Saint Louis, MO

#21 Aug 7, 2009
i'm ashamed to say that my child is playing for the Ceres Saints after everything I have read and heard about Russ alcorn. Our boys didn't even get their practice jerseys until this week and they STILL don't have their game jerseys. When is this going to end?? i wish i could take my son to another team, but it's too late this year....glad to know there are other teams in Ceres that are very reputable....that's where we're going...russ needs to be can we do it? police?
a coach 4rm tha raptors

Saint Louis, MO

#22 Aug 8, 2009
its not to late to come to our team....
a coach 4rm tha raptors

Saint Louis, MO

#23 Aug 8, 2009
ashamed wrote:
i'm ashamed to say that my child is playing for the Ceres Saints after everything I have read and heard about Russ alcorn. Our boys didn't even get their practice jerseys until this week and they STILL don't have their game jerseys. When is this going to end?? i wish i could take my son to another team, but it's too late this year....glad to know there are other teams in Ceres that are very reputable....that's where we're going...russ needs to be can we do it? police?
it is not to late
a former coach of russ

Saint Louis, MO

#24 Aug 8, 2009
Russ wrote:
Refunds have been approved by the board and we are waiting for our refund from the company we paid. If you have an issue put your real name down and call us. Don't hide behind a fake name.
Be a responsable parent. Our web site also states refunds will be paid.
russ ....i dont even know what to say ...ur just whack..i think your croked and it wouldnt matter if i put my real name cause everybody thinks the same of u...and its not slander if im directing this msg to you...if this is really you...cut the crap can you continue with no support
just wondering

Saint Louis, MO

#25 Aug 9, 2009
a coach 4rm tha raptors wrote:
its not to late to come to our team....
Is it too late for our cheerleaders to move????? so regretful to not have known about all of this drama!!!!!!!!

Ceres, CA

#26 Aug 17, 2009
I can't believe what I just found out. The President, Russ is using the Saints bank account as his personal account. You should be ASHAMED of yourself for stealing the children's money!
Concerned parent

Ceres, CA

#27 Aug 19, 2009
We are with the Ceres Saints now and I regret even signing up with them. We had a great cheer coordinator and he ran her off because she was being honest about the money situation. Russ took my money and spent it somewhere else..I finnally just got the things I paid for in June. Russ got a new "director" and she knows nothing about cheer. I am really concerned that my child will not get the experience needed. I cannot wait for this year to be over so I can take my children to a new team. Any suggestions?
Concerned parent

Ceres, CA

#28 Aug 19, 2009
I also think it's sad when you just type in "Russ Alcorn" and he pops up so easily..wish I would of looked him up before...
Your next

Turlock, CA

#29 Aug 25, 2009
Every year Russ Alcorn has a new person to blame for his stealing from the youth of Ceres. He's good at convincing others he's this great guy. Then they see what everyone has said. He will never change and yes there is something you can do, keep your receipts all of you have too. pay attention to whats coming in at the games. Not that you can Russ or his family handle the money and never is there anyone else. It's not allowed. Then maybe you should call the IRS with enough complaints they will land his ... right where it needs to be. Oh if you want to know why he doesn't have fund raising well 9000.00 plus to a to z now double that cause thats just the bill not what was made then um whats that sports store Russ Ridale then See's Candy. You know where you have the hot check at. World's finest Choclate. What was the guys name in Manteca Russ. OMG You people have no idea. All other organizations do. We get questioned about if we are part of him.. Your uniforms for cheer never orderedd get there number online. He has so much debt in organizations name. All I can say is RUN RUN fast and hard. You may be the next he tries to blame everything on. And all you did was help a kid. Shame on you Russ Alcorn.
Your next

Turlock, CA

#30 Aug 25, 2009
BY the way Russ... GOD WILL GET YOU!!!! He works in mysterious ways...

