The Enlightened One

Meridian, MS

#61 Apr 2, 2009
The website you seek will be your demise. Those you have slandered will have the last laugh when you fall fom your self-annointed places of grace. Prepare yourselves for judgement!

She is still watching you Walter. Your website is being monitored by those you have damned and and those you have yet to meet, but it will be your ultimate mistake. She has deemed it so, as She watches. Watches you and your flock of three. And you shall not be the phoenix.
The Enlightened One

Meridian, MS

#62 Apr 3, 2009
Yes Walter, watch for Her this weekend as She watches you and your coven. Beware the art you walk amongst, for like a mirror to your soul it will reflect your true being, reveal the evil in your heart and mind and all those around shall see you for what you are. She will see as she watches you or Berachoke or Wade, whichever your demented mind should decide you to be, as you walk thieves amongst beggars, with your cauldren of lost souls. It matters not, for She will be watching.
Old Biker

Roswell, GA

#63 Apr 28, 2009
Good for you "Enlightened One"! You sound like you know Walter from way back. Rest assured that other people are keeping their eye on him as well. There will very soon be a new mayor in Meridian, elections begin early May. All the candidates know just what a broken record he and his little crew are. Not to worry, he won't be making any headway anytime soon!
kim lefebvre

San Clemente, CA

#64 Apr 28, 2009
Hi Wade. Do you remember me and me family which you totally screwed up? You are the only man in my life which I have completely grown to hate for your stupid cult in RI which put me and my family through the worst complete shit I have ever had to deal with. I can say this for all who want to follow him....;please think twice because all he will do is steal your money and your soul.
Old Biker

Roswell, GA

#65 Apr 29, 2009
To everyone who knows about "Wade" and "Lucy" and their CCIA, if you have any solid information on them please post it on this forum. I live in Meridian, Mississippi and I, and many others, are tired of hearing the outlandish lies they spew. I would love find out about their past and about other places they have lived. Especially any info on any criminal activity and the time "Wade" spent in jail. I will try to use this info to get this lunatic and his creepy crew of cretins to leave our little town alone and go somewhere else. Thanks for any help.
The Enlightened One

Meridian, MS

#66 Apr 29, 2009
Check out his son on the Mississippi Sex Offenders website. Somewhere he is being watched and will face the judgement he deserves. She is watching Walter and his flock more closely than yesterday, waiting for the proper time. Many know of his false teachings and childlike tantrums when he does not get his way, and they too are watching. See us Walter? Does your possessed flock of sheep see us? Look for us when you sleep, for we are in your waken hours and in your dreams. She is watching you Walter.
The Enlightened One

Meridian, MS

#67 Apr 29, 2009
Shame on you Walter. Shame on you. All that your spouse claimed are lies and ficticious journeys from your sick demented mind. Think of all those from whom you have stolen. The lies you have ruined. Your own personally pitiful existence, nothing but an outlet of hate and deceit. While He loves you despite your blatant insanity, God does not affirm your teachings or methods. But he whom God cast from heaven loves you Walter. You are his son. And She and We will continue to watch you. You and your poor pitiful mindnumb flock.

Boston, MA

#68 Apr 30, 2009
Old Biker

Roswell, GA

#69 Apr 30, 2009
Obviously CuriousCat is just DK or Dr. CRS or maybe the invisible Mr. Levine. Everything on those sites is lies, lies and more lies.
The Enlightened One

Meridian, MS

#70 May 1, 2009
There is no Levine, no Berachoke, only mind-bended puppets following the directives of a con man. But She is watching, taking notes, and gathering allies. One day, redemption will come for those decieving the weak.

Boston, MA

#71 May 2, 2009
The Enlightened One

Meridian, MS

#72 May 4, 2009
Oh Judgement Day is soon for those throwing stones and vengence will be given, for the unfaithful decievers will have theirs all too soon. For She is watching and working towards an end.

