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Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#21 Feb 20, 2013
Say What wrote:
Party before country.
Yep, that's the position of the left, the D's, the Annointed One and YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, except when I make that claim about the GOP, I can back it up with evidence.

Too bad you can't.

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#22 Feb 20, 2013
Say What wrote:
And one more piece that the D's and Annointed One are "party before country".
That is the common statement by the Annointed One that he will bypass Congress, which equals he will bypass the wishes of the citizens!!!
LOL! The way your mind works is fascinating. You take evidence that your party places its own political interests above the best interests of the nation and then claim it's proof Dems do that.

When a President has spent four years bending over backwards trying to compromise with a Republican Congress only to be slapped in the face time after time, the only rational, patriotic, RESPONSIBLE thing for him to do is to use whatever power he has to try to help the nation.

When a President has spent four years trying to responsibly govern the nation only to be obstructed at every turn by a party who has proven it will crash the economy or wreck the nation's credit rating to get what it wants, the only RESPONSIBLE thing for him to do is to exercise the authority of his office to achieve what the Congress refuses to do.

Your example is how a President has to deal with "party before country" from the opposition, not how he himself is doing that.

THINK man. You're spouting half-baked propaganda and wingnut talking points.

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#23 Feb 20, 2013
15 Republicans Who Want The Damaging Sequester To Occur

As the deadline nears, many Republicans are not only unwilling to look for bipartisan solutions to stop the sequester – they are gleefully looking forward to its impact on American families:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) isn’t interested in negotiating a solution:
“It’s pretty clear to me that the sequester is going to go into effect…Read my lips: I’m not interested in an 11th-hour negotiation.”[Washington Post, 2/12/13]

Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) said this when asked if he was concerned about the political fallout of the sequester:
“It’s going to be a homerun…I am very optimistic that on March 2nd, we’ll all wake up and America will have tremendous respect for what its House of Representatives led and what it’s federal government was able to accomplish.”[Politico, 2/13/13]

Republican Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) told her state legislature she is “excited” for the sequester:
“Sequestration will take place…I am excited. It will be the first time since I’ve been in Congress that we really have significant cuts.”[Billings Gazette, 2/11/13]

Republican Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA):
“I want to see it go into place.”[Cherokee Tribune, 2/9/13]

Republican Congressman John Shimkus (R-IL):
“He [President Obama] can announce all he wants. Sequestration is coming.”[Politico, 2/5/13]

Republican Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) told his constituents it was a done deal:
“Sequestration needs to happen…Bottom line, it needs to happen and that’s the deal we struck to raise the debt limit.”[Cleveland Daily Banner, 2/1/13]

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA):
“The consensus is we want the sequester numbers to come in and to finally see spending reduced in Washington.”[Dow Jones Business News, 2/8/13]

Republican Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC):
“We want to keep the sequester in place and take the cuts we can get.”[Dow Jones Business News, 2/8/13]

Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS):
“The majority of the caucus agrees that at the minimum, the spending cuts we have already agreed on, must happen.”[U.S. News, 2/6/13]

Republican Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK):
“We would rather see those cuts happen…I can assure you that there will not be a political blink on this. These cuts will occur.”[U.S. News, 2/6/13]

Republican Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) wants to use these devastating cuts as political leverage:
“We’re willing to let it go through till they (Democrats) respond to us.”[McClatchy, 2/6/13]

Republican Congressman Jim Lankford (R-OK):
“We’d rather do it another way. But if the only way it can be done is sequestration, then it has to be done.”[Politico, 2/5/13]

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH):
“The only thing that’s worse than cutting national defense is not having any scheduled cuts at all.”[Roll Call, 10/12/12]

Republican Senator John Barrasso (R-WY):
“Let me be very clear – and I’d say this to the president as I say it to you – these spending cuts are going to go through on March 1.”[CNN, 2/17/13]

Republican Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK):
“I think sequester’s going to happen…I think people want it to happen.”[NYT, 1/31/13]


If the sequester takes place, it will only be because Republicans WANTED it to.

This is objective, verifiable, indisputable FACT.
Winston Smith

Chambersburg, PA

#24 Feb 20, 2013
Not going to work today, Dan?

Oh that's right, you don't work at all those places you told us about. You collect welfare.