Modesto, CA

#31 Sep 23, 2009
I can honestly say i just moved back to Ceres and just took over with the help of 2 others the coaching for the Ceres Saints due to the fact people quit, or got tired or heard rumors and just quit. After reading everything i realize freedon of speech is entitled. I do not know Russ or his past well enough to have a character judgement. What i do know, is that the kids that are on the team NOW and who are trying to go to practice and participate and are haveing shady coaches from other teams try to lure them to other teams is teaching our youth of today the BAD qualities of football if they pursue this when they get older and as parents, coaches and adults it is our responsibility to support the kids that STILL play no matter what.

If you have any real beef or quams with the owner then take it up with him , your city council, league officials or something. All this trash talk online does is berate the entire team , coaches, parents and kids who are trying to support there city with the Saints in a positive way even if the comments are only directed to Russ.

If all these allegations are true i am sure in time the truth will reveal itself and actions will be taken. But if not, it is just like a high school rumor and are we not to old for that? Maybe some are not.. but again, some of us our trying hard for the kids, there well being and there good experiences with the game and with the rest of this season. If you are not a part of it just go elsewhere and do something better with your time then sit on a forum and talk trash. Misery loves company and it seems like a good forum for it.

P.S. Remember, the kids come first, if you believe you got a bad end of a deal move on, press charges, file complaints in the real world not on a forum where the kids can read this. Lets support the kids folks and the rest of this hopefully salvaged season of good motivation and good leadership by the players who will move on to better things. no ill will and wish everyone the best in life.

Stockton, CA

#32 Sep 26, 2009
How is your comment any different then all the rest? It seems if you were so concerned about the kids then you would just keep your comments to yourself and not blast everyone also.

It is obvious that you are new to Ceres and have not been around long enough to NOT know about the president of this team. I'm an old timer of Ceres and know that this man is not about the kids but he is all about the power.

How is it that you can type his name and get all this negative stuff on him? Type in presidents names of the other Ceres teams. Go back in Ceres history and type in Ceres Cowboys and Ceres Falcons presidents and coaches names. You won't get one hit. But with the name Russ ------. Doesn't that tell you anything?

I am glad that you came along just in time to help these kids. But I hope that the parents of these kids seriously think hard next year and what team to put their kids in.

Do your research, ask around, talk to parents and kids and see what teams would be the best to sign your kids up to.

Modesto, CA

#33 Sep 27, 2009
I grew up in Ceres, Graduated from Ceres High School , i just recently moved back.... and since noone has the guts to put there real names it could be the same person writing 30 posts.. im not blasting anyone im just saying a general statement about inappropriate forum talk when the kids are old enough to read it is ridiculous.. it does not show maturity as a parent or as an adult to blast on a forum. And as for hits with Russ.. there is only this forum that everyone pow wow's around.

I do not have kids that play for this team. i just came in to assist when other people bailed cause they couldnt handle being a coach. I have done my research as well as talked with my friend who works for the local Ceres police dept. and it seems Russ took over alot of past stuff from the Raptors that was unfinished when he took the team. And honestly.. this is very old news now..

Again, if you read my post properly, im not blasting anyone so to get offended is again a huge sign of what i am saying.. i am just saying in general why dont we keep the comments to ourselves.. if your kid is no longer on the team why are you continuing to ruin what can be a good organization and kids and parents who believe in that..and continue to talk trash about the owner.. are you the savior or people? are you invested in the team? if not then move aqlong with your team and continue to support them..

People need to tend to there own current business instead of continuing to talk trash about old subjects cause they have a chip on there shoulder. I am defending cause this is currently the team I COACH and what is said on this forum and to this day is old and has nothing to do with current situations! Wish you the best for you guys in your new teams and futures but try and have respect for the current players, coaches and parents who support the team..

Remember, EVERY team and EVERY owner has issues..whether its pushing the kids to hard, being unreasonable or whatever.. just depends on what kind of owner and coaches you like as a parent. noone is perfect and everyone has flaws... again, god bless and i wish you the best..

