What is a Sex Offender? It's not what...

What is a Sex Offender? It's not what you think!

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Amanda G

Atoka, OK

#1 Feb 20, 2014
Most people think for a sex offender as someone who rapes, and molests children or women. This is not entirely true. Most of the sex offenders especially in the state of Oklahoma have been labeled as a sex offender if they simply streaked a football field, or flashed or mooned someone. They can also be labeled a sex offender if they urinate in public or frequent a nudist resort or club. The sex offender registry is also thinking about including those who buy porn to the list.
The list harms those who are listed on it for life! Not only are they watched constantly by police, they are also followed and harassed by aircraft, cops, and possibly the FBI! They get involved in that persons life to the point of telling everyone that person comes in contact with that he or she is a sex offender!!! The poor guys friends and family are also notified! This is sickening!!!. Who designed this sex offender registry? Well I'm guessing it was someone who has something to do with a church institution! Since they have been known to torture people for centuries! And possibly it designed to make money off of that individual. Did you know that when a person is labeled a sex offender, not registered, but labeled, they are added to a list and kept on that list for life. They are banned from attending church, going to a park, or simply taking a walk near a neighborhood! They are watched and followed by agents, and vigilantes alike. Agents get paid for watching and spying on the individual in question by the way. This is a modern day witch hunt! I wouldn't be surprised if it causes a civil war in the near future! Maybe that's why Obama is stocking up on billions of rounds of bullets? Cause everyone is being labeled a sex offender? And let me tell you the people who are behind it if karma is real, you are done! I hope this does cause a civil war! Some lessons need to be learned the hard way and this is one of them!! You don't go around and label people as something they're not and then get away with it! So if in the near future a war breaks out because of this crap, the government has themselves to blame for this BS! I know someone who has possibly been labeled a sex offender who had a towel on when he ordered pizza and a female happened to answer the door. The towel fell off, and she turned him in. Now he doesn't have a chance to ever get married, and he's listed with a bunch of scum who deserve to be registered!! You people make me sick! He probably will never ever have a career even though he's got four years of college behind him! So keep it up! Keep harassing people who buy porn, moon people, and those who you just happen to see in the shower naked! See what happens! It's not gonna be pretty! Just saying!
Amanda G

Atoka, OK

#2 Feb 20, 2014
I just found out most protestant churches are behind the vigilantism and gang-stalking of people who are labeled as sex offenders! Really? So you broke away from a church that used to torture devices and burned witches at the stake and now you're doing the exact same thing to people who are supposedly sex offenders! And you know that because someone like Kenneth Copeland told you so! By the way Kenneth Copeland uses aircraft to harass sex offenders, but he calls it the Lords work! I'm sure the Catholic Church called burning people at the stake back in the 1400's the Lord's work also? Now that's what I call a hypocrite! Whether you're protestant or Catholic, harassing people and torturing them because you heard some hearsay and then telling others to be kind and love your neighbor is HYPOCRISY AT IT'S WORST! Somewhere along the way both churches missed the part in the Bible where it says "Let them have a choice?" Forceful conversion by protestant or Catholic is wrong!! And labeling people a sex offender when you don't have all of the facts is also hypocrisy and bearing false witness! It's sad that someone who doesn't go to church has to tell you this! Ruining lives is not the LORD'S WORK!!! Especially when you do it because of hearsay!!! Stop harrassing people and torturing them because you heard a voice that told you it was God!!! It wasn't!
Amanda G

Atoka, OK

#3 Feb 20, 2014
Oh and FYI my great great grandfather married my great great grandmother when she was 15 back in the 1910's! Do you think he was labeled a sex offender or pedophile? Nope he lived a happily married life and lived to be 85 years old! Apparently there was a time when it was okay for men to date women who were minors. But in today's capitalist society the government wouldn't make money without sex offenders and pedophiles!! And apparently neither would the church! Hypocrites! This is a freaking witch hunt, and it will only end in violence!
Amanda G

Atoka, OK

#4 Feb 20, 2014
Where were you holier than thou art people during the 1960's and 70's when people went nude during Woodstock? Did you ruin their lives? Or how about when students ran naked together at college universities during the 1970's? Maybe you should find them and label them sex offenders also? Maybe you should ruin their lives and not allow them to procreate because they publicly displayed their naked bodies! Maybe you should go after all of those women who have ever stripped at a party or club? Or is it just the men you go after? How many suicides will it take before the idiots in our government realize this law needs to be abolished? As I said before it's just going to lead to more chaos and violence before someone does something about it. But isn't that what creates more jobs? More chaos creates more jobs, right? Out of order comes chaos, isn't that the way it goes? I think the idea is to reduce the population and remove those who aren't holier than Jesus. Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone! I bet the people involved in the gang-stalking have more sin on the red hands than the people they are harassing! If it were me being followed, I'd have a bucket of nails waiting for the next vehicle to pursue me! But since I'm a woman, I guess this will never happen to me, no matter how many times I streak a football field, or moon my neighbor, or have sex with two or more men. It's really hypocrisy at work here! The guys including one of my good friends are being discriminated against all because they popped a boner at a nudist resort, or got naked in front of a female, or urinated in public or streaked a football field. Now I'm not saying there are not people out there who molest children and women. I think they should be tried and given due process and sentenced accordingly. But I don't believe they should be secretly added to a,list for a lynch mob or brainwashed people to harass them continuously without knowing what really happened. I think the whore of Babylon is the church. That's my personal opinion, because almost every war that has been started came about because some church going person believed they were right and the other person was wrong! So they killed them because they heard a voice that they claimed was God! As I said before let he who has never sinned cast the first stone!

Skiatook, OK

#5 Feb 22, 2014
Tell your friend not to go to nudist clubs or resorts. They are breeding grounds for FBI agents, police officers and attorneys. They're all waiting for a guy to look at a woman the wrong way so they can get a case going. I know it sounds strange but it's true. I know of too many people who have been set up at nudist clubs/resorts and ended up being convicted as sexual offenders. It's a big business for them. Most nudist clubs/resorts are corporate entities meaning they own stocks and bonds. Once someone is convicted, they trade it with cops and lawyers. Tell your friend to stay away from those places. The idea of a nudist club/ resort in this era doesn't exist.

Skiatook, OK

#6 Feb 22, 2014
and tell your friend not to go to strip clubs. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of strippers getting men convicted as sex offenders. Cops pay them good money to convict people. I'm guessing there's some stock trading going on there too. But I don't have as much proof for that as I do for nudist clubs/resorts. Like I said nudist clubs/resorts are fantasies, mirages and so are most strip clubs. Just FYI.
Captain Nickles

Tulsa, OK

#9 Mar 19, 2014
This is an interesting conversation. So you're saying that nudist resorts are like counter-insurgents or COINTELPRO?

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