Son Beaten by Riverhead Jail Sargent

Son Beaten by Riverhead Jail Sargent

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Mom to the defense

Bronxville, NY

#1 Jan 30, 2009
My son was sentenced for a short stint, less than 8 months. It requested his being placed in Protective Custody, fearing the thug who was behind his incarceration, would follow through on his threats to have my son killed and his family as well.

He was forced out of PC, only 1 month after beginning his sentence. He feared being taken out and after my call to Security, the same classification officer changed his manner of approaching my son. He CONvinced him he would have more freedom, more privileges and be in a SAFE area where the inmates don't want to fight but only want to serve time without incident. It was NOT the case.

During the Giants game, a CO called for the inmates to go to bed but my son misunderstood and thought he said MEDS, as in medicines. He finally realized his error in thinking (he is disabled and has challenges with thought processing of SIMPLE COMMANDS, does better with complex info) and went to his bed. To make matters worse, the CO then PUNISHED ALL THE INMATES BY TURNING THE GAME OFF WHICH WAS ALMOST AT THE END. All the inmates pelted my son with articles within their reach and one inmate slapped my son in the back of his head a number of times. The CO then 'rolled' my son up, that is to take him to the BOX, discipline cell. A hearing was held, he was found guilty and given 36 days in the box.

The nightmare comes when on 1-23-09, the guards did a shakedown of all the cells as a result of an unruly inmate. Knowing the rules, my son immediately put his hands on the back wall, head down, when a sargent entered his cell. He punched my son in the kidney area, spun him around and punched him in the nose, BREAKING IT! His eye was punched, causing him extensive bruising, swelling and blurred vision which continues to this day.

An inmate called me to tell me my son had been beaten followed by a call from my son later. The call from my son was too late for me to visit him and my visit had to wait until the following Tues. In the meantime, he had asked that I call Internal Affairs and others as he now feared he would be killed by those who were there to staff the jail.

First thing Monday, I called IA. They took my info without giving me much. I pursued calls to Security, to the Wardens office, to the news, etc. Today is Friday and just yesterday my son informed me that IA told him to tell me to STOP CALLING THEM. Hmmm, is that a threat?

This is just a brief overview of what occurred for the purpose of reaching out to any other families who have experienced unprovoked brutality of an incarcerated loved one at the hands of the jail guards at Riverhead. I have an appointment with Fred Brewington, famed attorney experienced with civil rights and police brutality cases. I've also left word with Ron Kuby, another famed attorney, to call me. Please contact me: Jennifer [email protected]

Since: Feb 09


#2 Feb 25, 2009
To bring light to the post re: son beaten by Sargent, the CO impersonated an officer to confuse the situation and make it appear as though the inmate, my son, conjured up a story. This guard violated the wrong person, my son. As certain as there is a God above, this situation will be righted. I am a God fearing woman and know that my God reigns! He will reveal the truth and cause that guard to become so tongue tied on his own words as he slanders and falsely accuses my son by his claims. Any guard that joins him in false testimony, will face the same.

God watches over his own and I and my family are His! Yes, my son is Born Again. The guard mocked him for his belief but will eat those words.

Watertown, CT

#3 Feb 26, 2009
It sounds like their is a lot of corruption going on at the Riverhead jail. I hope this and other matters get investigated. The entire Riverhead jail system needs oversight by another agency. I believe their are cover ups and a lot of corruption at this jail. It needs to have the spot light on it and all the many injustices that are allowed to go on there.
Diane - Islip NY

New York, NY

#4 Feb 27, 2009
Corruption isn't the word - my son was beat up really bad back in 2001 we are in the middle of a civil suite @the federal building room 1020. Come on down and meet my lawyer and hopefully see them finally get theres - his name was given to me by good guards at the jail - case getting hot and good - monday at 1:30 the three guard that we are suing are in for a suprise - call Arthur

