WTF is going on with LMGSA ??????
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Bring back Bob Day

La Mirada, CA

#22 May 14, 2013
Disgusted Parent wrote:
There has to be a better way to choose All Stars - for example, the 10U Gold and Silver All Stars is chosen by the coaches by vote. Of course not all the coaches daughters are the top players but they all get together and agree to vote each others daughters onto the All Star Team leaving out some girls that deserve to be on the All Stars. So I guess the rule of thumb is - if you want your daughter on All Stars you better get a team and be the manager because even when you daughter is in the top 10 of the league and doesnt make either of the 2 All Star Teams but other girls do because their daddy's pull together. Lastly i want to say there must be some discrimination going on as well at the 10U level. How can a Manager take a team that he drafted same as all the other coaches, coach them to an undefeated season, playing some very good teams but winning by out coaching the other managers and not be the All Star Manager? Is it because this undefeated coach is black or because the league prefers to give a team to a person that had a losing season and the worst reputation out there as a Manager that will degrade his players, the other teams players just to try and get a win - yes, he does this. We can only hope he will represent the City of La Mirada and LMGSA better during All Stars because people like him are the reason the City of La Mirada reputation is getting ghetto status. Open your eyes LMGSA Board.
It has always been a popularity vote at LMGSA for All Stars. The 1st place teams manager should be the all star manager just like everyone else does. All Stars at LMGSA has always been a good ole boys network.
Old Timer

Buena Park, CA

#23 May 14, 2013

Shame on you and those like you.

It is because of people like Ron Meek that your daughter has a league to play in. He has no children in this league and has not for quite some time, but he does it for the kids. How many of the ego driven coaches like the 10U Gold coach can say that? Volunteers give their time to the league without any thank you from the people participating, all they get are complaints. Everyone knows better and everyone has a better way of doing things but they don't want to get involved because of work or other commitments. These people have jobs and lives as well, but they step up and get kicked in the teeth for their efforts.

There will always be a few bad apples who ruin the barrel because they are there for the wrong reasons. But the majority want to make the league better for all involved.

Thank you to Ron Meeks, Brian Gallop, Bob Day and the rest who have stepped up and done a thankless job for no pay so the girls could be part of a very good league.
Half Gainer

Phoenix, AZ

#24 May 19, 2013
Pretty sad when one of the All Star team managers need to be told to bat their lineup in friendlys. LOL! Nice to see they have managers who know what they are doing!

La Mirada, CA

#25 May 20, 2013
@HalfGainer- I'm a parent on the team you're talking about and I'm totally disgusted. I wish somebody could tell me why a manager would only bat 9 on the FIRST scrimmage of an All Star season. My daughter was one of the 3 benched in the first two scrimmages. I'm very thankful for the individual who stepped up and made our manager bat round robin. My daughter came through batting 5 for 5 during the La Habra friendly. She has 6 singles out of 6 at bats for the season while others have struck out looking. Sounds like a player you might want to include in your lineup. Pretty pathetic. It should be known that this same manager is refusing to share team stats.
walks with one sock

Los Angeles, CA

#26 May 20, 2013
@ half gainer I know you>>>> lol... I am a board member who is supposed to attend a board meeting tonight to discuss league issues. My agenda is simple ALL STARS will change before general membership next month. LMGSA has handled All Stars with a very lazy attitude. My opinion is if all the board member's kids make it than why change it right? I do not wish to change All Stars for my kids benefit. I want it changed to save the reputation of the league. La Mirada used to be the go to city for softball and it is no longer La Habra is now WTH in what world did we let that happen? LM rules and La Habra drools..I think it is pathetic it has gone on this long.. I will fight for my city's league and If I encounter road blocks (I already am) I will throw all your names out there cuz I don't fight fair, I pull hair and stuff...

