During the industrial revolution in the US,
students and families were aspiring to reach the American dream of a college education, good job, peaceful life..the American Dream fulfilled.

Today, as the industries have closed and moved to third world nations, those nations have sent us their poorest, most violent, and most entrenched in the drug world from around the world.

Obviously, the schools that are underperforming are those where the populations are the poorest, most violent, most drug and gang ridden.

The quality of the teachers has not changed. Only the quality and motivations of the student and community populations have changed.

Within the year, Colombian President Uribe visited the Central Falls area and spoke with whom about what? Colombia is the main cocaine nation and Uribe is well known as a violent, human rights violator, connected with major drug dealers such as Pablo Escobar, etc.

During Uribe's reign as president, over 500 Colombian
unionized workers were killed. He is the son of a renowned drug infested father who left him lots and lots of money and the best education drug money could buy.

They were caught once or twice by the DEA smuggling the chemicals needed to make cocaine. These ship went from Connecticut to....Colombia. Without these chemicals, there would be no cocaine profits into the billion of dollars. Remember...they still grow coca, manufacture cocaine with chemicals, export it around the world and distribute it throughout the US and Rhode Island. Gang members through their guns and violence have elaborate gang networks that distribute also in Rhode Island (at least 18 gangs in RI.)

Who invited Uribe to CF last June? Role model for the next generation? Why did he speak to the mayors in the area?

Why did Bush give him a US medal?

Why did the politicians in DC cover up the chemical smuggling then allow it to continue? Why did Uribe ask the Colombian govt to allow him to be President for another term?

Historically, the Latinos take over a neighborhood through threats, murders and fear until all of the previous residents move out. T hen the territory is theirs and they become the voters and citizens. Unfortunately for the teachers, this population has its own idea of success.
This method of taking over a town or city is happening all over the US. All underperforming schools are experiencing the same...high Latino pop., gang infiltration, violence in city and school, shootings, murders, drug sales.

Their idea of success is selling as much drug product as possible...also using it.

What Central Falls is experiencing is the success of the drug world taking over their schools. They want low paid, preferably Latino teachers. They want no unions (ask uribe) and the free flow of drugs. They first have to get rid of the present personnel with Union protection have to go!

You are all victims of the global drug economy and the industries who are paying lower wages throughout the country.
Remember...the teachers have not changed...the population has changed for the worse. They have their own global agenda...and you are all victims of it.

The past homeowners have changed, the businesses have changed, the language has changed, the former peace and quiet is gone forever.
Research all of this if you don't believe it.
Alvaro Uribe and his drug connections
Gangs in RI
Human rights violtaions
corruption in colombia
The unionized teachers in RI are lucky so far...in Colombia the union workers were/are killed under many regimes, including that of Uribe.