROID hormone replacement and optimizing improves metabolism (& weight loss), energy, dry skin & hair, cold hands & feet, and overall well being.
ESTROGEN replacement can diminish or eliminate menopausal signs of hot flashes and night sweats in women.
HCG treatment may optimize weight loss in men & women.
MEDICALLY SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS FOR MEN & WOMEN! Lose1-2 lbs/week with Plan A. Lose 3-5 lbs/week with Plan B. Lose 4-7 lbs/week when combined.
Program includes EKG, Metabolic Testing, B12 + B6 shots, regular weigh-in, diet counseling, exercise counseling, & accountability.
The early death of Tim Russert, from Meet the Press, at the age of 58 was a wake up call for all of us. Although he was taking medications for high cholesterol and for blood pressure, his physician,
Dr. Newman noted that Russert was "significantly overweight". Obesity in men is associated with low testosterone levels. In fact, men with testosterone levels less than 241ng/dL are 40% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Low testosterone is a risk factor for heart disease. Further, the more visceral (abdominal) fat, the lower the concentration of testosterone and the greater the risk of
cardiovascular disease.
What Do You Do About It?
1.Lose Weight 2.Exercise 3.Restore Hormones
improves libido, strength, stamina, energy, lean muscle, endurance,
muscle tone, joint pain, overall well being, and decreases risk in cardiovascular
disease in men and women.
Growth Hormone
improves recovery from exercise, healing time, sleep, lean muscle tissue, overall well being, and decreases risk of cardiovascular disease in men and women.
improves metabolism (and weight loss), energy, dry skin and hair, cold hands and feet, and overall well being.
improves menopausal symptoms hot flashes and night sweats, vaginal
dryness and atrophy, and bone density in women.
andrew langham


#3 Aug 18, 2009
Cancer and hormone corruption that plays an intermediatary and sometimes act as an initiator of many modern immune diseases such as fibroids & HIV
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia , or haematological malignancy characterized by excess lymphoblast’s. Malignant, immature lymphoblast’s continuously multiply and are overproduced in the bone marrow....due to missing asparagine, that not only is a registered gene’ it is also an amino acid and also a cell buffer solution, that is essential in controlling the cell ph, which intern if too acidic, then cell mitosis gets out of control; note asparagine is named as amino acid but infact is an alkali which the body uses to regulate cell ph;

Note well; the applied infused drug ‘asparaginase which is a catalytic enzyme and when drawn into any cell will convert asparagine to aspartic acid this causes instant cell apoptosis; and is used to control leukaemia’s; note; when too much aspartic acid is produced then this can cause bleeding in the body organs such as the kidneys and pancreas; The wonderful advantage of asparaginase is the fact it can be injected at theactual site of the cancer, example; the scrotum i e rectal cancer, bone cancer,(blood leukaemia) and tumours direct;
Most food products nowadays contain some type of flavouring - natural, artificial, or a combination of both. Many of these flavourings contain alcohol, and in excess can link with other bodily produced alcohols derived from sugar and some types of starch electrolytic break down coupled with fruit enzymes example plums partly broken down with pepsin, prolactin and bacteria’s; note excess prolactin hormone in the wrong areas of the body ie incorrect cells then forms the environment for tumours to proliferate; it is an initiator hormone to start lactation and within females escalates oestrogen levels and especially progesterone and ostradial; note; alcohol is not broken down in the liver;

note; prolactin increases cell mitosis and initiates IL2 growth hormone to be released into the cell nucleus, which intern causes testosterone to be taken into the prostate lydig cells which then multiply and the problem escalates.
With reference to fibroids the ethyl alcohols react with aspartic acid, uric acid and stearate acid,+various bacteria’s which together form ‘corrupt rogue testosterone’ which is responsible for mis-transcription in further hormone producing cells such as the ovaries and adrenal glands and the thyroid hormone cells that are dominated by the pituitary gland; which cyclically controls prolactin which then completes the corrupting vicious circle; [email protected]
andrew j langham


