hiding behind drug dealers
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Van Wert, OH

#61 Dec 31, 2011
halls....they're all trash! money hungary and dope heads, every last one of em!
i am a loser

Celina, OH

#62 Jan 2, 2012
are we jelous are sniffle sniffle here is a towel dry you tears loser

Celina, OH

#63 Jan 30, 2012
suprise chrissy hall was out a whole week before the dumb dope head went right back to jail...are you ever gonna learn....whens your turn again april lmao
Not as mean

Celina, OH

#65 Jan 31, 2012
It is really a shame that you all have such cold hearts that you can't have any empathy for people that have problems. I don't condone any of the behaviors but I also don't like to talk trash about these people. Do you know any of their background or have you actually sat and talked with any of them? I personally don't think I am a saint and I really don't believe that you all are either considering how harshly you speak of others. I'm not saying you need to help or give aid to anyone I am just saying that maybe you shouldn't judge others so harshly.

Saint Marys, OH

#66 Feb 15, 2012
anyone know if Hope (Hall) Frey who lives in St. Marys is from this family too?

Celina, OH

#67 Feb 20, 2012
well i knew it april hall did it again...this time tho it didnt take her going to jail to leave her son this time all it took was a man and some drugs.

Van Wert, OH

#68 Feb 25, 2012
now come on people, april is all for God once again lmao and chrissy lost her kid for good this time. imagine that!
well and free n forgiven

Celina, OH

#69 Apr 30, 2012
susan wrote:
well i dont have to hide behind a fake name!!!! my names susan as u can see and i will tell you who has a miserable life...u well and free! i have seen the shit with my own two eyes so dnt try to bullshit. lets start from the beginging you fucks were invovled in my dads death way back in 2007 he dies of and overdose of oxycotin which i kno for a fake he was getting from tina and april hall...remember that ladies??? next its april's sons first birthday and were is she well she got caught stealing last night from walmart and now we are trying to find out were her son is...last i heard children services was down at her house taking him....give this boy a frickin chance and let him go to a GOOD family im so tired of the lies that your clean come on ya failed last night for herion AGAIN and last but not least i know for a fact that chrissy hall and her "girlfriend" played a hand in my best friend becoming a freak just like them!!! how many more people do they have to destroy before the police do something about this shit???????
well susa u dumb bitch your best friend misty kitzmiller has been a drug dealer and user for years remember when we use to party years ago and i do believe that u was right there snortin and smokin right along with us and as far as ur dad rick hans u was the one that told me that u wish i would get with him and he drank himself to death cas he couldnt handle havin a bitch daughter like urself susan that u only wanted his money and pills and always was down by the pool where he lived for a short time before he moved to st marys to get away from u cas u was always wantin him to smoke his weed and do his pills and if he didnt do it with u oooh lets see u and drug pusher and user like yourself and your freak friend would steal it and ur freak friend was a pussy eater from way back and would fuck around on her ol man ed all the time do it in alleys behind the bars and she also believes in incest cas she was fuckin her family member seth and im sure u did to susan cas u fucked peep by dumpsters cas u did at my sons reception dont surprise me cas that where trash belongs all u are is a wanna believe barbie doll that is truley just a nasty ass slut i would say a whore but no one would pay for that mmmmmm and as far as doin dope in front of kids i remember seeing u do dope in front of your kids so maybe jfs should b pissin testin u and maybe removin them cas u and james fight all the time in front of them and maybe the deserve a decent and fair life away from u cas u never would be mother of the year not mother of the day and yea maybe my kids had drug addictions but they sure gave their kids a good life name brand clothes and was never hungry or wanted for nothin so lets see u buy shit half price and give list to peep to go out and steal your stuff so ur no better u see wash your own dirty laundry before u want to do some ones elses clothes and by the way ya better throw those nasty shanky panties that u wear in the trash cas lord knows the are not coming clean hummmmm and.......... now u want to speak shit about peep at least i speak the truth and yea this tina m hall ebright come get u some bitch and maybe james should find him a real woman and raise the kids cas he plays the roll of mom and dad any way go james run as fast as u can cas u surely can beat what u have at home and yea we all know and so does james that you use drugs sure dont know how james stay clean puttin up with u wow .........

