Rape in appanoose county
Necron 99

Centerville, IA

#1 Feb 1, 2011
The people of appanoose county Iowa wish to report a rape.
We are told when it comes to advances towards a woman that NO means NO , any further action on the part of the perp is then considered rape.

The taxpayers of appanoose county have told the centerville school system NO repeatedly concerning this ppel so called tax, however the centerville school system refuses to take NO for an answer and continues to force itself unwanted upon this counties taxpayers.

The centerville school system once again is in defiance of the will of the voters, unable to curb their addiction to OUR money and apparently incapable of comprehending the meaning of NO the resort to slimy election tactics and cohersion to once again steal our money against our will despite the fact we have made it more than obvious with our NO vote in a prior election !

They arrogantly even belittle the people they are reaping against their will by claiming that " we just dont understand" , we understand centerville school system, we understand you are addicted to other peoples money and will fill your insatiable need no matter how much it damages the community !

They lie by claiming " Its for the children" , however we see the truth behind their statement, we know they are actually stating, ITS FOR THE MONEY !

The most frightening aspect of this issue is these are the people who are supposed to be trusted with educating the area's children.
I would like to know just how in the hell they would ever accomplish such when they have proven time and time again they are tottaly incapable of understanding the word NO !
Simple Guy

Johnston, IA

#2 Feb 3, 2011
Contact Jerry Springer. Maybe you can be on a future show!
Necron 99

Centerville, IA

#3 Feb 4, 2011
Simple Guy wrote:
Contact Jerry Springer. Maybe you can be on a future show!
Why not contact these appanoose county school teachers who make 70 thousnd plus a year and ask them to take a cut in wages instead ?
The majority of them make over four times the average person living in appanoose counties wages !
After all its for the children they falsely claim to be so concerned about.

This is supposedly the United States of America where your vote is supposed to mean something.
Obviously not in appanoose county Iowa as long as these tyranical bastards can constantly feed their money addiction by holding elections and coercing votes out of people until they win !

These tyrants should bear in mind that this nation is no longer a british colony because its people finally had all they could take of being taxed into the ground by an uncarring elitist hierarchy.
They need only look at todays headlines to see for themselves what transpires when an out of control uncarring burdensome government drives its people to far !
Necron 99

Centerville, IA

#4 Feb 6, 2011
Iowa Election Laws

8A.416 Discrimination, political activity, use of official influence prohibited.

4. A person shall not use or promise to use, directly or indirectly, any official authority or influence, whether possessed or anticipated, to secure or attempt to secure for any person an appointment or advantage in appointment to a position in the merit system, or an increase in pay or other advantage in employment in any such position, for the purpose of influencing the vote or political action of any person or for any consideration.

1. A person commits the crime of election misconduct in the first degree if the person willfully commits any of the following acts:

c. Duress. Intimidates, threatens, or coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, a person to do or to refrain from doing any of the following:
(2) To urge or aid a person to register to vote, to vote, or to attempt to register to vote.

49.21 Polling places — accessibility — signs.

1. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to designate a polling place for each precinct in the county. Each polling place designated shall be accessible to persons with disabilities. However, if the commissioner is unable to provide an accessible polling place for a precinct, the commissioner shall apply for a temporary waiver of the accessibility requirement. The state commissioner shall adopt rules in accordance with chapter 17A prescribing standards for determining whether a polling place is accessible and the process for applying for a temporary waiver of accessibility.

( Those members of the school faculty should bear the above in mind.)

3. a. On the day of an election, the commissioner shall post a sign stating "vote here" at the entrance to each driveway leading to the building where a polling place is located. The sign must be visible from the street or highway fronting the driveway, but shall not encroach upon the right-of-way of such street or highway.

( There were no signs of this sort visible at the polling place I went to , the schoolbus garage.)

49.23 Notice of change.

When a change is made from the usual polling place for the precinct or when the precinct polling place for any primary or general election is different from that used for the precinct at the last preceding primary or general election, notice of such change shall be given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the precinct not more than twenty nor less than four days before the day on which the election is to be held. In addition a notice of the present polling place for the precinct shall be posted, not later than the hour at which the polls open on the day of the election, on each door to the usual or former polling place in the precinct and shall remain there until the polls have closed.

( All there was on the courthouse doors was a small sign stating there was no voting taking place at that location , no place did it state where those who vote at that location in general elections were supposed to go to vote in this rape election !)

I would also like to know just when was the election that voted this ripoff down in 2010 contested as is required by law ?
I do not recall the outcome of that election ever being debated in any court of law ???
Necron 99

Centerville, IA

#5 Feb 13, 2011
How the hell can an election just be discarded without contest or a day in court , then another election held until the so called governing body finally gets the results it wants ??????????

Isnt this still the United States of America ?
Does not our votes mean anything any longer ????

I used to think how lucky I was to be born a U.S.citizen , I believed people of the U.S. would never allow organizations like the nazi's or radical socialists just quietly take their rights away.
I now know I was wrong in that belief.

The appanoose county school nazis are no different than those of WWII Germany !
They even come complete with their own hitler youth program they fill full of lies and coerce into their criminal acts against their own families !

I now know for a fact that this nazi school system did for a fact use its position over the youth of appanoose county it is supposed to educate and protect to coerce and urge them to fill out absentee ballots in support of their money grab !

It is clearly against Iowa's election laws for someone in their position to do that , however they damn well did, and not a person of authority is doing a damn thing about it !

Welcome to nazi america people , as you sit silently letting the brownshirts goose step all over this communities streets I would at least encourage you to make sure those showers and new furnaces they are building and installing cannot be used for other purposes.
Necron 99

Centerville, IA

#6 Feb 17, 2011
I see Iowa's school admins and teachers are not the only ones who use the students to steal other peoples money.

Shocking Vid: Wis. HS Students Admit Teachers Bringing Them to Protests but Don‘t Know Why They’re There.


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