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Meridian, MS

#62 Aug 9, 2011
Speaker of Justice:
Wow. First of all, let me say that that was all very well-written. However, it was rambling, confusing, and chaotic at best. Not at any point did you include any real sources. The only thing that you directly quoted were what Demers himself said, and the letter from the doctor which only stated that a surgery was necessary and didn't mention whether or not it was a direct result from a lack of physical therapy or not. Second, you mention how he lost his family and had a falsely acquired restraining order against him. I know from experience that in most cases, restraining orders are quite necessary. Also, if he was such a pious man, why was he with such an obviously immoral woman anyway? Also, all of this persecution you seem to think he is so unjustly faced with is his own damn fault. I have seen him spewing his delusions, having tantrums, and being generally crazy! He threatened the people and the building at Union Station in Meridian for telling him he couldn't preach there. I've seen him and his wife dancing wildly (the only two people dancing at all, actually) on more than one occasion at the Monkey Bar when they used to have live music. I also spoke to someone just yesterday who said they saw them "making out like fourteen year olds at the peak of puberty" in Art's Shed House on 8th street. Perhaps I should contact him and let him know that he is not acting in a favorable way for a Man of God--since he is obviously so open to criticism. I've heard him screaming on his cell phone in the mall parking lot about THE GLORY OF GOD!!!!! The man is either mentally disturbed or manipulating people who are even worse off in the head than he is. Oh, and btw, I don't believe for a second that that entire long-winded, utterly pointless post was not done by himself or his wife or both. Also, you may think Fibrous dysplasia is not life-threatening, but in severe cases a simple fall or trip could break or splinter a major bone, which could then lead to the possibility or being crippled or bone infection. Also, you said it yourself, there is no cure for fibrous dysplasia, surgery is only used for corrective measures as a result of the disease that is presented in the bones, so therefore there must be another underlying reason as to why the doctors thought a surgical procedure was necessary. But thanks for trying.
doodle bug

Harrisville, RI

#63 Aug 10, 2011
your suggestion to leae this guy alone is misdirected. he has never, des not now, nor nevr will leave anyone ele alone. he thrives on demeaning people. it makes him feel empowered.
doodle bug

Harrisville, RI

#64 Aug 10, 2011
ispy wrote:
<quoted text> he's a coward
to run from legal authorities.

Philadelphia, MS

#65 Jun 11, 2013
Obviously they are dealing with psycho-social delusional disorder, if not psycho-pathology. The wife might have a touch of Stockholm syndrome, if not an entire helping. I don't know if these people harbor any dangerous characteristics, but (to give you an example) Charles Manson likewise suffers from the same type of disorders but with a criminal predisposition. Many people develop this as a coping mechanism.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#66 Jun 11, 2013
demers is currently, 7/2013, hiding in florida. if you would like to know specifics about ANYTHING now or then (but mostly then), just ask. who better to accurately answer your questions then...well, someone who lived it firsthand against their will and one of the few who doesnt have to guess or surmise or interpret or assume, etc. i can give you answers as if you were a fly on the wall.
Concerned Observer

Gulfport, MS

#67 Jul 4, 2013
I have family under his influence. All of this subterfuge is maddening. They need help. To anyone who can help: please contact me at [email protected]
just me

Harrisville, RI

#68 Sep 6, 2013
to concerned observer, i have contacted you at [email protected]
just me

Harrisville, RI

#69 Sep 6, 2013
to speaker of justice, demers is a delusional, bipolar, pitiful individual who blames anyone he can for his own failures. um, first, let me strongly clarify that there were no guns pointed at demers' head, as you so stated. second, if demers' research of nicole's ailment was so thorough he would have found the information about how no amount of physical therapy cannot halt the deterioration of bones (fibrous dysplasia). i find it convenient for demers that he never mentions the gash on nicole's head that had festered for years because he refused to have her medically treated because on november 4, 1984 (an exact date, my you) god would heal it as well as her fibrous dysplasia. that work out? that gash on nicole's head became so infected that it was literally scabbed on her head to the size of half an orange. later, when jacalynn allowed (and administered) medicinal application to the wound that finally,albeit slowly, heal. also odd is that you, via demers, never mentioned that both of his other children (of that time and later children by 'his new wife') also suffered bone abnormalities, though not to any extreme but abnormal nonetheless, an indication that demers' genes passed these deformities on to his children and not caused by any ill behavior (such as drinking alcohol) of jacalynn. tbc
just me

