Review: Long Island Academy Of Dance

Review: Long Island Academy Of Dance

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Just keeping it real

West Babylon, NY

#1 Oct 22, 2008
This is a decent school. You will learn to dance. There are a few issues about this school that need to be addressed.
I am being totally honest, my daughter danced there for many years. When it comes to dance, style is very important. Technique is stressed in this school but style is defenitely missing! The dancers are very robotic. It can be quite boring. It seems to me that the style is still 80'ish. If you are big on ballet then this school is for you. Ballet is very important there, and it should be. The ballet classes are very good. If you like hip-hop then stay away! Their hip-hop is horrible!! At the recital, I saw some pretty good numbers but I had never seen a good hip hop number. Hip hop is pretty popular and they really need to work on it. Jazz is ok. The tap that they teach is pretty old school and they need to start teaching the newer styles. If your daughter wants to learn acro(tumbling mixed with dance moves) then don't go there, there are no acro class. Acro is great to learn if your daughter wants to eventually do cheerleading. It also helps with flexiblity, control and strength. It is pretty popular. A lot of dance studios offer it. If you like flashy costumes, then you might be disappointed. The costumes you get there are nice but they do nothing extra to them. Many studios rhinestone the costumes to give them extra sparkle and flair onstage. It can make a pretty costume absolutely beautiful! They don't do this and it really is a shame. It can be really important especially if the number is competing at a competition. Speaking of competitions they do pretty well. But on the other hand if you are serious about competing and want a top school, check the competition websites and you will see what schools get the top scores. This school is not one of them, but they do a respectable job. The staff there are very nice. The directors can be pretty challenging. DO NOT miss class or do anything to rock the boat because they can be down right nasty!! If you read other reviews about this school then you can see I am not the only one to say this. At every dance school you will find that there is a certain degree of competition between students. Kids can be downright nasty! You will see that to a degree at this school. There are a few kids and moms that will really get under your skin. The best thing to do is ignore the politics and stay clear. Within a few months you will know who they are.

The end of the year recital is nice and they do a good job. The one thing that they could do to improve is props. Many schools have the "dance dads" get involved as well as the students and build props for some of the competition numbers and recital numbers. It can really make a number cool and exciting. They don't ever do this, all you get onstage is just the dancers. It is really fun when everyone gets together to design and build a prop. Some schools really get into it and they can be really beautiful! Dance can be extremely expensive! Do your homework before you commit to a school. There is alot to consider. If your daughter wants to compete then DEFENITELY do your homework. Don't choose a school because it is the closest to your house. There are kids that drive 30 miles daily to go to the school that my daughter currently dances at. It all depends on what you are looking for. There really is alot to consider especially for what it can cost.





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New Rochelle, NY

#2 Nov 23, 2008
I have to say, I HATE PROPS. and there are many people that hate it nobody wants to carry that around so its good that they don't use props. AND THERE IS NO MEAN PEOPLE HERE so i have NO CLUE what that woman is talking about. yes there are many better school's on long island and do amaziing in competition and yes it can be a little old schooled. but the person who made that other review is making it seem like its horrible if yyou think its so bad go some where else! and the students are not robotic there are some really really REALLY good dancers here so lady i really dont know what your talking about. I really enjoy tap well becuase im a dancer there and i love tap not beacuse of here beacuse i do i mean they really need to find out the new moves because here the tap its okay i mean but like they use the songs as backround music and also they are all off key.!!! it drives me nuts but that doesnt make me wanna leave!!


Coram, NY

#3 Feb 17, 2009
I dont know what studio they are talking about in the first review, but its not Long Island Academy I can tell you that. LIAD is a very good dance school. I've been dancing at LIAD for 9 years and my family has been there for 30 years because my aunt danced there. At every competition we do very well. We always are in the top 10 and at the last competition we won almost all of the awards. I'll admit tap isnt our best style but it's getting better as the years go by and were beginning to win with it. Hip Hop is getting so much better, and jazz, ballet, lyrical, and modern are incredible. Our dances are always amazing and at recitals my family is always entertained. I love all of the teachers at LIAD because were all like a big family. In fact they even tell us that were like their daughters (and sons). Also most teachers are a little strict once and a while because then there wouldnt be any work getting done. All i can say is LIAD is a great studio if your looking for a studio with nice people and great memories.


