Track Coach Allegations at Centerburg

Track Coach Allegations at Centerburg

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cburg parent

Bellville, OH

#1 Sep 7, 2010
I just received word from another parent at a game that the track coach, Sweeney, who also teaches at the middle school has been removed pending allegations of inappropriate behavior. There is a emergency board meeting on Thursday at 4 to discuss or have a pubolic hearing if this teacher wants to. Does anyone know anything about this?

Sidney, OH

#2 Sep 8, 2010
I know that this teacher is innocent until proven guilty. Centerburg, after everything the district has gone through the last couple of years, is doing a complete investigation and the teacher has been placed on temporary leave, per rules of the district contract. They are taking no chances. But, just because he is not in the classroom does not mean that he is guilty - it is just because of the investigation.
cburg parent

Bellville, OH

#3 Sep 8, 2010
Absolutely innocent until guilty, but it doesn't look at all like this, as there are facts.

Marion, OH

#4 Sep 10, 2010
The facts, that have been rumored - nothing actually proven - are that a student created a fake page of a 19 year old girl, and then presented the administration with a photo that allegedly was sent to this page by the teacher in question. In today's day and age - the social network age - no one is safe from stuff like this.

Lucas, OH

#5 Sep 10, 2010
The allegations are more than this, plus parents are and students are coming forward from other situations where Sweeney was inappropriate. I don't think this town is going to let another teacher get away with crossing the line.

Sidney, OH

#6 Sep 11, 2010
"I don't think this town is going to let another teacher get away with crossing the line" - sounds like a witch hunt, very chilling, and scary for any teacher in the world.
If that is the case then they need to look at all of their teachers - those who talk about sex in front of their students, those that drink and party with their students,tell students it is okay to punch someone in the face, look at young girls inappropriately, marry students, etc...If parents had complaints about this teacher, they should have made them when they were committed - not months or years later.
Prove that it was his body part, prove that it was sent by him from his computer, and remember the student admitted to setting him up - maybe this student did more than just set up the account - he has admitted to one crime, maybe he sent the image. We teach our students how to photoshop in computer classes - kids are tech savvy.
I agree with Outsider - let the investigation run its course. Innocent until proven guilty. And in this case it is not against the law for an adult to send naked pictures to a 19 year old adult. No crime was committed.

Lake Wales, FL

#7 Sep 15, 2010
I agree with Ceeburger and Outsider. If you'd like to make this into a witch hunt, I have plenty of examples of inappropriate behavior by teachers with minors, in the classroom. This did not involve a minor and the student has already confessed to one crime. And, how sad is that? Where are the parents of that student? Shame on them. Let the investigation run its course. The only one guilty currently is the student.

Centerburg, OH

#8 Sep 15, 2010
actually im the student who made the account and i didnt admit to setting him up, so how about you check your fact dumbass. also the crime here is that he mistakenly sent a pic of his dick to 2 underage teens, ever here of guys getting sent to jail for having sex with a prostitute that said she was over the age but was really only 16, same concept apples. he is guilt because there are messages on the account of him asking us to meet him, and the pic is of course on there to. its all under the sent file from sean sweeny, and as for the hacking part, im not even smart enough to do that. you ppl that believe all the rumors piss me off, i was there and my parents where half the time it was going on. no setting up involved. he started to talk to us making sexual comments and being 2 17 year old boys we ran with it. he should be fired do to the fact would you want that kind of teacher in your school? also the went into further investigation questioning his cross country team where they told the administration about the sexual comments made to them, and how he wanted to wrestle around with the girls, and he also told an athlete that she grew up over the summer and her body really filled out... weird for a coach to say that to his athlete huh? check your facts before you go out and make these comments. also my parents had nothing to do with it there was no crime committed by me. what law is there for making a fake account?... none. also the teacher convicted or sean sweeny has asked the pic and the messages SAVED on the facebook not to be shown at the board meeting... wonder why? BECAUSE THEY PROVE HE IS GUILTY! his wife hasnt even seen them. whatever ever happened to the process we use in our courts i believe its guilty until proven not guilty. he has changed his story several times, and also has given me calls about it, re guarding me to delete the facebook and to not show the pic, later saying he would buy me and my friend a six pack when we were of age to drink. yeah thats really professional if you guys new the teacher your prospective would all change. as for my parents they saw no crime was committed and realized this guy was just a sick perv. they did ask me and warn me of the outcomes suck as this blowing up later... which they were right when i ignored there warnings. so theres all the facts.

