Polk Co Deputy and Co-Worker

Detroit, MI

#430 Sep 1, 2010
Johnny Moates for sheriff!
Softball Daddyo

Wilmington, NC

#431 Sep 1, 2010
RestoreOrder wrote:
Johnny Moates for sheriff!
Right on brother,
Not Unusual

Rome, GA

#432 Sep 2, 2010
Affairs are not unusual in this town. As for it happening on my TAX dollars, that is inexcusable. However, I don't think this only happens with the SO. There are several officers in other departments that are having affairs (and I imagine some of that mess is going on when they are at work). I know of one who has a reputation for sleeping with just about every female in the county that has a girlfriend but is sleeping with a married woman. It's all very, very sad.

Cedartown, GA

#433 Sep 2, 2010
J. Motes got the ax this morning......

United States

#434 Sep 2, 2010
If thats true I hope he sues them for everything he can get.

Cedartown, GA

#435 Sep 2, 2010
And then some..........

Well he has the same lawyer that Barry Henderson has, she seems pretty good.
Future Comm

Atlanta, GA

#436 Sep 2, 2010
JM i heard about your bad luck that happened today I AM SORRY but you will be ok cause people cant do what they wont and get away with since there job depends on VOTES but maybe you will run for SHERIFF CAUSE YOU WILL GET MY VOTE !!!!!!!!
just hang in there cause 2012 will tell!!!!!!!
fatboy 63

Temple, GA

#437 Sep 3, 2010
Johnny's got my vote!!!!! If you notice the title of the page started out about involvemnet of co-workers. Fotunately, it has now evolved into lack of leadership from ALL of the so called "right hand men or women" at the sheriff's department. Inadequate or lack of proper training for the "leaders", doesn't necessarily make them bad people, just not quailified for the positions they are in! Of course this is understanble with the "good ole boy network".
I have had the opportunity to read the so called SOP of the sheriff's office and it is elementary based on the lack of content,substance and repetition. It appears to have been written on the 3rd grade level. The only thing missing is the crayons.
In regards, to Johnny's termination from the SO, if in fact he was fired due to his posting on this site, then it would be a violation of his civil rights. As Americans we have the freedom of speech,
unless the SO department's SOP takes presidence over the constituition!!!!
It appears to be smoke and mirrors, the "Co-workers" that this page starts out about are beginning to quit, and weed themselves out.This will give the public (voters) the illusion that the Sheriff is doing something, when actually it appears to a matter of timing and convenience.
Big Foot

Cedartown, GA

#438 Sep 3, 2010
Big Foot

Cedartown, GA

#439 Sep 3, 2010
Vote Johnny Moates for Sheriff of Polk Co. If u want a Poster contact Polk Co Transportation... Or Red Top Cab....!!!
fatboy 63

Temple, GA

#440 Sep 3, 2010
Big Foot thanks for the endosement! Even though it may be premature- first let him make the announcement and qualify!

Here's an idea for his sign in 2012.....

Polk County Sheriff

Rockmart, GA

#441 Sep 3, 2010
I've heard several say they would vote for Johnny if he runs for Sheriff. Maybe he will and clean the place up.
Richi Moats

Cedartown, GA

#442 Sep 4, 2010
No, I won't be making any signs at the Transportation Dept. I like my brother would not waste taxpayerís dollars doing such. But I promise you this I will be making many, many signs here at home when the time arrives and if that is what has been asked of me from my brother Johnny Moats. I would like to take this opportunity to say, I have always been very proud of my brother Johnny and never more prouder than I am right now for Johnny standing up for he believes in, things like honesty, integrity, dignity and more so his morals. I believe a grave injustice has been cast upon him and probably others and it really sickens me to know that something like this happened at a place he was so proud to be a part of and in trying to make it a better place was without any reprimands, warnings or even an offer to resign was just fired and worst yet not in private but out frontin the lobby so everyone there could view in a very degrading and unprofessional manner.
I truly hope that all persons or person involved in this attempt to wrong Johnny are now happy with themselves and can sleep well at night knowing full well youíve wronged a honest fellow officer and a truly honest family man and I hope youíre so very happy knowing how it must have felt explaining being fired to his young son and daughter. Brother Iím a little older than you and a little taller but I would just like to let you know that Iíve looked up to you for some time now.
I would like to thank everyone that has shown support for Johnny and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I now leave you with a quick quote from a man some my have heard of..

Quote: Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enough to be honest.(Benjamin Franklin)
Christina Garrett

Sugar Valley, GA

#443 Sep 4, 2010
Well said Richi, When I found out their was an investigation I chuckled a bit because Johnny is one of the most upstanding, honest law enforcement personnel I know. My children and I also look up to Johnny for the great service he has brought to this county. I am appalled to know that the truth spoken/chatted aloud would cost him his job. If that is the standard we go by then noone should have a job. All darkness will come to light eventually. I know that God does not close one door that he doesnt open another. The righteous will never fail. I'm so proud of Johnny for standing up for what is right and true. If Johnny so decides to run for Sheriff than I'll need you to make me a really big sign for my front yard. I am also gonna leave some words of wisdom from the man in control of all of this and its found in the Bible in Ephesians 5:8-11

"For you were once in darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness and truth),finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. AND HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH THE UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS, BUT RATHER EXPOSE THEM."

Stand strong Johnny because God is very pleased with you!!!!!!!
Darryl Sanders

Cedartown, GA

#444 Sep 4, 2010
Thank you, Richi this very nice of you,as for I. I been knowing you family for years(40 Year too be exact).Thank you Johnny for all you and you family stand for.The bible said that the children of GOD will be persecuted will here on earth.Stay true and steadfast.For Jesus said vengeance is mine saith the load.Thank you for all you service as a officer.
idiot alert


#445 Sep 4, 2010
If you think for one minute that JM was fired for chatting on here, you are an idiot. Run for sheriff JM, let the skeletons fall where they may.

Rockmart, GA

#446 Sep 5, 2010
That is your opinion idiot alert. Unless YOU were there and gave him the papers then you really don't know what he was fired for, now do you? I hope that he exposes the Sheriffs Office for everything that has been done to him and all the cover-ups that has been done.

I hope you pull my IP to find out who I am; just like has been done with all these others on here. Do you realize that that's an invasion of privacy? It's also our freedom of speech to say what we wish. It's really sad that things got to where they did over an affair that could have been handled almost a year ago.

Cedartown, GA

#447 Sep 6, 2010
Billy wrote:
Ain`t nothing wrong with a little strange, lol , keeps people from getting RUSTY, lol
....u must be a cop to.billy

United States

#448 Sep 6, 2010
I stand behind Johnny 110%! Due to the fact he has stood up for what he believes in unlike our current sheriff who allegedly supports the affairs since he has had over a year to address the issue and failed to do so. I always thought blood was thicker than water! And just as soon as the signs are ready Johnny I want one in my yard to!!

United States

#450 Sep 6, 2010
you are right some of this did get passed on to him from the previous sheriff but not all of it. and most of what is being talked about here was not inherited. Im glad to know that you believe everyone is uneducated and meth heads but you are way out in left field on that one. Sounds like you cant stand the thought od the truth being put out there.

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