#4 Sep 1, 2009
Rogue testosterone is suspected of mis-transcription ref’ certain oncogenes, as it supports and most probably causes certain cancers, notably breast cancer, especially cancer of the uterine lining. In addition there are several benign gynecologic conditions that are dependent on testosterone/ estradiol such as endometriosis, leiomyomata uteri, and uterine bleeding and fibroids. Note; also some bone cancers;

Rogue testosterone; ie the degree of direct corruption of the molecule, is directly responsible for many cell controlled mis-transcriptions of proteins, which then in their turn cause disease and incorrect gene synthesis, especially STAT signalled protein appropriation, in respect of the reproduced genomes relative to the natural order and complex sophisticated genome array;
andrew j langham


#5 Sep 4, 2009
Rogue testosterone; ie the degree of direct corruption of the molecule, is directly responsible for many cell controlled mis-transcriptions of proteins, which then in their turn cause disease and incorrect gene synthesis, especially STAT signalled protein appropriation, in respect of the reproduced genomes relative to the natural order and complex sophisticated genome array;

Note; this applies to all meats: Both from male and female animals, note; beef is predominantly produced from male cattle that are often only 2-3 years old when slaughtered and so have high levels of testosterone especially if they have been given growth hormones as well, these hormones, especially testosterone is not easily corrupted in itself, however the animal cells in which it is naturally found it is linked intrinsically to the host cattle’s DNA and therefore if this gets into a human beings gut intestines un--cooked’ it becomes in theory ‘corrupted testosterone’ because of cell mis-transcription due to conflicting DNA- RNA conflict, analogous or a little similar to organ transplant rejection in theory; it has been known for along time that uncooked red meat, or meat that has been cooked at low temperatures lying in the lower intestine is prone to cause cancer it is because of hormones such as ‘rogue testosterone’ which causes mis-transcription in human and animal cells

note;all meats should be cooked at the correct temp which should be 300 degrees C in order to dissociate testosterone molecules; this needs to be proved by fully qualified appropriate science research doctors and needs to be done sooner rather than later; rogue testosterone maybe the cause of many modern diseases such diabetes spinal bifida, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, high’ blood pressure, cancers and tumours and blood disorders, kidney disease etc’ etc; note no blame; is attached to farmers butchers or health officials because this is only theory and is not substantiated and most doctors in this area of research are only just beginning to understand these possible problems, we all need to work together to come up with satisfactory solutions to the fact that rogue testosterone maybe the cause of many modern diseases; for now, to be safe cook food well at 300 degrees C until we know for sure;

hormones in dairy milk needs researching as it seems testosterone may be found in milk as well as oestrogens; and may not be safe, when consumed in large quantities;
or when taken as a combination, ie, milk, eggs beef steak, pork pies, sausage,+ plant ie yam. natural hormones; etc; eaten in a time frame of 1 day; + the contraceptive pill or steroid tablets or gels, example; body builders etc. may well be the cause of breast cancers and similar;

note the human body can tolerate processing certain amount of consumed hormones, say from beef meat or dairy milk; as the hydrochloric acid, pepsin and lipase can render them harmless by dissociating their molecules; however if taken in fast, excess, then the human body, cannot process these hormones safely, therefore these hormones then effect our health; ie cancers, diabetes tumours, immune disorders, infact many diseases. example DNA drop out, ie unwanted oncogenes, incorrectly processed, amino acid chains; note; also; collecting blood from a male and using it in female patients is not wise and using female blood for male patients is equally not wise even though blood grouping is correctly matched; again because of hormone DNA-RNA antagonistic confusion. thus causing DNA damage which then may cause disease;
it maybe the case, that long term, many disease are indirectly caused this way without us realizing the fact. Needs careful research;
andrew j langham


