Fort Sill Soldier Dies In Training Ac...

Fort Sill Soldier Dies In Training Accident

There are 67 comments on the KTUL-TV Tulsa story from Oct 5, 2007, titled Fort Sill Soldier Dies In Training Accident. In it, KTUL-TV Tulsa reports that:

A training-related incident at Fort Sill Thursday has resulted in the death of a soldier. via KTUL-TV Tulsa

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United States

#44 Apr 2, 2010
has anyone been arround fortsill since the middle 80s like 84 85? does anyone remember a soldier named guy he was from staten island ny had a brother named vincent and lived off base!its very important to me!if so please email me [email protected]

Colton, NY

#45 Apr 15, 2010
My husband and I are from Fort Sill. He was doing his boot camp training at Fort Benning,GA when this took place. He just served a year's tour over in Afghanistan. While he was on tour he was shot in the back. Being an Army wife is hard enough. Worrying about your soldier every time he walks out the door. So I would not want all this gossip going around if it were my husband. I would want to have time to mourn, and recieve everyone's thoughts and prayers for our family. So sometimes you have to show a little respect. Mrs.Fisher I give you a salute for your soldier. May your heart be at peace that you will be with him again one day.
To all my Army Wives keep up the good work, because it's not easy. We have the hardest job of all. Hoorah! God Bless.
Another Guy

Lawton, OK

#46 Apr 17, 2010
Wounded at Sill once too wrote:
This could've been prevented easily if it wasn't for that asshole "Ma Baker" trying to Dog and Pony the range that day with what she thought would impress the General who was visiting the Range...The chain of events of this tragedy could've been stopped had people been paying attention to detail and that female commander [Baker] didn't have her head up the Generals ass. She deviated from the Standard that day trying to impress him, and started this unfortunate chain of events all because she was kissing ass. If you need to blame anyone, blame her...
Agree with about 90% of what you say. I disagree with your qualifier of *female* commander. Ma Baker was hated by many...I think she was responsible for creating a high stress environment (not just that day, but every day). Her "zero defects" command climate had the opposite affect than the one she aimed for. She actually created defects where none had previously existed. So where do we stand now?

- PVT Fisher tragically and needlessly died.
- The DS went to prison.
- The BC was fired, but was required to "ride out" the remainder of his commitment to the army in meaningless staff work.
- The Bn CDR:_________ Nothing?
- The BDE CDR had been slotted to be FA's first female general officer...but deservingly received a mediocre OER--so she retired, rather than wait around for a promotion that would never come.
- The CG:_________ Nothing?

I agree with the decision to fire the BC. I think he got less than he deserved. But why did it stop there? Why not the Bn CDR, the BDE CDR, and the CG? They were at the range too! We say at every range "everyone is a safety officer." Between the two field grade officers, and the general officer, there was more than 75 years of combined officer experience present on that range. They share the responsibility of not saying "Hang on! Why the hell is that .50 Cal pointed the wrong way? Have you lost your mind?"
One of the Fisher family

Colorado Springs, CO

#47 Jul 19, 2010
PVT Hill wrote:
i also was there when the incident happened and i give my condolances to Mrs. Fisher but things happen we all knew that something could happen when we signed the papers and enlisted plus the drill sergeants always told us when live rounds were going to be used and i personally think that the sergeant is not in the wrong i would love to see any of you people try to set up a fifty call i really dont think you can i am trained to be a armor and i cant set everything up perfect i have messed up a million times
Hi! so i have something to say to you! As a part of the family i would like to say that your full of shit . sorry but it was a training day with false rounds NOT real ones. alot went down and they all deserved more thn what they got.
they watched daniel die and it was uncalled for .
Fuck you if you think you know what the hell u are doing. your pure stupidity will get you nowhere but killed in live fire if your not careful.

Chicago, IL

#48 Jul 27, 2010
the drill sgt shouldn't have gone to jail because that wasn't the first time that blank rounds had been mixed with live rounds... It wasn't a range that they were at either... it was in some bleachers across the way from the baraks... If any one should go to jail, it should have been the preparers of the rounds... that requires a hazmat license and because of their neglect peoples lives got destroyed down range... the Ma Baker you talked about has the same insight that the rest of the troops have, to keep the lower enlisted safe, some times people push too hard on their subordinates and micro manage... Thats never good. How the hell did those rounds get mixed soo many times at Fort Sill. Trust me it wasn't the first time.
a soldiers aunt

United States

#49 Aug 31, 2010
Another accident at Fort Sill? Really why don't you guys really tell the truth for once and stop covering the truth up with garbage and lies. My nephew has told me many things that he had to go through while there at Fort Sill. One was the dill Sargents do fire live rounds at the soldiers. So was it an accident?
How many pvt's have been hit by live rounds by their sargents in basic training at Fort Sill?
Once again our wonderful Government covering up the truth to save their own ass.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#50 Mar 4, 2011
to the soldiers aunt.....your nephew is full of shit the only time rounds are fired well over them is when they do a thing where they low crawl through sand. they are told to keep their heads down which is aided by c-wire over them. the rounds that are fired are fired from towers that are over 10 feet in the air. in order for them to get hit with one of the rounds they would have to be on a 15ft ladder jumping. so for you nephew to say they are shooting at them all i have to say is your nephew is full of shit and is just trying to make it seem like basic is so hardcore
OIF ll and lll