Van Wert, OH

#70 May 2, 2012
omg you people amaze me. First of all, learn how to spell. Where did you go to school at celina? Or did all the dope make you forget how to spell. ha thought so! Grow up dopers!

Mansfield, OH

#71 May 2, 2012
April hall is nothing but trash....i hope that nasty hooker gets what she deserves & sits and rots in jail for a LONG time...i cant say much for the rest of the family, because i dont know them...i do know that april was whoring around with my ex, justin summers,(while he was with me) for money because he had a good job (she needed her fix right?), and after that i wouldnt sleep with him without protection because i didnt know what he had, & i knew i was clean....they are All going to die of Aids or hepatitis....maybe a good place for them?

Charlotte, NC

#72 May 3, 2012
Halls have been trash ever since I have lived there
it is what it is

Lake City, SC

#73 May 14, 2012
Keep Yohey in jail too

Celina, OH

#74 Jun 13, 2013
Isaiah Jacob wrote:
Lmao wow as most of you know I've been fightin with the halls over my son for 5 years its been a hell of a ride but I. Have full rights over him now I agree on the cop bullshit needles were in my sons face and they couldn't get a snitch in there was what I was told lol with all the bust I wouldn't be surprised if the cops wernt helpin them tinas doughter told me herself that one of them was
Just so you know there are 2 different Hall families in Celina... Michelle and them are of no relation to the Tina hall they are talking about. Though her family unfortunately not much better. Just take good care of that baby. It is good to know that her children are safe. I just hope and pray some day she and the other members of both Hall families will figure out that the "lives" they are living could be so much better. I hope the children of these women never chose to live the lives they did...

Celina, OH

#75 Jul 4, 2013
cops said that the first offense on heroin isnt jail time right off the bat anymore, its rehab then they go back into the streets until they are busted again. they also say that someone usually needs to where a wire for these fucks to get busted. what bout the maxwells?

Celina, OH

#76 Oct 17, 2013
First of all Kim Hall is not a part of the Tina clan....You have Tina As the mother,then April her first born and Chrissy,and a son ...Kalista is not a Hall.She belongs to Brian Powell..So we got that straight....And just because there last names are Hall don,t mean there,s not good HALL,s around here.And they are family and good people..You can,t always judge the book by the cover...Just saying.

Elmore, OH

#77 Nov 13, 2013
Wishuwerehere wrote:
Isaiah Jacob i was a little confused on your post. U have a child with the :halls"? And congrats on the full custody those People are disgusting and something needs to be done
Isaiah does have a kid with one of the hall girls and I thank god everyday he got custody of him he is such a wonderful kid and Isaiah is taken such good care of him and keeping him away from that life of heroin. I wish people would open there eyes and see what there doing exp if you have kids its not fair to the kid at all to have to deal with a drug addict parent that only cares about there next fix and uses the kids for food stamps and Medicare I wish they would just really do something about this drug problem before it destroys everything.

Elmore, OH

#78 Nov 13, 2013
I hate it when people that sell the drug post stuff like I hope we can overcome these addictions and blah blah blah well how about you listen to yourself because your one of the freaking suppliers for the town like wow are you kidding me and I don't think you should just give up on some people, people make mistakes and try what there friends are trying or you have people selling you some drug and say its something else and it really be heroin so they have someone else to sell it to some people don't want to be on the drug but it does control you unless you have support or act go to get help which is another thing why is it that it cost so much to go to rehab yet they expect people to go and get help how about making it affordable so people can actually do it. The US pisses me off even more because they have found a cure for heroin but the US wont legalize it. Its called IBOGAIN and it only take 5 days to cure you it gets rid of all the cravings but since the US is so greedy and is all about making money that they wont legalize it because what are the pharmacists, drug counselor's and rehabs suppose to do then if they don't have the addicts. Ibogain is a natural drug that comes out of the root of a tree and yes it makes you trip but you have doctors watching over you and the trip isn't the same kind of trip you would get as if you took LSD or shrooms its a trip that actually gives you answers on why you started the drug or what made you start it. It gets rid of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and just about any other bad habit. They say it resets all the receptors in your body before you put anything bad in it kind of like if you were a kid again but with the mind of an adult. Now only if the US would actually legalize it and start helping OUR country instead of all the other countries they worry about helping

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