I fully understand both sides of this argument. Yes, some people will think that tattoos and piercings are hideous. Yes, there are some people that think that it is a personal choice. Personally, I believe the latter, but my immediate family (my parents and such) believe that it is stupid for people to pollute their body with useless metal.
Some will think that those getting their bodies tattooed or pierced are idiots that deserve to be disowned by their country. Others will say that tattoos and piercings are a form of art and self expression.
It IS! Believe it or not, some people get tattoos to remember something, be it a friend or family member who has passed away, or an event that was important to them. I, myself, have a nose piercing that I got to remember a certain trip I took with my friends.
But while I am on the topic of self expression, I must point out that both the party for and the party opposing the ban are telling each other to "shut up", in effect taking away their freedom of speech. Each person is allowed to have their own opinion. By all means, express it! But do not shove it down each other's throats! Express yourselves in a manner that does not offend the other party. And PLEASE! For the love of God! Do NOT bring in your religion!