Lisa in LV

Norco, CA

#425 Sep 11, 2013
Another question I have after reading these blogs; why is there a gag order on the $$$ amounts of settlements? Are the that embarrassed and ashamed of what they offered for ruining people's lives that they don't want anyone discussing it?
I am shocked.

Moberly, MO

#426 Sep 12, 2013
Lisa, Sounds like you have been through hell. I have had (4) abdominal surgeries. The last two were at the VA after I retired early. It took the VA 2-years and the right doctor to determine I had the Kugel Mesh inside of me and when they did surgery to remove it, the ring had broken. I was fortunate that it had not punctured any vital organs. They said it was in the fatty tissue. I heard two doctors talking when I woke up but they did not tell me. It was in the medical records when I got them. I have allot of pains, but I keep trucking along. I won't take pain med. but I drink quite a bit in the evening to ease the pain.

I assume the gag order is to keep people from comparing what they got and make others upset. I don't trust attorney's and I wonder what "under the table" tactic's could be happening. I know my attorney gets 40% of the settlement. He has not even responded to my email I sent him yesterday. If he does not by this afternoon, I will forward it again. I kept quiet for a long while, but now I am getting angry. I have gotten excuse after excuse for the last 2-years. He told me all cases were to be wrapped up by Oct. 13.

You need to make contact with the attorney and inquire. I sent email to the lead atty. in this case but he told me he could only talk to me if my atty. was present.

I'll let you know more as soon as I get a reply. Right now I am pretty angry. I think the client/victim should get more respect from these attorneys!
Lisa in LV

Norco, CA

#427 Sep 12, 2013
I am so amazed after reading this blog of all the pain and suffering, even death, that has occurred.
The biggest shocker is that they are still allowing kugel mesh to be used.
Thank God for my last surgeon in 2011 on my 9th surgery, he opened my abdomen completely and found mesh that had ripped and was imbedded in organs and tissue. He was able to remove all of it and had to remove tissue that was terribly infected. I now sport pig skin that seems to be in tact. The only issue now is that I have all this pain from all the nerves being cut that I have to have continuous nerve block injections in my spine.
None of this will change for any of us that had to deal with this mess but my prayers are that we all will eventually lead a normal happy life.

Moberly, MO

#428 Sep 12, 2013
This is the message I just received from my atty. More waiting and wondering!

We have been contacted by defense counsel to discuss settlement of our kugel mesh cases. They said they want to meet in 2 to 3 weeks.
Lisa in LV

Norco, CA

#429 Sep 13, 2013
I spoke with my attorney today and was told that they are meeting in Illinois with the court but there is no court date set as of today.
It is likely that this will carry on into next year, ironic, this is what I have been told for 3 years now.
I know I read somewhere in this blog that all cases should be completed by mid October. I guess that was just wishful thinking. I am so disappointed.
Thank you Jerry for the updates. I'm not sure if anyone else is following this blog but if there is please post any updates you have.
Bob in FL

Hudson, FL

#430 Sep 16, 2013
I've spoken to 4 Attys they have me send them all my records. Then they tell me they can't help me because mine was done 12/22/1999. I have a broken ring that sticks out of my navel and gets infected.If any one has any ideas to help me please let me know.

Moberly, MO

#431 Sep 16, 2013
Bob in FL,

I don't know what type mesh was inside you but If you had a ring break then it could very well be the Kugel Mesh by Bard.
The lawsuit I am involed in is for Kugel Mesh and I was told anyone with a ring break was a priority case. You need to get your medical records and review to see what kind of mesh it is.
It has been almost 5-years for me and still no $$.
The lead atty. in this Kugel Mesh Case is Donald Migliori ([email protected]), 800-768-4026. You might contact him and be advised. Good luck.
Lisa in LV

Los Angeles, CA

#432 Sep 17, 2013
Keep trying Bob. I had my first mesh put in October 1998. I had to go in every year because of complications. I think the reason they a telling you that they can't help you is because the lawsuit is for the mesh they started using in 2004 I think. This is where the spring (clasp) breaks.
Keep checking, you obviously have some sort of malfunction with the ring even if it not with this particular suit.
Good luck.
Lisa in LV

Los Angeles, CA

#433 Sep 17, 2013
Is there anyone else in Las Vegas Nevada that is in this lawsuit?
The attorney I am using is in Texas because at the time there were no attorneys in Las Vegas taking these cases. I have never even met my attorney face to face. It just seems so robotic that someone is fighting for my rights that I have not even met.
Just curious if any others are feeling this way.
Its over for me