Norwalk, CA

#27 May 22, 2013
One of the main reasons the league suffers is the growth of travel ball. LM has a bunch of great ballplayers, but they all leave after 10s to play travel. Your 12U alone would have a completely different look to it if these kids stayed in rec. Problem is, there's much better competition out there in travel for more serious players.
Disgusted Parent

Anaheim, CA

#28 May 22, 2013
Travel ball does not have an impact on how the All Stars are chosen or the All Star Coaches. Everyone that knows anything about travel ball knows that they take the most talented and create a local team leaving the leagues to do their best to bring in new players that might not have played in the past or have played and stopped playing for one reason or another to help with the numbers. It is also hard for the league to put out a competive all star team and more reason not to take girls just because their daddy's teamed up with each other to get them on the team when more deserving girls were not chosen. If there are board members that dont have girls playing, they should take the time to visit each teams games and see how these girls are coached and make the decision as a board member that Coach Black gets the team because he is a legit coach and taken a drafted team of 11 or 12 players and determined best position for each girl, best place in the line-up to generate some runs and most importantly how he/she interacts with the girls and treats them as "kids" and players. I can say i saw i was able to see games for EVERY team in the 8U and 10U this past season and each and every game each team had a coach speak down to a girl, of course some more than others. The yelling and disrespect to the girls needs to end because i know and you all probably know girls that have stopped playing because the way the coaches treat the girls. Maybe this should be addressed by the board as well. Sure it wont be my last post but someone that has been around the league for over 10 years it is simple to see the decline in our league and quality of coaching at all levels.
Left Blank

Long Beach, CA

#29 May 23, 2013
Many leagues have felt the sting of players leaving for travel ball sooner than planned. It seemed to hurt many leagues 2 years ago, but people are finally realizing that to go before 12U is crazy so the better players are starting to stay longer. La Mirada suffers BIG TIME from the non-resident rule that La Habra does not have to deal with. This was a big deal a few years back due to one person. She pushed for this hard and got her wish. LM as a league has lost many to travel and a few too La Habra. However anyone watching games this year can see that the talent is returning and the league is back on the upswing again. Some rules do need to be changed for All-Stars, but if you look at La Habras rules they are almost identical when it comes to choosing A.S. Players. I think though that they have an A.S. Commissioner and they review/interview candidates for those positions. Oh and I think girls have to have more than one vote to be coach picked.

There will be no perfect system, someone will always be left out and someone will make a team that probably should not. The way things went in 10U is evidence of the system being circumvented and the girls on the B team are the ones who will suffer for it.
Interested Coach

Anaheim, CA

#30 Jun 18, 2013
So any update on how the girls 10U Gold Team doing with the unqualified coach they chose?
Unqualified Coach

Long Beach, CA

#31 Jun 25, 2013
10U Gold won districts, so they are going to States....good luck.
Ron Meek

La Habra, CA

#32 Jun 26, 2013
And it was all the girls!!!!!! the coaches didn't do anything that was game changing.
lol, and to answer the question of how a coach gets picked or how girls get picked its based on 50% plus one system so if you have 5 coaches, you need 2 votes plus your own, lol and if you can get 2 coaches you can almost run the picks of gold and silver teams
pretty much sucks when you get all the pitchers, 3 short stops, 4 first basemen 3 second basemen on one team
they should be pick the 9 best on the field for the Year, then Batting for the year and then the best utility players for year on each team!!!!
Not the friends of the 3 coaches working together !!! then you get Daddy ball!!! and sometimes you get lighting in a bottle!!! but for the most part you don't !!!!!

Things need to change with the board and it should start with me as President and then work its way through the whole board some that are in travel ball(???? WTF) to do that you need people willing to step up and challenge our power!!!!! but you wont!!!!
YOUR ALL FOLLOWERS !!!! hahahahahahahaha
so done

Downey, CA

#33 Jul 26, 2013
I have a question ???? having been a coach for both spring and fall in lmgsa, why is lmgsa having try outs ???? every team already has who they want on there team. the coaches know, the player agent knows, the uic knows, the Pres knows, the secretary knows, they will deny it but the all know !!!! when I was a coach I made deals with other coaches, with both brian,or ron, and steve standing right there over looking the deals being discussed.
every team will go into the draft with 7 - 10 of the girls they want and now you just have fill the team ! why not save time let everyone have there weekend and fill the teams with a hat draw and STOP THE CHARADES !!!!!!! its as bad as the charades you do for all stars !!!!!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#34 Aug 12, 2013
Didn't 10U Gold win Disctricts and make it to Nationals ... Just Saying!
Ron Meek