#6 Sep 13, 2009
auxin is a common plant hormone which controls gene expression and it acheives this with cytokine 'signals'eminating from various cells some of which activate STAT promoting control signals which then futher control cell transcription within ribosomes, which in there turn produce proteins which then control gene replication in the nucleus of plants and simalarly in human cells; also a similar process occurs within the mitrochondia of most cells and replicates dna-rna gene formation as well;
At commercial level auxin and similar hormones can be used to alter cell transcription dissolving out single genes that are responsible for seed production or can be used to morph attachment genes usually allele types ie small subtle changes ie that control the size of seed heads which then increase crop yield; note; the human body can well digest plant hormones safely, however if excess auxin gets into the human body it may alter cell mitosis, ie cell division; it may do this by forming a testosterone ethylene ester which is most likely to alter cell transcription. so therefore gene replication also; needs careful research to see if this is a danger to human and animal health example bees, butterflys, moths, rodents and fish; note; if the world is going to be fed adequatley in future years we all need to get this sorted correctly, so we are not burdening the hospitals world wide and causing havoc in the food industry; I thiink we will get it sorted successfully, if we take care and do the proper research; andrew j langham
andrew j langham


#9 Feb 5, 2010
The existing accepted rationale the aids virus is transferred by gp160, gp120, gp41, etc binding and fusing with CD4 cells and that is the case,
however it is ‘rogue testosterone’ that causes mis-transcription by stats activator molecules which intern produces rogue proteins, that do. or do not bind to Fc receptors on Ig immunoglobulin molecules which intern bind to B memory cells, and plasma B antigen presenting cells, which then couple and activate CD4+ T helper cells which should activate a normal cytokine cascade response’ however when ‘rogue testosterone’ is present this CD4 helper cell response does not happen, therefore the aids virus proliferates, as has been studied by many researchers; further to the ‘rogue testosterone’ corrupts the reproduction of CD4 cells as is evident in all aids patients;
it might be as well, to make use of the chicken pox virus vaccine in order to carry rev, tat, hiv proteins that have been treated with bovine serum albumin; this then, would most likely, to be much more successful, and activate the production of new clean cd 4 cells that then would have compatable antibodies that would stimulate a correct effective cytokine response;
rogue corrupted testosterone needs to be blocked as well using the same vaccine; using BSA serum protein applied upon the rogue testosterone in order to make relevant antibodies in order to protect people from HIV and then developing aids etc;
andrew j langham


#10 Feb 5, 2010
Most known HIV vaccines, as well as the human body produce Antibodies that act against HIV, Rev and Tat proteins and are confused by rogue corrupt testosterone; a vaccine that acts against rogue corrupted testosterone is needed in order to conquer and rebuff the aids viral attacks;
note; aids is most probably transfered by rogue testosterone, by semen and virginial fluids'maybe saliva although this may not be able to pass through hydrochloric acid of the stomach ie, normally hormones are broken up by pepsin; within the digestive system;
note; all hiv vaccines so far manufactured have not taken into account that rogue corrupt testosterone confuses the rev and tat ammino protein chains so that the first vaccine manufactured antibodies then do not recognize
these rogue testosterone altered hiv tat rev proteins so therefore no killer cytokine action takes place in order to effect an action that will protect us from this evil virus;
andrew j langham


#11 Feb 6, 2010
Alzheimer’s is caused by aluminium sulphate in drinking water,tea etc subsequently alters testosterone hormone this then causes amyloid plaque brown staining of brain cells which starves these cells of oxygen, which then leads to dementia. remedy is take out all aluminium sulphates from drinking water best they use white silica clay kaolin is non harmful; note there is aluminium sulphate in tea but not coffee. note; normal tea consumption is ok;

Aluminium is definitely harmful to all life forms. It damages all types of tissue. "Aluminium is a protoplasmic poison and a pernicious and persistent neurotoxin". Ref’ Alzheimer cell tests; ie rats fed on high levels of aluminium sulphates ie in their food and drinking water makes them very slow moving over a long period of years;
No organic living systems use aluminium as part of a biochemical process. It has a tendency to accumulate in the brain as myeloid plaque even in the bones causing leukaemia’s.