#4 Oct 19, 2009
I agree with the first posting on some of the things she mentioned. Not all of the things.

Watertown, CT

#5 Nov 23, 2009
The first posting is totally right except for the fact that the Jazz curriculum is Uhh MazinnG!!!

Warren, NJ

#6 Mar 3, 2010
I totally disagree. The dancers are amazing and the recital is beatiful and im always looking foward to it!
The Truth

Yonkers, NY

#7 Jul 28, 2010
I have been dancing at LIAD for thirteen years and am currently on the competition line and would like to add my opinion. Honestly, I couldn't picture myself at a better dance school. In the first review it says we do decent at competitions? Not to toot our own horn but we tend to sweep the floor at competitions. Our routines have won top score more times than I can count. We have a very classical style and have been given special awards for our technique many times because ballet is so stressed. But keep in mind that you should not come to this school to compete if dance is just something you like to do in your free time. It's a very serious commitment here and nothing, literally NOTHING is a good excuse to miss class.

P.S.: I just wanted to comment on our lack of props. While props can add a lot to a dance, they are often times distracting and completely unnecessary. I can't tell you how many times I went to a competition and sat there for a prolonged period of time while they set up a prop only to realize that the dancers didn't even touch it and it added nothing to the dance.

White Plains, NY

#8 Sep 19, 2010
I have been dancing there many MANY years. the 1st review is nothing like the school I know LIAD to be. I am on their competition team and we usually dont use many props because to tell the truth they can be a hassle. once at a competition we sat there for almost 45 minutes because a school was setting up HUGE props that only made the dance pathetic to be honest =/.

They offer so many amazing opportunities like for the competition team they go tot nationals every other summer. this is defanitly the school to go to.All the dancer are nice, although the directors can be a bit strict it is only because they feel you can do better/ you are not living up to your full potiential. This school is better than any other school you you will find on long island. here is the website -
also look them up on you tube. We are the most professional school around.

For our competition team many believe that they should put 4 year olds who dont even know how to leap in competition, that is the LAST thing you would find at this school. Our competition age is no younger then 9. Actually 9 year olds are rairly on the team. If you want your toddler to go on stage and compete with all the spotlight and pay the school to have a solo inspirations is the place. But if you choose NOT to go to LIAD, you will not know what you are missing. Also look us up on Facebook. We Are THE BEST choice!!!!

I LUV U LIADDDDD!!!!!!! <<<<3333333

Bronx, NY

#9 Apr 3, 2011
LIAD has my heart and my soul and its my second family. the girls open the doors with loving arms....i for one hate school and look foward to dance everyday..these girls are my bestfreinds and my sisters and the directors and teachers are more than just directors and teachers they are family....LIAD will always and forever be my home<3
Nice and Helpful so far

Philadelphia, PA

#10 Jul 31, 2012
I contacted LIAD about signing up my daughter for their toddler dance. The director returned my e-mail almost instantly. My daughter has yet to start classes but just based on their "customer service" alone I am already liking this place a lot. Other studios I have contacted seemed to have an attitude or took forever to get back to me. Also, this is one of the only places that start at 2yrs old and your child does NOT have to be fully potty trained to begin. This is great for me because my daughter LOVES to dance and I have been looking for a place for her to go to but everyone wants her potty trained or wont start until 3yrs old. Not to mentioned they offered us a great deal on the full year tuition. Cant wait to be officially become a LIAD mom :)
Once Dancer

West Babylon, NY

#12 Mar 17, 2014
There are some amazing and not so amazing things about this school. Yes it is old school but you will definitely learn technique and while the choreography was always a few years behind it had strong roots in tradition and they always explore new styles. Yes the dance moms are mean... terrible in fact I've had moms get in my face off stage "Why did you fall out of that turn?!# " -Really? The comradery between dances existed because we were there so much but it wasn't really nurtured at from the directors in anyway. I will say this they put a tremendous emphasis on weight when I was there. The directors had called a select group of about 15 girls and their mothers into a room for a meeting after sweeping a competition only 2 days prior. They told each of us (Some who were barely 110 lbs at the time) that we needed to lose X number of pounds by next weeks competition in order to jump higher. It was amazing how many people stayed on the team after that meeting myself included. I do feel that deep down they did care about each of us and I hope that things have changed since then. There were definitely positive aspects about LIAD but there were also some pretty scary scenarios behind the curtains.

