Why is Lisa Boron Still on the center...
somebody from c-burg

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#23 Feb 11, 2008
you guys are sick. josh, you're an idiot and quit pissing on peoples stuff in the locker room you douche. And sebold, thats funny, but wrong.

Sidney, OH

#24 Feb 12, 2008
you kids are seriously rediculious! most of you have no idea what you are even arguing about.. unless you were there and know the whole story you shouldn't be even talking about it! thats how peoples lives get ruined!

Youngstown, OH

#25 Feb 12, 2008
seriously you people are so hypocritical. i guarantee if this situation happened to you or someone close to you; you would see the situation very differently. this is why small towns have their flaws. some people in small towns can't see outside their city limits, and to see that this is a woman who made a mistake. and i know she didn't molest a bunch of girls that everyone is implying. and i know for a fact that she was a major role model for these fine young women. Also, i know she NEVER made the girls feel uncomfortable and didn't do anything to any other girls. this is a woman who is going through alot in her life and she doesn't need people bitching about her personal life. so all in all this particular small town needs to open their eyes and learn to accept not reject.

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#26 Feb 13, 2008
Accept? What kind of roll models are perverted teachers? what is this world coming to when we accept that our kids are being molested by teachers? It sounds like the one that accepts it is one of the ones involved? I have seen her and have talked to kids that played Volley ball They said that she was Mean.And was very mean to the girls that she thought would not sway her way. There was a girl that clung to her hummmmmm She did get a scholar ship and she was not good at anything.Hummmmm

Youngstown, OH

#27 Feb 13, 2008
what lisa boron did was wrong and their isn't anyway around that, and i believed that she should be punished for her actions. first off then. I guess the kids that you have talked to don't really appreciate good coaching because yes good coaches have to be MEAN at some times but i GUARANTEE that she wasn't mean all the time. by the way Lisa Boron did more for the community and introducing and promoting not only volleyball but basketball to the young women in this community than most people there. Also it is completely FALSE that she was a) interested in every girl b) she never did this with multiple girls. Now here is the other fact. You have generalized that she was molesting students left and right; which is untrue. Also i am glad that you dropped to the level of attacking students and student-athletes. i have traveled the world and have seen that homosexuality is not a big deal, so it seems that some people in this small town have their own demons of homo sexuality that they need to work out.

Marion, OH

#28 Feb 13, 2008
I don not know the situation so im not going to judge what is going on ... but i would like to point out that if a girl got a scholarship that usually has nothing to do with the high school coach..they are not the one who evaluates the skill level and offer the scholarships that is all up to the college coaches... so appearently this girl that you are talking about was good at volleyball if that is what she got a scholarship in. Maybe you as a parent are saying that she wasn't good at anything because you are envious of her accomplishments or refuse to accept that she was good... and thats sad.. this girl must of put in hours trying to go to the next level of play if she got a scholarship because they aren't easily obtained. And also it is okay for people to be friends with homosexuals, it doesn't mean that they are involved in that lifestyle. just something to consider.
Concerned son and brother

San Mateo, CA

#29 Feb 15, 2008
I happen to come across this blog and I have to say I am aghast with the comments made on this page. I have family living in Centerburg and therefore vested interest in the town’s well-being. I would like to tackle some of the points (or rather opinions) made in this blog.
First of all… What this woman did was wrong. Regardless of what stance you take on this matter, the fact is that the school board, whom your community voted into office, needed to take action. I can only trust that they came to a fair verdict.
Secondly… I always expect racist, sexist, and/or homophobic remarks from high school kids. These children often exhibit many forms diffidence. Saying repulsive things about others is a great way to disguise much deeper issues (so I need not waste my time on their comments). That being said, since when do parents (I balk at the idea of typing “adults”) judge people on their sexual orientation? Are any of you suggesting that homosexuality is wrong? Are you suggesting that one should judge someone not by the content of their character but by whom which they lay? I can speak for my family in Ohio and say that these blog comments coming from grown individuals are revolting. To take a woman who has already been charged and sentenced, and to continue to put her down is against all morals that I believe a (Christian) town like Centerburg was built upon. It sounds go me that many of you have issues much deeper than a disturbed volleyball coach. I suggest you go to gay/lesbian educational websites and read up on the changing world (a world that may not exist in Centerburg). Also, please feel free to post your personal email address because I would be more than happy to talk to you myself. I have many friends who are gay and I am sure they would be able to help iron out some of your issues and phobias.
The Ramsey Colloquium has said:
“Not all marriages and families "work," but it is unwise to let pathology and failure, rather than a vision of what is normative and ideal, guide us in the development of social policy.”
And lastly… Let us assume that this woman did have favorites. Let us assume that there were girls on the team with that she felt more comfortable dealing and therefore endorsed. How is this at odds with any other subjective sport? How is at odds with a father coach playing his daughter’s friends because he feels more comfortable around them because he knows them on a more personal level? EVEN IF we assume this woman did have favorites; please look at yourselves before judging her.
I guess this boils down to one thing… it's just another reason for my family to come and visit me in California instead of the other way around…
what the hell

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#30 Feb 18, 2008
Dumb ass its not about her being gay.SHE MOLESTED KIDS!!!!!!!!!!
Concerned son and brother

San Mateo, CA

#31 Feb 18, 2008
Another well thought out response from a well educated person. Obviously, you missed the point of my post. I would explain my point to you again, but I don't want to dumb it down anymore.
Concerned son and brother

San Mateo, CA

#32 Feb 18, 2008
Ask yourself, would outrage have happened if this were between a man and a female player? Obviously he would have been fired and most likely looked down upon, however, he would not have attracted nearly as much hatred that exists behind words such as “fag” and “lesbo”.

