I attended this event, visiting both the Downey facility (on Garfield) and the Carson / Gardena locations. Limiting this discounted adoption to one day only, with all the advertising and "hoop-la" seemed counter-productive. I hoped to adopt a dog yesterday, but at the Carson location, after copying the numbers of three possible dogs, we were told for one reason or another, that they were being "held" and unavailable, with no further information given. My response to the staff was "Why wasn't the unavailibility indicated on the info card attached to the kennel?" No response. It was a disappointment to my family and myself that this event, so poorly planned and executed, will result in the euthanization of so many animals in need of a good home. Hopefully the L. A. County Animal Control Department will, in the future, have the foresight to extend their participation to a week and to educate their office staff to prevent this from occurring in the future. However, I do commend the volunteers that we encountered there. They really seemed to care about the animals, an attitude that your paid staff could take a lesson from.