Charlotte, NC

#5 Apr 6, 2009
My boyfriend did time in Yaphank...and was harrassed and beaten by a detective in that jail and CO's...right before one of our visits, they had beaten him...choked him until he almost passed out, then woke him up by punching him in the stomach, over and over. Well, when he finally came to see me in the visit room, i saw hand marks on his neck. His rib was broken or bruised. Now he's back in that condemned jail...and it's starting all over again, same detective. All i wish is that those disgusting men get what they deserve one day!
Jon Franklin Deluccia III

Edison, NJ

#7 Apr 7, 2009
I have a good idea to stop your boyfriends and sons from being beaten in the Riverhead jail. Tell them to stop braking the law and stay out of jail. Oh thats right they probably didn't do it in the first place.

Bronx, NY

#8 Apr 17, 2009
Jon Franklin Deluccia III wrote:
I have a good idea to stop your boyfriends and sons from being beaten in the Riverhead jail. Tell them to stop braking the law and stay out of jail. Oh thats right they probably didn't do it in the first place.
That is such crap, Noone should be beaten at all unless in self defense. It's a pretty sick idea that some people think it's ok since the person was arrested and was put in jail. Would you want your son treated that way? I have 2 small boys and I wouldn't let that happen to them God forbid they were put in that situation. A lot of people have these wonderful things to say but everyone is guilty of something at some point in their lives,only some get caught.
Thomas Douglaston


#9 May 6, 2009
Mr screwhead Deluccia. you go to jail and serve your time and have to deal with enough shit. You will get yours thats for sure. If you went to jail you wouldn't want to be wronged. This world is filled with enough corruption and wrongdoings. Get some education about your rights at your workplace and while incarcerated its the "same" thing. Would you want to be beaten up by your boss and be forced to still work for him and beaten over and over again. Its the same humiliation. I hope i can find you someday and have a man to man talk. I hate ignorant punks like you.
John DeVaugn


#10 May 31, 2009
Suffolk County Jail is perhaps the most dangerous Jail in America. You have more to fear from the Correction Officers than you do the inmates. The CO's are a bunch of sickos who get their jolly's on witnessing human sufferring. My suggestion is to stay as far away from Suffolk County as you possibly can as Riverhead Jail is one place you may never leave.
I remember one visiting day in the Summer. The sicko wacko jailers had the air conditioning down to about 60 degrees and were freezing everyone out. I remember my teeth chatterring and I felt as if I would prefer to be dead than doing time in this refrigerator.
I hate suffolk county and all the sick mother jailers who work at the Riverhead Jail.


#11 Aug 21, 2009
my son is there right now. Its crazy what goes on in there. My son has a drug problem I don't denie that but a few years ago was punched so hard in his eye by a blood gang member they broke my sons eye soccet. No one saw anything. My son was sleeping when it happened.
john doe

Katonah, NY

#12 Sep 22, 2009
i was recently release from riverhead jail and it is as bad as u think if not worse. even in the kitchen area its decusting and both riverhead and yapank should be take over by the federl government. and dont bother to call "security" they are the biggest bullies in the whole have to worry about the people that work there more then you have to worry about the other inmates


#13 Sep 22, 2009
Sounds like there doing there job. you low life, its not suposed to be nice.

Dover, NJ

#14 Oct 28, 2009
as also being incarcerated in riverhead and yaphank its not a horror story not every guard is a jerk. of course you have your losers that got picked on in school so now they exercise theyre power.and lodf your a loser and your illiterate what are the chances?its thier not there different meaning,and supposed has 2 p's but valiant effort invilit.maybe youll find yourself in jail one day for those late night hookers lol.we know.You couldnt bid a day.