Mount Gilead, OH

#9 Oct 20, 2010
Student - "whatever ever happened to the process we use in our courts i believe its guilty until proven not guilty." Maybe you should have paid more attention in class - it is "innocent until proven guilty" FAIL.

Washington Court House, OH

#10 Oct 21, 2010
Couple clarrifications.......student. ...He had nothing to do with the pictures being public or private, shown or not shown. That is the school districts call, and they were put in a public file.

Two - Having talked to the teacher several times, he feels no ill will to you or the other student. He has asked the people that have talked to him not to bother the students involved. He feels you were used by the school district. He informed them before any conversation with you in JUNE, that someone hacked in and did this. Three people used that account from his family, and none of them ever noticed this converstation going on. you ask why is wife never saw it? The school district IN JUNE, informed him to delete and forget about it. That is public record too.

You got used becuase, that is what everyone that this whole things was about the picture. You picture was proven to be false and not him. The picture of him was as fake as the picture of the girl (naked) that you sent to his account. He was convicted of nothing. He resigned due to his in ability to trust the school board, or ability to teach after this hit the news. The truth is they used a 2001 letter, that was written becuase he played tag with the boys and girls during cross country pracitce, and said that his hugging (that he did when girls often cried) was inapproprate. That was the main force of their alligations. Yes there were some inapproprate comments, only one was proven beyond he said, she said.

Do people think you did wrong? There are, he is more forgiving though. AS he has gotten the facebook emails and text messages from facebook and verizon, a different picture is presented of you. Having read it let me explained, you suggested that you would destroy the documents, he never asked you. The comment about getting you beer, was followed by LOL - meaning he was kidding, you followed with the fact that you justt finished one off, admiting that you were drinking underage. He did not want that brought up, becuase he thinks that you are a great kid and wrestler and have a bright future if you would believe in yourself. But the big one is the fact taht you repeat over and over again, that you believe him. Technically, if he wanted to, as a lawyer has said, that proves deformation of char. He has said he will never persue charges on the kids. Why? He respects both of you. Understands that you thought it was a prank. It is hard for you two to understand (though read all the new news out on Facebook and their lack of privacy, or the 9 million sites that show you how to hack into an account, and finally, the fact that pedifiles, since they are tracked, do this often to people, to use someone else account to speak to younger girls. His with his daughters as the picture would have been a prime target)

So everone back off the students as the teacher requests, and student, please show some respect to someone who has tried to defend you. I believe he tried to help you with a problem this summer to.
God I Hate This Town

Nashville, TN

#11 Dec 16, 2010
Well, student, or Rhett Hensel,(Everyone is so gung ho about using Sweeney's name might as well use yours minor or not) I'm really glad you posted on here because now I know that you really are as bad as you seem.

First off the fact that your parents were there is just despicable. If they knowingly let you entrap another adult then that really explains your string of stupid decisions and stunts over the years as just bad parenting. So I guess it's more your parents fault then yours. I'm sure they're very proud of you.

Second, as to all these comments that have been brought up it is a documented social fact that when there is an issue like this many people will make things up or make bigger issues of things that occurred to get involved with the drama and make themselves feel more important.

Third, you better be SO glad that Sweeney is as good of a guy as he is because him not wanting to take legal action against you (which I know your family cant afford, lawyers cost money), that would in all probability clear his name, for the sake of saving the community and you and your "friend" the damage. I promise you that any good lawyer could win this case against you. You have no real character witnesses to your defense and you admitted to attempting to entrap him. Now yes you can get him on the photo because lets face it the laws pretty clear cut on that, assuming you could prove it was his photo and you might not even win that if its a jury trial.

Fourth, I want you to know that you intentionally set out to destroy a man's life and that is the most despicable thing you could ever have done. He had never done anything to you or earned this kind of hatred. So just to remind you Karma is going to have a great time with you bud. You'll have to tell me how the burg is in twenty years because you probably won't have left.
cburg parent

Cardington, OH

#12 Dec 17, 2010
Apparently you are close to Sweeney and you defend him. Now, for all the other students who have been affected by this man, give them some credit for coming forward. He knew he crossed the line, and as a teacher who takes an oath to use morals and be a positive role model...HE FAILED! It went on for years and yes, the school should have stepped in and pulled his ass out long ago. Centerburg is know for covering their wrong doings, but parents and students have had enough. No one ruined his life. He is an adult, even though he didn't act like it, makes him responsible for his actions and consequences. It's easy to blame the students. Once that photo was sent, it become public. Whether he learned from his mistake is not the concerns of our community. If he was innocent, he would not have resigned. If you are innocent, you CAN prove your innocence, but if you are guilty, you CANNOT prove your innocence. You are obviously young by your post and you are still angry. So, young person, learn what happens when you do something wrong. Karma did catch up with Sweeney.
God I Hate This Town

