Do you support a GRAND JURY in Stepje...

Do you support a GRAND JURY in Stepjens County to uncover Corruption?

Created by Iwanna Justice on Jan 24, 2011

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Yes..Uncover the Corruption

No....Sweep it under the Rug

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Iwanna Justice

United States

#1 Jan 24, 2011
I just wanna JUSTICE and all the money accounted for. There has just been too many hangings in our jails ..... etc.
Bert Lancaster

United States

#2 Jan 24, 2011
Iwanna Justice wrote:
I just wanna JUSTICE and all the money accounted for. There has just been too many hangings in our jails ..... etc.
Rham Emanue

United States

#3 Jan 26, 2011
Bert Lancaster wrote:
<quoted text> Hang-em-Hi..!
Sweep it and dust it out on the whitehouse lawn.
Crime Fighter

United States

#4 Feb 8, 2011
WE MUST circulate another petition inorder to protect our potholes.

United States

#5 Feb 9, 2011
Crime Fighter wrote:
WE MUST circulate another petition inorder to protect our potholes.
We must stop sweeping things under the rug. Too many people hanging themselves.
Bill Wilson

United States

#6 Apr 25, 2012
I saw onw hanging in the police station on the stairway one time.
Ahab da Jabass

United States

#7 Jan 29, 2013
Only dumbass voted for Hussein Obama da 1st Negro to Lie to Congress.

Lampasas, TX

#8 Feb 3, 2013
Vote them out

Hayward, CA

#9 Feb 3, 2013
Get Enos and hicks out if there and get people who will do there job and get all the power tripping hipocrits out of office and maybe it will get better. But when you have good officers doing there job all they get is treated like the Duncan officer was when Enos pulled his stunt, or like the poor deputy who had to go through all that crap to be found not guilty. Enos treated that officer very wrong what do you think would of happened if it was turned around and that officer acted like that to Enos in his court room! Pshh all hell would of broke out! We need to clean these people out!! We have to much government
Very Concearned

United States

#10 Feb 15, 2013
Ues I support it 100% there needs to be accountability especial with district attorney and his office. These Da's have way to much power and there needs to be more checks and balances placed on them. Like all the money paid into restriction funds where is that money going. And people who are innocent we are waiting money trying to put in prison when people who are guilty are walking around free! I mean prime example a convicted Liar plead guilty to two felon counts of knowingly concealing stolen property in 08 no jail rain just gets probation. Mind you these are felonies, then she gets DUI did her probation get revoked no she goes on over the next few years and gets 3 more felony DUI s and two charges of controlled substance, that's 5 felonies she has commited and has not spent any time in jail!! Are we going to wait till she kills someone!! You can look it up your self on here name is Kenisha Nicole Fisher a 40 year old dead beat living with her mom in Marlow prolly living off our tax dollars. That makes me sick! So I absolutely support it, we need to start holding our DA's responsible when they let CONVICTED 5 time felons walk amount us
What a disgrace

New York, NY

#11 Feb 16, 2013
Wow!! You Werner kidding about Nicole fisher she has a long rap sheet, and I mean long 5-6 felonies in in less then 8 years how is she still walking around, multiply DUI s and no jail time.? That's sad just goes to show you it's all who you know and who you blow! And apparently she's blowing someone I can't believe she has been let off that much

New York, NY

#12 Feb 16, 2013
Where are you finding this at? Surely it's not true
What a disgrace

New York, NY

#13 Feb 16, 2013
Go to and type kenisha Nicole fisher and look how many times she's listed for felony DUI and drug charges and concealing stolen property! Very shocking

United States

#14 Feb 19, 2013
That is pathetic! I see her all the time at the bar with her new sorry a@@ husband Gary Riley which that home wrecker stole from another woman. I can't believe she is still walking around a free woman! She should be in prison that's where she belongs how many freaking felonies do you have to get she has 6 or 7 on there! And no jail time I know I counted 3 DUI s and a possession of drugs in a 3 year period! Is the district attorney going to wai till she kills an innocent family!! Put her in jail I am in shock what a sorry district attorneys office and justice system. Heck ya come down and and open up a huge investigation!
Linda beck

United States

#15 Feb 20, 2013
I know her as well she use to be a decent lady, but got wrapped up with wrong crowd and parties all the time now drinking and I'm pretty sure using illegal drugs. She is a bad example of a mother and her daughter is now in trouble with the law trying to stay outta jail. It's sad when the kids role model is a loser and always in trouble with the law what do you think the kids are going to be like or follow. What a sad wasted life!

Atlanta, TX

#16 Mar 4, 2013
I see her all the time she's a BIg fan of Riley's place!! She always drinking and I know she is totally drunk by the time the night is over, and she is my friend and I called bluff on all those charges till I went and looked it up. And umm she has a lot of felony convictions but she hasn't spent any time in jail!! I mean omg! I have never seen that many felonies on one person and no jail time! I mean I like to drink and me and my bf drink a lot but we use taxi or DD, we don't get out in roads drunk and then try to drive home! I don't believe in that at all and I am highly against it!! And something needs to be done, are we going to just wait till she wrecks and kills somebody? Then we will say o this is your 7th felony and since you drove drunk again killed someone we are going to prosecute you now! Come ON!!!!
Jerry wright

Longview, TX

#17 Mar 7, 2013
Ya me too how sad!! She is a disgrace to society go look it up for your self!! Nicole Fisher she's 40 years old living with her mommy you are a sorry lieing human being and you deserve to be in jail!!
JusticeandtheTru th

United States

#18 Mar 13, 2013
Check out the story on chase Burns brother of former DA Bret Burns. Didn't a past local law enforcement officer get thrown under the bus for trying tell on Bret and his families corruption several years ago. Looks like the truth is finally going to come out.

United States

#21 May 15, 2013
Ya that's true lieing freaking government!! It's to big now we need smaller government smaller smaller smaller.
Hell ya

United States

#22 Jun 22, 2013
Bring this whole county needs to be cleaned out, but hell still wouldn't matter this county is a s I @: hole anyways their is nothing here. And just wait once Halliburton takes their business out of the Duncan this town will be done! Wages will go down no more new police cars and nice shiny fire trucks cause there won't be all that nice tax for city to run on!!! The police Chris don't be making 105k a year and another 50-75k to be emergency manager. What a joke to much political bs

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