Freeport, NY

#16 Feb 15, 2010
I got 2 years of being incarcerated in Yaphank and Riverhead and not proud of it..But all this abuse that you guys are talking about by the CO's are all true..I seen so much messed up shit that goes on with the CO's,Security,or the Sargents abusing inmates for petty stuff that they didnt deserve..its so sick bc its there world once ur in cannot win with them when ur locked up..I seen numerous amounts of CO's jumping an inmate in the lobby until he was knocked out...and meanwhile all this shit is going on they tell the rest of the inmates to face the wall so theres no witnesses while they beat down an inmate...the CO's make me sick to my fuckin stomachs..there all a bunch of pussy's...they got the easiest job..every 25 mins they walk around and do the punch..THATS IT! there job is so easy..all they do is go on the its not work stress at all,its them trying to act tough bc they cant do shit like that on the streets or they were bullied in high school...I had internal affairs call me in the attorney room and question me about a if anyone is reading this,its all true...I got 2 years in that place..and just recently came home from doin 10 months...Justice should be served for those fuckin pigs.
Former Riverhead Citizen

Miami, FL

#17 Feb 16, 2010
I would like to express that the inmates that are in the Riverhead Jail are doing sentence time of many different criminal violence crimes.
What most individuals are arrested are taking to the Riverhead Jail until they appear in court.
One thing majority of individuals do not know is their individual constitutional rights to be able to post a reasonable amount of "bail bond" in order to be release. on "bail" and provided with the "conditions and terms of their bail bond" along with the date they shall and must appear in court.
The law enforcement are required to provide all inmates with information of what they have or are being criminal charge with. If and what the "bail bond" is.
I know of correctional officers along with law enforcement arresting officers did not provide this information to inmates that they are entitled to pursuant to the New York State Constitution and United States Constitution.
When a person is arrested the law enforcement officer is require to read the individual their ....... rights that includes they are entitled to court appointed attorney if they can not afford a attorney at their own expense.
You do not and are not required to say not a word to no law enforcement officer and no one concerning your arrest. The police not just in Riverhead, but everywhere abuse their power and do anything to obtain information by intimidation.
I have always told individuals "just keep you month shut and do not say a word"
All the time. I have had many individuals come to I and tell me that's their attorney told them the same “keep their mouth shut.”
Note: The majority of individuals that do talk to the law enforcement officers think they will not go to jail if they talk to the police. That is false. In most cases the individual is arrested. The police have on record what they said.
Note: almost all individuals also do not know that what you tell law enforcement officers in your actual words. Is not what appears in the police reports. Most individuals do not even know what a police report is. They do not know they and others of the public are entitle to a copy of the police report as long as it dose not under age communication, etc. See "The Freedom Of Information Act" as "Public Records" no government can not deny public records to the general public.
Former Riverhead Citizen

Miami, FL

#18 Feb 16, 2010
My family still lives on Long Island in "Suffork County" Government Entity.

Note: "Mom to the defense
Massapequa, NY" I agree with you 100% that individuals with disabilities should be separate from the main general criminal population that are dangerous criminal from all walks of life.

Note: Majority to almost all our citizens do not know there constitutional rights. The public defender is being paid by the tax payer through the county government. The public defender and the court make it sound real good that the court appoint attorney is 100% representing the defendant interest. That's not always the case.

Note: What a majority to almost most citizen do not know is that the public defender is looking for any way to end the case as fast as they can.

Note: Yes majority of individuals do commit criminal crimes. Then there are a lot of individuals also that are false arrested and plea guilty when they are not. Only because the attorney tells them to do so in return for a plea that the state attorney has offered.
Former Riverhead Citizen

Miami, FL

#19 Feb 16, 2010
Note: What I throughout several years still can not understand is why does any individual citizen of this nation plea guilty when they are not.

Note: Yes in some criminal offenses I can see why. Because if a jury convicts and the court sentence the defendant they would end up doing prison sentence and or long stay in the county jail. Not to mention that "felonies" remain on your record unless you can get them ..... in court. This will also in several ways harm you throughout life in many ways. So individuals plea guilty. When they are entitle to a jury trial and or trial before a judge. Not to include the constitutional right to appeal the "trial court" sentence, etc.

Note: That still dose not answer the question why any person that was arrested for minor criminal charges and ____ CM _____ Cases would plea guilty when they are not when they are innocent under the legislative statutory intention and higher courts case laws as well, the state and federal constitutions.