Aluminium sulphates are common in our environment, it also appears to be more persistent than most of the other metallic poisons. The DANGER IS one that only manifests itself over long periods of time, ie years. It is therefore prudent to avoid consumption. Avoidance is currently the best way of protecting you and your family from the serious, long term damage that can result from ingestion.
PREGNANT and lactating women, and the young especially the ELDERLY are at RISK.
The most effective way of preserving your mental abilities in your life appears to be eliminating the sources of aluminium in the diet. Example; aluminium sulphate in drinking water and tea etc;
Note well it is the Main cause of Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis, aluminium causes plaque, because it is a mordant it allows full complete adherence of ionic aluminium molecules within golgi apparatus and mitochondria’ thus corrupting testosterone and other hormones such as estrogens, estradiol especially, this causes cell mis-transcription consequently cells fail and die; often due to the cells inability to process oxygen directly due to aluminium ions irritating blocking of calcium ions thus starving the cell of oxygen and therefore cell growth!
andrew j langham


#12 Feb 6, 2010
Ref' aluminium sulphate; alzheimers potential' present experiments have been performed to explore whether Al3+ ions trigger eryptosis. The PS exposure was estimated from annexin binding and cell volume from forward scatter in FACS analysis. Exposure to Al3+ ions (≥ 10 μM Al3+ for 24 h) indeed significantly increased annexin binding, an effect paralleled by decrease of forward scatter at higher concentrations (≥ 30 μM Al3+). According to Fluo3 fluorescence Al3+ ions (≥ 30 μM for 3 h) increased cytosolic Ca2+ activity. Al3+ ions (≥ 10 μM for 24 h) further decreased cytosolic ATP concentrations. Energy depletion by removal of glucose similarly triggered annexin binding, an effect not further enhanced by Al3+ ions. The eryptosis was paralleled by release of hemoglobin, pointing to loss of cell membrane integrity. In conclusion, Al3+ ions decrease cytosolic ATP leading to activation of Ca2+-permeable cation channels, Ca2+ entry, stimulation of cell membrane scrambling and cell shrinkage. Moreover, Al3+ ions lead to loss of cellular hemoglobin, a feature of hemolysis. Both effects are expected to decrease the life span of circulating erythrocytes and presumably contribute to the development of anemia during Al3+ intoxication. and therefore corrupts testosterone; which is very prevalent in the brain;
andrew j langham


#13 Feb 7, 2010
Alternative option; an Aids HIV vaccine process; that would hopefully give lifelong protection as regards immunity against HIV and chicken pox and possibly hepatitis strains;
The HIV prominent viral proteins would be encompassed within the
chickenpox-herpes [ CHPHS+gag+pol+rev ] and possibly ……………….
hepatitis vaccine process ie, epitopes; hepatitis a, b and c; amino chains;

The ‘new vaccine’ would consist of the normal vaccine process treated chicken-pox-herpes + HIV gag, pol, rev, proteins; < the latter dipped in Bovine serum albumin,
Or more easily, just dip the live chickenpox-herpes virus + gag, pol, rev, protein amino chains into Bovine serum albumin, thus making ‘epitopes’ for the new HIV vaccine; which note’ would be safe as no live proactive parts of the virus is then going into the vaccine; note the newly produced BSA epitopes will block the HIV ‘long terminal repeats’, please understand gag, pol, tat, rev, can only function within a certain order and are homogeneous in respect they are reliant upon each other for the HIV reverse transcription RNA tagging; and subsequently DNA;

Note; hepatitis seems to be closely associated with the HIV virus;

Example 1 ;- HIV vaccine; ‘CHPHS’ is varicella herpes; ie chickenpox;