Bay Shore, NY

#13 Sep 3, 2015
I love this studio! They have a real curriculum so you know your kids are learning and having fun! Amazing technique is taught here.

Rochester, NY

#16 Apr 30, 2016
dancer wrote:
I have been dancing at LIAD for 12 years, and it has become my second home. I have formed so many friendships and relationships with the students and teachers there. Yes, the ballet is strict, but only when students reach a certain age (11 is the age most students begin competition training, but can vary based on their level). The jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, and tap are amazing. Hip hop is lacking in places, but is getting there. Acro is not offered, as it is a subject many girls can get injured in very easily. There are Stretch, Turn, Leap classes for tweens and teens, which really focuses on flexibility, pirrouttes, and jumps. Also modern is offered for younger students (though I am not sure if they still offer it).Technique is stressed, as at competitions, that is all the judges are looking for, not how many pirrouttes (turns) a girl can do.

The competition team is amazing. We usually sweep the floor at competitions, and not just in one area of dance. We have won with Tap dances, contemporary dances, jazz dances, etc. Ballet is usually not taken, unless you are in the highest level (dance company).

Speaking of levels, the competition team is made up of 5 levels-
Juniors- 9-12
Teen 2- 13-18
Young teens- 11-14
Teen 1- 13-18
Dance Company- usually 15-18 but have had students as young as 13.

Whatever line you are placed on is based on your experience, technique, etc.
Usually the lines are fair but recently i have witnessed some students that have been held back though they have the potential to be in young teen, teen 1, or dance company. Though I wouldn't stay away just because you fear your child is going to be held back. The whole reason we attend dance is to dance, not to "make it to the top." Some classes, though, may not challenge students, and they may become frustrated as they are the top of their class, but aren't learning anything new. That is OK. The teachers know what they are doing.

The girls that dance there are very nice. Sometimes, there is a little drama, but nothing like you see on "Dance Moms". I have heard stories of studios with more drama than Romeo + Juliet (lol). This is not one of them. We are a family, rarely fighting. Some girls on Dance Company can be stuck up sometimes, but most of them are very nice, and funny!

Attendance is key at LIAD, as the teachers can go BANANAS if you miss a few classes in a row. They understand if its a family emergency or disease, but if its cause of "cheerleading practice," they figure you aren't dedicated enough. There is no "monkey business" at this studio.

If your daughter wants to do dance as a fun pass time thing, this isn't the place for you. Here, dancers are trained to be dancers. If your daughter is looking to compete and improve on her technique, then this is most definitely the studio for you. LIAD is one of the best studios on the Island. The dancers they train are amazing.
This post sounds like a paid schill. I would never send my kids here based on the biased nonsense this rat posted. I bet she's an employee.

Montauk, NY

#17 Jul 20, 2016
Lee wrote:
<quoted text>

This post sounds like a paid schill. I would never send my kids here based on the biased nonsense this rat posted. I bet she's an employee.
&#128556;&#128556; sorry to break it to you pal, but i wasnt paid to write this. I am a dancer at LIAD, and have been for almost my whole life. The teachers probably dont know who this is (or maybe they do, it's somewhat obvious since they know us so well), and I will remain anonymous for now. i was just writing the truth, and i love dancing at Long Island Academy of Dance. Even though Im just barely a teenager, and I write like an English teacher, I still can express how I feel. LIAD is the best studio on the Island and it is my second home.I would not trade it for anywhere else. The feeling is mutual for many of the girls I dance with. The staff is wonderful, choreography is beautiful. Just this week we won the showcase at Starbound with our production number. I wouldnt want to be on any other team. Go to any other dance studio on Long Island, they are all the same. LIAD possess something special. The girls are hardworking, the teachers are motivational and inspirational. Oh, and by the way, I have dressed in every costume on the planet, but not once have i been a rat! Jokes on you if you aren't going to send your kids here, they are missing out on the best training on the island.

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