Just another lazy low life liberal that expects someone else to carry his weight.
Health Inspector

Chambersburg, PA

#25 Feb 20, 2013
Fact check: Obama on the 'fiscal cliff' deal

Obama is trying to have it both ways, as he toggles between the two assumptions. By assuming the tax cuts would have expired for everyone without his action, the president claims credit for averting an income tax hike for middle-income taxpayers. But, in order to take credit for cutting the deficit, Obama is assuming that the tax cuts would have been extended for everyone.

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#26 Feb 20, 2013
Who's to blame for the sequester?

A definitive summary of events...


The Republicans are partial owners of this idea, and as the party that now wants the cuts to kick in, they deserve to—and will—bear more responsibility for the negative impacts.
So fine, the White House proposed it. It did so only after months of Republicans publicly demanding huge spending cuts and refusing to consider any revenues and acting as if they were prepared to send the nation into default over spending.

In other words, this was the administration’s idea in much the way that it’s a parent’s “idea” to pay ransom to a person who has taken his child hostage. There was a gun to the White House’s head, which was the possibility of the country going into default.

And then, when it was all put into legislation, it was the Republicans who passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 in the House, with 218 of them voting yes.

So even if administration officials proposed it, it would have remained just a proposal if those 218 Republicans hadn’t supported it (no House Democrats backed it).

Most Republicans agreed at the time that the sequestration trigger was a good thing—that it would force everyone to get together and agree to a path forward and a long-term budget deal.

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#27 Feb 20, 2013
Who's to Blame for the Sequester?

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#28 Feb 20, 2013
Back in 2011, Paul Ryan was BRAGGING about getting the sequester.


House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), talking to Fox News in August 2011, on automatic sequestration cuts:

"What conservatives like me have been fighting for, for years are statutory caps on spending, legal caps in law that says government agencies cannot spend over a set amount of money. And if they breach that amount across the board, sequester comes in to cut that spending, and you can't turn that off without a supermajority vote. We got that in law. That is here."

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#29 Feb 20, 2013
At least one Republican can acknowledge the truth - Rep. Justin Amash from Michigan:


"I think it's a mistake on the part of Republicans to try to pin the sequester on Obama," Amash said.

"It's totally disingenuous. The debt ceiling deal in 2011 was agreed to by Republicans and Democrats, and regardless of who came up with the sequester, they all voted for it.

So, you can't vote for something and, with a straight face, go blame the other guy for its existence in law."
Amash said lawmakers, including those in his own party, should take responsibility for the plan they approved.

"You voted for it, you signed it, that means you support it," Amash said. "And if you don't support it, then don't vote for it and don't sign it."

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#30 Feb 20, 2013
The PowerPoint That Proves It’s Not Obama’s Sequester After All

I happened to come across an old email that throws cold water on House Republicans’ attempts to call this “Obama’s Sequester.”

It’s a PowerPoint presentation that Boehner’s office developed with the Republican Policy Committee and sent out to the Capitol Hill GOP on July 31, 2011. Intended to explain the outline of the proposed debt deal, the presentation is titled:“Two Step Approach to Hold President Obama Accountable.”

It’s essentially an internal sales document from the old dealmaker Boehner to his unruly and often unreasonable Tea Party cohort. But it’s clear as day in the presentation that “sequestration” was considered a cudgel to guarantee a reduction in federal spending—the conservatives’ necessary condition for not having America default on its obligations.


So back in July of 2011, Boehner was sufficiently enthusiastic about the sequester that he was willing to push it to his House Republican colleagues. But now that it's about to kick in, he blames it all on President Obama.

Is it even POSSIBLE for anyone on the right to tell the truth about anything?
Osama Obama Hates USA

Aspers, PA

#31 Feb 22, 2013
All this is is a small cut to the INcreased amount of planned money to be spent.Not really a cut at all.The sky is not falling.

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#32 Feb 22, 2013
Osama Obama Hates USA wrote:
All this is is a small cut to the INcreased amount of planned money to be spent.Not really a cut at all.The sky is not falling.
The sequester includes real cuts in real dollars to real budgets. If it goes through, current funding levels will be cut.

The sky isn't falling, but you'll have a hard time finding an economist who will tell you the sequester won't lead to a second recession.
Osama Obama Hates USA

Aspers, PA

#33 Feb 23, 2013
Obama knows his policies suck so now he will blame high unemployment and recession and every one of his failures on this.Even though it was his plan to begin with and he signed the bill.Congress has now replaced Bush as his scapegoat.

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