La Mirada, CA

#35 Aug 13, 2013
Seriously wrote:
Didn't 10U Gold win Disctricts and make it to Nationals ... Just Saying!
@ Seriously ..........
yea BUT LOST!!!! most likely due to the coaches involvement, the girls were handicapped with them going in .... just saying !!! because the coaches didn't show Shiznit at District's ( learn to spell .... just saying !!!!) xoxoxo come out to my snack bar and buy all my over priced junk that never seems to show a profit in the books but youll always see my girls and there friends working there and getting paid good money !!!!

La Mirada, CA

#36 Aug 13, 2013
this was on lmgsa facebook
WOW talk about stroking ones ego !!!!!!! they act like they just started lmgsa and that it was never around before the current board hahaha
and this was the worst year ever!!!! numbers way down and lots of people left after spring !!!!!

LMGSA: La Mirada Girls Softbal Association

August 6 via mobile.

I just wanted to say a little something on here to acknowledge our board members and all the hard work and hours they put in to this league. We are all volunteers and do not get paid to do this job. We do it for the girls and hope that our hard work and time away from our families helps each and every girl have a great season. So if you see a board member or know one, thank them for their time or give them a big hug and a kiss, on the cheek of

sincerely yours
Ron Nicole,Leanna, Miriam, Terri, Steve,Will, Sara, Kristine, Terri, Rudy, Ronny and Rick
founders 2013...... you suck !!!!!!
Kevin Kermy

La Mirada, CA

#37 Aug 13, 2013
I love the young vomen.
LM Resident

Van Nuys, CA

#38 Aug 15, 2013
LMGSA is just falling apart, I know of 10 Girls in just one division and more that I have heard about in other divisions that are leaving and going to other cities and or travel, just because of the board and how they have or have not handled things. We are one of the 10 that have left and going to another city. We love La Mirada, but the board needs some new members and change their voting system, so that a new member has a chance of getting picked. It's difficult to get picked when they only allow on person to vote for on the list, it's very confusing how they do the vote and also a little intimidating. I'm glad to get away from the LMGSA Board and start fresh somewhere else, I'm sure no board is perfect, but LMGSA is just horrible. So done!!
High Plains Drifter

La Mirada, CA

#39 Sep 23, 2013
They suck!! I mean every league you go to is going to have its issues but it seems that La Mirada, seems to have MORE and with its current board it has just made a bad thing, worse!!!! to much scratch my back and ill scratch yours, if your with me your in and if you don't go along with OUR program !!!! your out !!!!! not a good way to run a league!!!! everyone should have a equal voice in everything and then have a open vote,!!!! not a 9pm vote at straw hat pizza, without anyone that would oppose them !!!!!!! I Know, I Have SEEN It Done. I will not say my name for fear of retaliation!!! not on me, but on my little girl..... sad we can not speak our mind !!!!! but only in secret may we

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Sep 25, 2013
High Plains Drifter wrote:
They suck!! I mean every league you go to is going to have its issues but it seems that La Mirada, seems to have MORE and with its current board it has just made a bad thing, worse!!!! to much scratch my back and ill scratch yours, if your with me your in and if you don't go along with OUR program !!!! your out !!!!! not a good way to run a league!!!! everyone should have a equal voice in everything and then have a open vote,!!!! not a 9pm vote at straw hat pizza, without anyone that would oppose them !!!!!!! I Know, I Have SEEN It Done. I will not say my name for fear of retaliation!!! not on me, but on my little girl..... sad we can not speak our mind !!!!! but only in secret may we
couldn't have said it better!
See you in the other city!
Ron Meek

La Mirada, CA

#41 Mar 21, 2014
I still can't believe after everything that people say ...... You people of lmgsa still follow !!!!!!! Just goes to show that a good lie with a few pals selling it will go a long way
.......... peace out
Go LM baaaaaaaaa (sheep)

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