[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+ [CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag +pol+rev]+[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+

Example 2; might be possible to include all 3 hepatitis processed viral strains; as well;
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+hep A+hepB+hepC]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+hep A+hepB+hepC]+
[CHPHS+gag+pol+rev]+[CHPHS+hep A+hepB+hepC]+

Resontdantre; the immunoglobulin antibodies having vaccine prepared attached relevant antigens so then. will recognize the chicken-pox-herpes and will effect B cell promoted antigen recognition; + CD4 cells will not then be penetrated by gag, pol, rev, tat, proteins, so all white T cells will remain pure and able to effect a correct cytokine cascade response; DNA & RNA will be ‘uncorrupted’ therefore HIV will be defeated:
Note; if ‘rogue testosterone’ is found in the anatomy, then epitopes will need to be made by dipping the ‘rogue testosterone’ in ‘bovine serum albumin’ and added to the total composition thus manufacturing a successful HIV vaccine; note; Ig G epitopes via B cell stimulatory links will then have two B cell vaccine processed ‘antigens’ attached upon its two antigen presenting surface receptors and will then be able to cross the placenta to effect immunity to both mother and child; Note; ‘B memory cells’ will then remember always to effect a correct cytokine cascade response acting against HIV virus;

Note; this type of vaccine would also prevent testosterone from becoming corrupt by the HIV virus; as it is most probably ‘rogue testosterone’ that causes the major part of
mis-transcription of the gag, pol, tat and rev protein amino chain permutations which are manifold; and is also likely to be responsible for mutagenic compromises;
andrew j langham


#14 Feb 7, 2010
Prostaglandin short acting hormones are derived from fat acids, by appropriated enzymes in the golgi apparatus of cells; and function within the mitochondria complex of the cell; it is produced in the prostrate glands and ovaries;

salicylic acid and aspirin is known to block prostaglandin production not by inhibiting cyclooxygenase enzyme activity but by inhibiting up stream expression of cyclooxygenase genes. when this happens testosterone production is shut down within the gonads and indeed all of the endocrine system, this is the case with HIV and most cancer myelomas; we may possibly deduce the fact that prostaglandin hormone production is mis-appropriated by the effect of rogue corrupted testosterone which in its turn switches genes off within important cells encompassed within the total endocrine system that is responsible for the production of prosterglands, controlling the thyroid control of all necessary functioning relevant hormones' such as gonadatrophin and subsequently testosterone production; needs proving; research needed;
andrew j langham


#16 Feb 7, 2010
Prostaglandins have a protective role in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing acid-insult to the mucosa and very, very, importantly the circumference layering of liposodal fat lattice atom substrates, in and around all cells especially of the reproductive systems; it is these liposoidal fats such as gp 160 gp 120 gp 41 etc that break down the cell walls of CD 4 cells allowing the HIV virus coding to interfere with TAT and REV proteins, which produce 'rogue testosterone' which asimulates and assists the HIV code within amino acid chains of multiplexed proteins and then goes on to further multi-confuse transcription in all cells thus makes it difficult for HIV expert doctors to control and iradicate the disease. rogue testosterone needs to be isolated and then dipping in bovne serum albumin in order to produce an HIV vaccine that will hopefully work completely; [email protected]
andrew j langham


#17 Feb 7, 2010
Alzheimer’s aluminium sulphate ions poison brain cells resulting in calcium deposition in the form of amyloid lipozoidal plaque; results in oxygen starvation subsequently the brain cells die; it is noticed that the regulation and processing of calcium ions by special protein enzymes simply do not function within the Golgi apparatus and mitochondria sections of the brain cells; they gang up forming plaque residues;
andrew j langham


#18 Feb 14, 2010
aluminium ions increases testosterone and estrogen-related gene expression in human breast cancer cells and cause the production of oncor genes;
cosmo longhorn