Harrisville, RI

#70 Sep 6, 2013
odd too, that you, via demers, never mention that he was a most violent person prior to him becoming a self-proclaimed prophet of god; beating his (first three) children and jacalynn almost daily. another odd tidbit that you, via demers, forgot to mention was how the three children through his second wife, patricia depalmo, all ran away from their home with him once they reached the age when they realized demers' psychoses. also forgotten was the mention of patricia deserting her own two daughters, who had earlier lost their father, and were then left to be wards of the state, foster children. sadly, when one of patricia's daughter was in an accident, patricia never visited her in the hospital while in critical condition and then did not attend her own daughter's funeral (as she had subsequently died). that's cold patricia. tbc
just me

Harrisville, RI

#71 Sep 6, 2013
i could not be more clear in that any and all claims you, via demers, made regarding daughter danielle and son kirk with sex, lsd (or other drugs), guns, etc., etc., are wholly untrue and simply a poor attempt of demers to support his slandering accusations regarding jacalynn and moreover, made in poor taste. to not only include the names of these supposed derelicts (without their knowledge) but to attach them to such horrendous behaviors publicly is utterly disgusting and supports demers' pathetic attempt to look the hero, yet in truth is merely an instigator toward his own pathetic agenda. further, you, via demers, mention two people died because of jacalynn is not possible. each man or woman is responsible for his or her own actions thereby eradicating jacalynn of any participation in such occurrence; unless, of course, demers is accusing jacalynn herself, by her own hand, an active participant in said occurrence. so let's lay blame where blame is deserved.

please know that to this day demers is still actively accusing all injustices you, speaker of justice via demers, claim were made against him. it's been over 20 years...let it go already. demers should suck it up, write it off as a bad chapter in his life, stop blaming everyone he ever knew for every mistake he was the only who actually made and move on. it is my understanding that he created a new family to replace the one he destroyed, complete with one son and two daughters..perhaps god calculated that too. as i understand, he thought that if he raised these three new children with his (skewed) beliefs that they would mold into his delusions, i mean perfect wade-ites. and how did that work out?

with regard to you, via demers, mentioning irene, it's been said that she (irene) was herself concerned about her son wade since he was a child. although i do not know the theories behind this, but my guess is that she questioned his mental stability and possible instability at an early age. with regard to every other person intimately related to demers' terror as you, via demers, named in your earlier post, why don't you gather some courage of your own and allow them the opportunity to hear such allusions and respond. at least then you a well rounded tale as opposed to being a mere puppet for demers and demers alone.

i pity you, speaker of justice, for buying into demers' irrational delusional self-righteous bizarre and perhaps amusing scheme(s). however, there is no person (i refuse to refer to him as a 'man' since he lacks the necessary factors to be one) on earth that i pity more than wade demers. i just hope he and his crone are beyond the childbearing age so that no further children have to suffer.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#72 Sep 13, 2013
Sandy wrote:
hes good in the sack!
that's what i've heard, and with a woman who wasnt his wife. tsk tsk

Coventry, RI

#73 Tuesday Jul 14
ron wrote:
<quoted text>
Walter Demers his real name see his arrest record in
Rhode Island
email me at [email protected]
This is the correct url

Coventry, RI

#74 Tuesday Jul 14

Coventry, RI

#75 Tuesday Jul 14
Speaker of Justice wrote:
WADE DEMERS SAVED HIS DAUGHTER from being crippled for life or killed—you all have it backwards, and you need to know what really happened.
I am writing this to dispel falsehoods that have been entered on this forum and in many other areas regarding Pastor Wade Demers. There are a number of us here in New England who have viewed extensive, objective documented materials, as well as have spoken with many of the eyewitnesses to these events, among them Pastor Demers himself, and I and others will be writing other things in the future. The material is so voluminous and the slander so extensive that it cannot all be covered here.
Today I choose to begin by addressing one issue, which was brought up on this particular forum, regarding Pastor Demers’ daughter Nicole. What was written and printed here on this forum by a supposed former church member, and in the media, is TOTALLY FALSE—the truth is that the surgery that the doctors and the authorities were going to force on little Nicole was NOT “life-saving”—it would have killed or crippled her. Yes, poor dear souls, you have it backwards. Read on…(Bear with me, because I will have to make a large number of installments due to the fact that each entry on this forum is limited to a certain number of words, and obviously, the truth cannot all be told in one entry. There has been so much slander written about Pastor Demers that it will take quite a bit to tell all of the facts. This one subject is only the tip of the iceberg. But, as they say, a very long journey begins with a single step.)
I would also like to let you know that I have purposely repeated certain details because there is a lot to tell and so for the reader there is a lot to absorb; and in order for me to more effectively dispel the slander, I wanted to make sure that these details were emphasized to counteract the lies that have been told. So, the repetition has been done on purpose. I once had a teacher who told me that repetition was an excellent way to learn anything…and because I want all of those who are willing to learn the truth to do so, I have used repetition.
How did he become a pastor?

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