Goshen, VA

#434 Sep 17, 2013
I never met my attorney or anyone at that law office since like you they were in another state. But one of the law clerks took time to try to keep me up on what was happening. This same law clerk was the one to call to let me know that the holdback was in the mail. Sometimes I felt she was the only one in that office that had a heart. I always felt she tried to get answers for me.
john doe

Trussville, AL

#435 Sep 18, 2013
Lisa in LV wrote:
Is there still pending cases on the lawsuits for the mesh? I have not heard anything from my attorney since March and that was because I called him to find out any updates. I was told that they would resume talks in September.
After reading many of the blogs here I have found that many have some of the same comlications that I have had too. I am just wondering has everyone received their settlements or are there still some pending cases?
I am so frustrated with this entire process. I have lost jobs and been unable to hold jobs because of the medical problems I have now.
Please, any information would be helpful.
There are still alot of us waiting. We are getting close to the end. All of us in the 1-3 groups are people who stay in pain and I like the rest of you am ready for a settlement.

Moberly, MO

#436 Sep 18, 2013
My atty. is 100 miles away and I am sure I will never see him. Have gotten emails, letters, phone calls, but as far as meeting him face to face, that will never happen. I think that is normal for these type of product liability cases.

I'm just sick of the delay tactics and run around I get. I just want him to call, give me a reasonable settlement figure, and then send the check!

The check won't take away the pain, but it will help my fixed income and financial situation.
Lisa in LV

Pahrump, NV

#437 Sep 19, 2013
My attorney will not even give me an estimated guess of a settlement figure therefore I have not even a clue of what to expect. For all I know it may be 5k which would really suck but I have nothing to go on.

John Doe, you say it will be over soon? Has your attorney given you a timeframe ? Mine says the are waiting on the defense and a court date still.
I am so confused with all the conflicting statements. If are group is the last to settle then shouldn't we all be settling at the same time?
Jerry, you seem to be getting the same run around as myself.

Moberly, MO

#438 Sep 22, 2013
We are trying to settle "out of court", but don't know what all the delays are for. Seems like some people are in the very last people to settle. I don't know what anyone else has gotten. I think that is why a "confidentiality" clause has to be signed before they hand the check out.

I saw somewhere that some cases settled for $500,000 but then the atty's get 40%. I always have the feeling that I am going to end up getting very little. I would think the most the atty. gets for us then the more he gets, but who knows what kind of deals go on behind closed doors.

I'll keep you posted on anything I hear.

Maidenhead, UK

#439 Sep 23, 2013
I had a opperation last christmas for large umbilical hernia.
for the past 7 months iv been weeping from my belly button.
I have to pack it with seawead twice a day
been back and forth to doctors who sent letter to hospital were i had it done went last week.
to find they want me to have scan.
letter come this morning for appointment 25th october.
Also letter said about kugel mesh.
Any one help what i can do
Lisa in LV

Los Angeles, CA

#440 Sep 23, 2013
Sarah, you need to contact an attorney first and foremost. They will tell you whether you have a case or not. You may have developed an infection so be sure to get your scan done. Good luck to you.

You have some good information. I appreciate your responses. I just don't understand how some attorneys can have a time frame and some (mine) say they are just talking still. It really makes me a skeptic on the entire process. Are the attorneys collecting the monies and then sitting on it to collect interest?

I really do hope that what I read about getting these cases settled before the end of 2013 are true and we can put this nightmare behind us.
Again, thanks Jerry for the info.

Moberly, MO

#441 Sep 24, 2013

An open session was held on Sept. 12. You can see this data on the US District Court RI website. I don't know how to get to the minutes of the meeting so not sure of the outcome.

Someone on this site earlier posted minutes from the prior meeting. Maybe they will now.

Moberly, MO

#442 Sep 24, 2013
I can't believe I did not realize that on the Court Website you can click on the left side under MDL 1842 and you can pull up all the meeting minutes! Just read and you will see where all this mess stands at this point.
Lisa in LV

Los Angeles, CA

#443 Sep 26, 2013
Jerry wrote:
I can't believe I did not realize that on the Court Website you can click on the left side under MDL 1842 and you can pull up all the meeting minutes! Just read and you will see where all this mess stands at this point.
What is the website for the court? I would be interested in reading the minutes.

Springdale, AR

#444 Sep 26, 2013

That was the page that was posted has all the minutes from previous meetings good page to know.

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