Note: If the dumb cops and dumb states attorneys want to file false criminal charges then you the individual that knows you are innocent should keep you mouth shut and refuse to all ends not to say a word to no law enforcement officer nor any other person.

Note: Let the tax payers pay several of thousands of dollars on a court appoint attorney, jury trial, appeals to the highest court and all other court expenses on false criminal charges that by no standard of law will harm the defendant. So what to a few months of court ...... or community service work, house arrest, and court cost and other fees that the court will let you pay off monthly, etc. So what if you do 1 to 30 days in the county jail for some dumb minor criminal charge. You end up with free room and board, 3 warm meals, and cable television that many living in the general public can not afford.
Former Riverhead Citizen

Miami, FL

#20 Feb 16, 2010
Note: Just look at being in the county jail as being at home with a lot less and then in so many individuals cases it's just the opposite. Especially when it involves individuals that are receiving government assistance such as S.S.I. and or Social Security. Not to mention that the amount of food stamps or link "food stamps" you receive in the general public. Is far less food than you would receive in the county jail.

Note: I know for fact that in Riverhead alone there that were on government assistance and food stamps committed minor criminal crimes just to be arrested and be placed in the Riverhead County Jail were life was far greater then in the community if they didn't care about having fewer rights and being locked behind the bars on the second floor of the Riverhead County Jail. Had way more inmates then the county jail was actually built to house. Not including free cable television that they didn't have out in the general public.

Note: I am very aware from viewing the Long Island Topic Forum Sites in the pass that "Kings Park State Mental ....... shut down some time back that can be seen from the L.I.E. just "West" of "Central Islip" that also has or had a "State Mental ......." too. Just "North" of "Sun Rise Highway," etc. During the 1970's and 1980's the State Of New York Government Entity released a lot of individuals into the general public.

Note: Yes all individual persons shall obtain constitutional rights to live in the general public no different then those without one or more disabilities.

Note: Yes there are individuals that have disabilities in public that can not care for themselves and or request help. The government just gave them the run around by refusing to help when in need of help.
Former Riverhead Citizen

Miami, FL

#21 Feb 16, 2010
Note: A lot of these individuals just gave up. They need food and a place to live. They were being refused help from the government in which I and another person can testify to the fact these individuals took food put in the business trash and eat it. Sleep out on the streets.

Note: The night before leaving Penn Station in New York City. I walked throughout the entire underground of "Penn Station" and there was individuals drinking the little bit of coffee out of cups that individuals put in the trash. Sleep on the steps throughout the night.

Note: Other then I got some pizza and soda for I and another household member that was seating up stars in "Penn Station" in the "AM Track Station" eating Pizza. When a individual put his hands into our pizza and took a slice. Instead of getting upset. I told the other person with I to watch the pizza. I will be right back. I went back down into the underground of "Penn Station" and buy another pizza and large soda. Then came back up and gave it to the individual.

Note: I also got to save a individual older man life up stars in "Penn Station" that had a history of "heart problems." I ran into the main "Penn Station" executive office and told them I needed them to call the ......... and help I this man until the E.M.T. came. At such time I help the E.M.T. carry up the man the steps out of "Penn Station" to the .......... before I and the other house member got on the "Am Track Train" and move out of state.
Former Riverhead Citizen

Miami, FL

#22 Feb 16, 2010
I today have a A.S. & B.S. Professional Paralegal College Degree as well, I am a Honor Student with a 3.75 G.P.A. and a Active Member of one of the largest Paralegal Association within the United States Of America. With a long history of political involvement within local, state, and federal government, etc.

This is not legal advice mention below:

See New York State General Assembly (Legislature)

See New York State (Governor)

See New York State (Attorney General)

See United States Justice Department (Civil Rights Division)

See American Disability Association (ADA)

See New York State Constitution See also

See Constitution Of The United States Of America

See United States House Of Representatives

See United States Senate

See United States Of America President (White House)

My e-mail address [email protected]

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