Nashville, TN

#13 Dec 26, 2010
In something like this in a field like teaching, innocence isn't the point. Once these kind of accusations are made they follow you. The whole sexual predator craze may have died down but the law isnt on the side of adults anymore its on the side of the kids that may or may not be taken advantage of. The odds were sadly against him and its unlikely that he could prove his innocence easily. I wouldnt want to put my family or myself through this kind of legal battle and courts do occasionally convict innocent people. If you dont believe that than your an ignorant small town idealist. What happened was wrong all around and its unfortunate that someones life had to be permanently damaged as a result.
cburg parent

Marysville, OH

#14 Dec 27, 2010
Again, and this is not small town ignorance, it's about a teacher who crossed the line for years. He got caught and he lied. He resigned because he is not innocent. The Ohio Department of Education will be the ones who decide whether he ever teaches again or not, and that is not the fault of the student.
Is it so hard to understand that this type of behavior and much worse occurs every day in every state? This is why children do not come forward and that makes you ignorant. I don't give a rat's ass if you live in a big city, as this does not prove you have a brain cell. You obviously know this man or are a family member, which is why you cannot believe Mr. Sweeney was an unfit person to be around children who were his students.
God I Hate This Town

Franklin, TN

#15 Jan 5, 2011
So by not knowing him your qualified to damn him for something you yourself have no actual proof that he did. Your right I see the error of my ways.

By the way these types of things do happen all the time. Which is sad and sick that there are people out there who are attracted to children. However its the very fact that these types of things happen often that make it that much easier to form a lynch mob on a possibly guilty person.

I personally dont believe the man is a child molester or a pervert. An idiot sure, I mean if the shoe fits and all, but thats not what I'm really trying to say. I think that we have no real proof and that it's out of bias prejudice and hysteria that people are going after Sean.
c-burg student

Carey, OH

#16 Mar 8, 2011
I belive sweeny would never do anything like that I was one of his students for gods sake and he has a wife and kids. I know that it was one of my fellow class mates who did people listen he did nothin wrong. Why in the world would a guy who has a family with a new born i might add do this. The 12 grader now who did this with his friends need to stop.

Also he had a girlfriend at the time so he could have had her send the message so that person needs to shut their trap. I sware the kids at our school do this so they can just get people in trouble and guess what im 15 and i'm not as stupid as the dumb idiot who did this , this is why the GUY who did this needs to stop now. He needs to tell the truth and maybe just maybe i wont be so mad.

Marysville, OH

#17 Mar 8, 2011
First, you need to get some help immediately with your grammar and writing skills. That is why you are in school. This situation is in the hands of Ohio Department of Education and they will determine if he loses his teaching certification.

You are young, and just because someone has, what you think, is the perfect life, situations inside the home or outside the home can happen. It's sad, but it's true.

Look at the news tonight regarding a church. We all hope people don't cheat or lie, but that is not realistic.

You are entitled to your opinion, but the facts are in the hands of the right organization. Don't let this get to you and stay in school!

Washington Court House, OH

#18 Mar 8, 2011
AS you spoke today, ODE came down with a ruling. They found all the Facebook alligations...FALSE! He recieved a six hour class for student/teacher boundries as he admited to hourse play with his students. However, he will recieve no public punishment and will be able to teach again in April. So........The right hands found him believable and honest, and the other alligations brought forth by students and adults to be false other than horseplay to which he admited.
So C-burg student, you believe was true and your loyalty should be rewarded, not ridiculed by cburgparent....who obviously had a problem with Mr. Sweeney.
To quote Mr. Sweeney today, "It has been a long road, but God has kept me strong and without hate. And I have been rewarded for my faith. I am just glad someone saw it for what it was. It was a prank. I can move on with my life now, and my family and I can go back to living without people doubting me and with those that supported me with something other than my words to hang on to."

Washington Court House, OH

#19 Mar 8, 2011
Oh and before the alligation of you are related to, my daughter went to Fredericktown, I have known him since his early days as a coach. He is quirky, yes, different, yes, unfit, no. As ODE's light punishment shows, obviously they found him very fit, as I saw him as a coach, he was better than most as he worked with kids, males and females, from even his rival teams like my daughter. He is a great man, and having been around his family a few times, he would quit coaching for them...oh wait, he did quit coaching until those same parent begged his wife to have him come back, because he would not.
So C-burg student, smile, your trust and fighting spirit is deserved.

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