i want to say i was very dissapointed as to how the chili & dessert contest went this year .. first , why was it changed to a nutroll contest? instead of leaving it at a dessert contest ,this way people could make their favorite dessert ,there were only two entrys for the nutroll contest ... also it was not fair having only one person in charge of tallying up the judges votes , guess what! her mother won first prize, also this lady handing out the contestants food to the judges, just happen to forget 3 judges , when she was informed of this , she belames it on the young kids helping her give out food to jugdes .but i feel from what i saw this was not fair to some people who worked hard ..i feel this lady gave out prizes to who she wanted to win...so i hope next year if i come , that there will be more then one adult counting up the votes by judges..i hope it goes back to a dessert contest again , where more people will enter the contest ..the chili was a great idea..thank you a concerned citizen