I will type in short and simple blogs to help you walk through my point. Let me know when you are ready for the next post. Now, I understand that my post from a few days ago may have had big or confusing words that you did not understand. I encourage you to go to your local library and get a dictionary and or thesaurus. You might also pick up a few new quarrelsome phrases other than “dumb ass” and “what the hell”.
somebody from c-burg

United States

#33 Feb 18, 2008
I hear what you are saying about the comments made by students. I myself am a senior at Centerburg and a member of the National Honor Sociey, Journalism Staff, Honor Roll, and I am active in sports. Some people of Centerburg hold me in high regard. I think that many of the students have jumped to conclusions with their remarks but what they don't take into consideration is the seriousness of the situation. I have known Miss Boron for a few years now, enough to establish my opinions about her. If it is true about all the events that allegedly happened, I think that she should be removed from the Centerburg staff effective immediatly. However, if she is proven innocent, her job should still be open for her but with all the hub-bub going on, it would be very difficult for her to stay. Many people would be against it, thats for sure.

I truthfuly do not now the whole story, and I will not judge anyone until I do. However, I would like to know what the status is with Miss Boron. Has she been charged? and if so, how did the trial go out and what is her sentence? I would like a honest answer from someone who knows the story. Not a bias opinion of someone who doesn't like Boron.

Oh, and you don't have to dumb down the answer for me. Haha

West Chester, OH

#34 Feb 18, 2008
Does anyone know how miss boron is doing? I wish there was a way to know that she is okay. Does anyone know if there is a way to send cards or a way to let her know that she is loved and supported and thought about?
To the judgemental parent who wrote under the name "what the hell" , I have a question...are you really going to judge a person's character off of one mistake that they have made? Isn't that making you as bad as the act that took place?
ohio spike

United States

#35 Feb 19, 2008
I miss her. I still wear my VB thong at half staff in her memory

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#36 Feb 19, 2008
Jerry!Jerry!Jerry! We love Lesbians!We love lesbians! Jerry! jerry! jerry!

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#37 Feb 19, 2008
What trailer park was she from? I just want my Jerry beads!(.)(.)
Its comical

Santa Clara, CA

#38 Feb 19, 2008
Its comical how tough and cruel people can be when hiding under a blanket of anonymity...
boots scoots

Laurel, MD

#39 Feb 19, 2008
I would like to hear from the parent with the four-letter maximum vocabulary. I find their comments comical and quite tangential to the core issues. Rather than discussing a probable single mistake on the matter, you have blown it up to be viewed as a school-wide molestation. With no facts supporting any of your allegations, I believe that the comedic level of your statements is raised because of your quick step towards judging someone that you know of from a distance while watching your daughter sit on the bench.
It wont Happen

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#40 Feb 21, 2008
She wont get here job back period. The hype is to high now. It would cause a scandal. One way or another people will treat her different. Few parents will let her coach or teach their children hands down. If she did it then suck it up and take the rap. If she didnt then its unfortunate and I wish her luck trying to find someplace who hasnt heard about this. By the way, the comments from the concerened person are kinda condescending as are most of these just pointing it out. So take a step back before you visiouscly respond to someones post.
It wont Happen

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#41 Feb 21, 2008
Also Im going ot respond to the concerned person. The person who made the "what the hell" comment was very rude with their statement. But peoples actions are all you have to go on, when you decide how to trust them. Mistakes are actions so they count too. I mean if I murdered someone shouldnt you judge me off that one mistake?
missed the point again

Santa Clara, CA

#42 Feb 21, 2008
First of all, don't murder anyone. That’s a bad decision, and the fact that you used that analogy makes me a little uncomfortable.
Secondly, I am sure you knew this, but for your sake, yet again, I will reiterate my point (so please don’t make me type this anymore, I am starting to think I’m typing in a different language). It boils down to the fact that there are people in Centerburg (and all over the country) that are homophobic. I can’t make it any clearer than that. I bet in greater Columbus area there have been many cases of teachers having unnecessary relationships with their students. And as I said before, these teachers may rightfully be looked down upon. HOWEVER, none of these other cases have had nearly as much hatred behind them due to the fact that they were not homosexual issues. Is that clear or do I seriously need to dumb it down more?
Now, go back and read all the postings in the blog. I understand that most of the deprecating posts were from immature kids, but there is so much hatred and narrow-mindedness that exists in the “grown-ups”(I still laugh when I type that). Lisa Boron owes an apology to the girl she affected, to the Centerburg School district, and possibly even the community. The least the Centerburg community can do is let this woman walk away with whatever dignity she has left. All of you should be embarrassed that untrue rumors have been started about anyone in your community, even if you don’t respect the person. It all boils down to the fact that there are so many good people in Centerburg, but the racist, sexist, and homophobic people still have the biggest mouths…
The economy and life in general is so hard now-a-days for so many people. Please don't set back a town like Centerburg any farther by allowing it to be labeled as a prejudice community.

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