Celina man sent to prison for murder

Celina man sent to prison for murder

There are 68 comments on the The Daily Standard story from Jul 24, 2009, titled Celina man sent to prison for murder. In it, The Daily Standard reports that:

Jason Thomas of Celina showed no emotion Wednesday afternoon as Mercer County Common Pleas Court Judge Jeffrey Ingraham sentenced him to 15 years to life for the murder of his 10-month-old stepson.

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Saint Marys, OH

#62 Mar 8, 2012
anom wrote:
<quoted text>
nope eff that matt loved kole more than life itself....syd needs to rot ..... and i have it on excellent authority that his other kids were taken away n syd was warned..... also have it on good authority from some one in the room when kole was disconnected from life support that syd was more worried bout herself being comfortable than her baby dying pullin kole all around so that she could sit comfortably ..... any way shape or form u slice it Kole should be ALIVE not dead b/c some lil dipshyt couldn't handle a baby........ they both need jail n the bastard who shoke the very life from kole should get life in prison he snuffed the life outa an 11 month old..... END ALL thats it
ur excellent authority is WRONG about all his kids being taken away. being one of the kids mothers i have EXCELLENT AUTHORITY to say my child was not taken away from him, he didnt try to see her after i left him, but she was not taken away. his son was not taken away from him either, he got him every other weekend, and he gave one up for adoption when it was born. i am not sticking up for him in anyway but if ur going to run ur mouth about shit make sure u know the facts before u do it!! i think he deserves to rot bc i think he did do it. he did have a temper and was physically abusive. and u r right about sydney being warned bc i am one of them who warned her. i also think sydney wasnt ready to be a mother or she would have been a better one. what mother goes out drinking on the town the night after she takes her baby off life support? and she also pushed a little girl off a kitchen table bc she didnt want her standing on it. she was prolly relieved when that poor babies life was taken, no more mommy responsibilites. its just things like that that make me believe she wasnt fully inoscent in this whole thing and of coarse shes not going to admit she did anything wrong bc she is a shitty human being. as for someone saying jason was in the military and u didnt know if that was true well ur right its not.he tried to join the military but couldnt make it thru basic training, he never went any further. so all the stories he told ppl about killing others and blowing children up so ppl would give him pitty and feel horrible for him its all LIES! i hope he dies in there! staying alive in prison is the easy way out for jason he prolly loves not having to work anymore and support all his kids. jason prolly fears dying more than anything so i hope he dies! my kid is so much better not knowing him in her life and him being dead rather than to explain to her what a piece of shit her father is will be easier for her to deal with. i just had to clear some stuff up and tell alittle bit of what i know r facts!
Had to reply

United States

#63 Mar 14, 2012
I read with interest your post and knowing who you are makes it even better.You who claim to know the “facts” forgot to mention a few things.You say you warned Sydney to stay away from Jason as he was abusive. Interesting that you say that, as you fought like a dog to get him back after Syd broke you two up. You actually went so far as to break into Jason’s home in Wapak when Syd was there. According to Syd, she herself caught you in the kitchen trying to hear what was going on.Interesting that you texted her and threatened her to leave Jason alone so you and Jason could get back together. Syd showed the text to people, maybe you should talk to them to update your “facts”. Interesting too that his tires got slashed at the same time.If he was abusive why fight so hard to get him back? While you were quoting your “Facts” I couldn’t help but notice you forgot to mention how many fights you had with Jason because of how rough you were with your daughter and how badly you treated his son. You also forgot to mention the arguments the two of you had about your neglect in your daughters care. Then there is, of course, the letter you wrote Jason apologizing for how badly you treated his son and to not leave you because of it. His family still has it if you would like to see it to update your “Facts”.
I notice you say he didn’t try to see his daughter after you broke up. Interesting as well. He tried over and over again to see her and had obtained the services of Mr. Siesel, an attorney in Wapak, to get visitation rights. Had you left him see her it wouldn’t have been necessary.
The one time you did let him see her you dropped her off at Jason’s and never went back to get her for 3 days. He didn’t have the slightest idea where you were and tried repeatedly to get a hold of you. He lost his job because when you found out he had to get sitter so he could go to work, you called the police.(The Wapakoneta Police Dept has the police report should you need one as a refresher.) As he had to leave work to go home and deal with you, with his short time on the job, he was let go. Other than when he saw her after your dog attacked her, you yourself wouldn’t let him see her. There are few more facts you forgot to mention.
You say Jason couldn’t complete the military. For the sake of your “facts” I find it interesting that you forgot to mention he didn’t make it thru boot camp because he had seizures due to being exposed to tear gas and the military left him go after putting him on seizure meds. Should you need the paperwork to update your “facts” I am sure his family would be happy to show them to you.
The two of you fought about your rough treatment of your daughter when she wouldn’t stop crying and there are people that were aware of those arguments. Does that give you the potential to be a baby killer? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
Had to reply-continued