#19 Feb 17, 2010
cosmo says;- we need a new vaccine, that acts against testosterone that has been corrupted by the HIV virus, which is known to transfer the HIV virus in semen and indeed all sex related fluids including saliva;
cosmo longhorn


#20 Feb 19, 2010
Pesticides such that you find on any farm get into dairy cattle and corrupt hormones especially estrone sulphate and the mature full estrone forms of estrogens; and prostaglandin’ these corrupt female hormones get passed in the milk to humans and because they cause mis-transcription in cells, which then occasionally manufacture oncor genes that cause diseases such as fibroids and tissue malignant grows such as breast cancers;
cosmo longhorn


#21 Feb 19, 2010
organophosphate are insecticides that interferes with an insect's nervous system

organophosphate - are organic compounds containing phosphorus, some of which are used as fertilizers and pesticides.

organophosphate - are any ester of phosphoric acid or its derivatives, especially one used as an insecticide or herbicide and the esters will link with testosterone or estrone of any hormone, example, prostaglandin; and will atttack cells in the form of causing cell mis-transcription;

Pesticides that contain phosphorus are short-lived, because they combine forming esters with hormones of plants and humans and animals and insects, and are toxic when first applied and only seemingly brokendown; by then the damage is done;
sophia brown derby uk


#23 Mar 8, 2010
the effects of testosterone on Ca2+ transport by the luminal membranes of proximal and distal nephrons of a kidney. Tubule suspensions were pre-incubated in the presence or absence of the hormone, and 45C2+ uptake by the luminal membranes was measured using the rapid filtration technique. In the proximal tubules, testosterone did not influence Ca2+ uptake. In the distal tubules, a 5 min incubation with the hormone increased this uptake with a maximal response at 10(-10)M. Ca2+ transport by the distal membranes shows a dual kinetics.
Testosterone enhanced the Vmax value of the low affinity component. In an attempt to identify the underlying mechanisms involved in this action, several messenger inhibitors were introduced in the tubule suspension. PD 98059 and U0 126 as well as AG 99 and genistein interfered with the hormone action suggesting the implication of a MEK kinase and a tyrosine kinase. To determine the type of the channels involved in this effect, Ca2+ uptake was measured in the presence of diltiazem, omega-conotoxin MVIIC and mibefradil, i.e. selective inhibitors of the L-type, P/Q type and T-type channels. An inhibition of Ca2+ transport was observed exclusively with mibefradil. These results indicate that testosterone enhances Ca2+ transport by opening a T-type Ca2+ channel in the distal luminal membrane, via MEK kinase and tyrosine kinase dependent mechanisms.
conclusion;-normal testosterone enhances calcium ion production from the bone cells and aldorsterone hormones regulates the re-absorbsion into the kidney;
however rogue corrupted testosterone has an adverse effect and irregulates this process severely in some diseases such as HIV and Parkinson’s, cystic fibrosis, and some dementia's like Alzheimer’s; aluminium ions corrupt testosterone in side cells; proven fact; especially the mitochondria APT; in brain cells;
Aldosterone is a steroid hormone produced by the outer-section (zona glomerulosa) of the adrenal cortex in the adrenal gland, and acts on the distal tubules and collecting ducts of the kidney to cause the conservation of sodium ions, and secretion of potassium ions, which increase water retention, and increase blood pressure.
The overall effect of aldosterone is to increase re-absorption of ‘calcium’ ions & sodium ions and water in the kidney’s; note; rogue corrupt testosterone hinders this process and causes excessive calcium ions to accumulate in the blood thus causing hypertension, kidney disease and importantly excess calcium ions in the brain which leads to the accumulation of brown beta amyloidal plaques;

Phoenix, AZ

#25 Mar 11, 2010
andrew j langham


#26 Feb 22, 2011
we need a cancer vaccine that blocks corrupt testosterone only! however allows prescribed testosterone to flourish as normal! note; this vaccine would prevent many other diseases such as Hiv carried by semen etc!

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