Empty thy sacks heathens and prepare for that you so like to distribute. Rubber rooms and white jackets with back restraints are your future. For She has deemed it to be your destinies.
Berachot Levine

Boston, MA

#73 May 13, 2009
kim lefebvre wrote:
Hi Wade. Do you remember me and me family which you totally screwed up? You are the only man in my life which I have completely grown to hate for your stupid cult in RI which put me and my family through the worst complete shit I have ever had to deal with. I can say this for all who want to follow him....;please think twice because all he will do is steal your money and your soul.
This is a response to Kim Lefebvre’s comment. I have done some research and interviewed various members and former members of Christ’s Church In Action to corroborate my own memory of the events. I was around during the time frame in question, as I have known Pastor Demers for over 30 years now.

Before I continue, let me inform you that Don Lefebvre, Kim Lefebvre’s father, was contacted on April 29, 2009 by the Executive Assistant of Christ’s Church In Action in Meridian Mississippi, and was given a chance to have his daughter Kim retract her comments and apologize. He hung up without even listening to a full sentence. So, The Arm of Justice here in New England, which is monitoring the slander and deprivation of rights of the pastor, members, and attendees of Christ’s Church In Action and receives full reports from Mississippi on a regular basis regarding these matters, has been forced into the position of responding with the facts to Ms. Lefebvre’s serious false accusations regarding Pastor Wade Demers “stealing money.”

The truth is that, to the contrary, Pastor Demers gave up his assets, fortune, and income to preach the gospel and, Don Lefebvre, Kim Lefebvre’s father, is among the beneficiaries.

Donald Lefebvre and his family were among the original people in the church which Pastor Demers gave up his income, his business, and all of his assets to be the pastor of. In the early time, when Pastor Demers got discouraged and wanted to give up and quit being a pastor, Don was one of the people who pleaded with him to keep going. When still active in the church, Don Lefebvre, with 2 other men, had false charges brought against them by Jacalynn Demers (Pastor Demers’ ex-wife) and these charges were eventually thrown out.

When Donald Lefebvre and his family left Christ’s Church In Action, Kim Lefebvre was under the age of 10 years old. The Lefebvre family was only in the church for about 3 years, from its inception in 1983 until 1986 when they left. I believe that Kim was only about 4 or 5 years old at the start, and about 7 or 8 when the Lefebvres left.
Berachot Levine

Boston, MA

#74 May 13, 2009
Kim Lefebvre was the youngest of the 3 Lefebvre children, and was too young to know anything of the adults’ doings. Her information obviously came from her parents and does not portray reality.

Don Lefebvre is one of the former church members who left the church in Rhode Island when the persecution was too much for him. He was one of the many people who wanted to invest money in a building for the church—Pastor Demers was totally against this and wanted to continue to meet in his home, where the church had been meeting for a number of months. But Pastor Demers allowed the church members to prevail since they were providing the money and it was thus their decision.

Eventually, Pastor Demers shut down the building, saying it was not feasible to continue, due to people leaving under the persecution. Don Lefebvre was one of those who wanted to keep it going.

I was there during much of that time. The Lefebvres all loved Pastor Demers and even invited him to live in their home in the early stages of his separation from his now ex-wife.

Regarding the church money and what the pastor received, for the first 9 months that the church was in existence, the pastor received nothing from any monies that came in (many of the church members tithed), which were put into a savings account controlled by Betty Schulze, the church treasurer.
Berachot Levine

Essex, MA

#75 May 13, 2009
After that time the church decided to give Pastor Demers a salary of $250 per week, since by this time the pastor had been full time for over 6 months.

Any revenue beyond this was used for church expenses or was deposited by Betty Schulze in a savings account controlled by her as treasurer of the church.

This went on until Jacalynn Demers, a prolific drinker, did not want to follow the Bible and was not happy any longer with the church meeting in her home. She began saying she didn’t want to be involved in the “God stuff” any longer, and wanted her husband to give up preaching and just go back to making lots of money.(It should be noted that up until this time Jacalynn Demers had been very positive and wanted to be involved in the church. But she had always said that it was just a “fad,” and that Wade would ultimately give it up and go back to making money. When it became apparent that this was for life, that’s when she began to put the pressure on him to give up preaching.)

Pastor Demers wanted to find another home or existing building to meet in if they could. He felt that Jackie would tolerate the services in the house, but it would be better to meet elsewhere.