Crivitz, WI

#51 May 25, 2011
I would like to know what the f*** the drill sgts that are at fort sill right now are thinking by doing some of the shit they have been doing for the last few days.Can you say illegal? And f******? With what I just found out.. I would be very afraid to send a child of mine there....
joe buckingham

Boise, ID

#52 Mar 11, 2012
i was in A 1/40th for basic back in 2008 and we had a M119 training accident but no one died i heard about this incident when we were in the field for deployment training A 1-17 FA this is some insane shit someone didnt do prefire checks
Paul Parish

Shreveport, LA

#53 May 9, 2012
They put a live round in the M-2 Browning Machine Gun instead of a dummy rounds.

Mansfield, TX

#54 Jul 13, 2012
I too was there when the accident happened. He was brought to the clinic right before our shift was over. The soldier I saw that day was lying on his back with blood trail from the truck he was brought on to the trauma room he was placed in. The lifeless eyes I looked into is the same eyes I dream about now. I still see him as if it was yesterday. Here it is 5 yrs later and I still have dreams of that day. My heart goes out to his family. May God provide comfort to you. Just know that in my dreams,he has told me he was ok. I have been nursing for 10 yrs at that time and this incident has changed my life completely. So to the Fisher family, he is at peace. And there are things that I know that should of happened but didn't . That's a whole notha can of worms that needs to stay close for now, but if ppl have questions about the incident, I'm singing like a canary especially since they didn't interview me.I was well hidden.

Memphis, TN

#55 Sep 18, 2012
did bryan britman happen to be from Memphis tn?
sgt jr

United States

#56 Dec 22, 2012
I was just starting my ait when this tragic event happene . While in basic I was part of the 1-40th bravo battery sitting right beside alpha battery to its left. We saw alpha battery and their drill sergeants every single day. They were always professional to every aspect. The cycle this young soldier was in arrived "across the tracks" right at our graduation time. I don't know the man who said that this soldier was purposely shot by a drill sergeant but I can tell you that statement is not only untrue but also sickens me. Let me say again, the drill sergeants of alpha 1-40th fa were ALWAYS professional in every aspect. As to why a .50 cal machine gun was pointed at the bleachers, lets just say the army isn't always the brightest crayon in the box. No one can ever predict a tragic event as such. This soldier deserves honor and respect, not for people to be on here running their mouths. As to you PVT Fisher, I solute you. As for his wife and family, my heart breaks for your loss and I hope that the time past has helped you heal some and that future time will only bring more healing and celebration of your loved one's life and time here on earth instead of morning of his death. Any man who bleeds with me shall forever be my brother.
father of the soldier

Mount Vernon, MO

#57 May 4, 2013
my son is in Fort Sill,I think about him all the time ,I'm proud of the young man who serve this country.I was raised in a military family ,and my wife was raising a military family,to be a soldier is not an easy task ,it carries great weight ,I salute you all .and pray for all of you everyday ,god bless you .


Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#58 Jun 19, 2013
WHEN ya sign on the DOTTED LINE...YOU virtually have placed yourself... in a WAR ZONE...
Corporal Adams

Hempstead, TX

#59 Jul 30, 2013
I went through bct in june 2002 in Fort Sill. I never once encountered a situation where the main focus was not on "safety". That was always the main subject. So, for this to happen years later kind of makes me wonder. Thankfully enough, Im glad these such issues did not exist during my time there, however, I am very sorry for anyones loss of a soldier. I do not know what went wrong with the leadership and delegation at Fort Sill. It seems as though several serious problems have occurred there since 2002 when I was there.


Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#60 Jul 30, 2013
Ya wonder WAS it intentional or NOT???
pvt2 Lee

Belleview, FL

#61 Sep 6, 2013
I was with fox 1/19th at the time. my wife flipped out about it. im very sorry for the fisher family.


Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#62 Sep 13, 2013
Weapons loaded...BAD SCENARIO!!!
SSG Stewart

Dobson, NC

#63 Nov 9, 2013
Daniel and his wife were dear friends of mine and they lived with me for a while. I miss him so bad and when this happened I was deployed. It hurt so bad because he was like my little brother and because he was not blood related to me the Army would not let me come home for the funeral. I heard so many different things about the shooting and I know how rumors start, but I still feel like there are so many unanswered questions. Did anyone get prosecuted, what happened to the Drill Sergeants, and WHY would you have a gun pointed at people when as long as I can remember the Army has always taught that a weapon should be pointed down range and everyone should be behind it. If its loaded or unloaded you always treat it as if its loaded. I have been in the Army for 15 years and that's always been the rules. I have been on more ranges than I can count and I have instructed and coached on those ranges. Weapons safety has always been priority and in all my years I have never heard of such a lack of responsibility and a neglect of safety. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! I miss you brother and God be with Brittany and the rest of Daniels family!

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