United States

#64 Mar 14, 2012
Not one person stepped forward to say they saw Jason hurt a child. How many people have seen you get rough and neglect yours?
You say in your post that you think Syd was involved and her behavior was suspicious. In that fact you are right. Actions speak louder than words. If you see all of that why would it be so hard for you to question whether or not that Jason didn’t do it?
Your problem with Jason isn’t because of the way he treated you, because you know he never hurt you, it‘s because he dumped you and went to Syd. Your belief that he did this is based on jealousy and spite, not facts. Saying you wish somebody dead says more about your character than his.
I feel so sorry for your child. You are not considering at all what you do to her when you tell her those things and teach her hate and spite.
Whether you like it or not this isn’t about you. It’s about the death of a 10 ˝ month old baby boy that will never know justice because nobody cared enough to make sure they had the truth about what happened. This whole case was based on anger and emotion and the need to get someone and move on. It’s not justice, it’s just cheaper.
Feel free to post back and deny the real facts, we all know you will. Your own family speaks about how no one can believe anything you say. Too bad the public doesn’t have the opportunity to see that.
Jason was not pursued for the killing of Kole because of the evidence. He was pursued because he was the one that found him. No one wants to believe that a Mother would kill her own child but if any of you people watch the news at all, I am sure you are aware that it happens. Read the articles on the internet about how often a mother kills her own children. If you want to quote facts make sure you have them.
Jason is not the monster that everybody tries to make him out to be. Amazing how many people turned to him when they needed help. Jason made his share of mistakes growing up but none of them makes him a baby killer. It makes him stupid, but stupid isn’t against the law.
Jason and I have had our share of disagreements over the years and have not always got along but I am adult enough to look at this for what it is, not what I want it to be because I am mad at him. What I want is justice for the person who did take that poor baby’s life and you are right about one thing, she will never confess. She has taken 2 lives not one. What we should be doing is demanding they do a real investigation. It’s what they get paid for.
Maybe what people need to see is that they know only what they read in the papers. They don’t know what promises were made during the interrogation and they don’t know what was told to Jason’s Mother and the baby’s paternal Grandmother when it was all over. They don’t know what happened in the home, at the hospital or at the funeral. They don’t know that members of Koles family accused Kole’s mother from the very beginning and no one would listen.
What a shame that you, and people like you, judge others with their version of the “facts”.
just me

Celina, OH

#65 Mar 15, 2012
I completely agree with"had to reply".I dont think I could have said it better myself.

Celina, OH

#66 Apr 22, 2012
I followed this case very closely as i have young children myself and the very thought of this happening in a small town is just shocking; but not as shocking as the fact that there was no investigation. How can anyone actually believe that the mother had no part in this? She "lawyered" up and was not even questioned....how bizarre is that? Since when does having a lawyer mean you do not have to be questioned? And why did the maternal grandparents lawyer up immediately as well? What do / did they have to hide? How can they sleep at night, knowing their grandchild is gone...murdered by someone in that house. How can they not feel despair knowing they will never hold that little child, watch him grow, hear his voice, his laughter...never feel his hugs again?? I do not know if Mr. Thomas did this horrible thing or not but I do know, as a mother, if this was my child I would not have been so calm when I got home and saw my baby laying there. The police would have had to pull me off that man...that is unless I had something to do with it. There is something so wrong with this whole thing...something just plain stinks!!

Columbus, OH

#67 May 6, 2012
Hey Josh. Hemlines you can talk a lot of shit almost as good as eating it
deez nuts wrote:
Seems to me like you must know that loser quite well, or your his baby mama. Really what situation do i need to know about? hes the one doing life rite now so he must be guilty, if not than he would be out on the street now but the lil baby killer is rite where he needs to be. & yes i have every right to call him a little bitch cause he is 1 & if i was in there with him id beat him ass & piss on him. No need 4 me to worry bout it though cause i know how he's gettin treated and i think its very funny. If he dont know me & you write him. let him know i was a welder at GKN & i drove a jeep, He'll know who i am.
Dumb dumb

Lima, OH

#68 Jul 2, 2012
Girl get your head straight. You were one of the many idiots in Celina to get knocked up by his stupid ass but to defend him?! HE MURDERED A BABY. It could have easily been one of his own kids. I know Jaso very well and I know he is a psycho that lies more than any other person I have ever met. He has lied to me more times than i can count. Prison is too good for that son of a bitch and i hope and pray he gets taken care of in there by someone who misses their kids and actually took care of theres. He is a slimy bastard that will rot in hell and you are just as bad for defending him. You are defedning a baby killer and that is sad.

Perrysburg, OH

#69 Nov 26, 2013
I think Sydney and Jason are both f ups and deserve theworst treatment possible they are sick and twisted individuals. they both deseve the death penalty this is not a one time accurance it has lead up to this and she knew too. don't be fuckin stupid they deserve to rot in hell and so do any of you on their sides!!!!!!

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