The church members, led by Wayne Luther (Coventry RI Town Council Member and Business Owner) wanted to lease a space somewhere.
Berachot Levine

Essex, MA

#76 May 13, 2009
A building was found by the congregation on about 3 acres of land, a 30 x 90’ building. The building needed complete renovation. All the church’s savings went into this building. A huge yard sale, which raised around $25,000, was held.(Around $15,000 of this was donated by Patti DePalmo.)

The church members all did the work and provided the money to complete the job. There was not a dime left over at this point.(Remember, the church members voted to do this against the advice of the pastor, and he allowed them to make that decision. This is critical for you to take note of.)

As the persecution mounted, the numbers of people attending dwindled, and thus the financial burden on the members mounted. Of course, Pastor Demers felt then, as I am sure he still does, that the overhead of a building for the church is imprudent and this came to fruition.

When Jackie Demers filed for divorce, and the pastor was out with nothing (no income but the church salary, no assets, and literally just the clothes on his back), he was given a room in Arthur Drummond’s house in which to stay.

He (Pastor Demers) told the church that his needs were being taken care of by the Drummonds, so they should forward whatever they were giving him to Jackie Demers and his children. So at this time, there were no assets and no income for Wade Demers.(Jacalynn had stolen the church’s sound equipment and other church property.)
Berachot Levine

Essex, MA

#77 May 13, 2009
Pastor Demers continued as the full-time pastor and evangelist, working mainly with Rhode Island’s homeless.

By 1985, the pastor demanded that the church building be shut down, because the few members that were left were paying its expenses with funds beyond a tithe, and as he had always felt the building was an unnecessary financial burden on the members.

The church began meeting in Arthur Drummond’s basement. Time went by and Pastor Demers married Patricia.

More members left under threat and fear of persecution…Pastor Demers was framed and falsely arrested.

Jon DeSisto, Arthur Drummond, and Don Lefebvre were angry at the pastor for having church members assist in filing motions in his behalf to bring light to the injustices.

Just prior to the incarceration, Arthur Drummond, Jon DeSisto, Don Lefebvre and others had been providing groceries, rent and a loaner car belonging to Arthur Drummond, to the pastor and his wife, in a small apartment in Esmond, RI.(The cost of this was less than $250 per week.) When the pastor was falsely imprisoned, Arthur, Jon, and Don came to Patricia Demers and took the car, stopped the money, and, of course, left her with nothing.

Only by the grace of God did an old friend decide to help Patti survive, and later another friend took in the family when Pastor Demers was released. The Demerses had no income or assets at all.
Berachot Levine

Essex, MA

#78 May 13, 2009
Pastor Demers never benefited financially from the church, with the exception of the salary of $250 per week given for that time period before the divorce, and all assets given by church members prior to the dissolution of the lease for the building went into that building and thus were lost.

o Pastor Demers was against the building from the start.
o Pastor Demers “put his foot down” to save money of church members he felt was wasted on a building, including Don Lefebvre’s money.
o Don Lefebvre is one of the members who lobbied strongly for the building, against Pastor Demers’ advice.

Any assets given up by members of the church were given on their call, by their own hand, and the money was wasted on a building that Pastor Demers had told them was not needed.

It is sad that parents who left the church on a sour note would tell their children negative things that are not true about the pastor.(Where else would the kind of venomous hatred that Kim Lefebvre spewed out in her post come from, since she was only a little girl at the time and only in the church for 3 years?)