Modesto, CA

#34 Sep 30, 2009
Sweetie if you are from Ceres then you know the Raptors just started. It was the Falcons I think you are referring to. Perhaps you should go to the courts and read the documents on how Russ lost against former President of the Falcons. Perhaps you will see in time. Remember these words as you sit in the parking lot of blaker kinser during the Saints Home Coming game drinking."Alcohol" I'm here for the kidds. Yes you are right Russ is here for the kids I'll neer forget him saying Do you know how much money you can make off kids. Funny how his house in forcloser and wow a lump sum of money is paid for registration and poof the house is out of forcloser. Then our cheerleaders get the shaft on uniforms for how long. Oh yea blame that on the cheer coordinator NOT I called just because I wanted to know and this was on him. Why do you think the City did say something to him. You see I'm here and just passing time and next year gone from this group. Ceres People left his organization for the right reason. Old Time Ceres People. But don'tt worry oneday you will look back and say how could I not listen. We hae all been there and then we leae. I just hope he has his paper work right because the one way he is getting it, is the hardest way. City officials can't do a thing he hides behind those bylaws you know the ones no one has seen. Watch yourself. We know how they hae you in there home, then the famous words come out to eeryone, I broke bread What a Joke... Coaches don't quit, you really need to see what really goes on. But you only hear one side of the story. I hope your kids are enjoying the season, mine well, I make my kids follow through. Another Saints Parent on my way to another team next year.

Modesto, CA

#35 Nov 30, 2009
watch out for the keyes bees! i hear their running some crazy offense and taking my kid there.
Ceres Cowboys

Sonora, CA

#36 Jan 31, 2010
Calling all Ceres Saint just thought you should know Russ Alcorn is looking for buyers for your football equiptment !!!
Not sure how he thinks he can sale a non profit football teams equiptment ?
It's not his to sale but that's exactly what he's trying to do !
somebody who cares

United States

#37 Feb 1, 2010
anybody want the court case number?superior court,state of california,county of stanislaus #381141
somebody who cares

United States

#38 Feb 1, 2010
thats for all the doubters who say he wasnt removed from the ceres falcons, u can have him removed from the saints if you really care about your organization.under nonprofit rules upon written letter to the board (or should i say his board)all documents should be realeased,mainly the treasure report.
somebody who cares

United States

#39 Feb 1, 2010
Onlythe truth wrote:
I believe that one is innocent till proven guilty...where is the proof that he did all this and where are all the other board members who was around when this was going on...they had to know something was going on..i would love my son to play for the falcons but I am going with the Saints till I cant find something better...$120,000 is a lot of money and I know the falcons had a lot of support...i wish someone would come foward and prove this to be true...
here is some proof for you. superior court,state of california,county of stanislaus #381141
Another 1 shafted by Russ

United States

#40 May 18, 2010
Well, I must say I wish I found this place before last season! I can surly attest to the fact Russ Alcorn is a lying thief. He lied to everyone about getting jerseys stating that the company he bought them from in January canceled his order and he needed to order form another July. Then he charges $40 a piece for 49er tickets that have a face value of $15. He charged everyone for practice jerseys and shorts then at the end of the season proceeds to charge people for All-Stars because he says he was fined by the league for a game we forfeited due to lack of players. He says Trophies will be handed out in Dec. then no one hears anything until April the next year. He fired the cheer director then had an under aged girl running the team while listing a parent that was never there as the new director. Shady Shady Shady! Be forewarned, no matter how enticing the deal is or how cheap the registration, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! I am not a sponsor of another team so I will not name any here. I will however state that there are many other teams all with good reputations. Pick one of those if you want your child to have a fun structured experience. If however you want constant drama and enjoy being constantly hit up for money by all means the Saints are for you.
Oh and the reason the Ceres PD wont do anything is because Russ has family on the force. They come to his aid on a whim and are obviously a corrupt department.

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