It is also sad that people forget what benefits they derived from Wade Demers. For example, Don Lefebvre had been involved in a business with Wade Demers for years prior to the church starting. At that time he was a graphic artist for Hasbro International, the toy company. Yet, today he owns his own graphics design business. I myself also was employed by others going back many, many years ago. We learned a lot from Wade Demers-- attitude, business organization, positive thinking, interacting with people, and other skills. The things he taught us helped many of us to become successful in business.
Berachot Levine

Essex, MA

#79 May 13, 2009
Among the people that Pastor Demers trained in this regard would include:
o Bill Pinelli, who went from being a barber to owning the Pinelli Marra Restaurant Group, one of the signature draws to the Providence, RI area;
o Carolyn Petreccia, realtor for Re/Max who earned the #1 Individual Realtor for transactions closed and earned the Re/Max Lifetime Achievement Award;
o Bob Deslauriers, who is making millions of dollars a year in his own company dealing with toxic waste management;
o Wayne Luther, who is involved with a company called RVP International, has made a fortune in a number of different businesses, owns 18 condominiums in Hawaii, 2 homes in Lake Tahoe, and numbers of other homes. He was also tapped by Donald Trump to be on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” on the March 22, 2009 episode.
o and many others.

So, it is probably safe to assume that the skills and attitudes that Don Lefebvre learned from Wade Demers contributed to his seeking after becoming successful in his own business. I guess it was easier for Mr. Lefebvre to bad-mouth Pastor Demers even to his own (Mr. Lefebvre’s) children than to admit his selfishness and fears that led to his disloyalty to Pastor Demers and his wife.

From personal observation I can tell you that Don Lefebvre was very “nerdy” and was not very good at interacting with people…he was transformed by the training of Wade Demers, given while in business in the years prior to the formation of the church.

It’s sad that these people and all of the other disparagers are doing this…they don’t want to face the reality of what they did wrong, and so they attack Pastor Demers.

Don Lefebvre was one of the many people who ignored or supported Jacalynn Demers in her abuse and neglect of her children and her defrauding of the courts.(See “Wade Demers Saved His Daughter,” ). Jacalynn Demers had divorced her husband because he “wouldn’t go back to making lots of money,” and “give up the ‘God stuff’”(her words).
Berachot Levine

Essex, MA

#80 May 13, 2009
Don Lefebvre continued to interact with Jacalynn during the period delineated in “Wade Demers Saved His Daughter,” while Jacalynn was allowing the two older children (ages 12 and 14 at the time) to have parties in the house while she was not at home, with drugs (made and consumed), alcohol, guns, and sexual activity. Jacalynn was taking the youngest of the three children (age 4) out to bars where she (Jacalynn) would get so drunk she would fall off her bar stool while the child was sitting at her feet, watching. Don Lefebvre was an Amway distributor and continued to pick up products from Jacalynn while all this was going on and the children were being subjected to all of this.

(For more horrible details, and for the connection to Rogeriee Thompson, who was responsible for the children at this time as their court appointed guardian ad litem, and who was made fully aware of what was going on, yet did nothing to stop it so she could benefit financially by bleeding the Demers estate, see “Wade Demers Saved His Daughter,” ,“Wade Demers Was Framed” , and” The Sheldon Whitehouse Connection” .)

One more note regarding the Lefebvres:
If you will read “Wade Demers Saved His Daughter,” you will see that the children were being harmed on a regular basis as Jacalynn allowed drugs, sex, and booze into the home, and the children to become involved in these things. Read entire article to see all of the details.) Don Lefebvre (and his wife Joan) continued to ignore what was being done to the Demers children and to support Jackie Demers in her neglect and abuse.

The courts supported Jackie because they—specifically Judge Thomas Fay (now a convicted felon and disbarred), Nick Colangelo (Jackie’s lawyer), and Rogeriee Thompson (now a judge, up for a federal judgeship)—saw a way to bleed the Demers estate for thousands upon thousands of dollars. They accomplished this by creating a false conflict and continuing to schedule unnecessary hearings (and billing for them) in a divorce where the pastor had signed a no-contest stipulation. They ignored his stipulation in order to keep the conflict going so they could drain the estate and enrich themselves. No one but Pastor Demers (and a few others who tried to help him but were ignored and/or attacked) cared that the children were suffering and being “ground up” through all of this.

The Lefebvres continued to ignore the crimes committed against the Demers children, to which Pastor Demers had no access at that time.(Jacalynn Demers had gotten a false restraining order based on lies to have Pastor Demers put out of his home and kept away from his children. Her plan was to “shake him up” badly so that he’d do anything to get back into his home and to his children, so she could force him into giving up being a pastor.)

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